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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Primaries Are Over - On to the General Election

Remember this guy?

He’s the Minority Leader in the 111th Congress of the United States, and he deserves to be Speaker of the House in the 112th Congress of the United States. John Boehner was the leader of the ‘Party of No’ before it was cool.

If you are one of those drone independents, like my neighbor (who shall remain nameless), still operating on the anti-incumbent idea “Throw All the Bums Out” - be advised I’m beginning to have nothing but contempt for you. THEY ARE NOT ALL BUMS. And the MINORITY THAT ARE NOT BUMS need reinforcements NOW. Not only do they need reinforcements, but they have put in the time in the trenches to earn the right to lead those reinforcements.


When BHO and the Progressives were swept into office on the wings of their hopey-changey campaign fraud; they expected by now to have Universal Health Care (aka Socialized Medicine), and Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants (aka Democrat Voter Registration), and the Cap and Trade (aka Redistributive Industrial Policy), and the Fairness Doctrine (aka state regulation of talk radio), and Net Neutrality (aka state regulation of the Internet), and the rest of their anti-liberty Leftist agenda shoved down our throats.

The fact that they accomplished so little of their obnoxious Leftist agenda is mostly, but not entirely, a testimony to the grass roots resistance collectively known as the TEA Party movement. However, We The People have had a junior partner in our enterprise the entire time. Our junior partner was the minority of elected DC politicians who took sustenance from the TEA Party energy, and mounted a courageous resistance on Capitol Hill. It just so happens that every single member of this minority was a subset of the caucus that has the (R) label.


I ran a poll earlier this year on this blog that yielded the correct result, as far as I’m concerned (albeit with a small sample and a helpful graphic to steer voters to the desired result).

The Question: What Is the Best Electoral Strategy For TEA Party Patriots in 2010?

Answer 1: Just Accept the GOP Nominees. GOP Establishment Finally Gets It.

Answer 2: Go Totally Third Party. GOP Establishment Will Never Get It.

Answer 3: Support GOP Conservatives When Possible, Run 3rd Party Conservatives When Necessary.

Answer 4: I am a Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, or Obama Zombie. (You Don't Get a Vote)

Answer 3 won in a landslide. But I do think it would be fun to meet the three voters who chose Answer 4 even though I told them they don’t get a vote.


We The People did our part in the Republican primaries. We took out GOP establishment supported RINOs in races all over the country; including several Senate races that got all of the attention in Delaware, Alaska, Kentucky, Nevada, Utah, Florida, and elsewhere.

The candidates in these high profile races will now get lots of support, financial and otherwise, from the loose collection of national TEA Party organizations that have sprung up around the country; and that is great.

But there are many, many other principled conservative political upstarts who have won Republican primaries this year, flying under the radar of the national spotlight. I know because I’m directly supporting two in my own backyard with my own meager direct campaign donations.

Dr. Eric Wargotz in my neighboring state of Maryland defeated a field of ten (10) other GOP contenders for the right to challenge the contemptible Progressive incumbent Babs Mikulski (D-MD). His establishment supported opponent in the primary attempted to take him out by lying about his record, which I documented in my Ten Buck Friday’s journal.

Keith Fimian is running in my local Congressional district, VA-11, to replace the contemptible Progressive freshman congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA). This general election is a rematch of the 2008 match up. (But my have the conditions changed!) His GOP establishment supported primary opponent tried to take him out with a ticky-tack tax evasion smear, as I documented in my April 30 and June 10 posts.  Sound familiar Delaware voters?

Fortunately, it appears neither of these vanquished establishment candidates is foolish enough to pull a Crist, Castle, or Murkowski. Smart move, guys.


Elections have consequences. The question every single registered voter needs to ask himself or herself - every single cycle - is this: how can I cast my vote, lend my support as time, or send my money as sustenance to actuate the consequences I desire.

If you are one of the 2/3 to 3/4 of all Americans who basically disagree with BHO and the Progressives on everything – then you need to support the most principled conservative in every race, whether it be an upstart or a standing member of the small band that defended Capitol Hill in the 111th.

If you live in California’s 49th Congressional district, please send back incumbent Darrell Issa (R-CA). He’s earned the right to chair the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in the 112th session, and lead the counter-attack that will consign BHO and the Progressives to the dust heap of history.

