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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Almost Too Much Fun to Pass Up

Received in my inbox just because I signed up for their blind email distribution ...

So, the Occupy corruptniks have time on their hands for a "super secret" demonstration in support of allowing loan defaulters to keep property they never really owned outright, and stopped paying toward? And they've assembled the impressive total of 100 whole Lefties from three different cities for their cause?

I called the pizza joint. As of 2:30 pm they were up to 35 of the 40 large pizzas they've calculated will provide one meal for this impressive assemblage. Unfortunately, I failed to ask if all the pizzas ordered were large, as a test of this distribution list's ability to follow instructions.

I've thought about driving by the pizza joint at 4:55 pm claiming to be "David" and absconding with the meal, which I have calculated will fit in the back seat of my Audi A4. Then swinging by the occupiers' headquarters to observe the chaos.

But I've calculated the risk of running into the long arm of the law outweighs the huge reward of the LOL experience it would promise.

Update 9/28/12

They're baaaaaaaaack .....

Note: Yesterday I drove a little bit out of my way to look at McPherson Square. The sod has been replaced and fenced off - all at taxpayer expense, of course. The Park Service better get the memo and have a few cops on station at the square all day Monday, or by Tuesday the fences will be torn down and the sod denuded again, courtesy of the Occupy mob. Since the Park Service and Occupy are both directed out of the White House, I have little doubt all will be well.

Update 9/30/12

When will these agitators ever learn ... making yourself a public pain in the a$$ is not an effective tactic as a member of the civil society. (Though it can be an effective act of war - which explains a lot about where the Left is in relation to the civil society)
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Replacement Ref

Couldn't resist ...

Update 9/30/12

This is really good ...

Mittens needs to hammer on "People died, Obama lied" relentlessly in the debates.

Update 10/1/12

Next comes the bumper sticker.

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Monday, September 24, 2012


A few demotivational posters I was able to throw together courtesy of ...

(image: Bearing Drift)
Yeah, what we need is more of these people literally telling us what to eat.

(image: Political Tea Leaves)
Another reminder why the standard margin of electoral fraud is +3D.

(image: Mother Jones)
The Dhimmi-In-Chief makes his choice.

(image: Fox Business)
The Empty Suit has a record now. It sucks.

(image: Salem News)
The Empty Suit has another record. It's pure chaos.

What the hell were these hacks thinking when they threw a reliable ally under the bus to the advantage the Muslim Brotherhood?(image: Big Peace)

Still wondering why the Redistributionist-In-Chief wants me to pay for Sandra Fluke's contraceptives, yet he can't spare a thousand bucks for his own blood brother.(image: Tracy's Right)

And I haven't even gotten to media bias, Fast and Furious, the pathetic irresponsibility that is failing to pass a budget three years running, the dangerous irresponsibility of prioritizing Letterman and the View above the Israeli PM and daily intel briefings, Taxmageddon, Sequester, 'Flexibility' with Russia, ObamaCare aka the biggest tax hike in history, direct responsibility for 60% of all-time deficit spending, ...

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

On the "47%" Gotcha Video

The impact on the election - based on what has occurred so far - will be negligible.

Conservative morale, if anything, gets a tiny bounce from seeing Mittens is capable of such thoughts, however inartful he may be in articulating them.

Team Leftie morale gains nothing. They are already fully vested in the insidious Richie Rich: Robber Baron smear campaign directed at Mittens.

The all-important clueless independents will be perplexed by arguments based on percentages, and turned off by a video source that is obviously the product of a dirty trick.


The more interesting aspect of this episode is the timeline, and what it tells us about the current state of the republic's politics.

May 2012: Team Leftie operative captures what Team Leftie assumes is embarrassing to their political enemy.

May 2012 - September 17, 2012: Team Leftie sits on this invaluable doomsday missile, waiting for an opportune moment to launch.

