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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Contemporary Politics and Newton’s Three Laws of Motion (Part 11)

“And Awaaay We Go”

BHO and the Progressives have wasted no time kicking off the second half of the First Reign of the Empty Suit That Would Be Emperor. Having seen the legislative route to their subjugation of America closed on November 2nd; they are now already pressing hard to assert their control via the Executive branch’s machinery. These unreformed statists are, perfectly in character, going about this business in the manner of heavy-handed despots. Strap in folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


The most visible and high profile manifestation of the new political gestalt is, of course, the Great Don’t Touch My Junk Affair of 2010. In this theatre of the absurd an army of bureau-weenies with ill-fitting uniforms perform humiliating warrantless strip searches on gaggles of traveling “sheeples,” so our government can make ridiculous claims to be keeping those “sheeples” safe, even while it carefully avoids profiling the wolves in their midst to maintain compliance with the suicidal dictates of Political Correctness.

I love “sheeples” as a word, as it gracefully merges “sheep” and “people” to describe those among us who are satisfied to consent to any outrage or abuse, as long as it originates from a source of “authority.” I’ve heard this word employed recently and eloquently by numerous conservative commentarians, including Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter. In the conservative blogosphere we even have our very own valued contributor “No Sheeples Here.” I can’t think of a better early nominee for next year’s word of year. The upcoming year should be all about deciding whether or not America will decline into a nation of sheeple.

Or, as it relates to this specific issue, and as the Strata-Sphere site puts it; whether we prefer to be molested or to be “profiled.” I choose profiling – it used to be simply known as good police work, after all. In fact, profiling is at the core of the very successful, and far less intrusive, Israeli approach to airline security. What the Israelis know that our hopelessly inept TSA apparatus does not know is: “the thing is not the thing,” or even better, “bombs don’t kill, the Radical Islamists who stuff bombs in their pants do.” Inconveniencing everyone in an endless game of hide and seek is a fool’s errand. The common sense response is old fashioned detective work that zeroes in on the suspects with the motivations – that is, profiling. The Israelis have been doing it very effectively for the better part of fifty years. I’m thinking, for example, that “profiling” had a little something to do with this FBI success that just broke in the news.

And if the alternative is outrageously blood-boiling petty brown-shirtism from my government, then I am ready and willing to push back against this so-called “authority” – hard, real hard. So is this guy. Sorry, we’re not buying any *bs* excuses about TSA employees “just doing their jobs.”

View this and tell me if you feel safer with these ass clowns "doing their jobs."

And this is no isolated incident. Here’s a representative sample of links (to links, to links), just for the historical record:


Here’s hoping there’s enough Patriots out there to counteract the acquiescence of the sheeples. BHO and the Progressives are counting on us failing. Like good little statists, they have many other outrages planned to help ensure this outcome.

For one thing, they lust after Internet censorship. So much so, they are even willing to use the DHS “security” apparatus to chase down copyright violations on the Internet. Why DHS for this? It makes no sense – copyright enforcement is a civil matter. The commenter @gitarcarver deftly deploys “workaround” as a euphemism for “unconstitutional power grab.” Prepare to see many more such “workarounds” attempted over the next two years.


Previously on this blog I have, with my usual brilliant insight, identified 2009 as a great year for the First Amendment and correctly predicted 2010 would be a fine year for the Tenth Amendment. 2011 is shaping up to be a good year for the Fourth Amendment. So far, this progression has not required We The People to bring the Second Amendment to bear - but BHO and the Progressives sure are making it hard, aren’t they?


Here’s one of those “you just can’t make this stuff up” posts. What’s special about this one is the exceptionally long train of snarky comments from observers who are clearly not sheeples.

I’d be honored to be ranked in the middle of this snarkapalooza’s pack.  It gives me hope for the future of the republic.

