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Monday, December 23, 2013

Archiving 'This Just In' (12/3/13 - 12/23/13): If They Can't Automate a 2 Page Form, Why Would Anyone Think They Can Automate 1/6 of the Economy?

Quarter 4 of tax year 2013 draws near to close, and I am reminded it will soon be time to file Form 941: Quarterly Income Tax Return for my small business. I am also reminded I can pay electronically, but can't submit the matching report electronically, unless I engage a paid third party to perform this trivial administrative task for me. Therefore, filing (but not paying, mind you) the quarterly 941 tax continues to be the sole remaining paper and snail mail supported part of my entire business process. Quarter 4 of tax year 2013 has also seen the comically grotesque roll out of healthcare.goof. On second thought, maybe we should just leave well enough alone on the IRS site.
Phil Robertson vs. Pajama Boy - the cage match ... if Pajama Boy somehow improbably wins, the effete pseudo-intellectual Progressive elites get to keep their ObamaKare ... if the aging duck hunter kicks Pajama Boy's pampered little a$$ as expected, the rest of us get to have the train wreck repealed immediately ... this epic pay-per-view is screaming out to be promoted by WWE.
Study conducted by self-professed liberal Yale professor finds correlation between TEA Party affiliation and high level of scientific knowledge. Still hope for the integrity of the scientific method to survive these times. (And all along we just thought TEA Partiers were only better than DC at math.)
Another high profile shooting ... another left wing lunatic on the trigger. Sorry Corrupt and Biased Liberal Media, your wait continues for the next perfect news template to waive your agenda like a bloody shirt.
And the solution for a viable defense against lunatic shooters reveals itself. Hint: It has nothing to do with Gun Free Zones Criminal Free Fire Zones.
Just watched the Paul Ryan / Patty Murray budget deal press conference Mutual Admiration Society Meeting. Here's my take on the sum total of what they told us ... PUNT! Here's my my advice to conservatives and libertarians. Run down field like a bat out of hell and crush that Democrat punt returner with extreme prejudice in the 2014 election cycle.
The federal government is closed today due to a snow storm. The Left would have you believe this means a cataclysmic blow to the national economy and result in societal meltdown. That is, based on the arguments they always make when the discussion turns to trimming a little fat off the federal leviathan. If the whole thing suddenly disappears, that must mean apocalypse! Actually, all it really means is one day without the average daily production of 300 new pages of federal regulations. Carpe diem! You can stop reading the federal register and do something productive today. Quick, before the snow stops! Before the bureau weenies waddle back to their desks!
If you blinked you missed it. The administration regime of the Saul Alinsky Radical Occupying the Oval Office has extended the ObamaKare sign up deadline from December 15 to December 23. What a pathetic joke. Eight whole extra days for a program that still depends completely on a buggy web front end, and a business process back end that is still partially constructed and completely untested. Completely untested for either business functionality or data security. And the small percentage of people who actually think they've signed up (yes - "think" - see back end issues) have been greeted with the news their premiums and deductibles will be skyrocketing as a result of this stealth redistribution plan built on the lie "if you like, you can keep ..." "Clusterf*ck" is Greek for the Democrats are in charge.
This morning I again saw the professional panhandler and Occupy Wall Street foot soldier I mentioned in this log on 11/13. He was in line ahead of me at Starbucks, acquiring his cup of overpriced caffeine. Meanwhile, the Food Stamp President, the President presiding over the lowest American labor participation rate in recorded history, is out on the campaign trail - trying to distract from his own failures with that old Leftist whine about "income inequality." The ironies abound.
The latest in ObamaCare Debacle News is this: a large failure rate for the batch file transfers from Healthcare.Goof to insurance carriers that are meant to activate coverage for people who think they have signed up. The error rate is as much as one third of all transactions according to the Obama apology rag known as the Washington Post. The good news, according to the WaPo spin, though, is sign up rates are still so low, the carriers claim the present volume of errors can be corrected manually. Except - in a nationalized system now dependent on human correction to 1/3 of all its transactions - is there really a way to know now how many consumers who now think they have coverage will actually have it when they think they need it? How many people will experience this nasty surprise as this nationalized system scales up to the entire nation? The nation is left with fingers crossed hoping the back end error rate is reduced faster than the growth rate in front end sign ups? Reduced fast enough for error prone human error correction procedures to keep up? As always, chaos is the sure sign Democrats are in charge.
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Four Angry Men Making Music

Just because I just watched it on Palladia. TEA Party patriots take notice for the 2014 election.

The Who - Baba O'Riley (LIVE) by Qello
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Archiving 'This Just In' (11/18/13 - 12/2/13): The Tryptophan Interregnum of 2013

Epic Thanksgiving Holiday road trip completed without major incident … left town with rented Land Yacht Lincoln Wednesday … successfully navigated into midtown Manhattan Wednesday evening without murdering any of the dozen or so cabbies who thoroughly deserved it … Wednesday night’s stay in Euro Trash boutique hotel on 8th Avenue OK … room clean and everything worked … got to see prodigal son march in Macy’s parade … his once in a lifetime experience complemented by another – he was interviewed by NY Daily News ... except I’ve seen him play a lot of instruments and “xylophone” isn’t one of them, and beside he was on the banner for the parade march … oh well, more crack American journalism at work … then a rented helicopter flight around Manhattan … man, Ellis Island is a lot smaller than I thought … 3 hour drive north for the annual tryptophan fix in Grandma’s kitchen, just later than usual … scenic westerly drive back to DC (I-88 to I-81 to I-70/I-270) … because that way there aren’t any NYC cabbies or New Jersey Turnpike Road Warriors … settled back into home base Saturday night. Now, let’s see what the Empty Suit has been up to … oh yeah, I almost forgot – he’s “fixing” that pesky website at “private sector velocity” … fixing it up so fast that eventually it might even be able to handle actual commerce. Real commerce on a web site? Unbelievable! The wonders that hundreds of millions in taxes can buy these days.
On Chris Plante's radio show this morning they are talking about the Community-Agitator-In-Chief issuing instructions to his hypnotized zombie followers, with the assistance of his personal brown shirt gang (OFA), to get aggressively political at the Thanksgiving dinner table. You have to figure a lot of these glassy eyed kamikaze politicos will be college students. The anti-aircraft defense for the parents of these crazed dive bombers is simple. Give the young scholar an easy calculation they will immediately understand. Shut up or the beer stipend is cut off.
Have you seen the trailer for the "Amazon original series 'Alpha House'"? It seems I can't go to any political site without hearing "We're the GOP, winning is what we do." A more ridiculous premise I have never heard.
Yesterday, an historic diplomatic deal was announced between western civilization and the leading state sponsor of terrorism from Mohammed's Murder Monkey Cult From Hell. Western civilization agreed to lift the economic sanctions that were designed to prevent Mohammed's Murder Monkey Cult From Hell from acquiring nuclear weapons. In return, Mohammed's Murder Monkey Cult From Hell pinky swore that all that stuff about destroying the Great Satan and wiping Israel off the map was the camel water talking.
During my day job, I sometimes review resumes for Information Technology and Software Development people. In the coming years I expect I will see a lot of "2010-2013: personal sabbatical." where I might have instead seen something like "2010-2013: CGI, Obamacare Exchange."
In a congressional hearing yesterday, it was revealed the back end systems for accepting premium payments through healthcare.goof still haven't been developed, much less tested. These Democrats really are hell bent on giving away more free stuff.
Today the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama mumbled something on camera about "one side of Capitol Hill being invested in [the] failure [of Obamacare]." What he meant to say was "the Democrats literally changed the locks on committee hearing room doors while packing 3000 pages with nothing but their ideas on the way to passing the law with nothing but Democrat votes, so the train wreck is completely 100% owned by the Democrats."
What is the special skill set required for "journalism"? Reading and writing? The school of journalism that can build a time machine and transport its graduates back a thousand years might have something useful to say about its product.
On the comment boards, and inside my own noodle, I have played with the idea of supporting Representative Fred Upton’s Obamacare “fixit” bill. It’s not a terrible bill – that is if it does what it seems it will do - which is drive a stake through the fiscal heart of ObamaCare while simultaneously saying to the baying masses Republicans care too. The downside is it gives some Democrats a place to hide politically, but that consideration alone is politics too clever by half. Every Democrat who voted for the law, and then even refused to vote for funding the rest of the government at current levels during the shutdown fight, is hopelessly tied to the sinking ship already.

