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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Redistribution, ObamaCare Style

The staff cartoonist weighs in ...

Usually Leftist redistribution schemes involve the state taking stuff from designated losers to be given to designated winners (always, of course, at discounted value, after gub'ment shipping, handling, fraud, waste, and abuse charges). ObamaCare has vaulted the art and science of Leftist redistribution to new heights - nothing but losers so far.
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Rare and Mysterious LAS Personal Update (2013-10-19)

The critically important lines are:

You leave me no choice but to plot my revenge

Thank God I’ve been blessed with a patient mind
Because what I want to happen
Won’t happen in a very long time

You know who you are.
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Friday, October 18, 2013

Archiving 'This Just In' (10/13/13 - 10/16/13): What's Another Trillion In Debt Between Friends and Fellow DC Establishment Hacks?

10/16/2013 (8 am)
That clanging sound is DC kicking the debt and deficit can down the road once again. That clinking sound is the hacks of the Establishment GOP, taking breakfast in the country club dining room, and celebrating yet another unconditional surrender to their Donkey Party overlords. That ticking sound is the official lame duck clock running out on the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama. That honking sound is my commute sucking again, as hordes of “non-essential” bureau-weenies resume their rightful place snarling the local roads. With a nice fat back pay check waiting for them at the office. Well at least those Barrycade eyesores might go away soon if the Park Service Gestapo gets around to cleaning up its mess.
Future readers of this archive are owed a succint explanation for the small government libertarian society in which they live. By far, the biggest reason is the dishonest messaging behind ObamaCare, which was followed by the incompetent roll out of its online Exchanges. As I write this, legions of low information young adults who thought ObamaCare was supposed to be free stuff are finding out the hard way it's going to cost them dearly to satisfy a mandate to purchase something they know they don't need ... after struggling through a federally developed web site they can see sucks ... while struggling to survive in a crappy economy that can't grow fast enough to employ all of them due to the policies of the same people that gave them the ObamaCare train wreck. They will figure it out and pass the lessons to their offspring.
If anything perfectly encapsulates the unhinged and disingenuously overheated state of our politics today, it is loose talk of debt default from our so-called 'leaders' in DC. The plain fact is enough current revenue flows into the Treasury to pay interest on the debt and entitlements. All that is needed is sufficient leadership to prioritize these things ahead of the least necessary discretionary spending budget line items. Every household in the country not filing for bankruptcy is familiar with the process - you pay mandatory bills first, then prioritize discretionary spending and live without those things that don't make the cut. Now consider the argument offered by the hyperventilating fear mongers of 'default.' They proclaim we simply must borrow more from new creditors to pay off the old creditors. There's a term for that. Pyramid Scheme. It never ends well.
Remember that snotty White House tweet on the anniversary of ACA passage. You know, the one with Barry's signature captioned by "It's. The. Law." Tomorrow is the two week anniversary of the ObamaCare Exchange rollout train wreck. Somehow I don't expect any White House tweets with the url captioned by "It. Don't. Work."
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Archiving 'This Just In' (09/17/13 - 10/10/13): The Great Gub'ment Shutdown Debacle of 2013, Part 1 - Democrats Can't Build Web Sites Either

