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Monday, January 31, 2011

In Reply To Mr. Plante's Inquiry

My favorite morning radio talk show host – Chris Plante – asked his listeners a great question this morning: what should the administration be doing about Egypt? It’s direct, simple, and invites a serious response. But, since I was not chosen to speak on air both times I’ve called into his show in the past, and I hold grudges - I took a pass on calling in during the show.  Instead I’ll give him my answer in this space.


With regards to the fluid situation inside Egypt itself – American policy should be guided by the paramount need for stability in that highly volatile region. The relationship of the Suez Canal to the world economy, and Egypt’s special thirty year relationship to Israel’s survival trump every other concern, period. (Flip these two points around, and it’s easy to see Tehran’s opposing interest in undermining both.)

Now we need to take into account what we know about reality on ground. I find three points to be salient. (1) The standoff will not end without Mubarak stepping down. (2) The professional military forces seem to have a good relationship with the demonstrators. (3) The most organized faction among the demonstrators seems to be the Muslim Brotherhood.

Therefore, the short answer is: do everything possible to facilitate an orderly transition of power to a new government run by the professional military; and, conversely, everything possible to avoid a rise to power by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Rhetorically, I find the administration’s emphasis on the universal human right to self-determination counter-productive here; because it undermines the stability project by raising the bar for immediately satisfying the demonstrators. Mubarak stepping down can be engineered, but providing for instant elections in a culture that has never experienced democracy is a crap shoot. Wasn’t Hamas “elected” in the Gaza Strip in 2006? Has there been another election since? How’s that for historical precedent? Hmmmmm.

The administration should also be working every available back-channel to give Mubarak a safe exit to exile (because no good will come from abandoning a 30 year friend), and to identify the immediate shape and form of an interim government run by his generals.  These generals must pledge to keep the Suez Canal flowing, to keep peace with Israel, and to work with the UN on a slow (and I mean slow) track toward free and fair elections. This is the formula that has a chance to allow Egypt to join Iraq as a nascent Arab democracy as opposed to joining Iran as an Islamic Republic.

The administration should also be working all the diplomatic channels in the region to make perfectly clear the US stands with Israel, come hell or high water. If this situation breaks the wrong way, the only stable democracy in the region will be surrounded by autocratic terror states dedicated to her total elimination. And these states (a radicalized Egypt, Hamas governed Gaza, Hezbollah governed Lebanon) will act in coordination to attain this goal the moment they feel they can get away with it. Their end game will therefore be widespread war in the region – which will have deleterious effects on our economy given our continuing dependence on fossil fuels taken out of the ground in that region.

Which brings me, finally, to what the administration should be doing domestically in response to all of this.

1) “Drill Here, Drill Now!”

2) Eliminate the Department of Energy as an abject failure in its 35 year old founding mission to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil.

Remember .... never let a crisis got to waste :)
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

BHO’s Chickens … Coming Home To Roost!

The events of the past week are thoroughly deserving of the catch phrase from my March 23, 2010 post (‘It’s the Process, Stupid’) – “strap on your crash helmet, you’re going to need it.” The antecedent was, loyal readers may recall, “If this rookie ideologue [BHO] gets elected…”

Mr. Obama Goes to Cairo

Who remembers the historic “New Beginning” speech BHO gave in Cairo on June 4, 2009? You can follow the link for the official White House transcript – or just take in this quick summary: “I, Barack Hussein Obama, have come to end a thousand years of Islamic history and usher in a transformative period of unprecedented peace with the West and Israel; because, well, I’m just cool like that.”

In other words – it was the work of a naïve rookie ideologue. In this case the ideologue was a Progressive, and his ideology instructed him he is capable of convincing anyone of anything with eloquent speech. The Progressive ideologue does not believe in history, and therefore cannot learn from it. To the Progressive ideologue, intentions are everything. All BHO had to do was announce his intentions to the Muslim world, and BHO just knew its relationship with the rest of world would be fundamentally transformed.