However, I’ve decided to be against the Upton bill. On the grounds it is a half measure itself, missing the true political and policy moment. It’s time for the GOP to do a full on “repeal and replace” bill with conservative ideas for reforming the health insurance business. The baying masses wouldn’t know it because the corrupt and biased liberal media hasn’t told them, but the Republican Study Committee has had multiple complete bills on the shelf ready to go for three years. Over to you, Speaker Boehner. Do you have the sand? The Saul Alinsky radical occupying the Oval Office, who has smeared you mercilessly lo these many years, is bleeding political capital daily. Here’s your chance to make him pay with a veto to the replacement to his “signature achievement” only to have that veto overridden. Revenge is always best served cold. Especially when the entire Donkey Party is trampling over each other in a full on panic. An opportunity like this comes less often than once a generation.
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Obama's Precipitous Fall From Grace: The Kinks Have a Song For That, Too

Basically, self-explanatory.

Power not only corrupts, but also has a way of slipping from those who never learned how to exercise it gracefully.
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Archiving 'This Just In' (11/3/13 - 11/17/13): Joe Wilson Was Right

If Barack Hussein Obama II were a man of honor, he wouldn't have said "I'm sorry" to the American people concerning his ObamaCare lies ... he would have said "Joe Wilson was right."
I did something unusual today - I put French dressing on my salad. To honor the new leaders of the free world - at least as it concerns checking Tehran's nuclear ambitions.
Memo to the hacks of the Virginia Establishment GOP: Run Ken Cuccinelli for Mark Warner's Senate seat in 2014. Make ObamaCare the top issue. (even you can do that now). Make sure everybody knows Cuccinelli was the first state attorney general with the sand to challenge the legislative train wreck that Warner voted for. Not only will you flip a US Senate seat from (D) to (R) but we (grass roots conservatives) will consider keeping you on the payroll when we finish the takeover of the party.
Walking into work this morning I distinctly recognized a panhandler as a former regular camper during the 2011-2012 McPherson Square OWS occupation. He's the guy I identified in my November 10, 2011 post "The #Occupy Meltdown Will Be Swift and Ugly From Here" as making a point of wearing the anarchist's bandana mask. Just a little full circle reminder of the utter disaster that has been the now undeniably collapsing administration of the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama.Only 1164 days left to go.
Navy Yard shooter, Pennsylvania Avenue car slammer, LAX shooter ... somewhere deep inside a neatly manicured campus right now, a gaggle of aging New Left socialist revolutionaries are holding the symposium Why haven't we seen more crazy violent acts, like Cloward and Piven said we would after overloading the social welfare system and destroying the economy? Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn flying in as keynote speakers.
It's been a week since the LAX shooting. I became curious about the relative silence in the lame stream media regarding the shooter. After all, intrepid NBC "newsman" Pete Williams had all but declared the shooter was a TEA Party wing nut on the day of the shooting, based on his interpretation of what he heard was in a note no one has yet to see. A few moments in my Google machine and I understood why Williams and his fellow travelers have dropped the story. It has since been determined the shooter is a registered Democrat.
The practical debate surrounding the lessons of the LAX shooting seems to boil down to a choice between arming TSA or increasing the local police presence in terminals. Arming TSA is like sitting a 2 year old in front of an electrical outlet with a steel butter knife. That's my take.
Generic 2014 campaign slogan for any Republican Senator: "Democrat is Greek for 'liar'!" You're welcome, Establishment GOP hacks.
If you are a self-professed Libertarian who cast a vote yesterday for the false flag candidate Robert Sarvis, who got on the ballot with the financial aid of a top Obama bundler - you need to do some self reflection on how your vote helped give the VA Governor's mansion to a crony capitalist Big Government progressive, and on on how big of a dupe you think you are.
11/05/2013 (10 pm)
Terry McCauliffe is the new Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Congratulations, ladies, no need to stay up late with worries somebody might 'outlaw birth control.' Now, about that health insurance policy ...
McCauliffe's victory margin is being reported as less than 1%. Imagine what the result might have been if the Establishment GOP had actually gotten behind its nominee, instead of passively surrendering to the ruling class narrative that Ken Cuccinelli is a dangerous TEA Party anarchist principled conservative, who must be defeated to preserve the Big Government status quo. The hacks of course play into this narrative time and again because the status quo stipulates the Establishment GOP's comfortable place at the table as junior partners in the welfare state. And the hacks couldn't even get a House of Delegates name on the ballot in my voting district. How's that for a useless political party?
If you believe the polling industry (the universe of the Real Clear Politics average) ... the corrupt political careerist, Terry McCauliffe, Democrat, the hack that rented out the Lincoln Bedroom during Bubba's administration, is a shoe in to be elected my next Governor. But the trend over time has been a narrowing lead, right up to this report: a last minute poll from "The Emerson College Polling Society" that gives McCauliffe only a +2 advantage. McCauliffe's lead has always depended on a huge advantage with women, bolstered by his campaign's lie that Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli is in favor of outlawing birth control. Think about that for a minute - outlawing birth control. In 2013. As if. Sorry, deep thinkers, but being against government subsidies for Sandra Fluke's nine dollar a month habit isn't the same thing as outlawing it. LAS wonders if enough members of the single issue birth control vote will receive their ObamaCare induced health plan cancellations in time to put the pieces together and tip this election away from the bald-faced liar McCauliffe.
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

ObamaCare: The Hitler Parody

Having idle time on my hands, which we know always makes those hands available for the devil's work, I got to thinking the Internet phenomenon known as the 'Hitler Parody' is a natural fit for the ObamaCare roll out disaster. A couple of search terms punched into YouTube, and presto ....

Courtesy of the Powerline Blog ... prepare to laugh you arse off.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How In the F*ck Did It Take This Long ...

... to connect these two simple dots ... to figure this out? The f*ckin' difference is only one stinkin' word!

Two of my all-timest greatist mostest favoritest songs ...

Male version ...

Female version ...

Update 11/13/13

A small word of explanation for this cryptic post is probably in order. It's intentionally cryptic because it is not political, but rather intensely personal. "Happy When It Rains" by Jesus and Mary Chain stands in for me. "Only Happy When It Rains" by Garbage stands in for the woman I am divorcing after two decades of marriage. The operative word is only. Now the post is slightly less cryptic.
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Archiving 'This Just In' (10/19/13 - 11/02/13): If You Like Your Health Insurance, Dial 1-800-F**CK-YOU

I don't usually link to other articles in this particular space, but I recently ran across one American Thinker post that I think perfectly captures the present zeitgeist, now that 1/6 of the economy is trapped inside an incompetently rolled out web site ... Dialing 1-800-F**K-YOU.
If you like a social security insurance program with a lock box containing nothing but IOUs from a Treasury $17B in debt ... you are going to love a health insurance exchange that gives 32 year old single males tax credits to buy insurance policies mandated to include maternity coverage. Hey, I think Steve Carell just got an idea for the '40 Year Old Virgin' sequel.
Jack Wiley Dithers will trick or treat this year wearing the most terrifying costume of the year – health insurance salesman.
In 2008, the Left wanted to run against the War Monger - and they helped the Establishment GOP nominate him. In 2012, the Left wanted to run against the Rich Guy - and they helped the Establishment GOP nominate him. Unintended consequence of the ObamaCare train wreck for the Left: Obama's bromance with Christ Christie won't help them help the Establishment GOP nominate who they think will be the perfect 2016 opponent for Tan. Rested. Ready. Hillary! - the Fat Guy. (note to self: remember the Hillary / Nixon parallel, it's a good one.)
As of today, more people who used to have health insurance have received cancellation notices than the number of people who have signed up for ObamaCare. And every person who will have the same policy in 2014 they had in 2013 (unless covered by unconstitutional exemption) will see significant premium and deductible increases for less coverage. If ObamaCare is the answer ... what was the question again?
Here's why the government shutdown fight was well worth it. Given the increasing pace of the ObamaCare disaster, having the fight increased the probability Johnny Clueless Low Info Voter will have this thought between now and the 2014 elections: "You mean we could have avoided *both* shutdown and this ObamaCare nightmare if only they went with the House GOP bill in the first place?" You're welcome, Establishment GOP hacks.
Remember when Chief Justice Roberts bent himself into pseudo-intellectual pretzels to re-label the ObamaCare mandate a "tax"? Turns out he was right. He must have meant how taxing on your patience it is to use the Exchanges to sign up, and how taxing it is on your wallet to pay the higher premiums for less coverage.
Visits originating from the Russian Federation have increased dramatically in the past few days. I seem to recall the last time I saw this pattern was around the time of Edward Snowden's usefully idiotic treason. Keep readin' fellas. There's less here than meets the eye. Or is it fella? D'ya think Putin grants Internet privileges to Snowden?
My Google machine informs me "Starting now, the Treasury Department is allowed to issue as much debt as needed through Feb. 7. There is no specific number for debt limit." So, the drunken sailor has four months with a blank check in his pocket (apologies to drunken sailors everywhere for the comparison to DC). That marching sound is an army of really p*ssed off TEA Party patriots coming to town to slap the cuffs on him and throw him into the brig. Oh yeah, by the way, where the f*ck is the new fiscal year budget, traditionally due on October 1?
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Redistribution, ObamaCare Style

The staff cartoonist weighs in ...

