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Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Congressman is Desperate

If there is one individual who can lay claim to being THE emblem of the 2008 Democrat freshman class, swept in on the coattails of Barack Hussein Obama’s hopey-changey campaign fraud, it would have to be the bats**t crazy Alan Grayson (FL-8). Alan Grayson may be the only congressman in American history to inspire a constituent to launch a website called simply MyCongressmanIsNuts.Com.

According to polling data, the nut job Grayson is on track to be handed the coveted “one and done” award in his 2010 re-election bid. His electoral misfortune may be due to his Republican opponent, Daniel Webster, having the same name as a great 19th American statesman. Or maybe it’s due to the nut job showing an embarrassingly desperate level of, well, desperation, by airing an outrageous negative political ad labeling his Republican opponent as ‘Taliban’. I tend to believe it’s the latter. There are corollaries to point to.


Take for example, my congressional district, Virginia’s 11th. I blogged about this race in my April 30th and June 10th posts. In the latter post, I labeled my freshman incumbent Democrat Gerry Connolly as a Jihadi huggin’, deficit spendin’, constituent assaultin’ Progressive sack o’ excrement. With supporting evidence on the links.

While Connolly may not be as entertainingly nuts as Grayson – he represents perhaps an even more existential danger to the republic. Gerry Connolly is the archetype for the bloodless technocrat.

And he positively reeks of desperation at the prospect of receiving his richly deserved “one and done” award. I’m on the email list for his Republican opponent, Keith Fimian. The other day I received this little gem in my humble little inbox.

Well, I don’t know about you – but when the Daily Caller purchased KeithOlbermann.Com, I thought it was funny. But when a bloodless technocrat who aspires to micromanage my life uses the same tactic, it pisses me off.

Amazingly, Connolly was actually censured by the reliably liberal rag the Washington Post for his desperate campaign tactics.

This same local rag of mine, which I stopped having delivered years ago, reported on Fimian’s effective response.

Doubly amazingly, WaPo also exposed an example of Connolly’s desperate behavior for anyone to read.

But, in the end, of course, nothing can stop WaPo from endorsing the donkey. No matter what.


So, back to the theme of this post. I don’t have to look as far away as Florida to find more desperate Democrats. Jim Moran in my next door district (Virginia’s 8th) has seemingly been in congress for freakin’ ever. The line between VA-11 and VA-8 is literally one block from the house I now own. Moran (or ‘Maroon’, as he’s known under my roof) was in fact my representative (so to speak) in the house I owned before this one. Maroon is also a technocrat type, but not the bloodless kind - more the bloodshot Kennedy kind.

He’s feeling the pressure from his Republican opponent, Patrick Murray, who is a retired Army Colonel. This pressure has dragged the truth out of Maroon – that like any Progressive pseudo-intellectual, the only service he values is the kind that throws other people’s money down social welfare rat holes.


And in the district I can see with my own eyes, across the Potomac River, by walking perhaps a quarter mile – the number two House Democrat himself, Steny Hoyer (MD-5), actually knuckle-punched his Republican opponent, Charles Lollar.

'Desperate' and 'juvenile' are the first two words that come to mind for me. How about you?  If the entrenched incumbent wins MD-5, I see many future posts referring to 'Knuckles' Hoyer.


The trend is undeniable. Liberal Democrats all over the nation are behaving like animals cornered. They have finally awoken to the fact we are rejecting their governance, and since the power to exercise governance is everything they covet, they are flailing wildly in every direction in an epic demonstration of desperation.

The examples abound. With apologies to the master blogger Matt Drudge, I shall now momentarily adopt his simple style of headlined links to close the argument.

Banking Queen’s lover fears partner may lose job

Banking Queen Digs Into His Own Pocket

Democrat Incumbent Physically Assaults Republican Challenger

Democrat candidate in Kentucky Labels his GOP opponent ‘Senator Blutarsky’

Scary Black Man Running for Congress in Florida Known to Associate with Motorcycle Hoodlums

Top Senate Democrat Runs on ‘It Could Be Worse’

Top Senate Democrat Runs on ‘It Would Have Been Worse’

Top Senate Democrat Runs on Chump Change Payoff to Key Voting Bloc

Donkey National Party Runs on Contribution Conspiracy Meme

Missouri Democrat Incumbent Runs On Catholic Pedophilia Meme

Number One Democrat Appeals to His Maker In Darkest Political Hour


The bottom line is neatly captured by R. Emmett Tyrell, a conservative opinion lion who has been writing since the late 60’s, and who I have been reading since the early 90’s.

