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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Suspense is Killing Me

Who will President Downgrade turn into at midnight?

President Robin Hood?

Or perhaps President Periscope (Dive! Dive! Dive!)?

Either way I think he's headed toward being recorded in history as President Double Dip, "the planet Jupiter [entering] the sign of Cancer in June of next year" notwithstanding.

Strap on your crash helmet, 2013, you're going to need it.

Update 8:05 pm

Watching Brett Baier right now. It's now technically official. We're diving off the cliff.

And Mr. Baier informs me there are no new spending cuts tonight. No spending cuts, no deal. It's the spending, stupid!

And, yeah, Barry's little pee pee dance at 1:30 pm today was shameful.


It's a deal! With the usual and typical lack of attentional to detail out of DC.
While the tax package that Congress passed New Year's Day will protect 99 percent of Americans from an income tax increase, most of them will still end up paying more federal taxes in 2013.

That's because the legislation did nothing to prevent a temporary reduction in the Social Security payroll tax from expiring. In 2012, that 2-percentage-point cut in the payroll tax was worth about $1,000 to a worker making $50,000 a year.
I can't wait until the next round of paychecks goes out to the clueless masses.
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Goose For Every Gander

The present debate over 2nd Amendment rights has yielded much that is predictable - the Left obsessed with big gub'ment plans to confiscate the hardware from everyone, the Right struggling against media bias to include some discussion about the societal factors producing the monsters who misuse the hardware illegally - but this morning I ran across something that was actually interesting.


I remain convinced we are living at the dawning of a new golden age for the 1st Amendment, thanks to the Intertubes and social media - and this Canada Free Press post (hat tip: Lawryn's Lynx) supports my assertion with a vengeance.

Conservative new media is how grass roots citizens call bullsh*t on the corrupt and biased legacy liberal media. The corruptniks in the legacy newsrooms are plying their trade on borrowed time.
Bloggers Outing Gun Owner Outers at The Journal News

In a politically driven world that gets away with pretending that criminals and terrorists don’t exist but deceitfully brands innocent gun owners as criminals, thousands of New York citizens with handgun permits have had their names and addresses outed on an interactive map—still up—on The Journal News website,


It seems that as far as The Journal News’ is concerned, it’s A-OK to expose the names and addresses of citizens who have gun permits, but apparently not to expose the name and address of the paper’s publisher.

“After reading the Journal-News’ courageous exposure of the home addresses of gun owners, I strolled over to the comment section and replied to another reader’s inquiry as to the home address of the publisher by supplying that information (Janet Hanson, [redacted]). Checking just now, I see that the paper deleted my response. Well isn’t that brave of them,” Christopher Fountain posted to his site, For What It’s Worth, yesterday.


Corvette Forum posted the name of News Journal Editor and VP of News, Cyndee Royle, “also known as Lambert”.

They also list names, websites, twitter and Facebook accounts, and the telephone numbers of almost all who work at the newspaper, including Breaking News Reporter Lee Higgins; freelance journalist and cycling advocate David McKay Wilson; and food editor Liz Johnson, among others.

Looks like anonymity just walked off the job at The Journal News and won’t be coming back anytime soon.
And I might add (employing a pithy phrase I and classmates often employed as Citadel cadets) ... "they brought that sh*t upon themselves."


Regarding my position on the raging 2nd Amendment debate ... the most sensible thing we can do as a society is have a rational discussion about background checks. Perhaps the kind of background checks that might have something to say about a mother registering weapons in a household containing someone who is quite literally committable. Go ahead, close the gun show loophole. Hell, you should see the rectal exams some people in DC have to endure just to get a job. The background check has something to like for everyone - the Right gets law and order with guns, the Left gets a chance to prove gub'ment can run something efficiently. You know, like the border fence and TSA.

Which brings me to armed guards in schools. I can't help but notice the middle school and high school my kids attend already have an unobtrusive yet visible armed police presence. (#6 on the link.) And since I'm talking about Fairfax county VA - 2nd highest median income in the country - I think it's probably within the county's reach to extend the same coverage to the elementary level. If the politicians prioritize their existing tax riches, that is. You know what, I think their might be a template here for the federal gub'ment. Aren't they always telling us the next "stimulus" will hire a bazillion more cops?

Update 1:20 pm

Right Wing News has a good post dressing down the "smug elite media type" who sparked the name and address controversy. The RWN blogger correctly identifies the Left as the font of the republic's divisive mood, but doesn't seem to have the stomach for doing what's necessary to end it - returning fire in kind. Don't worry, Ms. McKinley, if we stay the course, it won't be long before we reach a nice polite state of mutual assured destruction. Remember, an armed society is a polite society.