Usually Leftist redistribution schemes involve the state taking stuff from designated losers to be given to designated winners (always, of course, at discounted value, after gub'ment shipping, handling, fraud, waste, and abuse charges). ObamaCare has vaulted the art and science of Leftist redistribution to new heights - nothing but losers so far.
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Rare and Mysterious LAS Personal Update (2013-10-19)

The critically important lines are:

You leave me no choice but to plot my revenge

Thank God I’ve been blessed with a patient mind
Because what I want to happen
Won’t happen in a very long time

You know who you are.
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Friday, October 18, 2013

Archiving 'This Just In' (10/13/13 - 10/16/13): What's Another Trillion In Debt Between Friends and Fellow DC Establishment Hacks?

10/16/2013 (8 am)
That clanging sound is DC kicking the debt and deficit can down the road once again. That clinking sound is the hacks of the Establishment GOP, taking breakfast in the country club dining room, and celebrating yet another unconditional surrender to their Donkey Party overlords. That ticking sound is the official lame duck clock running out on the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama. That honking sound is my commute sucking again, as hordes of “non-essential” bureau-weenies resume their rightful place snarling the local roads. With a nice fat back pay check waiting for them at the office. Well at least those Barrycade eyesores might go away soon if the Park Service Gestapo gets around to cleaning up its mess.
Future readers of this archive are owed a succint explanation for the small government libertarian society in which they live. By far, the biggest reason is the dishonest messaging behind ObamaCare, which was followed by the incompetent roll out of its online Exchanges. As I write this, legions of low information young adults who thought ObamaCare was supposed to be free stuff are finding out the hard way it's going to cost them dearly to satisfy a mandate to purchase something they know they don't need ... after struggling through a federally developed web site they can see sucks ... while struggling to survive in a crappy economy that can't grow fast enough to employ all of them due to the policies of the same people that gave them the ObamaCare train wreck. They will figure it out and pass the lessons to their offspring.
If anything perfectly encapsulates the unhinged and disingenuously overheated state of our politics today, it is loose talk of debt default from our so-called 'leaders' in DC. The plain fact is enough current revenue flows into the Treasury to pay interest on the debt and entitlements. All that is needed is sufficient leadership to prioritize these things ahead of the least necessary discretionary spending budget line items. Every household in the country not filing for bankruptcy is familiar with the process - you pay mandatory bills first, then prioritize discretionary spending and live without those things that don't make the cut. Now consider the argument offered by the hyperventilating fear mongers of 'default.' They proclaim we simply must borrow more from new creditors to pay off the old creditors. There's a term for that. Pyramid Scheme. It never ends well.
Remember that snotty White House tweet on the anniversary of ACA passage. You know, the one with Barry's signature captioned by "It's. The. Law." Tomorrow is the two week anniversary of the ObamaCare Exchange rollout train wreck. Somehow I don't expect any White House tweets with the url captioned by "It. Don't. Work."
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Archiving 'This Just In' (09/17/13 - 10/10/13): The Great Gub'ment Shutdown Debacle of 2013, Part 1 - Democrats Can't Build Web Sites Either

I love it when a plan comes together. I honestly believe the GOP is on the precipice of winning the politics on this shutdown thing - despite media bias and low information voter ADD. All they have to do now is execute a simple two part game plan. (1)Keep sending specific spending bills to the Senate for the Donkey Party to reject. Important sign of success - Dingy Harry Reid and DC Mayor Vincent Gray are reportedly at one another's throats over funding the DC budget. (2) Keep hammering on the rank hypocrisy of Obama's twenty some odd ObamaCare exemptions to get a delay in the individual mandate. The individual mandate is the sole thin thread holding together the program financially, at least in theory. 2014 is looking a lot like 2010 squared from here. You Establishment GOP RINO hacks should just retire to your martini bars in the country club dining room and let the new de facto party leadership show you how it's done in todayt's arena.
The House GOP is finally showing signs of being able to wage politics the only way it can be successfully waged against the Left. Ruthlessly. No quarter can be given because none can be expected. The strategy of passing specifically focused micro spending bills is perfect. It turns the tables. Keep putting the White House and Dingy Harry in the position of explaining why they won't fund kittens and puppy dogs while the larger debate carries on. And make no mistake - if the GOP doesn't fold as usual they will reap a massive 2014 electoral victory. The Donkey Party owns the train wreck that is ObamaCare. They own the train wreck that is the ObamaCare Exchange roll out. Keep passing bills to fund kittens and puppy dogs, keep making them explain why it's so important to them to reject these bills in order to preserve the ObamaCare train wreck, and they will own the shutdown as well.
In today's daily report on spitefully petty ideological governance from the Obama admin ... the hypocritical hacks have OK'd a rally for so-called immigration reform on the ostensibly closed National Mall. I have a news flash for Barry and the Undocumented Democrats: you aren't getting comprehensive amnesty in this session either. Your Saul Alinksy community agitator negotiation tactics have guaranteed it.
Now that the ObamaCare Exchanges are undeniably a train wreck, can we talk about simple measures left out of the ACA that would actually reduce cost and and increase accessibility? (1) Tort reform. (2) Allow insurance competition across state lines. (3) Allow individuals and small businesses to voluntarily form risk pools via voluntary trade, professional, interest, and religious associations (that means, for example, AAA or your local church). The Donkey Party will have none of #1 because they are beholden to the trial lawyer lobby. The Donkey Party will have none of #2 because they are the party of government. The Donkey Party will have none of #3 because they are viscerally opposed to the concept of voluntary association.
Here's how I know The Saul Alinksy Radical Temporarily Occupying the Oval Office is overplaying his hand with his petty (non)negotiation strategy for dealing with House Republicans ... I went to the Tame Impala / Flaming Lips show at Merriweather Post Pavilion last night. The vibe on the lawn among the assembled utes and psychedelic music enthusiasts was relaxed, friendly, and polite. Festive, but in a very unconcerned and laid back way. No signs whatsoever of anyone gripped by fear at the prospect of the evil Republicans shutting down the precious nectar provided by their federal government. And cannabis, medical or otherwise, cannot be held culpable, either. No contact high for LAS on that lawn that particular evening. Memo to GOP: Hold firm. No deal until the rank hypocrisy of the twenty some odd ObamaCare exemptions and waivers given to Big Business, Big Labor, and Big Government are matched by a delay in the individual mandate. Removing the congressional exemption isn't sufficient. It's the individual mandate against every single stinkin' selectively applied tyrannical exemption. Every single one.
The term "Barrycade" has entered the political discourse. It refers to the Park Service's petty and petulant practice of placing cheap plastic and wooden barriers around open air spaces - in a comically ironic attempt to prove how important they are to our daily existence. In a much publicized case they used this pathetic tactic to try to keep a bunch of 90 year old vets away from the WW II memorial. The old men of Normandy and Okinawa valor famously stormed the park service Barney Fifes and got to see their monument anyway. There should be a blogger contest for identifying the most ridiculous Barrycade erected. I nominate the one near my house about which I commented on the great blog Political Clown Parade: "Near my house the Park Service has erected a barrier of plastic sawhorses around 50 sq feet of parking spaces just off the GW Parkway. A lone teenage prankster could hide the entire eyesore in the woods behind in, oh, about a minute and a half. Those sirens you here are armed Park Service policemen racing to the scene because school is about to let out." I have a news flash for Barry and his Corrupt Gang of Petty Progressives If the opinions expressed by my teenager and the gang he runs with are any indication, your silly tyrannical pettiness is fostering a future generation of small government libertarians. And *that* observation causes LAS to channel Mr. Burns from The Simpsons ... "Exxxxcellllent."
Not sure if the traffic would actually be sufficient to crash or not, but it's worth noting visits to my August 2011 post "In a Democracy, the People Get the Government They Deserve" have picked up quite a bit the past couple of days.
The morning commute was much lighter this morning. So, I guess all the "non essential" gub'ment werkers know who they are now.
Day One of the highly anticipated apocalyptic partial gub'ment shutdown. Here's what I've noticed so far. (1) The morning commute was a little better, but not as improved as I anticipated. Perhaps OMB hasn't finished sorting out which bureau-weenies are "non-essential" yet. Which is to say ... maybe they haven't told everyone who needs to be told they will be given a nice break with a guarantee of back pay when the CR finally passes. (2) The calender says October 1st, the IRS still has a direct connection to my business checking account, and the IRS will surely levy the usual fine if I fail to make my monthly tax deposit on time. Oh, and don't forget the quarterly 941 they will be demanding or there will be another fine. (3) It's still true that the IRS takes in enough revenue from monthly business tax deposits to cover each month's debt and entitlement obligations. So, if the Obama administration chooses the dreaded 'default' they own that train wreck, too.
LAS wonders what The Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama has already given away to the Iranian regime in exchange for that nice photo op with the telephone.
The yard signs I've seen for the Democrat candidate for Virginia Governor - career left wing political hack Terry McCauliffe - are green and talk about jobs. Green. Jobs. Hmmmmm ... now, where have I seen that bullsh*t before?
LAS says shut down the federal gub'ment so LAS' commute to and from downtown DC improves. I calculate every day we take the bureau-weenie corps off the local roads is a day I save a full hour of my valuable taxable time. And I'm pretty sure the IRS will expect me to keep making my monthly deposit and filing my quarterly 941 on time. So, I figure I'm owed the improved commute as a courtesy.
Let's equate Senator Ted Cruz' principled filibuster stand to the epic Greek stand at Thermopylae in 480 BC. Yes, of course, the Persians will eventually get what they want in this battle. After all, a self-styled godhead on a mission of conquest is their dictator, and he leads his mob from behind into this battle enjoying overwhelming odds. But the courageous stand will be remembered and used as a clarion call by Team Liberty until the war against the invaders of Team Tyranny is finally won. Queue "Remember the Alamo" double mixed metaphor ...
ObamaCare: 3000 pages of Leftist ideology hastily legislated, corruptly implemented, and incompetently administered. What's not to like?
Memo to Establishment GOP hacks: Defunding or delaying ObamaCare in a CR that funds the rest of the government at current levels is the correct strategy. It's not about passing the legislation, or even about winning the politics in the short term. It's about putting people on record and pounding that record for the next 14 months going into the 2014 elections. If the House has funded the entire government except for ObamaCare - and at the end of the fight the Democrats have shut down the government to get their ObamaCare, they own *both* train wrecks come next election.
I shall now spoon feed the correct headline from yesterday's Navy Yard shooting to the corrupt and biased liberal media. Obama administration ineptly issues security clearance to lunatic with police record.
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Monday, October 7, 2013

