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Thursday, October 25, 2012

There Ought To Be a Law

Democrats love passing laws to solve problems real, imagined, and caused by the last law they passed.

Here's how it goes. People can't afford health care insurance.  So, pass a law mandating they purchase the thing they can't afford under penalty of a fine.  You get the idea.

Except when it comes to reasonable measures to ensure the sanctity of the "one person one vote" franchise.  Here's why, kiddies.

That's the "Field Director" for the Democrat campaign in the 8th District of Virginia - my district. His name is Patrick Moran. He's the son of the boozy corruptnik running for a 12th term sitting in this congressional seat - Jim Moran. Jim Moran's brother is Brian Moran, now chairman of the Virginia Democrat Party. This is as institutionally Democrat as it gets, folks. Stealing elections is in their blood ... from before Papa Joe Kennedy and Richard Daley rigged Cook County to tip the national election for JFK, all the way through ACORN and the rest we occasionally see rising to the surface to this day. No thanks to the corrupt and biased lame stream media of course. The republic is blessed to have Project Veritas operating at this critical point in history.

Virginia requires me to show a photo Id at the ABC store. But anything with my name and address - perhaps a thousand pieces of paper I've thrown in the trash - will do to steal my vote. I think I'll have my driver's license with me on November 6th - in case I want to buy some booze on the way to the polls.

Update 10/26/2012

When the local cops go after the local family syndicate, it's worth noting.

And if a photo id can be found inside the Empty Suit, you know anybody can acquire one.

In a tangentially related note, I dropped by Chris Plante's WMAL promotion, Politics and a Pint, yesterday. I can report the patriotic spirit, and the expectation of a Mittens win, was very high among the assembled right wing nuts. This observation correlated with the look on Wolf Blitzer's face I saw, watching his CNN show from the bar. Poor Wolf looked liked a kid who had just discovered his bike had been stolen, as he performed his assigned duties covering the Benghazi cover-up and election prospects.

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