I love it when a plan comes together. I honestly believe the GOP is on the precipice of winning the politics on this shutdown thing - despite media bias and low information voter ADD. All they have to do now is execute a simple two part game plan. (1)Keep sending specific spending bills to the Senate for the Donkey Party to reject. Important sign of success - Dingy Harry Reid and DC Mayor Vincent Gray are reportedly at one another's throats over funding the DC budget. (2) Keep hammering on the rank hypocrisy of Obama's twenty some odd ObamaCare exemptions to get a delay in the individual mandate. The individual mandate is the sole thin thread holding together the program financially, at least in theory. 2014 is looking a lot like 2010 squared from here. You Establishment GOP RINO hacks should just retire to your martini bars in the country club dining room and let the new de facto party leadership show you how it's done in todayt's arena.
The House GOP is finally showing signs of being able to wage politics the only way it can be successfully waged against the Left. Ruthlessly. No quarter can be given because none can be expected. The strategy of passing specifically focused micro spending bills is perfect. It turns the tables. Keep putting the White House and Dingy Harry in the position of explaining why they won't fund kittens and puppy dogs while the larger debate carries on. And make no mistake - if the GOP doesn't fold as usual they will reap a massive 2014 electoral victory. The Donkey Party owns the train wreck that is ObamaCare. They own the train wreck that is the ObamaCare Exchange roll out. Keep passing bills to fund kittens and puppy dogs, keep making them explain why it's so important to them to reject these bills in order to preserve the ObamaCare train wreck, and they will own the shutdown as well.
In today's daily report on spitefully petty ideological governance from the Obama admin ... the hypocritical hacks have OK'd a rally for so-called immigration reform on the ostensibly closed National Mall. I have a news flash for Barry and the Undocumented Democrats: you aren't getting comprehensive amnesty in this session either. Your Saul Alinksy community agitator negotiation tactics have guaranteed it.
Now that the ObamaCare Exchanges are undeniably a train wreck, can we talk about simple measures left out of the ACA that would actually reduce cost and and increase accessibility? (1) Tort reform. (2) Allow insurance competition across state lines. (3) Allow individuals and small businesses to voluntarily form risk pools via voluntary trade, professional, interest, and religious associations (that means, for example, AAA or your local church). The Donkey Party will have none of #1 because they are beholden to the trial lawyer lobby. The Donkey Party will have none of #2 because they are the party of government. The Donkey Party will have none of #3 because they are viscerally opposed to the concept of voluntary association.
Here's how I know The Saul Alinksy Radical Temporarily Occupying the Oval Office is overplaying his hand with his petty (non)negotiation strategy for dealing with House Republicans ... I went to the Tame Impala / Flaming Lips show at Merriweather Post Pavilion last night. The vibe on the lawn among the assembled utes and psychedelic music enthusiasts was relaxed, friendly, and polite. Festive, but in a very unconcerned and laid back way. No signs whatsoever of anyone gripped by fear at the prospect of the evil Republicans shutting down the precious nectar provided by their federal government. And cannabis, medical or otherwise, cannot be held culpable, either. No contact high for LAS on that lawn that particular evening. Memo to GOP: Hold firm. No deal until the rank hypocrisy of the twenty some odd ObamaCare exemptions and waivers given to Big Business, Big Labor, and Big Government are matched by a delay in the individual mandate. Removing the congressional exemption isn't sufficient. It's the individual mandate against every single stinkin' selectively applied tyrannical exemption. Every single one.
The term "Barrycade" has entered the political discourse. It refers to the Park Service's petty and petulant practice of placing cheap plastic and wooden barriers around open air spaces - in a comically ironic attempt to prove how important they are to our daily existence. In a much publicized case they used this pathetic tactic to try to keep a bunch of 90 year old vets away from the WW II memorial. The old men of Normandy and Okinawa valor famously stormed the park service Barney Fifes and got to see their monument anyway. There should be a blogger contest for identifying the most ridiculous Barrycade erected. I nominate the one near my house about which I commented on the great blog Political Clown Parade: "Near my house the Park Service has erected a barrier of plastic sawhorses around 50 sq feet of parking spaces just off the GW Parkway. A lone teenage prankster could hide the entire eyesore in the woods behind in, oh, about a minute and a half. Those sirens you here are armed Park Service policemen racing to the scene because school is about to let out." I have a news flash for Barry and his Corrupt Gang of Petty Progressives If the opinions expressed by my teenager and the gang he runs with are any indication, your silly tyrannical pettiness is fostering a future generation of small government libertarians. And *that* observation causes LAS to channel Mr. Burns from The Simpsons ... "Exxxxcellllent."
Not sure if the traffic would actually be sufficient to crash or not, but it's worth noting visits to my August 2011 post "In a Democracy, the People Get the Government They Deserve" have picked up quite a bit the past couple of days.
The morning commute was much lighter this morning. So, I guess all the "non essential" gub'ment werkers know who they are now.
Day One of the highly anticipated apocalyptic partial gub'ment shutdown. Here's what I've noticed so far. (1) The morning commute was a little better, but not as improved as I anticipated. Perhaps OMB hasn't finished sorting out which bureau-weenies are "non-essential" yet. Which is to say ... maybe they haven't told everyone who needs to be told they will be given a nice break with a guarantee of back pay when the CR finally passes. (2) The calender says October 1st, the IRS still has a direct connection to my business checking account, and the IRS will surely levy the usual fine if I fail to make my monthly tax deposit on time. Oh, and don't forget the quarterly 941 they will be demanding or there will be another fine. (3) It's still true that the IRS takes in enough revenue from monthly business tax deposits to cover each month's debt and entitlement obligations. So, if the Obama administration chooses the dreaded 'default' they own that train wreck, too.
LAS wonders what The Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama has already given away to the Iranian regime in exchange for that nice photo op with the telephone.
The yard signs I've seen for the Democrat candidate for Virginia Governor - career left wing political hack Terry McCauliffe - are green and talk about jobs. Green. Jobs. Hmmmmm ... now, where have I seen that bullsh*t before?
LAS says shut down the federal gub'ment so LAS' commute to and from downtown DC improves. I calculate every day we take the bureau-weenie corps off the local roads is a day I save a full hour of my valuable taxable time. And I'm pretty sure the IRS will expect me to keep making my monthly deposit and filing my quarterly 941 on time. So, I figure I'm owed the improved commute as a courtesy.
Let's equate Senator Ted Cruz' principled filibuster stand to the epic Greek stand at Thermopylae in 480 BC. Yes, of course, the Persians will eventually get what they want in this battle. After all, a self-styled godhead on a mission of conquest is their dictator, and he leads his mob from behind into this battle enjoying overwhelming odds. But the courageous stand will be remembered and used as a clarion call by Team Liberty until the war against the invaders of Team Tyranny is finally won. Queue "Remember the Alamo" double mixed metaphor ...
ObamaCare: 3000 pages of Leftist ideology hastily legislated, corruptly implemented, and incompetently administered. What's not to like?
Memo to Establishment GOP hacks: Defunding or delaying ObamaCare in a CR that funds the rest of the government at current levels is the correct strategy. It's not about passing the legislation, or even about winning the politics in the short term. It's about putting people on record and pounding that record for the next 14 months going into the 2014 elections. If the House has funded the entire government except for ObamaCare - and at the end of the fight the Democrats have shut down the government to get their ObamaCare, they own *both* train wrecks come next election.
I shall now spoon feed the correct headline from yesterday's Navy Yard shooting to the corrupt and biased liberal media. Obama administration ineptly issues security clearance to lunatic with police record.
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Monday, October 7, 2013

The Staff Cartoonist Weighs In On Barrycades

A two pane cartoon for your enjoyment.

Pane 1: The aged vets storm the Barrycades at the WW II Memorial. Yes, those are traffic cones Barry and the Park Rangers are sporting on their heads.

Pane 2: Anarchy rules as a vet rides off with the spoils of victory ... traffic cones and Barrycades tied to his rear bumber.

Well done, Staff Cartoonist, well done.

As for the Establishment GOP ... if they can't figure out from how Barrycades have been treated on the GW Parkway they have the public on their side, they are even bigger hacks than I presumed.
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