Update 11/30/10

Upon further editorial review, I should have concluded the TSA discussion with a paragraph on this administration’s pattern of stubbornness in the face of public opinion, and how that pattern contributes toward the inevitability of a history-book-rattling collision with the American public. These posts would have provided the supporting evidence.

If you hold an airline ticket, you might be a “domestic extremist.”

Administration decides full cavity searches go too far (that’s awful big of ‘em).
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jack Wiley Dithers Exclusive: The New JournoListers Chat Room

Our cracker-jack investigative journalism team has infiltrated a password protected chat room hosted on the domain.

The members of this chat room are carefully vetted for liberal bias, and they refer to themselves as the “New JournoListers.” Our source has provided the following transcript excerpt from the New Journolisters’ online chat on election night, November 2nd of 2010.


Administrator, 7:04 pm ET: The chat room is now open.

Joe Klein, 7:05 pm ET:  Source says Rangel winning easily.  Things seem to be setting up for big gains by Democrats.

David Wiegel, 7:05 pm ET:  Teabaggers going down tonight!

Ezra Klein, 7:06 pm ET:  Watch the language, Wiegel.

Paul Krugman, 7:07 pm ET:  St. Keynes will be pleased - tonight we vindicate Stimulus spending.

Maureen Dowd, 7:08 pm ET:  @Krugman: The President was born in Hawaii!  Not Kenya!

Paul Krugman, 7:08 pm ET: @Dowd:  {sigh}

David Brooks, 7:09 pm ET:  Looks like a big night for the Educated Class.

Jeffrey Toobin, 7:35 pm ET:  Reports are Coons will pull it out in Delaware.

David Brooks, 7:36 pm ET:  Chalk one up for the Educated Class!

Jonathan Cohn, 7:37 pm ET:  Off topic – has anybody discovered the identity of LibertyAtStake?

Maureen Dowd, 7:38 pm ET:  @Cohn: We know his zip code is 22308.

Spencer Ackerman, 7:39 pm ET:  @Dowd:  That’s on his home page, ditz.  How are we supposed to smash an entire zip code through a plate glass window?

Ezra Klein, 7:40 pm ET:  Let’s get back on topic, people.


Joe Klein, 8:05 pm ET:  Blumenthal should beat McMahon in Connecticut.

David Brooks, 8:06 pm ET:  Educated Class hates wrestling.  No chants of “USA!” tonight.

Frank Rich, 8:07 pm ET:  Has anybody been watching the House returns?

Jonathan Cohn, 8:08 pm ET:  I was hoping nobody would bring that up.

Eugene Robinson, 8:09 pm ET:  Racist Tea Party must be fixing the machines.  Holder must investigate.

Jonathan Chait, 8:10 pm ET: I’ve already got my investigative team on it.  Dialing Holder’s blackberry now.


Maureen Dowd, 9:05 pm ET:  What is wrong with America?

 David Brooks, 9:05 pm ET:  No education.

Eugene Robinson, 9:05 pm ET:  Racism.

Frank Rich, 9:06 pm ET:  They watch racist Fox.

Paul Krugman, 9:06 pm ET:  The stingy bastards never spend enough.

Jeffrey Toobin, 9:07 pm ET:  House doesn’t matter.  Keep all eyes on Senate.

Ezra Klein, 9:08 pm ET:  Toobin is right – gotta keep the GOP below 60 in upper chamber.


Joe Klein, 10:05 pm ET:  Fox is reporting some kind of Harry Reid smear.  Power outage in Nevada – implication is Reid cheating.

Eugene Robinson, 10:06 pm ET:  Racist bastards at Fox must be lying.

Frank Rich, 10:07 pm ET:  @Robby:  Reid is white, so can't know for sure if Fox reporting is actually racist.  Let’s debate this off line some time.

Jonathan Chait, 10:08 pm ET: NR reports Harrah’s pressuring employees to vote for Reid.  Could be racist.  I’ll have someone check out HR records.

Spencer Ackerman, 10:09 pm ET:  Throw all the racist bastards through plate glass windows!