The Staff Cartoonist Weighs In On Barrycades

A two pane cartoon for your enjoyment.

Pane 1: The aged vets storm the Barrycades at the WW II Memorial. Yes, those are traffic cones Barry and the Park Rangers are sporting on their heads.

Pane 2: Anarchy rules as a vet rides off with the spoils of victory ... traffic cones and Barrycades tied to his rear bumber.

Well done, Staff Cartoonist, well done.

As for the Establishment GOP ... if they can't figure out from how Barrycades have been treated on the GW Parkway they have the public on their side, they are even bigger hacks than I presumed.
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Upon Noticing the Townhall Cartoon Page is Especially Good Today

The Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama extended his open hand to the Iranian regime in 2009 and had it cut off. Now, in 2013, proving once again the Left is uneducable to history, he contemplates extending his remaining good hand.

Perhaps it's because the Saul Alinsky Radical Occupying the Oval Office has a stealth agenda to "fundamentally transform" America?

Meanwhile, the country is just beginning to find out what Nanny Pelosi meant when she said we needed to pass the bill to find out what's in it.

But, the die is cast, Barry's crappy economy is about to become a lot crappier.

Still, the Narcissist-In-Chief remains supremely confident.

For he knows his slavishly dedicated propagandists in the corrupt and biased liberal MSM will dutifully gloss over the fact his foreign policy might as well be the riddle of the sphinx ...

...and marginalize as 'raaaaaaaacist' anyone who correctly analyzes the root cause of inner city gun violence ...

... and cover up a panopoly of power abuse scandals ...

... because they all have passed through the same pseudo-intellectual salons that produce Leftist utopian ideology monomania.
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Archiving 'This Just In' (8/18/13 - 9/15/13): The Great Red Line Debacle of 2013 and Other Sundry Observations

The current situation on the arms control front is Putin watching Assad watching WMD stockpiles acquired only God knows how. Wolf watching fox watching hen house. Oh well, I guess we'll have to wait for the declassified KGB files to finally learn what happened to Saddam's WMD.
Harry Reid's talking point yesterday regarding the House Conservatives' push to pass a Continuing Resolution that funds the entire government except for ObamaCare was 'the anarchists are winning.' That's rich ... coming from a Senate Majority Leader whose Senate failed to pass any budget at all in fiscal years 2010, 2011, and 2012. Hey, Dingy Harry, here's an idea ... follow the constitutional process. Put your head down, shut your mouth, and do your job. Pass your CR, let the House pass its CR, hash out the differences in conference, and send the compromise to the President. Or is that too much work?
Putin vs. Obama in diplomatic chess is about as even a match as Navy SEALs vs. Swedish Bikini Team in a marksmanship contest.
One year anniversary of the Benghazi terrorist attack ... and who has been held accountable? For the attack? For issuing stand down orders to American responders? For the YouTube video lie?
The big news today on the war and peace / highstakes diplomacy front is that the KGB Colonel has brokered the deal with his Syrian puppet that will save the planet from the war mongering, red line ultimatum issuing, Community-Agitator-In-Chief. Whew! See, that overload reset button is paying big dividends with Russia already. Obama’s next bold move should be to drape his Nobel Peace Prize around Putin’s neck in a Rose Garden ceremony. Maybe then Putin would be willing to return the Super Bowl ring he stole from Robert Kraft. You know, as a good will gesture. Then … who knows? Anything might be possible! We might even be in a position to convince the KGB Colonel to exchange Edward Snowden for a year’s supply of Stoli vodka.
Obama's most recent rhetorical justification for intervening in Syria is steeped in Susan Rice's "Responsibility To Protect" (R2P) nonsense. Translation: We are the world's cop. Let us review the last time R2P was applied in the real world. On the advice of Rice (peddler of the Benghazi YouTube lie), we bombed the snot out of an inert threat - Ghadaffi - for nearly a year. So, what is the situation on the ground in Libya today? Total chaos. A veritable 'Thunderdome' of Jihadi misery and strife. Brilliant. R2P nonsense is exactly what I expect to come out of the Empty Suit's mouth during the big speech to the nation this coming Tuesday.
My congressional representative has come out in favor of the big plan to lob a few ineffectual missiles into Syria. He's the OFA funded, CAIR-linked, socialist technocrat known as Gerry Connolly. Well, that's it then ... if Obama has the lickspittle vote locked up, I guess the resolution is fated to pass.
I have a question for New York Times ersatz conservative David Brooks. Who would win the street fight - Hafez Bashar al-Assad or a neatly creased pair of trousers? Who would win the chess match?
The Empty Suit's 'red line' dodge today is it wasn't his standard, it was the world's. So, channeling Cuba Gooding ... 'Show me the coalition, Barry!'
Assad has stated plainly that if the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama lobs even one missile into Syria, Syria will respond with missile attacks on Israel. Then what? Who's up for World War III? And for what? To protect the rhetorical credibility of the amateur occupying the Oval Office? Count me out.
If Congress votes 'No' on authority to go to war in Syria, and the Demagogue-In-Chief does it anyway, the constitutional remedy is impeachment. Period. End of sentence.
So, Bathhouse Barry finally sees a reason to follow the constitution and consult with Congress ... the reason being he desperately needs a exit ramp off the Stupid Highway he built for himself in relation to Syria. The combatants in Syria are a brutal puppet dictator whose strings are pulled in Moscow versus a witch's brew of Islamist radicals. The US has no interest in either side winning. The only rational courses are staying completely out of it, or bombing them both back to the stone age. May our elective representatives make the correct choice. Happy Labor Day.
The big national debate today is whether to bomb or not to bomb in Syria ... with or without Congressional approval ... with or without an international coalition ... all because the Speechifier-In-Chief, who was the candidate who ran on Bush is a war criminal, drew a rhetorical red line in the sand before thinking through the consequences. IMHO the solution is to issue a 'red line waiver' to Syria. If the 'waiver' dodge is good enough for ObamaCare ...
Hey, did you hear about the big MLK commemorative march yesterday? You might think they would have invited the one and only black US Senator to speak. That would be Tim Scott, SC (R)(T). Oops, my bad - wrong party.
When Obama bombs the snot out of Assad, what will become of the evidence on the ground Assad has Saddam's WMD? Future histories hang in the balance.
Remember when Obama (stupidly and divisively) said if he had a son it would look like Trayvon? Well, then, I guess if he was a scout master with a Boy Scout troop it would look like those three stone cold killers in Oklahoma. And not reaching out to the victim's family in what is literally an international incident? Only Obama could screw up relations with Australia (Australia!) from the White House.
With the advent of ObamaCare, I predict an increase in the number of Jewish mothers pressing their sons to become, and their daughters to marry, bureaucrats.
Seen today on the corner of 6th and E Streets, NW, District of Columbia ... a big shiny rescue truck with the markings "National Capital Region Homeland Security" and "Mobile Air Unit 1." A truck. WTF? Does the driver say "Go go gadget, rotors!" to make it fly? And it needs to be numbered? Are there yet more out there?
The difference between Democrat politicians and Mob bosses is the Mob bosses actually find work for their union toadies.
15 year old son informed me today two rival "rap gangs" at his lavishly financed public middle school had been suspended for engaging in a "knife fight" last spring. As a concerned parent, I naturally probed for details to determine if it was time to consider taking on the extra expense of private high school. I asked "was anybody cut"? The answer was "no." A "knife fight" where no one was cut? He has four more years left in the public school system. We might just make it to the end without needing to take the radical action of flight to private school.
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Breaking Down Barry's Big Syria Speech