Update 12/27/12

Redacted a detail or two from the Canada Free Press pull quote. Experiencing slight twinge of conscience this morning.

Update 12/28/12

The comments section on this Breitbart article is interesting to me. Grass roots conservatives seem now to be getting the memo on how to turn back the progressive hordes - fight fire with fire.

Update 12/31/12

As usual, the Left just doesn't know when to quit. There can be no accommodation with these people. I have therefore reconsidered my four day old twinge of conscience concerning rules of engagement.
Sooooo, the scarecrow wants to play fire?

Turnabout is fair play, No?

Here’s the gun grabbing psychos at NY Journal who are broadcasting addresses and maps showing law abiding gun owners. These are the vermin treating law abiding gun owners worse than sexual predators. I wonder if they care even a little bit that victims of domestic violence, rape, robberies and other law abiding citizens have been uprooted over their careless actions? Would these vermin care if a family were murdered because the criminals knew they didn’t have guns? Would they give a damn, or do “The ends justify the means” in their beady little eyes.

Reporter who penned the story: Dwight R. Worley, 23006 139 Ave Springfield Gardens, NY 11413 718-527-0832

Visual editor who made the interactive map: Robert F. Rodriguez (w) Stephanie Azzarone 420 Riverside Dr, Apt 7A New York, NY 10025-7748 212-222-4566


Cynthia R. Lambert (aka CynDee Royle), Executive Editor, The Journal News/ Address: 17 McBride Ave., White Plains, NY 10603 Phone: 914-948-9388, Email: Twitter: @croyle1


Caryn McBride, Rockland Editor of the Journal News. Work number: 845-578-2434, Email:, Home number: 914-954-3412 (Three addresses listed in Bronxville and Yonkers)


Janet Hasson, Publisher, The Journal News/ Address: 3 Gate House Lane, Mamaroneck, NY, 10543. Phone: 914-694-5204, 248-594-2197, Email:


Gannett CEO, Gracia C. Martore, Address: 728 Springvale Rd., Great Falls, VA 22066, Phone: 703-759-5954

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Just Because It's Christmas, The Kinks Are the Greatest Rock and Roll Band In History, and We Live In the Community-Agitator-In-Chief's Era of Class Envy and Structural Unemployment Hovering Around 8%

Father Christmas, give us some money
Don't mess around with those silly toys.
We'll beat you up if you don't hand it over
We want your bread so don't make us annoyed
Give all the toys to the little rich boys
Enjoy the egg nog, if you got it.
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Four Things Left Wing Politicians Will Never Be Able to Outlaw

Fiscal Cliff, Hurricane Sandy, Newtown ... I, LibertyAtStake, now present the four things left wing politicians will never be able to eliminate; no matter how hard they try - whether it be by wishing it, legislating it, or regulating it.

1. Math

2. Weather

3. Evil

4. The Human Condition

“Because Less Gub'ment Means More Liberty”
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Monday, December 17, 2012

"No Parent Should Ever Have To Outlive Their Children"

Trust me when I tell you I yield to no one concerning a personal connection to the meaning of this quote. And that's all I'm going to say about that in this space.

This post concerns the automatic politicization of the tragic Newtown, Connecticut shooting by ... guess who ... the Left.


Obviously the civil society mourns the loss of innocents, and is saddened by the survivors' grief. The civil society did not need the current prop installed into the office created by Article 2 of the US Constitution to tell us to do that.

Predictably it took Team Leftie about two and a half seconds after the news broke to launch into a full-throated campaign to push their gun control agenda. It was a frenzied, hyperventilating, call to immediately repeal the entire 2nd Amendment by executive fiat. Remember, never let a crisis go to waste - and waste no time. It doesn't matter if the bodies are still warm.

Pay no attention to all of the statistics demonstrating an inverse correlation between 2nd Amendment rights and crime rates. (Hat Tip: Moonbattery) Avoid any discussion about parenting decisions allowing a severely disturbed kid to play first person shooter video games; much less bringing legally registered weapons into his easy reach. Leave honest examination of other contributing factors - like a parent's possibly unhinged reaction to Barry's sh*tty economy - to the foreign press. Under no circumstances shall anyone reflect on evil opportunistically insinuating itself into situations ripe for its nefarious work. Pay no heed to the simple discipline of doing your due diligence on simple facts. No, there is only a preset narrative to weave in the service of pushing a political agenda.

And, of course, Team Leftie has its current titular head ... Barack Hussein Obama ... whose designated role in exploiting this crisis is to do his best imitation of Jon Lovitz performing as the Master Thespian ("Acting!"), in order to collectively guilt us into shredding the Second Amendment.