If you live in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional district, please send back incumbent Paul Ryan (R-WI) , because he’s really smart and he has a good plan. If you live in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional district, please send back conservative warrior princess Michele Bachmann (R-MN), because she’s really smart and so easy on the eyes. If you live in New York’s 3rd Congressional District, please send back incumbent Peter King (R-NY), because he’s earned the right to chair the Homeland Security Committee and get the War on Terror back on focus. And on and on.

Principled conservatives, both experienced and inexperienced politically, simply must be the majority caucus in the 112th Congress. The fate of the republic depends on it.


Footnote 1

Thoughts on William F. Buckley’s rule

The great conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer failed the Rorshach Inkblot Test that was the Delaware Republican Senate Primary. He invoked the great William F. Buckley’s rule “Vote for the most conservative candidate who is electable. “ In Krauthammer’s view, Christine O’Donnell is not electable.

Memo to Krauthammer: Buckley’s rule still holds. What has changed is the definition of “electable.” Read this upstart pundit in the Daily Caller for further elaboration.

Footnote 2

Thoughts on the recently released GOP Pledge to America

It’s a political document in an election season. Therefore it’s overall tepid tone is acceptable, since it includes the one specific that is imperative #1 for the new majority in January – Repeal and Replace of ObamaCare. We will need the House Appropriations Committee in the 112th to take the first necessary step of cutting off funding for ObamaCare’s implementation.

There are some other pretty radical promises for professional politicians to make, that will go a long way toward implementing TEA Party principles, such as

• Require that every bill have a citation of constitutional authority

• Impose a Net Hiring Freeze on the federal workforce

• Cancelling unspent stimulus funds

• Hold weekly votes on spending cuts

• Permanently prohibit taxpayer funding of abortion

Yes, there is much more to be rolled back over the long haul, but there are still many, many drone independents who need to brought along slowly to hold the governing coalition together. As long as our junior partners, the politicians with the (R) label, remember We The People are their senior partner, it will all work out in the end.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Contemporary Politics and Newton’s Three Laws of Motion (Part 10)

Last week was a good week for Team Liberty; and conversely a bad week for Team Tyranny (d/b/a Team Deficit, Team Amnesty, Team Tree-Hugger, and Team Jihad).

The week unofficially kicked off with the 9/12 March in DC. I took a walk around the edges of the Capitol Hill crowd between approximately 2 pm and approximately 4 pm. Accompanying me were my 160 pound Harlequin Great Dane and my 11 year old son. I brought the dog along because she strikes an imposing profile and is hard to ignore. This worked out completely to plan. Many Patriots were drawn to the dog, and this made for an enjoyable afternoon of small talk with a lot of great folks from all over the country.  I commissioned my 11 year old son to be our official photographer. The battery in his digital camera drained after snapping one photo of the grass. I got what I paid for, I guess.

The crowd size was substantial, but nowhere near last year’s size. Some attribute this outcome to competition with Glenn Beck’s massive 8/28 rally. Could be. And it’s a shame too, because Beck’s so-called “apolitical” publicity stunt completely misses the point.

Memo to Beck: It’s a political movement, not a religious revival, and definitely not about any cult of personality. Your schtick is starting to look a lot like the hopey-changey schtick the Dems and Drones fell for last cycle.

Memo to Social Conservatives: You are welcome in the majority conservative coalition, in fact you always have been. But if you don’t vote for Team Liberty at the polls, you are useless to us.


Then came Tuesday night, which was truly a watershed moment for Team Liberty.  All eyes were on the Republican primary in Delaware, to nominate the successor to Crazy Uncle Joe Biden’s Senate seat. The Delaware Senate race has turned out to be, quite simply, the Rorshach Inkblot Test for the 2010 election season.

In the GOP primary, the Light Side had a grass roots candidate who had never held office, and yet can talk the Liberty talk better than 99 out of 100 sitting Senators. The Dark Side ran a career RINO with a dismal 52% American Conservative Association rating. The candidate from the Light Side walked away from this engagement with the scalp of the candidate from the Dark Side hanging from her belt.

In the immediate aftermath of this major victory for We The People, the GOP establishment failed the Rorshach Test.

Their candidate was a sore loser - like a petulant little cybaby who had just been informed his favorite red balloon had floated into a sharp object and popped. Welcome to political reality in 2010, RINO Mike.

Initial reports that evening were that the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) would refuse to support the candidate We The People had told them was our choice. But by sunrise the NRSC had come to their senses and realized resistance is futile. Smart choice, guys.

