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Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Liquid Constitutional Convention

My April 6 post contained this passage…

I know I suggested to my small cult of dedicated followers my next post might be on the topic of possible constitutional amendments. Sorry, folks, I overpromised. Such a serious undertaking requires appropriate due diligence, and will take a little more time.

During the holiday break, I was able to make good on this promise via a rollicking late night debate in my local chapter of the vast right wing conspiracy. The debaters were your truly, Francis Charles Hamilton, and Mr. Hamilton’s precocious young nephew, Jack Wiley Dithers. Our chapter met in its’ usual location; Mr. Hamilton’s well-appointed study. The liquid menu consisted mostly of Irish Coffees (it being the winter season), as well as the finest Spanish sherry Mr. Hamilton's Air Force Reserve acquaintance smuggles in by the case on his regular C-130 run.

I am drafting this communiqué on Christmas morning 2010. The recounting is entirely mine. Dithers and Hamilton can write their own, if they wish, when they wake up.


The Repeal Amendment

Early in the evening our august triumvirate of deep thinkers came to a quick and easy consensus on the best idea of the year. As described by this Cato Institute article, the Repeal Amendment proposal restores the Founders’ intended balance of power between the states and the federal government. The proposal, born in our beloved home Commonwealth of Virginia, provides a mechanism for a 2/3 vote of state legislatures to override federal legislation. Obamacare would already be toast if this mechanism existed today.

Dithers: “Nominations for best idea of the year?”

Me: “Easy – Repeal Amendment.”

Hamilton: “ A toast – Sic Semper Tyrannis!”

All: “Sic Semper Tyrannis!”

Hamilton: Fig, didn’t you say on that bloggie thingee of yours you’d discuss constitutional amendments?”

Me: “Yeah, never did though – too much thinking involved. It’s much easier to snap and link to other people’s graphics”

Dithers: “Pass the Sherry”

Hamilton: “Are you going to soil the Irish Coffee with Sherry again?”

Dithers: “Too bad – I like it.”

Hamilton: “Sigh….let’s do Fig’s Constitutional Convention, shall we?”

Me: “Hear! Hear! A toast!”

All: “Hear! Hear!”


Balanced Budget / Revenue Amendment

Our little chapter is in the pro-growth camp of the conspiracy. A lower tax burden, lower regulatory burden, and much less government spending is the path to prosperity. Mr. Hamilton often corresponds with Lawrence Kudlow on these topics. I’ve seen the draft letters on Mr. Hamilton’s victorian desk, written in his cursive hand, as well as the sealed addressed letters bound for snail mail. I’ve never seen any evidence of Mr. Kudlow replying, though.

An Amendment to force Congress to balance the budget comes up often in right wing circles. Hamilton, Dithers, and I long ago came to the conclusion this medicine is worse than the the illness. Deficit spending per se is not the problem – deficit spending played a big part in winning World War II. Pro-growth policies closed those deficits and gave the country the prosperous decade of the 1950’s on its heels.

And, worst of all, the Left’s solution to a balanced budget would always and ever be raising more and more revenue to match out-of-control spending. We saw this preference in their rhetoric during the lame duck debate over extending Bush tax rates. Their way would, of course, be a disaster for the American economy and the great experiment in American Exceptionalism. Giving the Left a balanced budget amendment would be the equivalent of turning a pyromaniac loose with a burning torch in a field full of straw men. It would be an utter disaster for the republic.

A slightly better idea would be capping the annual federal budget at a specified percentage of measured GDP. Our chapter remains open to this this approach, depending on the details, but we remain leary of what we have dubbed the “World War II Deficit Conundrum.”

Hamilton: “Fig, has anybody on that bloggee thingee been fool enough to propose a balanced budget amendment?”

Me: “I don’t think so. One commenter did have an interesting idea to limit the federal government’s means for raising revenue to a kind of capped tithe from the states.

Hamilton: “Print it off for me sometime. Let’s move on.”

Dithers: “Pass the Sherry.”

Hamilton: "Sigh."


Congressional Term Limits

2010 and the TEA Party proved once and for all to our chapter term limits are thoroughly unnecessary. It’s always seemed to us to be too much like a parentally imposed curfew, anyway. As far as we’re concerned, term limits already exist in accordance with original design. They are called elections.

Dithers: “On the Motion for Congressional Term Limits …”

Me: “Boo! Hiss!”