At the time, BHO’s prime intention in the Middle East was to have direct negotiations with the Islamic regime ruling Iran - to convince them with his brilliant eloquence it would be wise to abandon their ambitions for nuclear weaponry. BHO and the Progressives were convinced George Bush was a benighted fool for refusing to negotiate directly with the Ayatollahs, and their front man Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The “New Beginnings” speech in Cairo was, for BHO, supposed to be the brilliant oratorical event that would cause Iran’s rulers to have a “V-8 moment” and realize BHO was the man to reach across history’s divides and usher in a new era of global peace among nations. The regime in Tehran no doubt heard instead a weak Commander-In-Chief giving them a clear runway not only toward nuclear weaponry, but to hegemony in the region. It’s easy to imagine Ahmadinejad having a belly-laugh and pointing at his TV during this speech.

Immediately thereafter, an historic democratic uprising, known as the Green Movement, erupted inside the Islamic Republic of Iran. All observers agreed the driving force of the Green Movement uprising was classically liberal in spirit, and their aspirations were for democracy over autocracy. Given the entire world already understood the anti-western and theologically autocratic nature of Iran’s ruling regime – getting completely behind the Green Movement (everything short of overt military action) - as a means toward the end of potential regime change should have been an easy call for any US President. You know it sure as hell would have been an easy call for Bush 43.

But not BHO. He was still stuck on Progressive stupid, waiting for the Ayatollahs to accept his invitation to negotiate, apparently thinking if he appeased them they’d like him better than Bush, or something. The Ayatollahs ruthlessly put down the uprising, proceeded forth with their own foreign policy (nuclear arsenal and regional hegemony), and have yet to send that RSVP for negotiations back to BHO. Ayotollahs 1, BHO 0.

And we are left wondering how the world would be different today if regime change in Iran had occurred in late 2009 ….

Is 2011 1979, 1967, or 1973?

The aforementioned events of 2009 inform my analysis of the current goings on in Egypt. Let me cut to the chase – it sure as hell looks to me like an opportunistic play orchestrated out of Tehran.

Egypt is a good American and (more importantly) Israeli ally. Egypt sits in a very strategic position geographically; on Israel’s southern border and astride the Suez Canal, through which much of the western world’s oil supply travels. Egypt is an important stabilizing force in the Arab world – a great counterweight to the de-stabilizing regime in Tehran. Yeah, sure the dictator that has ruled Egypt for the past thirty years is no Jeffersonian democrat – but the last time I checked the entire Arab world in its entire history has never once produced one of those.

If (increasingly now, when) the Mubarak regime falls in Egypt, prognosticating what replaces it is a crap shoot at best. The decision on how to position a US response here is not a direct parallel to Iran 2009. The ruling regime is more friendly than aggressive, and the composition of the protest movement far less certain.

No, I think the more informative parallel is Iran 1979. Shah Reza Pahlavi was, for the sake of this analysis, everything Hosne Mubarak is – imperfect as a ruler; but a friendly, and stabilizing force in the region. People around the world were quick to equate the Iranian student demonstrators in 2009 with a democracy movement. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was one of their leaders, we all now know.

No one – not even, I, LibertyAtStake – can predict with certainty what happens next in Egypt. This is the nature of chaos – a condition which Egypt is surely experiencing right now. But we can trust what history tells us, map this into current reports, and position our bets accordingly.

My bet is anchored in the reports that the most organized entity on the ground in that chaotic crowd is none other than the Muslim Brotherhood. In an interesting twist, the Brotherhood is endorsing none other than Mohamed El Baradei as their man, and El Baradei is demanding Mubarak and the entire regime step down now. I find this circumstantial connection quite interesting given El Baradei’s past as the UN Nuclear Inspector who was Iran’s Sqt. Shultz (“I see nothing.”) Throw in an Iranian proxy – Hezbollah – taking effective control of Lebanon on Israel’s northern border; and here’s what I think we have here: Ayatollahs 2, BHO 0.

And, Israel screwed. This is looking like 1979 on American televisions – but I bet it’s looking a lot more like 1967 or 1973 on Israeli televisions. The only out is if the formidable Egyptian military can stand up a new secular regime acceptable to the Egyptian people and willing to continue the Mubarak regime’s foreign policy. If that is the ultimate outcome, BHO should make a trip to Cairo and give one of his patented bows to the Egyptian general that ends up running the place.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quickie Analysis: SOTU 2011

Was that a pin I heard drop? BHO almost sounded like Calvin Coolidge ... except when he sounded like FDR. I'm pretty sure the former is an act and the latter is genuine. Better keep a close eye on his Czars and regulatory bureau-weenies in 2011.

p.s. - That Paul Ryan fella was neat, clean, and articulate - don't you think? Plus he sounded entirely like Calvin Coolidge and not at all like FDR.
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Saturday, January 22, 2011


(AP) – Jack Wiley Dithers reporting.