Ezra Klein, 10:09 pm ET:  Take a chill pill, Ackerman.


Joe Klein, 11:05 pm ET:  Boxer looks like a winner in California.

David Brooks, 11:05 pm ET:  California comes thru as the Educated Class’s firewall.

David Wiegel, 11:06 pm ET:  Teabaggers will be sad tomorrow.

Ezra Klein, 11:06 pm ET:  Wiegel, I’m warning you!

Spencer Ackerman, 11:07 pm ET:  Let’s change the topic to Democrat legislative agenda for next session.

David Wiegel, 11:07 pm ET:  Defund Fox!

Ezra Klein, 11:07 pm ET:  Fox is privately held, Dave.

Jonathan Cohn, 11:08 pm ET:  Repeal DADT!

Paul Krugman, 11:09 pm ET:  More Stimulus!

Administrator, 11:10 pm ET: The chat room server is coming down for maintenance in five minutes.
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Open Letter to the GOP Establishment

Ladies and Gentlemen of the GOP Establishment,

I hope you are not secretly thinking about TEA Party Patriots the way Dean Wormer was thinking about Delta House in the previous clip. If you are, it will mean the end of your party. Don’t be under any delusion 2010 was your party’s mandate - anymore than 2008 was the donkey party’s mandate. Now, I, LibertyAtStake, as the self-appointed spokesman for We The People, will explain further.


You see, We The People took your hand in a political marriage of convenience for one reason only – there just wasn’t sufficient time to form a brand new third party for the urgent mission of saving the republic from the abuses of BHO and the Progressives.

We took this decision reluctantly – because we remember it was you perpetual losers who allowed those contemptible, anti-liberty, anti-capitalist, secular humanist, redistributionist, apology touring, Mao worshiping, Alinsky following Statists to rise to power in the first place. As far as we’re concerned, it is you perpetual losers who are on double (not so) secret probation. If you perform according to our playbook over the next two years, we’ll consider giving you a little more leash. If not, expect to see a new political party on the horizon. (I still like “Constitutionalist” for its' name.)


You see, we only accepted your hand in political marriage because time was of the essence. Time was of the essence because you guys somehow figured out a way to lose to a demagogue with no experience, no qualifications, no understanding of America, and no policy ideas beyond an idiotic slogan. We had no choice but to commandeer your empty husk of a political operation. Every single one of you should be on a “Thank You” note writing campaign right now, expressing gratitude for us giving you one more shot. And, believe me, it is only one more shot.

Because time was of the essence, we had no choice but to primary the least principled among you. Mike Castle is probably a decent man - it’s just that he’s a disaster for the republic right now. So we had to take him out. It’s business, that’s all. Similarly, Lisa Murkowski is a disaster for the republic. However, her refusal to accept the results of the primary certainly shows she has a less developed sense of decency than Mr. Castle. And that Charlie Crist weasel … well let’s just never speak of him again.


You see, ladies and gentlemen of the entrenched GOP, we haven’t forgotten your piss poor performance from 2000-2006. And I’m not talking about George W. Bush. He was simply a decent man doing the best he could with a historical and monumental situation (9/11). And history will show he did alright - you can take that to the nearest bank that hasn’t been nationalized yet.

No, I’m talking about the spending, dummies. Yeah, sure- Bush 43 (and his designated in-house genius, Rove) – were “compassionate conservatives” and all that crap – but you were the ones who lost Congress in 2006, then handed Legislative branch supermajorities, as well as the entire Executive branch, to Leftist lunatics in 2008. Do you want to know why? The answer is: your profligate hand-over-fist spending gave the American people no fundamental reason to distinguish you from the corrupt Progressive gang that hijacked the donkey party a generation ago. So, you are still born losers as far as We The People are concerned – but the kind of losers that still have a shot at salvation under double-not-so-secret-probation. We The People are nothing if not patient with slow learners.