The established conservative punditry class hasn’t exactly passed the Rorshach Test with flying colors, either. None other than Karl Rove sees an “unelectable” candidate in Christine O’Donnell. Rove is wrong. So is Barone. LibertyAtStake predicts with this post that she will be elected. All of the ticky-tack “character” stuff the Dark Side is dragging out against her doesn’t stick with We The People in 2010. Not with Radical Associations Barry, Turbo Tax Tim, and Good Times Chahlie Rangel holding office.

Even the estimable Charles Krauthammer has his underpants in a wod over this, challenging the 1 sitting Senator in a 100 who supported O’Donnell up front and has always said she is electable – Jim DeMint of SC – to get up to Delaware and “prove it.” I think Sen. DeMint should take up Mr. Krauthammer’s challenge – I like the on-field match up. Let DeMint and O’Donnell double team her general election opponent, and leave Demint’s opponent in the general to his own devices. I am fairly certain the Democrat nominee in SC, Alvin Greene, poses little threat to Mr. DeMint. LMAO!

As for Ms. O’Donnell’s general election opponent, the Democrats have nominated a candidate with the one negative that is fatal in 2010. He’s a committed Leftist. Chris Coons described himself as a budding “Bearded Marxist” while a student writing for the newspaper at his effete elite Northeast university. And apparently this ideological bent was no youthful indiscretion. County Executive Coons’ stewardship of his Delaware county involved raising taxes three times in four years, and driving into deficit a county budget that was in surplus when he assumed office. This is a very bad record to run on in 2010.

And, of course, the criminally biased MSM set out last week to assassinate Ms. O’Donnell’s character. My read on the attempt is it just makes her a more sympathetic character for grass roots voters, who are sick and damn tired of the MSM attack machine / Progressive big government axis. Plus, most of the content of the character assassination attack will specifically make her a more sympathetic character for social conservatives, who Team Liberty needs to keep in a governing majority.

While the chattering class was worried about ticky-tack “character” issues, Ms. O’Donnell went about her business and deftly combined Team Liberty speak with social conservatism,  in a speech to the Family Research Council last week.

Let’s see what the next round of polls tells us about the Delaware Senate race, shall we?

Footnote 1

I have removed “Outside The Beltway” from the Bob Schieffer Blog Roll, because their analysis is consistently “Inside The Beltway” in tone, content, and reasoning. Which makes it useless to me.

Footnote 2

While 3/5 of my nuclear family was attending the 9/12 Capitol Hill rally, the other 2/5 (wife and 15 year old son) was at the DMV acquiring his learner’s permit. Yesterday I had a white knuckle grip on the passenger side grab handle, as he drove on a road with traffic lights for the first time. We’ve put him into an old Ford Windstar battering ram for his training period. After he earns his license, I will introduce him to a clutch - because if it’s not a stick, you’re not really driving.

Update 09/22/2010

One week and one day into the criminally biased MSM character assassination targeting Christine O’Donnell, and here’s what we have so far.

In high school, she once dated a boy with questionable taste in theology. Sooooooo much further out the mainstream than spending 22 years listening to the rantings of a Black Liberation Theologist.

She once stated the plain fact that the Catholic Church officially discourages masturbation. Sooooooo much more disturbing than someone launching his political career in the living room of two convicted domestic terrorists.

She once stated science has experimented with human brain matter implanted in mice, which that crazy Wiccan publication known as National Geographic reported on. (hat tip Chris Plante) Sooooooo much wackier than publicly declaring there are 57 states.

The talking points they seem to be settling on is financial troubles. Nothing that can be proven, mind you, but “questions” that must be “answered.” Questions that are sooooooo much more troubling than getting a sweet-heart deal on your first house from a convicted mobster.

Yeah, Christine O’Donnell is soooooooo much less qualified to hold high office than Barack Hussein Obama.

Would that the criminally biased MSM had done the same rectal examination on Barry back in 2007 and 2008.
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Contemporary Politics and Newton's Three Laws Of Motion (Part 9)

When I started the series under this title back in January, I think I could have predicted, with strong confidence, the psychodrama would include an Imam, as well as Barack Hussein Obama.  But a pastor from Gainesville, Florida with a congregation of less than fifty families?  You truly cannot make this stuff up.  I'm pretty sure Ken Kesey didn't make up much when he wrote the book "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," so that's our graphic for this week's insanity.