Our White House source was able to leave his shoe recorder behind in a high level planning meeting for the upcoming State of the Union address. The transcript we were able to recover for this exclusive report follows.


Barack Obama: Let’s bring this meeting to order. Gibbsy, where are the speech writers?

Robert Gibbs: They all quit on the spot when I told them you wanted to keep the tone civil.

David Plouffe: No worries, Mr. Soros has assembled a new team in Belgrade and they are in flight right now.

Barack Obama: Good. Let’s give them a great outline to start on. Accomplishments … around the table … Janet?

Janet Napolitano: We closed the deal on a border fence contract.

David Axelrod: Better not mention that one since that video went viral – the one with the women climbing the fence in a few seconds …

Barack Obama: {sigh} Eric?

Eric Holder: Record number of federal lawsuits filed against the various states.

David Axelrod: I don’t know, doesn’t seem very popular ….

Barack Obama: Geez, I need something to bring to the dance, people! Hill?

Hillary Clinton: Maybe we should play up a strategic break through with China. That was quite a coup getting them to let us keep the pandas.

Barack Obama: Alright, now we’re getting somewhere. Take it down Gibbsy. Joe? Joe? Wake up, Joe!

Joe Biden: [Snort!] Three letter word! J!O!B!S!

Barack Obama: Awesome.

David Axelrod: I don’t know – unemployment is still a touchy –

Barack Obama: Nonsense! Nobody messes with Joe. Gibbsy, you got that one?

Robert Gibbs: Uh, yeah … pandas, jobs.

Barack Obama: OK, what have we got for the loyal base?

Holder: Updated timeline for closing Gitmo.

David Axelrod: Uhhhh, probably better not mention Gitmo at all.

Barack Obama: David’s right.

Hillary Clinton: Updated timeline for withdrawing from Afghanistan.

Barack Obama: No, let’s just keep that to ourselves.

Robert Gates: Repealing ‘Don’t Ask’ is popular with your base. {sigh}

Barack Obama: David, what do you think?

David Axelrod: The public hates it, Gates’ soldiers hate it, but I guess it’s all we got for the base for now …

Robert Gibbs: pandas, jobs, gays … ok, got it

Barack Obama: Tim, you’ve been quiet. What do you have to pitch.

Tim Geithner: My guys have been working on a plan to radically reform the tax code.

Barack Obama: ‘Turbo Tax Tim’ wants to reform the tax code? I can tell ya I didn’t expect that one!

{Room erupts in laughter}

Barack Obama: What’s the angle?

Tim Geithner: Simplification –

{Room erupts in laughter}

Tim Geithner: No, seriously – what better way to punish your enemies and reward your friends than rewriting the entire tax code?

Barack Obama: Hmmmm, not bad …

Robert Gibbs: Ok, pandas, jobs, gays, tax enemies … got it.

Barack Obama: OK, let’s switch over to tactics. How do we get John Boehner to cry?

{Room erupts in laughter}

Joe Biden: I get to sit up there right next to him, right?

David Axelrod: Yes. {sigh}

Joe Biden: Easy – I’ll fill my pockets with raw onions!

Barack Obama: Awesome! I keep tellin’ ya – nobody messes with Joe!

Michelle Obama: Let’s make everybody wear purple, it’s perfect for the phony baloney civility thing: red and blue makes purple, get it?

Barack Obama: Isn’t that what we did last year?

David Axelrod: Yes. {sigh}

Barack Obama: Yeah, now I remember. You looked like some kind of giant grape, baby. I thought I was in some kind weird ‘Fruit of the Loom’ nightmare.

{Room is silent, awkward pause}

Barack Obama: Sorry, baby. Movin’ on …

Valerie Jarrett: Michelle has the right general idea – we can play up the civility thing. Some Congressman suggested having the members sit in a mixed party configuration instead of the usual blocs.

Barack Obama: Can we actually tell Congressmen where to sit?

David Axelrod: No. {sigh}

Barack Obama: Too bad. Let’s just see what happens, then. Who do we have on the guest list for pandering purposes?