Don’t get me wrong – we do appreciate your playing effective defense in the first half of the first Reign of the Empty Suit that would be Emperor. The problem is we had to spend all that time treasure traveling to your front lawn on the Capitol to ensure the outcome, and we haven’t received our reimbursement checks yet. That’s a bit of a sticking point right now.

We took the People’s House in this cycle, in precise accordance with the Founders’ design of the House of Representatives as a firewall against executive demagoguery. The Senate gains for We The People were also quite extraordinary, given its’ design by the Founders as a firewall against runaway popular will. (We thank God for this design, the filibuster rule, and its’ mitigation against the disastrous electoral results of 2008.) That’s why we told you the House could be rescued in one cycle, but the Senate was probably a two cycle deal.   But we sure gave it a hell of a run in the Senate, didn’t we? We intend to complete the civil revolt in 2012. We will have the House and the Senate in 2012, with you or without you. We will ensure a principled conservative gains residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, whether they carry your label or the one we create between now and then.  Resistance is futile.


We have entered a historic turning point moment. In such moments, stark contrasts matter. If you, ladies and gentlemen of the entrenched GOP, wish to survive as a viable political party, you need to embrace the distinctions with BHO and the Progressives, not the “common ground” crap the professional politicos will advise you to seek.

So, here’s a few specific tips for keeping this marriage together.

Make sure BHO and the Progressives get nothing, and I mean nothing, in the lame duck session. The refudiation they received at the polls makes everything remaining on their wish list illegitimate. A couple more months of defense isn’t too much to ask. January we go on offense together.

The agenda for the 112th is:

Not one red cent in federal “revenue” increases until every single option on the spending side of the equation is exhausted. We’ll let you know when that is. An immediate return to 2008 levels for the federal budget, federal salaries, and federal work force headcount will be a good step in the right direction.

The momentum you are building for banning earmarks is also a very good start. Some of you may argue it’s mainly symbolic - but symbolism matters a lot in times like these. (Besides, it’s really not just symbolic - the practice is a major contributor to the “log rolling” that quickly leads to every elected Tom, Dick, and Harry becoming the Peter that robs Paul, even after Paul’s pockets have been emptied. Then somebody with a name minted by the Ming Dynasty has to cover it.)

Symbolism also matters when it comes to associations. Just ask Radical Associations Barry. We The People really don’t like it when a professional politician fails to respect our will in the primary process. Therefore, we will be watching closely how you treat the ambitious Ms. Murkowski if she pulls it out in Alaska. If she does, we expect to see her sitting at the children’s table for the next six years.

Do everything, and I mean everything, in your power to effect the repeal of ObamaCare. Yeah, yeah, we know you probably won’t be able to override the inevitable vetoes. But we insist on getting everybody up there, and we mean everybody, on record for 2012. In the meantime, use the Appropriations Committee to starve the ObamaCare beast. By the way, we’re not so sure that Jerry Lewis guy is up to the fight as Appropriations Chairman. After all, he did preside over the 2000-2006 GOP spending binge. Maybe he should write us a memo, like Energy Committee hopeful Fred Upton did. (btw - Upton needs to add repeal of the CFL lighting mandate to show his bona fides.)

Come on, do it for the kids’ sake. Have you looked at their savings account lately? If that’s not enough motivation, then do it for your own political survival. We’d hate to have to end this marriage too abruptly.

Update 11/18/10

I forgot to mention one other non-negotiable for We The People in the 112th.  Keep Chairman Darrell Issa's investigative committee busy and flush with resources.  We predict a spike in executive branch abuses.

Oh, and make sure you support the states and the people with strong rhetoric as the year of the Tenth Amendment unfolds.
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Open Letter to Barack Hussein Obama

Dude, you are just not getting it.  People are getting frustrated.  But, don't worry, I'm still there for you.

It’s been one full week since I gave you the benefit of my advice on how to approach the second half of your first term of office.  Yet, there's some kind of failure to communicate here.  What part of “we don’t need your stinkin’ agenda” are you not getting?