We live under a demagogue with so little respect for the First Amendment that Nakoula Basseley Nakoula remains incarcerated in an American prison for the sharia crime of insulting the prophet Mohammed. This is no time to lose touch with Thomas Jefferson's sage words: "The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

Yeah, I just went there.


Today's Rush Limbaugh show lead me to the UK Daily Mail and Powerline Blog links.

Updates 12/18/12

An armed society is a polite society. From Right Truth.

Also: An institutionalized lunatic is neither a danger to himself or others. Charles Krauthammer made this point on Brett Baier's panel last evening - that is, perhaps it has become too hard for mental health professionals to commit dangerously disturbed people. When you look at the profiles (profiles!) of recent mass murderers, and take into account the bumper sticker quality of our national debates, maybe the time has come for "Guns don't commit mass murders, lunatics do."

Update 12/19/12

The rarest of rare finds today ... a self-described liberal that understands statistics, even in the face of overheated anecdotal drama. There is yet hope for the republic's survival.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Demotivational Susan Rice

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

No Rest For the Weary in the Community-Agitator-In-Chief's America

No sooner do I declare a slow down in the means of production for posts to this blog, and Team Leftie manages to do what it always does best - inflict chaos and mob violence upon the republic. No rest for the weary.

The former automobile production capital of the world - Michigan - has made itself the 24th "Right to Work" state in the union. Michigan is the former automobile production capital of the world because unionized automobile workers have demanded more benefits for less work year after year, parasitically driving their host companies into a permanent state of non-competitiveness.

By becoming a "Right to Work" state, Michigan has granted its citizens the right to gain employment without subjugating themselves to the constraints of unionized collective bargaining. In other words, Michigan's citizens now enjoy the liberty to negotiate their own deals. Also freedom from the mandatory blackmail that is union dues, which is the vehicle union bosses use to skim off their personal fortunes and feed the campaigns of union friendly politicians to complete the circle of corruption.

The union thug division of Team Leftie reacted in the predictable manner - the passion and violence of the mob, far surpassing anything the corrupt and biased liberal media was ever able to isolate for you at any TEA Party rally.

Check out the Guy Fawkes mask at 1:04 of this video ... Occupy, Unions, it's all Team Leftie, and its all the same program - give us free stuff or we'll destroy your stuff ...

Fox News Contributor Steven Crowder took one on the chin (go to @0:41)...

Then publicly issued the manly challenge (I'm betting on the fit young conservative and against the fat old thug in the cage.)

All just another day in the Community-Agitator-In-Chief's America.


My favorite pull quote from the linked Daily Caller article comes from one of Team Leftie's grass roots own:
Seventh-grade teacher Jack Johnson, of East Lansing, said the GOP’s goal was obvious: “You take away money from the unions and they can’t support the Democratic candidates, and the Republicans take over.”
Exactly, dummy. Now get back to work lowering our kids' test scores.

Update 2:10 pm

Corrupt and biased legacy liberal media doing its usual worst to prop up Team Leftie.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why Bother?

The mission of this blog - chronicling at a macro level the ass clown kabuki that passes for national governance these days - stands at an obvious point of stasis.

The present main event, of course, is the game of political chicken over the fiscal cliff. There are really only three (3) possible outcomes.

1. The Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama caves on his only real condition - raising tax rates on the "rich" (also known as your employer, for most readers.) Likelihood is next to nil. As his "base" sees it, he's already caved at least twice on this, and the most recent election was a Leftist mandate to soak Peter to pay for more free stuff for Paul.

2. The Republicans cave on the Empty Suit's "soak the rich" demand, as I predicted would happen in my November 8 post, in order to avoid the fiscal cliff. This still remains the most probable outcome, because the Republicans are serious, if politically outmatched, people - and jumping off the cliff isn't in their DNA. (You better believe it's in the Empty Suit's DNA - Cloward and Piven much?)

3. We go over the cliff, as I recommended to the Republicans in my November 30 and December 3 posts, in order to draw a line in the sand for historical purposes. The economy is already f*cked anyway, owing to the Empty Suit's re-election, so let all the people who re-elected him feel the full effect of his Saul Alinsky inspired governance immediately. Let's just get the chaos started in order to get it over with.

I think we can be confident the decision will come on or about December 31st, so why waste any time in the mean time with the bloviators and pontificators sifting through the meaningless details?


So, in order to conserve energy for the remaining four years of governance under the Agitator-In-Chief, posting will be light here for December. Oh, there will surely be the annual retrospective - it's the process and I'm a process guy. But, aside from that, and rotating cartoons and photoshops through the header on my usual daily(ish) pace, I don't think there will be much activity.