Unidentified voice: Why don’t you bring in Sheriff Dipstick, moron?

Barack Obama: Who said that?

Unidentified voice: This shoe recorder thing is bi-directional?

Barack Obama: Who said that?

Unidentified voice: Roh-Roh.

Jack Wiley Dithers reporting.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Contemporary Politics and Newton's Three Laws of Motion (Part 13)

And Fortune Sent a Lunatic to Clarify Everything.  The Irony Was Lost on Leftists.

For this amateur analyzer, upon some reflection, the Tucson shooting brought back to mind the phony Blair House Summit. The connection is very clarifying. Read on, and I shall explain kiddies.


The Phony Blair House Summit was THE pivotal moment of 2010 – determining for history the so-called “tone and tenor” of the year. The Phony Blair House Summit was made necessary because the Leftists who had hijacked the Democrat Party, and who had recently been swept into office on the wings of perhaps history’s most vapid and misleading hopey-changey political campaign ever, were trying desperately to close the deal on their holy grail - socialized medicine.

The phony summit became necessary due to the so-called “vitriolic” (aka transparently partisan) political tone they had created around the development of the socialized medicine legislation. Barack Hussein Obama had told the opposition party to pound sand (“we won.”) The Leftists who controlled the ruling Democrat party had even literally changed the locks on the hearing room doors to shut out opposition voices (on another big Leftie issue – soaking financial companies).  Nice tone, Lefties.

As all vacuums are necessarily filled; the polite, parliamentary voice of the old GOP was replaced the voice of We The People.  This voice sounded rough and unrefined to the pandered ears of the ruling class – as the voice of outsiders usually does to an entrenched ruling class.

But it was a genuine voice that deserved a fair hearing.  Take, for example, video 16 from my YouTube playlist ‘TEA Party Film Festival.’

The Leftists of the Ruling Class responded to this voice by smearing We The People as bigoted, racist, homophobic, Islamaphopic, and any number of other baseless libels they keep stored in their dungeon of imagined PC horrors. Nice tone, Lefties.

This tactic, of course, came to them easily because they have a long history shutting off debate by simply scheming to avoid it - as Andrew Klavan explained so eloquently way back in April 2009 (hat tip Daily Caller).

However, We The People would not ‘shut up’ while the ruling Leftist elites were hell bent on shoving ObamaCare down our throats without our consent. The Mexican Standoff finally drove the Progressive geniuses in the Obama White House to come up with one of their brilliant ideas – a summit! Yes – a summit - what we needed to break through the impasse was a meeting giving Barack Hussein Obama the opportunity to enlighten us all with his brilliant intellect. Yes – BHO could convince us we needed what we already knew we didn’t want! Thus did the Phony Blair House Summit come to pass. It didn’t work out so well for BHO and the donkey party – as my February 26, 2010 post (Quickie Analysis: Phony Blair House Summit) recorded for future historians.

There was one specifically pivotal moment late in this charade that set in stone the adversarial tone for the remainder of 2010. Barack Hussein Obama had seen his party’s ass handed to it in that day’s debate. Late in the staged charade he seemed to consider taking a more bi-partisan path with the GOP. He decided against it, famously quipping “that’s why we have elections.” On November 2, 2010 he saw his party’s ass handed to it in the mid-term election. And it was because We The People refused to ‘shut up.’


Now we come to Jared Loughner and the Tucson shooting. By all reliable accounts Loughner was paying attention to none of the aforementioned – he is simply a random, garden variety, apolitical, lunatic.

But the ruling elites of the Left could not resist pushing a pre-established narrative they already had in the works, ready to unleash the moment events set the stage, designed to ‘shut up’ We The People. The narrative would be: “see - all that political talk about not accepting what we have to shove down your throats is making people violent – so, ‘shut up’.”

The pathetically incompetent Democrat hack of a Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik, came out instantly with this narrative without so much as a scintilla of supporting evidence. The Sherriff, for chrissake. That’s a law enforcement official for anyone unfamiliar with the title. The hack came out spinning the Left’s coordinated false political narrative instead of doing his job as a law enforcement official (which would be seek and confirm facts for anyone who needs a primer). Because that’s what Leftist political hacks do. As far as I’m concerned, the most pressing legitimate news story here is “what did the corrupt hack Dupnik know, and when did he know it?” Dupnik sounds to me like an incompetent hack saying “'shut up,' I have something to hide."