Tyrell: “It is Over.”


2010 is the first year I’ve been a two yard sign guy. Desperate measures for desperate times.

Update 10/27

My Congressman is still despicably desperate.  Gerry Connolly still running on lies and half (at best) truths - so obnoxious that not even WaPo can ignore them.  Think this is enough for WaPo to withdraw its' endorsement?  Naaaaaaaaaaah.


Washington Post Fact Check: The newest Connolly attack

By Paige Winfield Cunningham

The newest attack ad against Republican Keith Fimian over the home inspection company he co-founded could use some inspection itself.

The company, U.S. Inspect, is once again being turned into a campaign weapon by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as the 11th Congressional District race enters its final week. Rep. Gerry Connolly (D) already cited a $16,000 federal tax lien against the company during his 2008 race against Fimian; now, it's part of a new ad launched by the DCCC on Connolly's behalf.

The problem is, U.S. Inspect is a successful business. It has an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau. It holds dozens of patent claims. And the lien, while undoubtedly embarrassing to Fimian, has since been released.

It's easy to debunk some of the other claims in the new ad -- such as an accusation that U.S. Inspect's corporate status was revoked by the Arkansas secretary of state. I'm not sure where the DCCC got that information, because a quick call to the Arkansas office revealed that the company withdrew its status back in 2003 -- voluntarily.

And while the ad is correct that Fimian signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge authored by Americans for Tax Reform, the pledge doesn't mention anything about corporations outsourcing jobs, as the ad suggests. In fact, it just says the signer agrees to oppose raising marginal income tax rates and reducing or eliminating deductions or credits.

Given how much it's stretching things there, the DCCC might just as well have claimed that Fimian signed a pledge supporting corporations that exploit workers in developing countries.

Whether or not other of the ad's claims regarding lawsuits and liens carry water, there is some truth slipped in: Fimian's former business partner did call his honesty into question and wrote that his campaign is "built upon a fraud."

Still, I wonder just how far bad feeling over an apparent business falling-out is going to get Connolly and the DCCC.

Update 10/31

Another Northern Virginia blogger detects the smell of desperation on Gerry Connolly. 

And, as if the 100% Pelosi Index were not enough, Connolly is recognized by the MSM as holding the key to her continuing reign as House Nanny.

More voter education from around the blogosphere:

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Campaign Strategy Exclusive: Jack Wiley Dithers

(AP) – Jack Wiley Dithers reporting.

Our cracker jack investigative journalism team predicted the White House mid-term campaign strategy would rely on insulting the vast majority of Americans, simply because it’s who they are. In anticipation of scooping the rest of the media, we sent our White House source, with his shoe recorder, on a dangerous undercover mission into a White House Men’s room. Unfortunately, the “botcha-galoot” (that’s Ellis Island Italian for “cabbage-head”) ran the shoe recorder through his laundry before bringing it back to us, and it’s taken this long to recover the transcript. And now those effete, latte-sippin’, martini swillin’ Lefties at the Poilitico can claim they scooped us just because they can afford to have a source at a $30,000/ plate Leftie fund raiser.

Well, anyway, thanks to the great yeoman’s work of our A-V geek, who spent most of his time restoring an 18 ½ minute gap in the middle, here’s the White House Men’s Room transcript.


{sound of running sink water}

Obama: {singing lightly} “Everybody Loves Me …”

{main door opens}

Obama: Hey, Joe, what you plannin’ on?

Biden: It’s a three letter word that starts with S.


Biden: Seriously, Barack, that was one big effin’ deal when Soros bailed out.

Obama: Yeah, it was unexpected. I talked with Michelle about it last night. Michelle said, “Barack, honey, just remember what got you elected.” And I said, “Yeah, that’s the problem, it was his money.” Then she said, “No, silly, it was what you did with the money. Now, take the last toke and sleep on it.”

Biden: Hmmmmm. It’s still a big effin’ deal, if you ask me.

{main door opens}

Obama: Hey, David, what’s up?

Axelrod: Just got off a call with Ayers and Carville. We were trying to figure out what to do now that the foreign money theme is falling flat with the media.

Obama: Hit me.

Axelrod: Well, Carville said “Remember What got us elected.” And I said, “what, the hopey-changey sloganeering crap?” Then he said, “No, the stupid electorate buying it!” After we laughed our asses off, I said, “You know what, you might be on to somethin’ here” So, we noodled around with it a little bit, and came up with this - energize the base by reminding them the other 70% are idiots.