Hamilton: “Raise a toast to the Tea Parties.”

All: “Sic Semper Tyrannis!”


The Senate Super Majority Amendment

The one part of original design where we’ve noticed the most rot is in the operations of the Senate. The Senate was brilliantly conceived by the Founders as a deliberative body designed to protect the rights of the political minority. The 17th Amendment requiring direct election of Senators was the first chip taken out of this design. This ill-conceived amendment eventually gave us the embarrassingly clownish Al Franken, via stolen election within the modern Democrat margin of fraud.

The Filibuster rule is the last vestige of the Founders’ design for the Senate. Thank God for this rule in the 111th session – or we would be looking at uphill fights to repeal nationalized health care AND crap and tax AND blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants AND God knows what else. So, what do you think the Progressives have in mind for the 112th? Why, ending the filibuster rule, of course.

Emergency intervention could be necessary at a constitutional level. Our chapter proposes restoring the original design of the Senate by requiring super majorities for the passage of anything. The framework would be 2/3 majority required for approving Presidential appointments (as a remedy to the modern over- politicization of appointments), and 3/5 for all other bills (institutionalizing the spirit of the filibuster rule).

Dithers: “Did you guys hear about Dingy Harry plotting to kill the Senate filibuster rule?”

Me: “Lights Out Harry stole that f****n’ election – I’m tellin’ ya.”

Hamilton: “Now he has six more years to wreck the place - starting with the filibuster rule. Who’s got any bright ideas?”

Me: “Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick Me!”

Dithers: “Pass the Sherry, genius.”

Me: “An amendment to require supermajorities to get anything done in the Senate. I like 2/3 for confirming appointments and 3/5 for everything else.”

Dithers: “Why a higher bar for appointments?”

Me: “Elena Kagan?”

Hamilton: “Let the minutes show it is so resolved. Raise a toast to the resolution.”

All: “Sic Semper Tyrannis!”


Make The House Odd(er) Amendment

Dithers: “Nominations for oddest proposal of the year?”

Me: “I had an idea for separating the coattails of a demagogic Presidential candidate from a House wave. I think it’s elegantly simple.”

Dithers: “What do you have Mr. Oddball?”

Me: “Easy – elect the House on odd year cycles. Think of it – the country would have had one full year to assess the Empty Suit before deciding who to send to Congress on his ‘ticket.’”

Dithers: “Hmmmm, not bad, what do you think High Professor Oddball?”

Dithers: “Hey, I think Hamilton fell asleep.”

Me: “Testing, Testing, We love FDR. We Love FDR. Yep, he’s fast asleep.”

Dithers: “Let’s give him a dry erase mustache.”

Both: “Heh-heh.”


Oh, oh … Hamilton seems to be stirring. I’d better post this and get out of here before he looks in a mirror. Good luck with that Dithers – heh!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our readers.

12/29/2010: Bonus Material: The Alternate Ending

Oh, oh … Hamilton has risen from his slumber.

Me: "Top of the morning, Professor."

Hamilton: “What are you doing, Fig?”

Me: “Posting on last night’s Amendment ideas”

Hamilton: “Ah – yes, the bloggee thingee. Did you say anything about my favorite – ‘Congress shall make no law mandating the purchase of any product or service.’?”

Me: “No, not yet – but I will later. Right now I need to get out of here. But first, let’s give Dithers a dry erase mustache!’

Hamilton: “An excellent suggestion young padawan. Serves him right for soiling the Irish coffee with sherry.”
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

That's All, Folks

The news of the past week or so has been an extraordinarily entertaining demonstration of Progressive madness, worthy of an essay in the idiosyncratic prose styling of yours truly. The Democrat Party has figured out the 112th Congress of the United States will be a hostile environment for their obnoxious agenda, and so they have been in a frantic frenzy - squeezing every ounce of Progressive puss out of the 111th they possibly can. This is the same Democrat party that literally trashed the White House after Andrew Jackson’s inauguration, and has since been hijacked by the Progressive movement (only improving on that legacy). Herewith is a visual characterization, followed by a somewhat researched, kind of edited, chronology - just for future historians studying the final demise of the Democrat Party founded by Andrew Jackson.

First, the visual ….