September 18, 2012: Team Leftie launches invaluable doomsday missile when the news is all about the foreign policy of Team Leftie's current champion - the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama - completely unraveling with an election around the corner.

LAS Conclusion: This is the best Team Leftie has. And, as I've already explained, it does little to nothing on its own to change the dynamic of an election that can still go either way. (Though I remain on record predicting a Mittens victory in the end.) This is actually an opportunity for Mittens to belatedly take up the big idea argument - to contrast the Founder's vision of an opportunity society populated by sovereign citizens with his opponent's socialist vision of an entitlement society populated by sheeples wholly dependent upon the shaky and incompetent hand of big nanny state gub'ment.

Mittens can still give a speech on the matter, as I heard Stephen Hayes recommend last evening on the Fox panel. And he still has three debates to score a real time TKO, biased moderation notwithstanding.

This sure would be a lot easier if Newt was the nominee.

But {sigh} ... since the Establishment GOP has given us Mittens, I recommend to him as required reading the Daily Caller editorial from this morning.
There will always be some who for whatever reason find themselves dependent on the charity of others. But when half the population is along for the ride, the system becomes dangerously out of balance. Things fall apart.

This isn’t right-wing theorizing. Decent neighborhoods collapse this way. So do whole societies.

Romney should say this. Loudly and often and without embarrassment. As he suggested at his secretly videotaped fundraiser in Boca Raton, America is at the tipping point. Many Americans sense this, and not just conservatives but independents and hard-working Democrats and anyone else who understands the degrading and destabilizing effects of dependency. Romney’s remarks are defensible. He should defend them.
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Monday, September 17, 2012

The Ballad of Whitey McBankster

Whitey McBankster was the grandson of a typical white woman.

A typical bank VP with a typical corporate disposition.

Whitey McBankster's hippie mother told him so,

When he marked time at the exclusive poon-a-ho.

Columbia and Harvard on someone else’s dime,

His first house a sweetheart deal from a guy doing time.

Two autobiographies before his first full time job,

One ghost written by that Weather Underground slob.

The Choom Gang’s all time interception leader made good,

On history’s biggest pile of Wall Street donations he stood.

Then it turned out ‘Hope and Change’ meant ‘Let Them Eat Cake,’

When ‘Stimulus’ turned out to be fake, and the economy stank.

The Apologizer-In-Chief extended his open hand,

And the caliphate cut it off, just as they had planned.

But still somehow almost half want Whitey McBankster back.

Simply because Whitey McBankster is actually half black.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Upon Reflection ...

... regarding the recent mayhem inflicted upon planet Earth by Mohammed's Murder Monkey Cult From Hell at embassies all around the world.

So-called "unrest" doesn't just coincidentally arise in two dozen or more distinct Muslim populations at the exact same time. I mean, it's a religion of "peace," right? Nope, these events give off the whiff of planning and coordination on a massive scale.

So, the question becomes who has the capacity to plan and coordinate on such a scale? Surely not Al-Qaeda. The Speechifier-In-Chief has told us UBL's demise was "game over." Who then? A nation state? I mean, wouldn't it take the resources of a nation state to plan and coordinate action on such a scale? Perhaps a nation state with an a transparently stated interest in picking a fight with the so-called 'Great Satan.' Then there is this modus operandi of attacking embassies. Hmmmm. Seems to me we've seen this movie before. Specifically, 1979.

Deduction points to Tehran as the source of this madness. But why now? Even barbarous lunatics will choose the time and place of the fights they pick. Perhaps Tehran is feeling good about its chances picking this fight because they feel they are close to building a nuke.


Too bad for western civilization the so-called "leader of the free world" is handling the situation more like he's the Dhimmi-In-Chief.


Disgraceful display of anti-American tyranny. Last time I checked, if bad film-making were a crime, Michael Moore would be in prison showing off his moobs right now.

Update 9/18/12

My contribution to the Meme Collection For the Ongoing War With Mohammed's Murder Monkey Cult From Hell.