Obama: Hmmmm, not bad, Joe, what do you think?

{stall door opens}

Biden: What, with my pants around my ankles? Yeah, I guess it ‘s alright.

Axelrod: So, we gotta get you guys out on the campaign trail with the talking points. Barack, Deval Patrick has a fund raiser goin’ on up in Mass – we think Kerry will be there, too.

Obama: Good, Kerry’s good with the “everybody else is a moron” schtick – I’m likin’ it. Tell me more.


{stall door opens}

Biden: Send me to Delaware. I’m dyin’ to take out the witch for the Marxist.

Axelrod: Already on the schedule.

Obama: Give me a Team Genius on three! One, two, three …


{main door opens}


Jack Wiley Dithers reporting.



Update 10/21

The Left Wing stupid parade, that will soon take its ideological adherents over the edge of the political irrelevance cliff, has picked up its pace. Once again demonstrating Leftie disdain for the First Amendment, and Leftie enslavement to Political Correctness, taxpayer subsidized National Public Radio (NPR) has fired long time liberal analyst Juan Williams for violating its political speech code.

Memo to NPR pinheads: You just went to the head of the line for de-funding by the new Conservative Congress in 2011. For your sake, I hope your foreign sugar daddy, George Soros, has deep enough pockets to cover next year’s budget hole. Hey, maybe that seditious Hamas-linked Jihadi front group known as CAIR can kick in a few bucks, too.

Rest assured, the Leftist pinheads at NPR, under peer pressure from the Left’s wing nuts, will continue their PC purification pogrom. Word on the street is Mara Liasson is next. Maybe they’ll replace her by taking Helen Thomas out of retirement.

And, now I can add NPR to HuffingtonPost on the list of Leftie comment boards fearing my brilliance.

So, it’s LAS 2, Williams 1 - in the speech code violation sweepstakes. LMAO!

For me it’s a game, for him it’s his living, and of course that’s the difference. Good luck going forward, Mr. Williams.

And, Mr. Williams sticks the landing!
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Campaign Strategy Exclusive: Jack Wiley Dithers

(AP) – Jack Wiley Dithers reporting.

After all the recent White House staff departures, we were happy to learn that our source still had a job, and also that his shoe recorder remained in good working order. This lucky confluence of conditions has brought to you the following recent Oval Office campaign strategy audio transcript.


Obama: Man, it’s tough out there on the campaign trail. I got naked guys streaking in front of me, books flying by my head, Michelle wanting to come along, next they’ll make me go to a red state.

Biden: Take it easy, Barack, why when I was a young lad in Scranton hanging out with Bobby Casey …

Reid: I’ve had about enough of your crap, Plugs. You no more knew Bobby Casey in Scranton than my fake TEA Party guy knows which end of the bag to dip!

Biden: We’ll see who’s still attending the January meeting, Harry, heh, heh.

Reid: That’s it, Plugs! You wanna go?!

Biden: Let’s go, right here, right now, old goat!

{sound of chairs sliding across floor}

Obama: Wo, wo, wo, settle down, we have Republicans to demonize ….

{sound of door opening}

Gibbs: Man, it’s tough out there in the briefing room. Nobody’s buying the foreign money thing. Jake Tapper called me the Rain Man! Can you believe it?

Obama: Just keep workin’ it Gibbsy. Hey, David, what else you got?

Axelrod: Nuthin, that’s it.

Obama: No, really …

Axelrod: Really.

Obama: Who are you texting, David?

Axelrod: Schieffer, that sorry sack o’ shit. He ruined everything.

Obama: {sigh} Plouffe, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! You were supposed to have that LibertyAtStake guy shut down by now. Why, he called me the Rain Man on the Daily Caller comment board!

Plouffe: He’s tough. I’ve sent troll after troll to get him, nothing works, it’s like that 70’s Robert Redford movie with the mountain man and the Indians.

Pelosi: Well, I’m keeping the gigantic clown gavel no matter what happens.

Clyburn: Only if I can borrow it to knee-cap Alvin Greene.

Obama: Quiet – it’s time for the videoconference feed.

{sounds of buzzing, whirring, and minions adjusting stuff}

Obama: Mr. Soros, is that Andy filing your nails?

Soros: Yep, Stern has been demoted since he screwed up the One Nation Rally.

Obama (muttering): Oh, oh, if Andy can go down …

Obama (normal voice): What are your orders, Mr. Soros?

Soros: You know what? You people are so pathetic…I just don’t know anymore. Stern, where’s my tuxedo…ummm, this meeting’s over!