The New York Times' reident hack for economics, Paul Krugman, submitted this truly awful piece of writing in an apparent bid for a Foolitzer Prize in Truly Embarrassing Writing – False Premise Category.

In paragraph six of this editorial embarrassment, Krugman cites “Clarence Dupnik, the sheriff responsible for dealing with the Arizona shootings…” as a credible expert to make us believe it was “…the vitriolic rhetoric…” that drove Loughner to commit his heinous acts.  Uhhhhhh …. If Dupnik had been doing his job as Sheriff (that is,  law enforcement official); he would have known there was no such connection before opening his big, fat, hack of a mouth.

In paragraph eleven, Hackman, err, Krugman, takes a weak stab at portraying Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann as more restrained in their daily rhetoric than Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly.  Now, that is a conclusion only an insane person could reach - or a dedicated Leftist propagandist.  But I repeat myself.  His entire argument hinges on the selective banning of a few specific scary words - a tactic taken directly from the ‘shut up’ page of every Politically Correct speech code.

But the piece-de-resistance is the final paragraph: “If Arizona promotes some real soul-searching, it could prove a turning point. If it doesn’t, Saturday’s atrocity will be just the beginning. " Translation: “’Shut up,’ or something bad is going to happen.”

But having observed the events of 2009 and 2010, and written extensively on this blog concerning the latter, I have every confidence you will not ‘shut up.’ And as a result, the Leftists, Progressives, their paid-for politicians, and fellow travelers in the criminally biased MSM will vilify you as bigoted, racist, and God knows what else.  Hypocritically, of course, under their new banner of civil political discourse. The irony will be lost on them.

Memo to the hack Krugman: If “something bad happens” it will most assuredly come from the insane, the Left, or both in one combination – definitely not the Right. Mark it. One J. Eric Fuller is my ‘Exhibit A.’ I know - let’s bet your Nobel Prize for being completely wrong about stimulus economics against the Phi Beta Kappa membership I turned down at age 22 because I thought the initial membership fee was better spent on beer (true story).


So, don’t ‘shut up’ America. Barack Hussein Obama is already preparing to exploit the opportunity if you do. You see, I think now I gave him too much credit for swift maturation into the job of President in my prior post analyzing the Tucson Memorial service. If he had let it stand pat for awhile, that would have been one thing. But less than a week later he has released this preposterous statement claiming improbably he is now an Adam Smith acolyte, or something. It just has to be a head fake – too swift, no substantial specifics, and directly on the counterfactual heels of him allowing his FCC to claim dominion over the entire Internet. NFW - period.  Head fake.

Memo to America: If you ‘shut up’ in 2011, BHO will mollify you with this false ‘move to the center’ - while his faceless, unaccountable bureaucrats completely wreck the place. Don’t fall for this Progressive strategery. It’s just a “good cop / bad cop” routine, that’s all.


I can’t wait to parse the State of the Union address. It promises to be a veritable salad of nuance, double meaning, triple reverse back flip meaning, and Progressive word-smithing designed to get you to ‘shut up’ while they wreck the place.

Update 01/20/2011

Much of today’s buzz swirled around a PC speech code violation perpetrated by Representative Steve Cohen - a Democrat from Tennessee. My view is most of the conservative reaction is misguided and plays directly into the Progressive playbook.

Progressives specialize in diversion and distraction to divert attention from the substance of the matter. PC speech codes are one of their most effective tools in doing exactly this – inadvertently utter one of the verboten words, and suddenly the subject is the speech, rather than the subject!

Personally, I couldn’t care less that this hack invoked Josef Goebbels in his hyperbole. It’s either effective hyperbole or it’s not. The words themselves do not automatically burn my ears, for chrissake.

As I commented on nice deb’s nice blog in a hurried moment of respite at work today – if we get hung up on the silly speech code violation we sound as brutally stupid as the Leftists themselves; and, more importantly, take a pass on the opportunity to call this hack on his ‘big lie.’ We call it a government takeover because that’s precisely what it is.

And Cohen standing his ground is an instruction manual.  PC speech codes are to be detested on principle, no exceptions.


