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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Memo To Mittens ... Re: Debates

I am writing this within less than an hour of the first debate. You see, the day job (glad to have it in Barry's dysconomy) has been slamming me the past couple of days. What you are about to read is a spasmodic dump of the thoughts that have been rumbling around my head the past few days. Too late for tonight, perhaps, but it is a three debate process. Astute readers will notice my advice is designed to apply the knockout punch toward the end of the process.


Get mad, Mittens. How can you not be mad? You have been slandered by the campaign of the other man on the podium as a tax cheat, responsible for the murder of a man's wife, and worst of all - a rich guy. Not to mention the non-stop barrage of lies and distortions on your policy proposals. If you are incapable of showing anger - righteous anger - in response to the most corrupt and dirty campaign ever waged - the desperate re-election campaign of the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama - you truly do not deserve to be my President.

OK, now that we've established righteous anger is in order, let's expound a little more. You need to be smart about deploying this (perhaps foreign to you) emotion. You need to keep the target in mind, first of all. The target is the thinnest of thin skinned politicians ever. The Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama is used to being treated with kid gloves by the corrupt and biased liberal media. His career has advanced via the Left's soft bigotry of low expectations for anyone with a melanin level at or above Snooki's. He does not handle righteous, direct, push-back well. He never learned how. Give it to him, and he will show his true thin-skinned nature to the nation, and you will be victorious.

Now on to the tactical advice.

First: please do not bore us to tears with a litany of facts and figgers. Think about it. Who are you trying to impress? Answer: undecideds. Who could possibly be "undecided" about an incumbent who has stewardship over the longest period of 8%+ officially measured unemployment, and is directly responsible for 60% of all-time deficit spending in merely four fiscal years (three without a budget)? Answer: People who are not responsive to facts and figgers. You need to attack the target in broad strokes that turn the argument back on his failures, cover-ups, and outright lies - in simple, direct, and basic terms. As far as facts and figgers are concerned, just direct the audience to the web site for follow-up. Anybody incapable of using their Google machine to then get the facts on their own time isn't going to vote for you, anyway.

Second: These "undecideds" have short attention spans for the content at hand. Therefore, you must hammer on the Empty Suit's recent failures, cover ups, and lies. The obnoxious ads he's running about your policy proposals. His responsibility for the recent and rapid rise of Mohammed's Murder Monkey Cult From Hell throughout the world. The lawlessness of the Fast and Furious cover-up. The Alinskyite Socialism that permeates his every domestic policy.

Third: Pay no respect to the corrupt and biased moderators. They deserve no respect. Turn every gotcha question they have for you into a question for the Empty Suit to address.

Now for a few examples tying it all together ...

When asked about the 47% video misrepresentation ... look directly at your opponent, point out he (mis)uses the word 'fairness' to the point of distraction, and ask him what the hell is so damned 'fair' about nearly half the population paying nothing at all into the system. *After* he stumbles and burbles and pontificates to no discernible end point - simply state as plain fact confiscating every dollar from every "rich" person" does *nothing* to slow the rate of growth in deficit spending. Then simply state broadening the base and lowering rates for *everyone* (currently paying something) brings in the needed revenue. No boring facts and figgers. Direct the "undecideds" to the web site and be done with it. They are responsible for using their own Google machine, and if they can't you won't get their vote.

When asked about your "lack of foreign policy experience" - go right for Obama's throat on his actual record. Go right for the Benghazi cover-up. Hard. Anticipate tomorrow's bumper sticker - "People died. Obama lied." - with righteous anger. It's about irresponsibility and incompetence in executing the President's first Constitutional job - keeping Americans safe, especially overseas.

When asked about "gender gaps" and "wars on women" - immediately invoke Sandra Fluke and ask the Empty Suit directly why the rest of us should pay the $9/month contraceptive bill for a Georgetown Law graduate practically guaranteed $160,000 in rookie salary. After he's done blathering about that, state it's self-evident he must believe the First Amendment is null and void based on his campaign to force paying for contraceptives down the Catholic Church's throat. When he's done blathering about that, round everything off by asking him why he chose Sharia over the First Amendment in the case of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.

This sure would be a lot easier if Newt were the nominee.

Update 10/4/2011

Excellent first round, Mittens. Looks like you got under the Empty Suit's skin even earlier than I had hoped was possible. Keep it up. If I can offer any further constructive criticism, it would be to tighten up on lie detection a little bit. For example, when countering the false claim you would raise middle class taxes ... don't point to competing "studies". I could literally hear independent eyes glazing over. Simply look at the Empty Suit and state his claim makes false assumptions about how you would close the deficit gap. Emphasize FALSE and A-SUMP-TIONS. The indies will get that.

Update 10/7/12

I just realized I could do an entire feature post on the alternately comedic and pathetic leadership of the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama, should I care to, by taking flight from the Benny Hill video.

Beer Summit (false assumption = blacks perpetual victims), 2009 Cairo speech (false assumption = Mohammed's Murder Monkey Cult From Hell possesses civilized values), the ever elusive "shovel ready job" (false assumption = faith in trickle down gub'ment), the media lynching of George Zimmerman (blacks perpetual victims), bankrupt green energy cronyism (trickle down gub'ment), apologizing for the First Amendment over an obscure movie trailer (as if Mohammed's Murder Monkey From Hell even needs an excuse to rape and murder infidels), ....
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