Biden: Wow, that was a big effin’ deal! What the hell do we do now?

{silence until tape runs out}

Jack Wiley Dithers reporting.
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not an Essay

The day job has been extra special wacky and busy lately, and I am wiped out from doing what I must do first, and my work/life balance is in a state making the essay format I usually attempt in this space temporarily beyond my reach. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, I’ve come to appreciate the simple condition of having a day job in Barry’s dysconomy. I believe I’ve coined this term. It has the following definition, or it will, when Webster’s stumbles upon my blog.



A kind of “free” sort of “market” economy in which the complex of bureaucratic regulation and taxation prevents growth in the complex of human activities concerned with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

So I’ve decided to string together a series of short commentaries, which is a format anyone familiar with my superior work on the comment boards knows I use as a stretching exercise.


The Snyder v. Phelps case is decidedly NOT a “free speech” case. It is nothing but a garden variety civil harassment case. Fred Phelps’ gang of lunatics are randomly selecting victims for harassment, based on an insane world view. Exactly like Al Qaeda, for example. (The only difference being the level of appropriate response; civil law vs. war footing.)

The modus operandi of the Phelps gang reminds me of the shooter at 1:00 and 1:15 in this 1979 Steve Martin movie trailer.


Gloria All-Red (phonetic hat tip to Mark Levin) is a case study in the Liberal cause overreach we examined in my October 3rd post, “The Trouble With Liberals.” The committed liberal is always willing to play fast and loose with professional ethics, and sacrifice pawns as collateral damage, in their mad zeal to score wins for the cause. Nicky Diaz will be the victim of the unintended consequences this time, when she is deported as a direct result of Ms. Allred’s malpractice.

Let’s look at the trailer from “The Jerk” again – Ms. Allred aimed at Steve Martin and hit the oil cans.


Gene Cranick of Obion County lost his house to fire while fully equipped firefighters stood idly by and watched it burn to the ground. The blogger Dr. Zero examined this perverse scene in his post “Chumponomics.”

The real problem is government services that have become so bloated they can no longer be supported by straight up taxation models, and need to be supported by bogus “insurance” models. See Social Security for the same basic problem writ large. The difference: expect to get screwed even if you have paid into the SSA system.


The poll that stands as the thematic glue for this blog project is the Gallup poll showing far more Americans self-identifying as conservative than liberal – combined, that is, with my personal lifelong befuddlement at the American electorate’s propensity for voting for Liberal politicians with policies against its’ own interests.

Well, in 2010, for the first time in my lifetime since 1994, the Liberal politicians have reached too far and party preference is beginning to align with American voter ideological preference. This is making the Liberal media complex nervous.

There was a great deal of chattering in the chattering class last week due to a Rasmussen poll showing race relations worsening since the first black President (well, half black anyway) was elected. The reason is not his racial composition. The reason is his ideological bent – which has alienated every voting bloc now except for blacks.  Largely because of his party's well documented twitch for using the race card at all times in every argument.

Barry’s contribution to American political history is more and more likely now to be this – the disappearance of the Democrat Party. The only remaining faithful he has besides blacks – white liberals – have spent this cycle building a record of infamy to assist in the demise of his Democrat Party.


The government’s monthly jobs report just came out – just in time to seal mid-term electoral doom for BHO and the Progressives. “Official” unemployment remains stuck at 10%, and “real” unemployment stuck at 17%, because BHO and the Progressives remain stuck on stupid in their destructively mistaken belief that economies can be stimulated by top-down government spending.

I couldn’t capture the problem with this theory, and its practitioners, any better than these Townhall cartoonists have.

So, let’s make this the result on November 2nd.


Earlier this week, my teenage son shared this Go Remy video with me. It would have fit neatly into my September 7 Post.

You’d think after 800 billion bucks or more, at least all the escalators would work.


Have a Happy Columbus Day, patriots, while it’s still permissible to remember the ODWMs (Old Dead White Men) connected to the rise of the western hemisphere as mankind’s last best hope.
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Trouble With Liberals

In this post we take a break from our usual mission of saving the republic from the incompetent and treasonous governance of BHO and the Progressives.

Instead we will take a  cross-eyed look at the garden variety liberal - through the lens of one of the most campy episodes ever aired by one of the most deliciously campy television series ever produced. That would be ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’ from Star Trek (The Original Series).