For starters, that 60 minutes interview was just a mess. Hey, man, da Nile ain’t just a river in Egypt. In fact, some people are starting to think you are disconnected from reality.

Some have even concluded you must be an egomaniac. I don’t know, I’m thinking maybe it was the Greek columns that got perceptions off on the wrong foot.

Perception is everything, as you (of all people) must surely know. After all, you couldn’t possibly have thought your verifiable accomplishments and qualifications were up to running for President. Could you?


One thing is certain - you don’t lack for confidence in your agenda. It wasn’t shaken by the thumpin’ you took in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts in a rapid succession of off-year elections. The beatin’ you took at the phony Blair House summit couldn’t shake it. Not even your party having its’ ass handed to it, in an electoral rebuke for the ages, seems to have shaken it.

OK, high marks for persistence – I’ll grant you that much. Unfortunately, I think it’s the kind of persistence my dog showed when I was trying to teach her the basic “sit-stay” commands. But, you know, she finally did get it. Hell, I’m even able to let her off leash once in awhile now. So, I guess I should hold out hope for you yet.


You know, I should really be sympathetic to all the disadvantages you’ve had to overcome. You’ve never really held down a real job, much less met a payroll. You’ve had to endure all those close associations with convicted mobsters, convicted domestic terrorists, and Black Liberation Theology lunatics. And your education! Good God, what an utter disgrace of pseudo-intellectual Leftist indoctrination. Geez Louise, where am I supposed to start with a guy who thinks there are 57 states?

Maybe I should start with the basics, using words you yourself have used. Maybe I should get on your wavelength, meet you on your terms. We Won. Your seat is in the back for the next two years. Strap in and enjoy the ride. We’ll decide where compromise is possible.


And I think I’ve come up with a few pretty good proposals where we can meet half way.

Here’s one - you get to keep all the provisions of ObamaCare that deal with tort reform and open up competition across state lines. Oh, there weren’t any? Well, then let’s just throw everything else out, then add the tort reform and the competition - and you can take credit for two big successes. You’re really good at that.

I also have a great “green” initiative I think we can agree on. Let’s eliminate the Education and Energy departments. Just imagine how much that will decrease the federal carbon footprint.

Take all the Education Department bureaucrats and re-train them to be public school teachers. Instant job stimulus and instant reduction in student/teacher ratios! Talk about a win-win-win!

Give each Energy Department bureaucrat a one year paid leave of absence to write and submit a proposal to the National Science Foundation for an alternative energy development project. They can even form into teams if they want. Who knows, we might get lucky and see a worthwhile project come out of it.  At minimum, you can at least get some good press for eliminating federal redundancy. I know how you like good press.

I think we can find common ground on the Bush tax cuts, as well. How's this?  If you let every single provision extend, I think we can arrange for you to avoid the embarrassment of a veto override. Deal?

Barry, you just have to learn how to play well with others or it’s going to be a very rough next two years.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An Open Letter to Barack Hussein Obama


Dear BHO,

Just in case you didn’t get the message from today's absolute repudiation at the polls, I thought I’d personalize it a little bit. I have this tiny space on the blogosphere I’ve created for myself, that anybody with Internet access (that is, just about anybody) can read. I think I'll use it to give you a little advice.

First, I’ll give you the short version, in the voice of the character I’ve created just for this space.

Back off, Jack! Don’t ya get it yet, Barry?  Are you really this dense?  Or is it something more nefarious?


I (the real me, that is) was there on a rainy and cold 15th day of April in the year of our Lord 2009, in Lafayette Park. You might have been able to see me and the other intrepid patriots from the White House itself,  by looking through a cheap pair of binoculars.