Official transcript here.

The Cliff Notes:

My administration has done nothing to deter one among many of the world's tyrants for over two years.

If my administration continues to do nothing to deter this one specific tyrant, World War III is inevitable.

I could do something to prevent the inevitability of World War III if I wanted to, but punting to Congress and public polling is politically safer.

Iraq is in a more precarious security position because my administration couldn’t negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) to keep a few garrisons in country.

After I announced a half ass ‘surge’ with date certain withdrawal, and more than 2/3 of all casualties have been taken under my watch, Afghanistan is basically right where the previous administration left it.

I am ruling out the only way to really win the fight – boots on the ground.

Launching standoff weapons such as cruise missiles is no ‘pin prick.’ Just ask the unintentional collateral civilian casualties on the other end.

I have no intention of actually defeating the tyrant. Just sending a ‘message.’ If his message back is ‘let’s do World War III’ I have no contingency plan.

We are not the world’s policeman.

The really good news tonight is I have Vladmir Putin around to make me look irrevlevant on the world stage. Now I can get back to f*cking everything up here at home.

If Putin’s set up fails to deliver the goods, we are the world’s policeman.

America is not the world's policeman.

America is the world’s policeman when I say it is.


Got that?

Update 9/12/13

The New York Times has decided today a Vladimir Putin op-ed is fit to print. I linked Al-Jazeera's link to get the undiluted propaganda. But I'll summarize it in one sentence for you. Authentic KGB trained Godless Communist b*tch slaps stealth Saul Alinsky trained Godless Communist all over the world stage. The world now waits breathlessly to learn what the Community-Agitator-In-Chief meant by "flexibility" on the open mic. Domestic news watchers now anticipate David Brooks' op ed stipulating Obama's trousers have a much neater crease than Putin's.
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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Rare amd Mysterious LAS Personal Update (2013-09-03)

Regarding how I feel today about that little legal proceeding I mentioned at the end of the 'Afterword' ...

These days I feel immune

To all the sadness and the gloom
If things fall into place
Get onto the right side of grace

Moving close
Those things seem so far away

I could take that walk
I’ll just stay where I am
My Pandora radio feed piped this gem into my ears and it was perfect in the moment. I was also reminded how hard the Darklands album grabbed me when I first bought it (1989?), though I cannot recall a precise reason why beyond the general brilliance of the songwriting. Darklands was my personal introduction to the Reid brothers' band and was released 17 years prior to Stoned and Dethroned, which was the album on which These Days was included. (1987 vs. 1994).
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Friday, August 23, 2013

How To Be a Project Manager In Three (3) Easy Steps

Step 1: Understand the scope of the work to be done.

Step 2: Assemble team of experts who know how to do the work.

Step 3: Remove process and tool obstacles for the team, shield team from stakeholder community a$$holes, foster relationships with stakeholder community yeomen, sell team work product to whoever will listen.

Now you know how to be a a Project Manager. Now get out there and build a system for somebody.


Steps 1 and 2 are the pre-requisites to giving you a chance. Step 3 is what you do every day until the work is done. Then you need to find somebody willing to hire you to do it again. Because the work is done.
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jack Wiley Dithers Exclusive: al-Qaeda Switching to ObamaPhones

(AP) - Jack Wiley Dithers Reporting
“If You Can’t Scoop It, Make It Up.”

My al-Qaeda mole recently contacted me via the double super secret encrypted (AP) communications channel we use. The conversation was a snap to transcribe. I just asked my PRISM mole to print it out for me.

al-Myass: You have to get me out of here.

JWD: Why? Is your cover blown?

al-Myass: No. The 5 wives are driving me nuts. 5 anniversaries, 5 birthdays, 5 mother in laws! Every time I turn around I'm under the gun. The worst is dinner time. Do you have any idea what it's like having 5 separate conversations about your day trying to pretend you like the cooking? I'm about to crack, man.

JWD: Try to hang in there.

al-Myass: And the meals are "halal." You know what that means? No alcohol. No alcohol! I can tell you how to get these people to stop thinking about blowing up buildings right now. Just tell them Mohammed invented beer and the world will become a paradise of peaceful coexistence over night.

JWD: Calm down. You must at least be getting some sex.

al-Myass: Meh. Screwing a potato sack with eyes gets real old real quick.

JWD: Geez, you are losing it. It'll be good for your cover. What have you got for me?

al-Myass: Now that the Obama administration has leaked sources and methods with that teleconference cover story, al-Qaeda is switching to ObamaPhones.

JWD: ObamaPhones? Aren't they traceable?

al-Myass: Maybe by PRISM, but certainly not by the Obama administration.

JWD: So, what's the big plan for escaping the PRISM net?

al-Myass: Jihadi leadership is meeting at a conference right now. In Taliban controlled Afghanistan. They are learning how to talk like inner city American drug dealers. Then they will have a specialized code for translating words and terms back to terror plots.

JWD: Aren't they worried about their English accents being a problem?

al-Myass: Not at all. They will have a dozen fake drug gangs in as many American cities set up in a couple of weeks. Should have DEA chasing its tail for years.

JWD: Clever devils! I'll get somebody on profiling ObamaPhone stores right away. Try not to murder somebody on assignment.

al-Myass: It ain't easy.

“If You Can’t Scoop It, Make It Up.”
(AP) - Jack Wiley Dithers Reporting

Update 1:15 pm

My contact in the Fairfax County PD reports MS-13 is facing stiff competition from a new Pakistani drug trafficking gang that seems to have sprung up out of nowhere.

Update 3:30 pm

LAPD Gang Units cleaning up two separate drive by shooting incidents. Crip leader and Blood leader shot dead 5 miles apart simultaneously. Eyewitness accounts say the unidentified third gang was wearing orange Gitmo style jump suits as colors.
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Friday, July 26, 2013

On Obama's "Pivot" To Economics

At least Wile E. Coyote tried a different hair-brained idea each time.

Yeah, I know I wrote the 'Afterword' - but sometimes the Empty Suit's comic tragic reign makes this too easy. Memo to Barry: 'Fast and Furious', Benghazi, IRS intimidation, and all the rest of the scandals will still be there when you stop running away from them. Your crappy economy, too.

Side note to commenters on the 'Afterword': I've attempted replies but they are not showing up on this end. Maybe I should re-evaluate my 11/29/11 assessment that lead to holding on to the Intense Debate system, perhaps now too long, under the heading 'not fixing what ain't broken.'

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
An Interview
(AP) – Jack Wiley Dithers reporting.


JWD: Yeah, about that signature thing … has it ruffled any feathers?
LAS: A few. But I couldn’t care less. 2012 is for all the marbles. Plus I think Disqus is using it now to aggregate a comment archive from all over the Intertubes. The count is currently well over 4000. How cool is that?
JWD: Yet you still use Intense Debate to moderate your blog?
LAS: Well, I made that decision before I noticed Disqus’ aggregation. And I am a conservative – not going to fix what ain’t broken without a really good reason.
JWD: Plans for 2012?
LAS: Don’t try to fix what ain’t broken.

But that change would involve doing real work on the blog's html layer. I think I'll go to lunch instead.

Update 7/28/13

LAS replies to 'Afterword' comments found in Intense Debate spam folder, and applied. I don't know if that's broken enough to fix or not.