If not for the vote and the active support of the garden variety liberal, BHO and the Progressives could never have attained the power they now abuse. The garden variety liberal is now the voting bloc BHO and the Progressives desperately cling to, while they are curled up in the corner in the fetal position awaiting the November 2nd electoral tsunami sure now to come. You know who the garden variety liberals are: the faculty lounge pseudo-intellectual, or the bubble headed coed whose entire educational experience consists of indoctrination by faculty lounge pseudo-intellectuals, or the MSM operative with the JournoList subscription, or the activist lawyer willing to abuse her profession’s code of ethics to advance a political agenda, or the trust fund bum who seems to have read every book ever printed without understanding any of it, or the unionized government worker clinging the promise of a lifelong gilded pension funded by the rest of us, et cetera.

The drone independents are already moving our way in the Conservative Ascendancy – I think we can safely let the establishment GOP handle that messaging task for November 2nd. Even they can’t blow it at this point. So, it’s time for us on the vanguard of the Conservative Ascendancy to begin going after the higher hanging electoral fruit of the garden variety liberal. We should start by simply wrapping our minds around the psychology of the garden variety liberal. While I was doing just that during the past week, what came to mind for me was …. Tribbles. It’s kind of funny how my brain works sometimes, isn’t it? :)


If you need a quick primer on the plot of the episode, this should do it. 

What follows can be taken as a kind of documentary portraying the stream of consciousness as it occurred in my mind.

The trouble with liberals is they are always so damn self-absorbed in their “causes,” as well as arrogant in their dealings with anyone not similarly self-absorbed. This causes them to have no respect for the rule of law, especially the original intent of the law; which often spins everybody into tight, senseless, circles to deal with liberal cause overreach.

The Federation official Nilz Baris abuses the Priority One distress signal to divert the Enterprise to Space station K-7, and Kirk is not amused when he finds out the reason is a grain shipment.

Captain Kirk: “I have never questioned the orders, or the Intelligence of any representative of the Federation – until now.”


The trouble with liberals is they are always framing their arguments in cutesy, touchy-feely terminology: save the children, save the polar bears, save the undocumented housekeepers, etc. This allows them sell the senseless to the unsensible.

While taking shore leave on Space Station K-7, Lt. Uhura is introduced to her first tribble, a cute alien species that makes soothing cooing noises, by the inter-galactic traveling huckster Cyrano Jones . And, what is Lt. Chekov looking at in this shot?


The trouble with liberals is, being arrogantly and supremely confident in the righteousness of their cause, and having no respect for the rule of law - they can always find a like-minded activist judge or high level bureaucrat to mandate the unsensible.

Admiral Fitzpatrick: “Effective immediately you will render any aid and assistance that Under Secretary Baris may require.”

Captain Kirk: “Now, that’s just lovely.”


The trouble with liberals is the unintended consequences of their causes are not immediately apparent to most, but the specious touchy-feely sales pitch spreads like wildfire.

Commander Spock: “Fortunately, of course, I am immune to its effect.”


The trouble with liberals is they are always consuming more of the GDP than they are contributing.

Commander Spock: “There’s something disquieting about these creatures … they remind me of the lilies of the field; they toil not, neither do they spin, but they seem to eat a great deal…I see no practical use for them.”

(Unfortunately liberals lack the one redeeming characteristic Spock finds in tribbles. Liberals are often very loquacious while consuming what the rest of us produce.)


The trouble with liberals is by the time their unintended consequences are visible to everyone, they have already insinuated themselves into all of the machinery.

Captain Kirk: “This is my chicken sandwich and coffee!”

Captain Kirk: “And as Captain, I want two things done!  First, find Cyrano Jones.  And second … Close that door.”


The BEST thing about liberals is their radical associations will often lead back to the usual suspects. Tribbles don’t like Klingons, or Klingon spies posing as humans. If only the criminally biased MSM had applied the Tribble Test to Jeremiah Wright, we might have saved the republic a lot of trouble.


Thoughts on the One Nation Rally

All it proved was that Team Leftie can still organize a crowd of malcontents, and leave a big mess behind. The near term takeaway should be the signage – which plainly shows the unholy Red/Green (that is, Communist/Environmentalist) alliance that is at Team Leftie’s rotten core. Left Coast Rebel posted a good summary on Saturday. In the long term, Team Leftie's little rally on the Mall may receive mention as a footnote, but nothing more.

Appropriately enough, Moonbattery gives us a thorough round up to close out the wacky weekend of Leftie hi-jinks on the Mall.  Nice bookends.  The LCR post confirmed my expectations in real time, which allowed me to pay attention to crafting my own idiosyncratic post, and finally enjoy the Moonbattery round up as dessert. 
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