My overall impression was of a crowd of patriots concerned with direction of the country, as they (and, I, of course) projected its’ trajectory from the reckless governance you delivered in your very first quarter in office. Your very first significant piece of legislation ran to nearly a trillion bucks (12 freakin' zeros!) of deficit spending, and passed along completely partisan lines. You must have expected someone to take notice if you knew anything at all about politics.  But maybe you didn’t expect We The People would do the math. You certainly knew the criminally biased MSM, already in the tank for you, would forget how to use a calculator.

I also remember the Monopoly Men. I don’t know if they were on ACORN’s payroll, or the SEIU’s payroll, or Media Matters’ payroll, or the payroll of any of the numerous other franchises of Soros, inc. – but they were definitely there to protect somebody’s “special interests.” Everybody in the crowd knew precisely how the Monopoly Men had voted.


You didn’t get the message that day. You and the other Progressive ideologues were true believers in the Keynesian model, and just knew with absolute certainty that previously unheard of piles of government spending would keep unemployment below 8%. Your brilliant economic team had scientifically determined it.

Besides, you knew the people in Lafayette Park were probably mostly right wing partisans, anyway. (I'll grant you were probably actually right about that particular crowd in that specific park on that particular day). However, you failed to take note of the numerous other rallies across the nation coast-to-coast that very same day. If you’d like a refresher, check out the “T.E.A. Party Film Festival” playlist under my YouTube account. This was the beginning of the American people awakening to the fact conservatism is the ideology that has their back.


The American people continued to mass in DC throughout 2009. With the help of the criminally biased MSM, you tried to dismiss and discount this extraordinary show of political will as coming from an extremist fringe.

There was the massive 9/12 rally, which should have convinced any rational thinker that something big, fundamental, and historic was happening.  Spontaneously.

There was the 11/05 Emergency House Call Rally, at which, upon observing the huge crowd break into "God Bless America," I asked a random trio of Hill staffers "does that scare you?"  They gave me no verbal answer.  The expressions on their faces told me it did.  I laughed at them.  They did not like that very much.

There was the 12/15 Code Red Senate Rally, at which I took in my own personal favorite impression of all the rallies – the guy from Tennessee who had rigged up a realistic looking plastic pitchfork for himself.  And, somehow gotten it from Tennessee to DC, just to say something fundamental.

Right about then is when I got serious about creating this blog project.


But still you pressed on with your ideologically Progressive agenda, against the clearly expressed will of the people, growing louder day by day.

As you did so, I was doing my forty some odd weeks among the unemployed in your ‘dysconomy.’ ‘Dysconomy’ is a word I invented just for you and your governance - you can google it.

So, I had plenty of free time to watch your political Waterloo on C-SPAN, play-by-play and blow-by-blow, at the phony Blair House summit. I imagine you were deciding whether or not to move forward with shoving ObamaCare down our throats in this very shot.

You made the wrong decision. You decided it was full steam ahead with the Progressive agenda, damn the torpedoes, damn the clearly expressed will of the people.

Now, in addition to previous unheard of levels of debt, an already weakened economy would have 3000+ pages of legislative drivel to contend with. The uncertainty generated for business would ensure a continuance of your ‘dysconomy.’ And since you and your party passed it along completely partisan lines - you owned it, every damn bit of it.  You still do, and you will for untold numbers of election cycles.


By this time, a significant number of Americans had seen sufficient evidence to conclude you were purposely creating chaos and uncertainty to advance some nefarious, secret, anti-American agenda. I think history will decide you were simply tone deaf - doing more with your unbridled Progressivism, in a rookie's headlong unthinking rush, to advance the cause of Conservatism than even any Conservative has ever been able to do. (Conservatism being the harder sell, but we’ll cover that some other time).


The crowd was getting tougher and your ratings dropping like a stone thrown into the Reflecting Pool. But, still you didn’t listen to the people. When TEA Partiers rallied in even bigger numbers on the 15th day of April in the year of our Lord 2010, your political machine responded with the pathetic astro-turf “Other 99” diversion.

