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Monday, October 15, 2012

Insiders Say To Expect a Meaner, Leaner, President Obama In the Second Debate

Well, I guess you have to give the guy credit just for having the sand to show up ... what with the lousy economic record, and the failed foreign policy, and having his ass handed to him by the most mild mannered nominee in living memory in the first debate. The training must be intense ...

Update 10/16/12

The spy Jack Wiley Dithers placed inside the Soros, Inc. funded dojo now training the President for debate combat has filed her report. The Empty Suit is being run through an extreme and fanatical training regimen to ensure automatic regurgitation of progressive talking points.

The JWD Institute for Journalistic Integrity recommends the old 1-2 counter punch strategy to Team Mittens. Hear the lie. Smile. Right cross: call out the lie. Left hook: Switch to big idea lecture.

One example for illustration ... Empty Suit blurts out something about you "raising taxes on the middle class." State this is a falsehood invented by his side based on assumptions about your plan. Optionally throw in a bit of snark asking what standing does Mr. trillion and half dollar deficits as far as the eye can see even have making such an assumption. Then quickly switch to explaining their falsehood arises from static accounting against deficit neutrality. Then explain your dynamic budget accounting closes the deficit by growing the economy, and thus bringing in more revenue. Like Reagan did.

It will be the professor vs. the senior guest lecturer. Team Mittens may want to send out Newt Gingrich in a Mitt Romney mask to ensure victory.

Update #2 10/16/12

The Dailer Caller sets it up nicely here. My reactions ...

All Romney needs to do to beat back the 47% question is execute a simple two step dance. 1) Point out the 47% number is simply a statistic indicating the percentage of the population that pays no taxes. (2) Then stipulate he wants all of their votes, especially the ones who would like a job to join the 53%.

The only thing Obama can do regarding the Libya question is demonstrate incompetence by deflecting blame. But I guess it's better (for him) than admitting his foreign policy is a complete failure.

Advantage Romney.

I think tonight I'll monitor Frank Luntz' operation on Fox Nation. I'll especially be interested in how reactions to biased moderation from the Leftist hack Candy Crowley is measured. After the Empty Suit has been deposed, we will be left with media bias as the greatest scourge still afflicting the republic.

Update #3 10/16/12

Overall - it was like watching Pastor Jones kick his three-legged dog. In a good way, that is, if you care about the direction of the republic. Despite Crowley's best efforts to comfort the three-legged dog through the course of the beating. Next comes foreign policy. With the Libya cover-up still unraveling. Mittens missed the chance to throw a knockout punch on the Libya cover-up on this night. But, then again, there's a whole 'nother debate to cover this ground, with disciplined preparation. Mittens is nothing if not disciplined. Game over.

Update #4 10/17/12

Looking back a day later, it seems not everyone saw the same debate I saw. Snap polling appears to give an edge to the Empty Suit. Perhaps those polled are genetically unable to distinguish policy proposals from empty promises. Two elections in a row, even.

But, no matter. When the hack Crowley stumbled into her ham-fisted attempt to shield her man Barry from his own record on the Benghazi cover-up, she inadvertently did Romney an invaluable favor by guaranteeing the cover-up story will live on until the next debate. The *foreign policy* debate. I love it when a plan comes together. :)

Right Truth has a very good roundup on the matter for the historical record. Levin is right. The Empty Suit has a record now. Nothing has changed.

Update #5 - 10/18/12

Who's winning? Ace of Spades has the data.

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