Which is OK by me, because I have many end of year duties to the civil society staring me down. Like my 2012 business tax return. And not to mention the fact that my current client is involved in its annual Rube Goldberg inspired project close out cycle dance of a thousand headless chickens. Hey, it's DC, after all. Lately I find myself thinking a lot about maybe moving to North Dakota and getting me some of that private land oil boom.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Skunked Again!

For the third consecutive year, some guy named John Hawkins has failed to recognize the phenomenon known as LibertyAtStake. What's a genius to do to get noticed around here?

I did notice a fair amount of overlap between his "best" list and my blog roll. And many on his side of the Venn diagram are likely to appear on my roll when the 2013 expansion occurs.

So, I'm thinking this Hawkins character is educable. Perhaps all he needs is an impromptu visit from Uncle Guido, aka "Knuckles the Deal Maker."

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shut The B*tch Down (Explaining The Method To The Madness)

The Republicans are destined to lose the political debate over the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling. This destiny is determined by two prime factors:

(1) Corrupt and biased liberal media acting as praetorian guard for the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama.

(2) Low information voting public easily misled by previously mentioned praetorian guard into believing the most ridiculous propaganda.

These two realities have been amply chronicled by this blog, and various others including all on my blog roll. Further belaboring what should be obvious to the most casual observer by now would just put my eyeballs at risk of falling out from too much rolling.

The Republicans need to accept this reality, and realize they are playing not to win today's political food fight. They are playing to history.

Here's how they can do it...

This side of the January 1 Cliff ...

(1)Continue to make a public show of negotiating in good faith on both spending and revenue. History will note the contrast with Democrat bad faith on spending and myopic obsession with raising rates to raise revenue. (Side note: My favorite proposal for showing seriousness on revenue without raising rates is an annual cap on deductions claimed - high enough to not touch middle income taxpayers, low enough to raise the ubiquitously discussed $800B number from high income earners. Plus it's simple enough a concept it might even be beyond the capacity of the Leftist propaganda machine to misrepresent to the clueless voting public as an evil Republican trick. Though I'm not sure I'd bet a nickel on it.)

(2)Do *Not* agree to any rate increases. History will note the Democrats held the entire negotiation hostage to their "my way or the highway" revenue condition - raise rates on top earners (aka job creators).

(3)Do *Not* agree to Democrat demands to grant new dictatorial powers to the Empty Suit, allowing him to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling. (Side note: If the GOP does fold on this condition, TEA Party 2013 will make TEA Party 2009 look like a walk in the park.)

Let the Empty Suit take us over the cliff. History will attach blame for the economic damage to him, and record the cliff dive was made necessary by his politics. The republic will survive the cliff dive because the Founders designed it to.

When the Debt Ceiling is reached ...

(1) Refuse to raise it.

(2) Pass legislation prioritizing debt service first, entitlements second, and all discretionary spending a distant dead last.

History will record the math showed debts and entitlements could be serviced with no threat of default, provided the Executive chose to spend in priority order. If the Empty Suit drives the nation into default by choosing other priorities, history will record the disastrous decision as his. The republic will survive a shut down of the federal government because the Founders designed it to.

If the American people were stupid enough to re-elect the radical Saul Alinksy community agitator to a second term, perhaps they are still smart enough to learn from the history auto-generated by his re-election. (Side Note: We're not even up to Inauguration Day yet. There's no telling what chaos this demagogue will inflict upon the republic in the next 1508 days. Strap on your crash helmets, folks - we have a lot of history to live through in the next 1508 days.)

Update 12/6/12

Give the toddler tyrant an inch, and he wants a mile. Or, more to the point, try to give him his trillion dollar new revenue check, and he won't even take it unless he gets a blank check on the matching tab - your grandchildren's.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Shut The B*tch Down, If That's What It Takes.

Team Leftie still refuses to negotiate in good faith on spending, and even demands Congress grants dictatorial powers to the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama over the looming debt ceiling decision.

Dive off the cliff. Why not? Team Leftie is prepared to do it if they don't get their way completely.

Then when Leviathan's spending addiction hits the legal debt limit (again!) in a few weeks, shut the b*tch down, and let's see who notices. The nation is now evenly divided between makers and takers - trust me, it's the takers who need Leviathan's teat to be an open faucet. (Or is the better analogy "running toilet"?)

It's time for the House of Representatives to do the job We The People elected them to do in 2010, and again in 2012. If Team Leftie won't negotiate on spending, and wants a dictatorship to mandate unlimited debt - shut the b*tch down!.

Update 12:10 pm

The Glittering Eye blog has one proposal with a "balanced approach." But, of course, the inevitable conclusion is nothing of the sort is achievable ... because in DC "all reason is fled." That's what you get when you re-elect a Saul Alinsky radical community agitator to "lead" the Executive branch.

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