It was all downhill from there – for your policies, your ratings, and the standing of your ideology. Your ‘dysconomy’ stays stuck at 10% unemployment because your policy playbook is stuck on statism.  Or, "stuck on stupid" as I often say in the voice of my blogging character.


So, now, as I’ve been predicting in this space since January, you’ve lost the legislative supermajority you were counting on to shove statist policies down our throats. All because you overplayed your political hand and ignored the clearly expressed will of the people every step of the way. We The People have taken Capitol Hill back. So, the legislative route to the rest of your obnoxious statist agenda – cap and trade, illegal immigration amnesty, nationalizing our private retirement accounts, regulating free speech on the Internet and radio, and whatever else – is now closed.

Don’t listen to the ideologues on your Left calling for a mad rush through the Lame Duck session to pass all that you possibly can that remains of your statist agenda. This will be the ultimate illegitimate exercise of power. I cannot predict how the infliction of this insult on the republic might be received by We The People. The one thing that is certain is you alone would completely own whatever results from such a naked power grab.


Make no mistake, We the People also intend to actively leverage the legislative branch to take direct measures to roll back the statist Leviathan – repealing ObamaCare if possible, de-funding ObamaCare certainly, cutting discretionary spending, cutting entitlement spending, cutting every kind of Federal spending there is. We The People have given the Republican Party a second chance, and we’re not letting them go unsupervised this time.

We The People will be watching closely what you try to slip through the regulatory agencies, as well. We already know the criminally biased MSM is of no use to us - but we’ve learned to do without it.  We know how to navigate the blogosphere toward the truth.  Don’t try anything too crazy on the regulatory side, or you just might find yourself the second impeached Democrat President in a row.


So, looking ahead to the second half of your first term, you have the same choice to make for the umpteenth time. You can heed the clearly expressed will of the people, or ignore it and press your Progressive agenda forward.

I advise you to listen to the people.  Take it easy for the next two years.  Enjoy the Air Force One rides.  Let the kids have plenty of Marine One rides.  Play some golf.  Relax.  Give up on your obnoxious Progressive agenda.  When its over, you can run for the meaningless job you really want - Secretary General of the UN.  Just think, you can run down America without accountability in that job.

Unfortunately, I predict you will make the wrong decision again.  I predict you will press harder and harder to shove your obnoxious Progressive agenda down our throats.  I know this because I know it's all you know.  It's all you live for.  On the bright side, I’ve come to enjoy this conservative blogging thing.  And I still have a source in your White House with a shoe recorder in working order.  I anticipate a most stimulating two more years.

Update 11/07/10

I just returned from my 25th year class reunion in Charleston, South Carolina; where a large contingent of men claiming to have been cadets at The Citadel a quarter century ago gathered for unbridled camaraderie. I knew many of them personally.  A good time was had by all.  I subsisted mostly on Gin and Tonics, or Gins and Tonic, as the case may be.

Among many other sightings giving pulse to the patriotic heart: more than one fly-over from C-17 aircraft based at Charleston AFB. Isn’t great to live in a society capable of building such humongous, yet graceful, machines that are capable of defying gravity? I also managed to turn some acquaintances on to the existence of this blog. This included a knob who happens to be the son of my classmate – surely the penultimate development of this weekend. Gaining popularity among a student body of young conservatives that knows how to march in formation and clean rifles would be quite a good fit for this blog project.

Charleston is, and always has been,  plainly and simply a gorgeous city.  Yet, I could not fail to notice some differences from my quarter century old memory of it. These included a mosque on the residential end of King Street. And music undoubtedly composed somewhere in the Fertile Crescent wafting out from a coffee shop on Market Street. Market Street, for crying out loud.  Perhaps I should alert the proper authorities. But, since those authorities are Janet “From Another Planet” Napolitano and Eric “The Poll Watcher” Holder, I don’t think I’ll bother. It is far more likely they will take the opportunity to investigate me than investigate such strange goings on in the heart of the antebellum south.
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