Now, to be perfectly “fair and balanced,” I think I should tell everyone exactly what I think of the three primary protagonists in the current psychodrama.

The Reverend Terry Jones seems to me to be both genuine and mediocre. I have no doubt he truly believes “Islam is of the Devil.” And, you know, with all the blowing stuff up and stoning of women and all that, I will grant he might actually have a point.  But he is going about making the point entirely incompetently. Everybody Draw Mohammed Day (May 20, 2010) cleverly hit the mark because it showed the Islamists are willing to go ballistic over silly stuff.  Burning books stoops to their level.

The Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf is the Reverend Jones’ polar opposite. Rauf is no fool. Rauf is a coldly calculating snake – and a lying sack o’ s**t to boot. Rauf is a devoted practitioner of Dawah, which is basically Jihad’s silver-tongued law firm. Radical Islam gives the practitioners of Dawah license to lie through their teeth in order to advance the spread of Islam. This is what explains why the self-proclaimed “bridge builder” is intransigent regarding the location of his Cordoba House Victory Mosque.  Location is everything in real estate - especially when your goal is to dance on your victims' graves.

Then there is Barack Hussein Obama. BHO is no “mainstream Christian,” despite the protestations of his Minister of Propaganda, Mr. Robert Gibbs. Sitting in the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s pews for twenty years, then failing to select in DC church to attend now almost two years into his term, is decidedly not the profile of a “mainstream Christian.” In fact, BHO is no Christian at all. Going to the gym on Christmas Day is the proof of this. No – BHO is in fact an Atheist, as any self-respecting faculty lounge pseudo-intellectual would be. And, as such, he is the Imam Rauf’s useful idiot. He is unable to see the snake at his very own feet for what it is.

Before the past week’s insanity began, I already had a good bead on the characters of both BHO and Rauf. My read on Jones’ character, the “Johnny come lately” in this psychodrama, was not yet in focus – until the “quid pro quo” madness hit the news.

What made the Gainesville fool think he could possibly be in a position to strike a deal with the Dawah snake? Well, in large part, that would be the useful idiot elevating the profile of the Gainesville fool, by sticking his nose into the affair as incompetently and hypocritically as he stuck his nose into the Ground Zero Mosque affair.

These two affairs are ironically equivalent. The Ground Zero Mosque deserves entirely to be an international incident. The Gainesville book burning hardly deserves to make the local newspaper. Both are cases where the protagonists have the “right” to engage in their offensive actions, but are wrong for doing so. Any Commander-in-Chief could have avoided any controversy by simply mouthing the words of the previous sentence in both situations.  That’s not what happened, of course, as we all now know.

The useful idiot initially downplayed Ground Zero Mosque as a “local zoning issue.” Wrong - strike one. Then he stepped in it by endorsing the Iman’s First Amendment right to stick a thumb in Western Civilization’s collective eye. Duh! – strike two. The very next day he stated he had no comment on the ‘wisdom’ of exercising this right. Huh? – strike three.

How did the Dawah snake play his next move? Well, on September 8th, Rauf essentiually blackmailed all Americans in a nationally televised CNN interview.   His formula was no different from the old Mafia protection racket - "nice store you have here, sure would be a shame if a rock was thrown through the window ..."

Then the Gainesville fool comes along with his plans, so richly deserving to be completely ignored. The useful idiot steps into it right away – with both feet this time – by simultaneously coming off as a hypocrite and an international appeaser, in a September 9th nationally reported ABC interview. Not only does he hypocritically choose to comment on the ‘wisdom’ of the Gainesville fool (duh! again), but he also accepts the premise of the Dawah snake’s blackmail. Strikes 4 and 5 on one pitch - BHO setting new records all over the place.
The books have not been burned yet. That’s because the Gainesville Fool got in over his head. The Ground Zero Mosque will not be built. THAT will be because We The People will not submit to the Dawah snake’s blackmail.

Update 09/13/2010

As often happens, my morning drive time with Chris Plante's radio show opened my eyes to an interesting alternative take on current events.  What if Terry Jones never intended to burn the books?  What if Terry Jones orchestrated the whole thing from the tweet forward, in order to set up the Religion of Peace's predictably crazed reaction at the mere possibility of offense? 

Exhibit A from the blog page of Mr. Plante's employer, WMAL:

Well, I guess I'd have to stop referring to him as the Gainesville Fool, and start referring to him as the Gainesville Fox - as in "crazy like a fox."  If I was in his shoes I'd start playing up this angle immediately.  There would be no downside for him, assuming he can pull it off.