Also, why not take the opportunity to put a finer point on the Obama / Wile E. Coyote analogy since I'm here? 19 "pivots" to the economy in 5 years and his economy still sucks. His economy still sucks because his only economic program - tax and redistribute - has been wrongheaded, wasteful, and ineffective at creating economic growth since it was invented by the Left in the early 20th century. Like the Coyote, as a man of the Left, he is incapable of learning from history.

Update 8/2/13

Sister Toldjah has First Amendment news related to Barry's crappy economy.
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Afterword to the Blog

Astute readers of the blog - those astute enough to have noticed the first two posts were the "Intro" and the "Foreword" - have been waiting for this entry.1 I have made my points eloquently, if I don't say so myself, in the three and one half year history of the blog. These points would include ...

In policy matters, well meaning liberals can be counted upon to be spectacularly wrong about almost everything practically all the time. In politics, well meaning liberals always hold a trump card - promising other people's money to the desperate, clueless, and mathematically challenged in return for votes. In any matter concerning anything, dedicated Leftists can be counted upon to organize themselves into lawless mobs without fail. Dedicated Leftists pioneered and have now perfected the morally corrosive science of 24x7 elective politics. Dedicated Leftists are willing to lie through their teeth and completely rewrite history while waging politics.

The vast majority of all politicians are craven, power drunk, borderline psychopaths. Probably because they are mostly lawyers. The most psychopathic politicians tend to be the most successful since they enjoy a competitive advantage. Of the remaining few, all but the slimmest minority possess a Leadership Quotient (LQ) exceeding that of Paris Hilton (which is to say zero). If you worked an entire lifetime in DC, you might be lucky to stumble into a single remarkably inspiring leader.2

In my lifetime, the (R) variety of politician has been mostly useless, but the (D) variety downright dangerous. That's because the Team (D) cabal consists entirely of well meaning liberals (aka fools) and dedicated Leftists (aka fascist brown shirts). Unfortunately, some government (meaning a whole lot less than we have) is a necessary evil, making voting a necessary civic activity. In my lifetime, the voting strategy has been to pull the lever for (R) to state a preference for the lesser of two evils. Quixotic third party campaigns somehow always help elect the greater of the two evils.

Political Correctness is an existential threat to the continuance of the republic because it is a fascist tool for thought control. Leftist faculty lounge wankers use Political Correctness to maintain fascist dominion over the academe and to turn the public school systems into fascist youth camps, in a concerted campaign to indoctrinate new little Leftists. The corrupt and biased lame-stream media uses Political Correctness as their style guide.

Islamism is the single biggest existential threat on the planet because it is a hybrid religion/ideology that allows murder and lies so long as permission is obtained from any of its bearded "holy men." There is no compromising with Islamists. To the dedicated Islamist it is sharia or death for all. I don't want either of those things, so me and the Islamists have a little problem with each other. Those on the Left who counsel compromise with the Islamists are 'useful idiots' foolishly furthering the demise of their own value system.

The Anthropological Global Warming (AGW) Hoax rests on incomplete and doctored data. Even the doctored data can't explain simple observations punching obvious holes in the theory, like the Medieval and Roman Warm Periods. The AGW Hoax is really nothing more than a convenient excuse for Big Government and its religiously dedicated adherents on the Left to justify transferring more wealth from the private sector to the public.

When it comes to government, less is more. That's because central planning is an impossibly complex undertaking. The human being was never born, and will never be born, who is smart enough to micro-manage the lives of millions of other human beings. On the other hand, every single human being born is subject to corruption by power. The United States constitution was conceived and birthed by a truly extraordinary collection of visionaries who understood government is necessary to regulate the affairs of the civil society, because the civil society is a collection of corruptible people ... but also that government powers must be limited and divided to prevent the rise of tyranny.

A free and open market is exponentially more efficient than any central planning committee at directing wealth to where it is needed and deserved. Free markets also do something truly remarkable that is generally beyond the capacity of all central planning committees - free markets create brand new wealth. Trillion dollar budget deficits are an existential threat to my kids' futures, and that p*sses me off. The way out of the debt and deficit hole is dramatically reducing government spending and increasing government revenue through economic growth. Economic growth occurs when taxation and regulation is reduced. After a certain point taxation stops raising revenue and starts reducing it3 because people adjust their behavior to avoid onerous rates. While some regulation is useful to the health of the civil society (which is to say a lot less than we have), all regulation always retards economic growth because it is a compliance burden with no profit margin.

Today's corrupt and biased lame-stream media is 100% in the pocket of the big government, central planning, fascist, Left. The only check on the republic crushing influence these hacks exercise over clueless independents and low information voters is the rise of alternative media. The good side in the information wars has Rupert Murdoch's media empire, fresh new conservative internet sites such as the Daily Caller and Breitbart, old stalwarts like National Review and the American Spectator4, the talk radio landscape with its ratings dominated by conservative voices like Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and my personal favorite Chris Plante. We have the Internet. The Internet is the greatest engine of First Amendment freedoms yet to be devised.5 The printing press was a piker by comparison.

The corrupt and incompetent reign of The Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama has been a perfect foil for this blog. I could re-post a version of "Stupid or Treasonous?" (originally posted Monday, January 4, 2010) today, with my eyes closed, simply substituting contemporaneous failures and scandals for the older examples.

The TEA Party movement is a vanguard representing the greater apolitical mass of American civil society starting to come to grips with all of the above. The TEA Party movement arose entirely due to the shocking tyrannical overreach of BHO and His Corrupt Gang of Progressives.


I have described my ideology as Libertarian Conservative.

The "libertarian" part is the sure knowledge every individual human being is a unique (I dare say "peculiar") sovereign citizen born with god-given unalienable rights no government can grant or remove. That among these are the rights to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. It is the ideology of 'you do your thing over, I'll do my mine over here, maybe we'll exchange goods and services to mutual benefit, and as long as neither of us infringes on the rights of the other neither should have any complaints.' The problem I have with the ideology of the Left it envisions organizing us all into one giant soulless ant hill community, and in the implementation of this unicorn fantasy it simply turns us into an amalgamation of complaints this faction has about that faction. The Leftist experience is one continuous fight over infringing on Peter's rights to enhance Paul's position in life, and over who should be designated Peter and who should be designated Paul. The ideology of the left inevitably leads to a society gripped by Hobbesian power struggles among competing factions over resource scarcity.

The "conservative" part is the sure knowledge there will be an accounting in the civil society for everyone. And I do mean civil society, not government. Government is a creation of civil society, it is not the society itself. Each of us is accountable to the rest for not infringing upon one another's rights. The accountability factor is what distinguishes libertarian from libertine. The problem I have with the ideology of the Left is it gives a pass on accountability to the members of preferred factions, because it is a useful shortcut (to them) while waging 24x7 politics.

So, I say to my uptight conservative friends, who may be obsessed with what the self-professed libertarian is doing in privacy ... "relax, there will be an accounting with or without your help." And to the self-professed libertarian I say ... "be careful, there will be an accounting - and not only that but Mr. Conservative over there is hell bent on it, plus you've caught his eye lately."

This ideology serves as a philosophical guide rail for arriving at all manner of positions. It makes pro-life an easy position to take. The adult carrying the fetus is accountable for the events leading to the condition (except, of course, in the most heinous cases, such as rape or incest). The little person in the womb deserves to not have his or her right to pursue life infringed. If a healthy mother who is not a victim of rape or incest aborts after the fetus has grown to literally look like a little person, that is a lifestyle "choice" infringing on the rights of the aborted.

It also makes it easy to be an anti-Islamist hawk. I say defending liberty against those who would replace it with sharia law is a perfectly libertarian act6. And as long as we don't force anyone with conscientious objections to participate unwillingly, I don't see any libertarian issues. Last time I checked the greatest military the world has ever seen is an all-volunteer outfit and there hasn't been a draft in about 40 years.

The difference between being for a nation of immigrants and against illegal immigration is the word 'illegal.' A nation bound by nothing but the libertarian idea needs to consciously ensure its immigrants pass through legal processes, in manageable volumes, to keep the idea alive. The 2nd Amendment says stop harassing law abiding citizens with redundant gun control laws that are always ineffectual in stopping criminals from getting guns anyway, because a law abiding armed citizenry might just one day be the last line of defense against tyranny. (Although I personally doubt we will ever come to that as long as we have the great 1st Amendment weapon called the Internet).

Well, I think you get the idea.


During the course of the blog project I developed two characters who will no doubt make additional appearances in some form or manner down the road. It's inevitable - I created them in my head, and there they shall reside until the end of my days, agitating to be let out.

