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Monday, October 1, 2012

Social Media Networking the Hard Way

A reader from Carlsbad, California has long made a habit of traversing the Bob Schieffer Blog Roll. I know this because his or her reading habits are recorded by the traffic analysis utility I use (Feedjit). Carlsbad has also shown very good taste, day in and day out, in his or her selections of titles to click into on the roll. Often I have followed in his or her footsteps to very informative reading myself. (Circle of blog) So, to give a nod to the loyal reader from Carlsbad, and lacking anything else ready to post this evening, I thought I would simply highlight Carlsbad's finely tuned reading decisions with a little sample from earlier today. The screenshot above is now archived for all time. Let's walk down it, shall we? You could do a lot worse trying to stay informed on the issues of the day - like reading Leftist propaganda rags such as the Washington Post or New York Times, for example.

The Camp of the Saints sounds the "all hands on board" alarm, giving me a chance to plug my post from April 25th of 2012.

Capitalist Preservation provides some light entertainment giving me a chance to opine on the nation's political topology. Later in the day, this blog gives you the new Fast and Furious data the mainstream media is ignoring.

What Would the Founder's Think? gives us a fine weekend round up. Hey, look Ma, I made the big time. (Actually, I think Carlsbad was drawn in by the reference to the prime moron named Maher.)

Carlsbad read something on PJ Media that I'm too lazy to correlate to the proper point in time. They have a lot of columnists there.

Jihad Watch explains why appeasement will never work with Mohammed's Murder Monkey Cult From Hell.

Nice Deb labels Obama a "Third World Marxist." In the comment space I try out "International Leftist" for size. Who cares? We surely agree he wouldn't recognize an "American value" if it bit him on the a$$.

The Jersey Nut provides a two minute seminar on why socialism and "soak the rich" tax policies have never worked anywhere ever at any time.

Wyblog has some fun debate advice for Mittens.

Circle of blog.

Say goodnight, Gracie.

Update 10/3/2012

Carlsbad made an unusual stop last evening. Only one link followed on the Bob Schieffer Blog Roll. Almost like Carlsbad was trying to tell me something. No worries, Carlsbad - my favorite daily read, The Daily Caller is on the case.

Still got white guilt?

And this is why Newt should have been the nominee. Oh well, we'll all just have to 'haul Mittens across the finish line' as TCOTS put it in this post's first link.

Circle of blog.

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