Update #2 9/18/12

And on that little matter of spontaneity or planning and coordination ... the Empty Suit's official story is unraveling. From Nice Deb...

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Convention Analysis – The Lemonade Stand Analogy

Well, the two big party conventions have been staged, misreported with extreme bias by the mainstream media, and passed into the history books. Here’s my take …

The republic found out which side can run a lemonade stand … and which side can always be counted on to run a deficit and end up with the table smashed and the lemonade running down the street gutter.

The Republican National Convention (RNC) was faced with an approaching hurricane. This hurricane had as good a chance as not to hit the convention directly. RNC planners calmly deliberated. They decided to cancel the first of the four days. Day one was a display of good order and discipline as the delegates assembled and were told to come back the next day. Republican governors like Rick Scott (FL) and Bobby Jindal (LA) gave up choice speaking slots to go back to work and do their jobs at a time of crisis. The remainder of the convention was, quietly and without fuss, re-organized to fit a four day plan into a three day sock. Even Clint Eastwood’s improvisational bit had the saving grace of verifiable humor content, unlike the frat house snark the Agitator-In-Chief has been unleashing on the trail - even if there were some who felt Dirty Harry's ad-hoc display distracted from the convention’s design to introduce Mitt and Anne to the country as Ozzie and Harriet.

The Democrat National Convention (DNC), on the other hand, was faced with a 30% chance of rain. Oh, and a huge gap between an 80,000 seat out-door stadium and 40,000 tickets sold for the Demagogue-In-Chief’s big acceptance speech. A half empty stadium simply would not provide proper “optics” for the Speechifier-In-Chief's unprecedented and historic oratorical skills. The deadly threat of rain was used as an excuse to avoid exposing the inch deep support for the Quota President. The DNC moved the speech indoors, accommodating about half of the half of the tickets they had sold. Of course, the weather was perfect outside. More proof God has a sense of humor. You see, the DNC had unwisely pi$$ed off God himself the day before.

DNC ideologues left any mention of God or Jerusalem as Israel’s capital out of the platform. Thanks to the Intertubes and social media, and no thanks to the criminally biased liberal media, much bad publicity ensued. The executive and managerial goliaths of the DNC loaded the fix into the teleprompter, denied God three times, and shoved the pre-ordained result down the throats of their own delegates (in accordance with ObamaCare precedent) on a rancorous and obviously rigged voice vote.

DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who sorely needs to find a Liar’s Anonymous meeting somewhere, denied anything had happened so shamelessly that even the left wing hacks of CNN laughed at her out loud.

DWS was also caught in a bald-faced lie on tape … when she threw an Israeli Ambassador under the bus in an interview with Washington Examiner reporter Philip Klein, claimed the reporter made it up when confronted with her statements, then was exposed for making up that he made it up when he produced the audio tape.

The DNC lemonade is spiked. It's spiked with an unnatural trust in gub'ment.

AYFKM?! How far are these people from accepting chips being embedded inside their foreheads, the better for gub'ment to track their every movement to better take care of their every need. What the hell kind of society produces such zombies?


I’m with PJ Tatler … the so-called Obama post-convention poll bounce is illusory – manufactured by biased and defective polling methodology. 56 days and counting until the republic decides whether our children will be issued tracking chips for their foreheads.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nine Thoughts on the Eleventh Anniversary of 9/11

(1) The so-called "War on Terror" is a conflict between incompatible civilizations. On one side is the target - western civilization, sprouting from the principles of free will introduced to mankind by the Age of Enlightenment. On the other side is the aggressor - Radical Islamism - a religiously political ideology stuck in a backward 7th Century model of tyrannical dictation to its followers.

(2) The US Constitution and sharia law are completely and utterly incompatible.

(3) They don't hate us for anything we've done. They hate us because their ideology instructs them to hate infidels.