Let us consider Francis Charles Hamilton, Doctor of Pontification. FCH is a 20th century man, containing a 19th century man's soul, and condemned by history to live on into the 21st. FCH is obviously gay, but would never be so crass as to be publicly open about it. Pride parades are strictly for barbarians and exhibitionists, you see. Dr. Hamilton cannot be bothered to touch a computer. Anything that could possibly be in there can already be found in one of the multitude of hard bound books on any of his many bookshelves. Or that pile of books over there. Or that other pile over there. Incredibly, he always somehow knows which stack to reach into for data on the most obscure subject matter.

FCH has access to a vast family fortune, and he is the butt of family punch lines for how he chooses to deploy his share. FCH uses his wealth to collect dusty knowledge, odd people, and a modestly sized stock of a few of the finer things in life. Which is to say, his stock in the field of alcohol is world class. FCH throws uproarious social affairs, but only invites trusted confidants. Libertarian Conservative rules ... the only unforgivable sin is breaking trust with any of the other carefully assembled company.

FCH is active in Republican politics. He is regarded by the Establishment GOP as an eccentric old crank. Every local and state party chairman in living memory has experienced the sting of Dr. Hamilton's sharp tongue, but few have succeeded in extracting any of his wealth, and none more than just a little. FCH prefers to make financial contributions directly to campaigns ... almost always to the losing primary campaigns of upstart conservatives.

Then there is the man FCH will affectionately refer to, in trusted company, as his "idiot nephew" - Jack Wiley Dithers. JWD entered the investigative journalism profession because he likes the working hours. Which is to say, he gets to make them up. JWD is definitely not gay, though he has never married. Dithers likes his women to have a little breadth in the beam, and will say so to anyone willing to listen. Dithers also enjoys his uproarious social affairs ... but in his view the bigger the better, and crashing is preferred to hosting, because that means somebody else was stuck with the planning. JWD also enjoys consuming some of the finer things in life, though he has much wider limits than his uncle in how he defines "fine" and "things."

Dithers uses his randomly assembled network of DC confidants to fall ass backwards into leaked stories. If asked why he never votes, he will plainly state he has never met the politician worthy of his vote. He once wrote a semi-serious op-ed for the Washington Star, trying to explain his ideology, under the headine "Gub'ment is For Sheeples." JWD leads a libertarian drenched personal life, which serves as a running and tumbling warning to all libertarians to stay on the right side of libertine. A colleague once summarized our man as "the Keith Richards of investigative journalism."

FCH is a cultivated and learned man who does not suffer fools gladly. JWD is a man who has resisted cultivation and conventional learning channels, but possesses a talent for learning useful things from fools who wag their tongues. They come from the same gene pool.


In 2010 I set the philosophical and intellectual foundation, making a conscious attempt to keep the writing entertaining. That way, the probability of entertaining FBI agents at my front door might be reduced. I eventually found a voice much inspired by some of the the real life characters that went into the FCH and JWD "composites." In 2011 I practiced the blogging form. I meant it when I wrote 'I think I was a better writer in 2010, but a better blogger in 2011' (my November 29, 2011 post "An Interview").

Also in 2011 and into 2012 I coincidentally was working a mere two blocks distance from the Occupy Wall Street rabble - McPherson Square, District of Columbia edition. OWS was designed by Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, and the rest of the hardcore Saul Alinsky / William Ayers gang that brought you Obama. They designed it to be some kind of spark for a popular uprising against capitalism, along the lines of Ayers' 'Prairie Fire' book. After all, they had just spent decades indoctrinating legions of little Lefties in the public schools, graduating them as over credentialed unemployable PC zombies from the academe, and now were in charge screwing up the economy to make sure nobody would hire them. The perfect New Left revolutionary storm, they thought. Surely the disenfranchised utes, desperate for Starbucks money, would join them in the organized looting of the evil banking industry. Or maybe they could see they were taking it in the shorts polls politically and were kind of desperate. Obama had just earned the nickname 'President Downgrade' after all.

In the actual event it was a small, unsanitary, encampment organized and lead by old New Left hippies for the local homeless, at least one drug addict mother with two toddlers in tow, a few pretend anarchists, and some trust fund kiddies on excellent vacation. That's what I encountered during the day, anyway. The best documentation is probably my December 8, 2011 post "Sounds Like a Threat To Me." I'm sure the really good stuff happened at night, but I was safely ensconced in my suburban capitalist enclave during those times and cannot report first hand on the nighttime goings on.

In 2012 I made an effort to apply the blogging form to help elect the hopelessly politically over-matched RINO candidate for President. As might have been predicted (and in fact was predicted by me on this blog during primary season), Mittens was the worst possible candidate for Team (R) in the cycle, and an inevitable general election loser. The surest sign I had gone too far letting myself become part of the story is the September 19, 2012 post "On the '47%' Gotcha Video." Flacking for Mittens, I reached the dead wrong conclusion this video would not affect the election result. What distorted thinking. Of course smearing Richie Rich as insensitive to the common man's plight was perfect fodder for the Donkey Party's class warfare machine! I had even predicted it myself during the primaries!7 See how direct participation in partisan politics makes people stupid, kiddies?

In attempting to apply the blogging form I greatly increased the rate of posting in 2012. Thus there is a lot of filler in the 2012 archive ... and I still couldn't get within sniffing distance of the everyday blogger's ideal. 'Squeaky Wheel' never really was my style anyway. More like 'should have listened to me the first time.'

Nevertheless, by 2013 I could know I can do this blogging thing with my eyes closed every single day, if I so chose, and if I could afford to devote my full attention to it. On the flip side, I didn't need to be a genius to notice its revenue generating properties have been non existent, which makes the cost/benefit analysis a divide by zero error.

By orders of magnitude the most widely read post continues to be the the August 27, 2011 post "In a Democracy, The People Get The Government They Deserve." This is not to say it is actually "widely read" by absolute standards. Statistically, though, in the context of my modest sample, it pulls in a high percentage of international readers. I think this statistic gets to the root core of the judgment history will pass on the corrupt and biased reign of the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama.

Don't expect me to completely delete the blog anytime soon, however. It has become an invaluable tool for me as an information gatherer, and I will leverage the tool as long as the anonymous (to me) site administrators at Google Blogspot keep it running. The links to alternative media sites and fellow bloggers on the blog roll keep me more informed about the world than the sclerotic lame-stream media ever could. A daily 20 minute trip down the LAS blog roll, skimming headlines, is the minimum investment I need to remain an informed sovereign citizen. When I have more time I can get details inside the posts the sclerotic lame-stream media leaves out as a sacrifice to the Political Correctness gods. And, finally, I can safely and legally indulge my well developed snarky side on the comment boards. Knowing, of course, that the Internet never forgets.

I have sometimes considered undertaking a methodical network analysis that would involve cataloging the blogs on the blog rolls of the blogs on my blog roll and so on to some nth degree coefficient. The most "popular" (which is not necessarily to say the "best") would mathematically rise to the top. Yet, I always reach the conclusion that's too much work for no pay, and beside the more or less randomly assembled LAS roll serves my purposes excellently, as previously noted. No need to let the perfect be the enemy of the good, you know.

Disqus seems to have reached a level of maturity allowing me to distribute the snark across a number of comments boards in the context of a holistic and comprehensive platform. That's why I've elevated a link to my Disqus comment activity to near the top of the blog. Don't expect me to ever make much use of Facebook ... I find the user experience to be a bloody mess. Nor Twitter ... I need more than 140 characters to contain my genius once in awhile.

If my muse brings me future posts suitable for this space, I'll listen. But I'm not going to work too hard at it.8


When I started the blog, my elder son was a rising high school freshman, and he is now a rising university freshman. He is also a very talented bassoon player with an interest in classical composition. So, it might not be surprising he currently intends his academic major to be music. If he graduates with a major in music, I fear he will be financially destitute by age 30. (Then again, his private bassoon tutor is a member of the US Marine Corps Band. Perhaps the stars will align my son's graduation with the tutor's retirement, a recommendation will be made and accepted, and that month's U6 number will thus receive positive inputs.) Either way, I will probably still be working at age 62, and possibly still in possession of a basement for him to live in. He will just have to tolerate my anti-government rants, since in all likelihood I will also at that time be involved in a dispute with the IRS over some damned fine buried 1500 pages inside the Affordable Care Act of 2010.

My younger son is now a rising high school freshman. He is a very talented guitar player with an interest in musical compositions ranging from Pink Floyd to Iggy Pop. It remains unclear whether his individual sound is "bluesy psychedelic punk" or "psychedelic punkish blues" or some other permutation and combination of the three dimensions. His academic interests seem limited to the logistics around forming his band and acquiring a tour van. Come to think of it, maybe I'll need room for two in that future basement.