Oh yeah - just remembered I heard Rush Limbaugh's moniker for Clarence Dupnik for the first time today.  Sheriff Dipstick!  Category:  Why the hell didn't I think of that?
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quickie Analysis: Tucson Memorial

I didn’t watch the Tucson memorial service last night. Given BHO’s prior record as a partisan hack, the risk of me throwing something through my television screen was simply too high to take on. I’m already cranky from fighting off a bug that has my temperature running 100 degrees at idle. All I needed was to be told by the alleged Leader of the Free World I had created some random lunatic I had never met. 

The first significant thing I did this morning was check the roll. From what I've learned about the "American Idol" quality of the introduction - if I had watched, the big screen would have been shattered 30 seconds in.  But apparently, once he got into the actual speech, not only did BHO merely avoid stepping on his crank (by now the baseline expectation), he actually managed to strike precisely the right tone.

This is going to hurt – “Well Done, Mr. President.”


Now it’s back to business saving the republic from runaway Progressivism. Thanks to a random lunatic, we’re late getting started on the early agenda.

1. Repeal ObamaCare

2. Instruct the FCC it has no authority over the Internet

3. Instruct the EPA it has no authority over CO2

Oh yeah - recent events have added a new one.

4. What did Sheriff Dupnik know and when did he know it?
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Contemporary Politics and Newton's Three Laws of Motion (Part 12)

Memo to Progressive hacks: Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

I have watched over the past couple of days as your doom has been sealed for all time.

On Saturday afternoon, a lunatic in Arizona perpetrated a random act of violence.

Before we even knew the lunatic’s name, your busy hive of operatives leapt to action in a coordinated effort to turn a random tragedy into your political gain. Your contemptible reaction was perfectly predictable to those of us who already know your modus operandi – 24x7 politics, agitation, and organizing for the cause of statism.

I, LibertyAtStake, have made long years of study of your modus operandi. This study has empowered me to write this 12 part (and sure to grow) series of posts claiming powers of prophesy (for the entertainment value). When I started this series, the essential and operative question has been whether or not the public at large would ever tune into your contemptible frequency and see you as the enemies of the republic you are.

Today, one division of your propaganda operation (CBS) conducted a poll that proves to me the public at large is finally on to you. Despite being bombarded by the criminally biased MSM with the obnoxious and libelous message this lunatic is the creation of Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, me, anyone associated with the TEA Party movement, and anyone with the temerity to question the government leviathan; a clear majority clearly aren’t buying your crap anymore.

I repeat: Ask not for whom the bell tolls, Progressive hacks, it tolls for thee. The American people are on to you. It’s only a matter of time now. I can now prophesize with absolute certainty November 2012 will rid the republic of your contemptible influence once and for all. The American people are finally on to you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Markos Moulitsas may as well try to take back the tweet that proves for all time he is an idiot of the first order. ROTFLMAO!

To sum up your response to this horrible tragedy, let me paraphrase the great Ronald Reagan – “There You Go Again.” You just can’t let a crisis go to waste, can you?

Sheriff Clarence Dupnik is a perfectly fitting representative for your corrupt gang of hacks. One might think a guy who holds the title of 'Sheriff' would be interested in a dispassionate search for the facts in order to uphold the rule of law. Nope. Not if there are baseless Progressives libels to spread. While obviously a fine Progressive brown shirt, Dupnik is a pathetic excuse for a law enforcement officer. Here’s predicting this exposure guarantees his defeat the next time he’s up for election. The people of Arizona are on to you, Deputy Dawg. Now there are questions about what he knew, and when he knew it, regarding the lunatic of the day. These questions will eventually be answered, and I predict they will show unequivocally that Dupnik sucks at sheriffing.

Dupnik epitomizes precisely what’s wrong with you hacks in the Progressive gang – it’s all politics, all the time; and if you suck at your actual job, well, then, so what? This is why you can tolerate vast legions of incompetent bureaucrats – so long as these drones are contributing union dues to the cause.

You have attempted to capitalize on the crisis by clamping down on the First Amendment. We the People will have none of it, I assure you. We will not agree to sit down and shut up while the ruling class wrecks the place. Your propagandists petition us to “tone down the rhetoric” - while omitting the long, damning record of your bombastic rhetoric. No deal. As I posited in my 2011 Outlook post – we will happily and merrily go statist hunting in 2011. And, btw, the American people are smart enough to recognize that as a metaphor. Go ahead, piss them off some more by telling them they are too stupid to make this connection.