(4) We have been relatively safe over the past eleven years due to thousands upon thousands of unheralded heroes quietly doing the work they were born and/or trained to do in the context of America's exceptional opportunity society. These heroes labor in the FBI, CIA, and various other agencies including the uniformed armed services. These heroes write computer programs, utilize "gamer" skills flying unmanned drones, analyze telephone wire recordings, drive humvees through god-forsaken landscapes, and perform a thousand other functions I could not possibly fully catalog.

(5) These unheralded heroes continue to keep us safe despite the failed leadership of the current administration.

(6) The geopolitical situation in the Middle East grows more dangerous by the day, and Radical Islam grows stronger there, because of the failed leadership of the current administration.

(7) Ultimately, western civilization surviving this conflict depends on American global leadership, which is not being provided by the current administration.

(8) If Tehran acquires the ability to deliver nuclear warheads into the population centers of western civilization, it will be due to the failed leadership of the current administration.

(9) Western civilization should thank God it has an independently led outpost named Israel to take care of business while we are stuck with the failed leadership of the current administration.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The LAS Empty Chair Interview (Script)

*Warning: Appreciation of these jokes without supporting links depends on whether you were paying attention the past four years. If you do not meet this stipulation, too bad. I’m in no mood to hold your hand and sit you in front of your Google machine. I'm confident you can do that for yourself. You can do it!

LAS: [Extending hand toward chair] Hello, Mr. President.
LAS: Come on, don’t be like that. I’ve extended my open hand so you can unclench your fist.
LAS: That’s better. So, what kind of music do you like?
LAS: OK, I’ll ask the Queen of England. What do you think of that new blockbuster hit ‘2016’?
LAS: No, it’s not about a ‘really bad two term President’. Whatever did you mean by ‘fundamental transformation’ anyway?
LAS: ‘Greek exceptionalism’? Ummmm .... Let’s turn our attention to Congress, OK?
LAS: No, you don’t pronounce his name like it’s spelled. It’s pronounced ‘BAY-NER’.
LAS: Yes, no worries, Harry Reid still thinks you are articulate and without a Negro dialect.
LAS: I agree. I agree. Things are different than 2008. Why, I heard even the “Obama Girl” came out against you.
LAS: Well, yes, there is the “Obama Boy” this year. That’s true.
LAS: And, yes, he does look a little like Reggie Love. I’ll grant you that.
LAS: No, I don’t think saying ‘Fast and Furious’ was Reggie Love’s code name will make it go away.
LAS: No, people will probably still notice the economy sucks if you say 'Stimulus' was his code name.
LAS: Sorry, Chief Justice Roberts said it was a tax. That makes it official.
LAS: No it's your bill that takes 700 Billion bucks out of Medicare right away.
LAS: No, ten plus six doesn’t equal 'cutting in half.'
LAS: Sure, fair is fair, I guess. Anybody who made millions from two autobiographies full of "composites" should be asked to pay a bigger share.
LAS: If she’s 1/32nd Cherokee, then I’m a registered Democrat.
LAS: What? No! I think you can see I’m not dead. And here’s my ID, too.
LAS: Really, you should run for UN Secretary General next. Just think of the possibilities. You can be open and honest about your father’s dreams. And you have all the efficiencies and competencies of the UN at your finger tips to implement them.
LAS: You are welcome.
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Eastwooding: The Cabinet Meeting

The Most Transparent Administration in History meets to consider the nation's course forward.

Arrayed on the table for our glorious leaders to consider:

(1) The legally passed federal budgets for fiscal years 2010, 2011, and 2012.

(2) The Obama deficit reduction plan.

(3) The Obama tax reform plan.

(4) The Obama entitlements reform plan.

(5) The 'Fast and Furious' documents Obama has shielded with Executive Privilege.

(6) Last month's Obama campaign fund raising haul.


Take the Before and After Obama Poll! Top o' the blog.
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