If my elder son ever read the blog, he won't admit it. The younger claims he tried once, but soon stopped because "there were too many words." The archive will be preserved for each so long as there is digital media available to hold it, and public domain software available to read it.

I did successfully co-opt the younger into the blog project, as "staff cartoonist." My leverage was bribery. I suspect he learned one great lesson from this internship - if anyone ever offers to throw money at him for drawing pictures ... deliver the pictures, take the money, and don't ask too many questions. Although I do note, on his own creative initiative, he put the clapping monkey into my head for the Disqus Comment Activity graphic. Hmmmmm ....



1In retrospect, "Prologue" and "Epilogue" would have been superior to "Foreword" and "Afterword." Sigh.

2Mine was Herman Cain.

3See Laffer Curve. Or, for that matter, "Taxman" - a song written by George Harrison circa 1966. He was a Beatle so it must be true.

4R. Emmett Tyrell's writing style, in particular his long running 'The Continuing Crisis' column, was a big influence on the writing I did in this space. I have no idea for sure if he considers this a compliment or insult. Judging by how his American Spectator comment board treated LibertyAtStake, I suspect it might be the latter.

5IMHO Pandora Radio is still the best Internet idea yet.

6For those appreciating Roman Catholic mysticism - think St. Michael, captain of the Archangels. He and his hearty band of warrior angels surely possess a blood lust for battle with demons that is hardly "angelic." But what would the rest of the squishy angels do in the face of Lucifer's legion of demons without the Archangels?

7"...his background is the perfect straw man for Team Leftie to set on fire with their rotten class warfare message." From "Keep Inevitable Mittens Running Hard" (March 7, 2012).

8I can't, anyway. I don't have the bandwidth. There's a certain little divorce proceeding I need to pay attention to.

I have to tell you, negotiations have been going perfectly according to strategic plan.

I can't wait until everything's settled, so I can hit the dating sites ...

50ish Libertarian Conservative DWM, fresh off delegating a certain legal proceeding to his inner psychopath, seeks hetero female of similar vintage and ideology. Desires companionship on a few more laps around this crazy Mario Kart race we call life. No country club raised social cons, plz. Been there, done that.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Full Circle Zimmerman

I've noticed a spike in traffic (by my standards, that is) into my March 27, 2012 post "Demotivational Zimmerman."

I'm disappointed. I really thought my March 29, 2012 post "The Lynching of George Zimmerman" was a much better piece on the subject.

Today's Daily Caller has a great post explaining why you ever even heard of Zimmerman in the first place.

Zimmerman should have never been prosecuted. This case only went to trial because the republic is cursed by a racial grievances industry lead by the likes of Al Sharpton, the corrupt and biased lame-stream media propagandizes their side of every narrative, and the prosecutors in this case's jurisdiction are politicized left wing hacks. Sharpton still needs to be held accountable for the Tawana Brawley hoax before he earns the right to bellow about anybody else being held accountable for anything.

Update 1:40 pm

Eric "My People" Holder's DOJ has chosen this case to continue this administration's pattern of abusing its power in the service of Team Leftie politics..

Update 1:45 pm

Meanwhile, in Oakland, Team Leftie's shock troops mobilize in the practice of mobocracy. Did we expect any less from the barbarians?

Update 7/17/13

More civil discourse from the community Obama organized, this time in Houston.

Can't leave out Los Angeles.
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Monday, July 1, 2013

Holy Sphinx, Batman!

The picture says everything. That, my friends, is an exponentially larger crowd than anything we saw during the so-called 'Arab Spring' of 2011.

Everything I've read today says the Obama administration's position on this year's Egyptian revolt is to promote "stability" - which is to say prop up the Islamist government of Muslim Brotherhood henchman Mohammed Morsi. After they did everything in their power to de-stabilize the secular government of Hosni Mubarak in 2011.

When looking for someone's true motives, look for the similarities and contradictions in parallel situations. Mubarak was committed to peace with Israel. Muslim Brotherhood not so much.

Update 7/2/13

My personal favorite from an excellent photo album.

(h/t Capitalist Preservation)

The good news so far is it looks like the 30 plus year relationship the US has cultivated with Egypt's professional military has yielded benefits. It looks like the Muslim Brotherhood was unable to co-opt the Egyptian military, which means the Muslim Brotherhood lacks the means to suppress crowds this large (much larger than in 2011 as a matter of fact).

Update 7/3/13

Oh yeah, here's another thing BHO and Morsi have in common ... persecution of Coptic Christians. Well, it's not exactly parallel. Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood murders them. All BHO does is incarcerate them for producing videos he and Hillary decide would make a good political cover up, while a firefight is simultaneously raging at a US consulate half way around the world. Google Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, kiddies.

2 pm:Looks like it might be on ...

Here's the pull quote.
Earlier in the day, both the president and the military had sworn a fight to the death. The military leader, Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, said it would be an honor to die rather than subject the Egyptian people to threats or terror.
Update 7/12/13

Sides have been chosen in the Land of Pharaohs. They are the same sides that have been struggling for political control of the region since the early twentieth century - Islamism vs. Modernity. But you would have known that if you had read my February 13, 2011 post "Egypt 2011: Ataturk Vindicated, Or al Banna’s Revenge?". The more things change the more they stay the same.

Update 7/16/13

A good move on the chess board for Team Modernity. Egyptian Army receiving Israeli cooperation with operations designed to eradicate Islamists in the Sinai.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Immigration Reform": The Kinks Have a Song For That, Too.

If the civil society is to remain intact, kiddies, the key is assimilation. That means secure borders and specific criteria that ensures legal immigrants buy into the original idea of the Founding: the self-evident truth we are all born with "certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." The secure borders are to keep out those who are enemies of the originalist ideal. (e.g. terrorists). The specific criteria for assimilating to the originalist ideal are for keeping the idea alive for those who benefit from it, so they can pass it on to the next generation.
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

PRISM and Phone Records - The 'Orwell' is In the Lazy Approach to Data Collection

First, let's dispense with one necessary opinion statement. Edward Snowden has committed crimes and just might be a Chinese agent. As each day passes with him living under Chinese forebearance and implied protection, our God-given capacity for reason and deduction lead us closer toward concluding the latter.


Now on to the great constitutional debate his actions as an actor on the human stage have sparked.

At a macro level, the discipline known as "data mining" has two basic architectural components. There are the analytical capabilities, and the databases that are made available to those capabilities. This division of computational labor is where the much ballyhooed tension between "security" in the fight against Mohammed's Murder Monkey Cult From Hell and the Fourth Amendment lies, IMHO.

The most advanced analytical capabilities are useless if not connected to useful data ("garbage in, garbage out"). The most comprehensive databases are nothing but simmering potential, lacking serviceable analytical capabilities. Such databases can in fact be simmering pots of potential abuse for any tyrant in control of serviceable analytical capabilities.

This is why the singular aspect of both the PRISM program and the phone records warrant Judge Roger Vinson gave to BHO and His Gang of Corrupt Progressives I find most vexing is: both programs apparently seek to collect the Database of Everything without prior cause. It is, in fact, a lazy approach to using the available technology to strike an appropriate balance between security and liberty.

Yeah, sure, an administration I don't trust can parade an endless conga line of insider toadies before the media's cameras to assure me the Database of Everything is only accessed when legal and ethical. Somehow, something inside of me cannot believe this when it's already in the open they have used the IRS database to unethically and illegally harass political opponents.

So, I say to my government and to its "intelligence community" - don't be lazy. Put in the effort necessary to do your job protecting the American people the way the Founders intended you to do it. Stop collecting the Database of Everything just to make your job easier, because you are simultaneously creating Big Brother's infrastructure right before our very eyes. What you are doing today in fact only needs one more ingredient for Orwell's vision to be completed - the emergence of Big Brother himself. Assure us you will be disciplined enough to get specific warrants on specific targets first, then apply your impressive data collection capabilities, then apply your impressive analytical capabilities, on a case by case basis. In that order every time. And the memo to Congress is this: fix the Patriot Act so the FISA court cannot approve anymore Databases of Everything.

"Because Less Gub'ment Means More Liberty"

Update 1:40 pm

fyi - Databases of Everything can also be huge national security liabilities in the age of cyber warfare, especially if adversaries are able to turn system administrators into agents. Just a little thing for the "security at any price" crowd to think about.

Update 6/13/13

Based on today's available information I'm with this guy. Prism is still basically a policy problem (in the way I stated above), not yet an Obama abuse scandal in and of itself (so far and not in the way the IRS scandal is), and Snowden is likely just a cyber space spy. And, yeah, Glenn Beck crosses over into pure paranoia a lot, too.

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