You have attempted to capitalize on the crisis by clamping down on the Second Amendment. We the People will have none of it, I assure you. We will not forfeit essential tools of liberty to the exclusive province of the state. We are smart enough to recognize this as tyranny.

It's all so tedious and predictable by now.  Yet it remains essential that you fail.  This poll makes me certain you will.  The criminally biased MSM is not only no longer any use to us, it is also no longer any use to you.  LMAO!

Update 01/14/11


More evidence the American People aren't buying your phony semantic games anymore - and they seem to be pissed, too.  Roh-Roh.

And let's have a go at how it plays out in court, too.
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Outlook

The 2011 outlook for this blog project is bright. As for the country – 'not so much' (gratuitous Borat reference).

These two prognostications have the same two contributory root causes. First and foremost is the corrupt gang of Progressive hacks known as the Obama administration; as well as their legion of faceless accomplices in the unionized government bureaucracy. I have absolute, ironclad, complete, and total confidence these enemies of the republic will provide great fodder for this blog - and also pose great danger to the country throughout 2011.

Secondarily, the Republican caucus on Capitol Hill will play its’ part. The GOP has been issued instructions by We The People to use the powers of the purse and the subpoena to keep this corrupt gang in check for the next two years. My confidence in the Dumbo/RINO caucus to execute these instructions is …. 'not so much' (there’s Borat again).

I guess I should throw in the criminally biased MSM – now officially recognized as useless throughout the land - as a contributing factor. The criminally biased MSM’s contribution will be their standard issue incompetence and cluelessness, thereby driving more and more citizens into the blogosphere.  The blogosphere will function as the fourth estate keeping all the political protagonists honest throughout 2011. My own research into this burgeoning “community” during 2010 gives me a great deal of optimism for the future of the republic. It’s especially significant to note, by the way, this particular “community” self organizes. This self-organizing nature is precisely what makes it absolutely beyond the statist’s ability to control, to the statist’s dismay.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Citizens of the blogosphere – Let’s go statist hunting in 2011!


The statists loyal to the Empty Suit Who Would be Emperor are off to a fast start fulfilling my prognostication for 2011.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has voted itself new, unlawful, powers. You know, because Internet bandwidth is such limited commodity we need unaccountable eggheads to decide for us how to ration it.

Kathleen Sebelius, known for sitting virtually silent through the historic and phony Blair House Summit, has appointed herself sole arbiter for pricing for any all health care services throughout the land. You know, because price controls have worked so well every time they’ve been tried.

Ms. Sebelius has also appointed herself sole arbiter of who the law applies to. You know, because the uneven application of standards is a proven method for keeping everyone happy.

Attorney General Holder, well known coward on matters of Jihad, is still barreling ahead with his lawless course - still suing Arizona for enforcing the law, while taking a pass on prosecuting New Black Panther thugs for breaking it, and now daring us to take him to task on his neglect of duty.

The statist foot soldiers in the unionized government bureaucracy are also out of the gate fast – with blood on their hands. New York’s Department of Sanitation seemed at first incapable of clearing New York’s streets of snow from the latest blizzard. Some of us may have initially scratched our heads with the thought, “haven’t they done this before?” Come to find out it wasn’t mere incompetence – it was dereliction of duty resulting in at least two deaths. The union bosses who gave these orders should be prosecuted for manslaughter.

New York City, statist model of efficiency that it is, also seems to like to pay perverts for literally doing nothing for literally years. You can blame the statists in the unionized education association bureaucracy for this outrage.

Memo to Congressional GOP: This is not optional – you must take a serious run at the unelected and unionized bureaucrats’ lunch money in 2011. If you don’t want to take my word for it, then consult my new favorite professional analyzer at the Heritage Foundation.


So, let’s go statist hunting in 2011, patriots of the blogosphere. The criminally biased MSM will be no help whatsoever. This is their wunderkind, for God’s sake.

It's Only Confusing For Pseudo-Intellectual Eggheads.

Update 01/03/11

When I was riffing in the middle of this post on Progressive outrages, I should have mentioned the EPA’s war on Texas. You know, because the gas you and I exhale, and plants inhale, is such a danger to mother Gaia.
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