Then, there is the conversation thread I joined last night on merriemarie's clog, in which a reasonable case is made for promoting Barry from useful idiot to willful collaborator in the Dawah snake's deception.

One never really knows which inmate is running the asylum these days.
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Musings on an Old Cliché

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. "
Attribution: Uncertain.
Applicability: Intermittent.

Barack Hussein Obama’s Labor Day activities caused me to spend a little time wrapping my brain around this old cliché. The first page of a Google type-ahead search on “The definition of insanity is” yielded this blog post from the election season of 2006. The author of this post gives us a good light-hearted rant on a basically meaningless topic. (Call it a “fun rant” – an FR, if you will.) Except for this comment that ties the four-year old FR to Barack Hussein Obama’s Labor Day activities.

(Yes, it would appear people comment on 4 year old posts. What is THAT the definition of?)

Well, I don’t know if “Tom” is in fact a “Repubican” (in Mark Levin’s lexicon), or he just can’t spell very well on a keyboard (there being at least two other errors to point to), but his observation certainly seems like that of a Patriot.

And “Tom” was keen enough to make this observation almost six months before Barack Hussein Obama gave a major speech – in public, no less – for a new Keynesian stimulus bill. This time it’s Fifty B-B-B-B-Billion (gratuitous Doug Tracht reference) dollars for infrastructure projects. INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS! AYKM!

One of my commute options, on the DC beltway, between the Wilson Bridge and the Dulles Toll Road, is absolutely littered with so-called “infrastructure projects” that divert traffic every which way, in a different way, every single day. All of these projects have four things in common:

• No doubt initiated with Stimulus I funds

• Always in progress

• Never finished

• Hasn’t put a dent in the economy at large


In fact, you could argue very successfully placing construction at practically every exit all at once slows traffic measurably, and is therefore a measureable drag on the economy at large. I wonder if there’s a Patriot out there in position to measure it?

And it’s not even as if the 2009 Stimulus I bill is the first epic failure of this model. I mean, what was the Great Depression if not one massive public works program micromanaged out of Washington? Despite ten years of WPA, TVA, and an alphabet soup of Keynesian nonsense – in the end we had to go through Hitler and Tojo to reach prosperity again.

Yet, here we are, 50-60 years on from the pro-growth policies of the 1950’s that wiped out the WW II deficits in short order, and 20-30 years on from the economic juggernaut known as Reaganomics that set records for expansion – and the Democrat one trick pony is out telling us the path to prosperity is spending more money we don’t have - on public works projects.

Well, here’s one example of “Publik Werks” I encountered on the DC Metro system – L’Enfant Plaza station to be precise – on Labor Day 2010. I was returning home with my family from the Nationals’ 13-3 thumping of the Mets at Nationals’ Park.

  For those of you who are not DC natives;

• The Blue Line and Yellow Line branch at King Street station

• Van Dorn and Springfield are Blue Line stops

• Look at the picture again

The yellow line took me to my home station of Huntington nevertheless. I had no fear this would be the outcome – only because I must have looked at this display Fifty B-B-B-B-Billion times on Metro cars and in Metro stations over the past twenty years.
More infrastructure spending? AYKM?
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Campaign Strategy Exclusive: Jack Wiley Dithers

(AP) – Jack Wiley Dithers reporting.

While checking into the Alexandria, Virginia Radisson hotel on personal, ahem, business; I noticed a number of prominent elected Democrats roaming the lobby. The investigation I immediately launched uncovered a presentation in the Grand Ballroom from the prominent political research firm Light, Leboon, Levin, and Lee. I was able to acquire a copy of the PowerPoint handout carelessly left behind in the Men’s Room.

Our staff of Nobel Prize winning Analyzers agree this is the best possible strategy available to the Democrats in this year’s election cycle. They have also reached a consensus that the Republican Party can gain 50 House seats and 7 Senate seats simply by keeping quiet. They also agree the Republican Party could gain 70 House seats and 12 Senate seats by articulating a principled conservative, pro-growth, constitutionalist agenda. They are presently in the courtyard engaged in a heated debate over whether the Republican Party is capable of such articulation.

Jack Wiley Dithers reporting.

Update 09/04/2010

Hey, now I can say I stole an idea from the dumbest man on television, Keith Olbermann.

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