I believe Rush Limbaugh when he says the Bush Tax Cut Deal was a huge “head fake” designed to allow the Omnibus spending bill to pass through unnoticed. OmniPuss was the Progressive neutron bomb that would leave all the buildings intact, yet condemn the buildings’ occupants to terminal indebtedness, by institutionalizing (for one more fatal year) the old DC business of redistributing money that hasn’t even been printed yet – to the tune of more than six thousand ear marks.

Ultimately, OmnisPuss proved to be more the first statement of the 112th Congress, than it did the final statement of the 111th. For one thing, Conservative Warrior Princess Michele Bachmann astutely pointed out that the Progressives, in their mad rush to condemn your grandchildren to third world status, had neglected Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution. Even the ‘Great-Aisle-Reach-Acrosser,’ John McCain, was on the right side of this fight. 'Grumpy Old Man' for the Conservative Ascendancy is a good role for the Senator From Arizona that Can’t Be Primaried. Let’s see more of it over the next six years.

And let us not forget, this is plainly and simply the federal budget Congress is duty bound to pass by October 1st every year. The very fact that this massive spending bill was even being debated after the elections is a permanent stain on the legacy of the 111th. Deploying their usual tactics of deceit and conceit, the Progressives tried to co-opt RINO votes with a “they do it, too” message. Finally, though, Dingy Harry had to give it up, because he didn’t have the votes, in favor of a continuing resolution the rightful chamber had already passed.

That’s one for Liberty over Tyranny.

Tax Rate Deal

The resolution of this one is fuzzier. As I documented in my previous post, this was a tough call for Conservatives. No Conservative wants to see anyone’s taxes raised in a soft economy. However, circumstances did put Progressives in control of both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue after 2008, and elections have consequences. The Progressives were hell bent on holding the tax rates of 98% of Americans hostage to their “holy grail” of soaking the 2% who have the capital to employ other Americans – when unemployment is stuck at 10%! Stupid? Yes, incredibly so. Destructive of an already soft economy? Yes, definitely. However - no one can say the GOP leadership didn’t strike a reasonable balance between the weak hand of the 111th’s composition, and the strong hand coming in the 112th.

Yes, there was about $300Billion in new spending when the 111th was finished adorning the Christmas tree the bill finally became. (The number the criminally biased MSM is reporting - $858B – is based on the false conceit that taxes not raised represent a cost to the government – as if it was their money in the first place.) And, I know I came out as willing to risk the chaos of letting clueless independents seeing their take home pay decreased after the New Year – but I am the Radical Conservative and they (the GOP Leadership) bears the responsibility of actually governing in the 112th. Taking this deal is latitude I will grant to them under the assumption they will go after spending with purpose in the next session. The OmniPuss result gives me hope.

Other Miscellaneous Legislative Stuff This Week

The so-called DREAM Act – actually a Democrat Party voter registration initiative – went down in flames when Dingy Harry brought it up as payback for his re-election. Make no mistake, this was a huge victory for the Conservative Ascendancy. The 112th will almost certainly now have to address the rule of law, and border security, before Amnesty is put on the table. This is as it should be – though there is apparently still much work to be done in my home state of Virginia. I tried the personal touch with Senators Warner and Webb - but apparently to no avail – they sided with Dingy Harry.

The Progressives did succeed in repealing the military’s so-called “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ policy against gays openly serving in the military. Now, I’m inclined to agree with the Marine Corps Commandant that this repeal is injurious to the effectiveness of military operations. However, I also think this reasonable objection applies mostly to ‘yesterday’s’ military configuration – massed formations of infantry, armor, etc. I firmly believe the lesson of the past decade, for military policy in the next couple of decades at least, is this: the tip of the spear should consist mostly of small-unit, precisely targeted, Special Forces and CIA assination teams – with a large train of information and other support organizations. You can see where the gays fit in, I’m assuming. As far as I'm concerned - this falls under the heading of elections have consequences, and if you didn’t expect Progressives to play social experiments with the military when you voted for them, then cop a clue next time.

Overall Legacy of the 111th

Let’s just stipulate this fitting closing to the 111th.

Enjoy the Christmas and New Year holidays, Patriots. We will need to build up our energy reserves to give strength to GOP spines in 2011. The agenda is using the investigative powers of the 112th to check Executive branch abuses, and the budgetary authority of the 112th to cut deficit spending.

Footnote 1

Oh yeah - Jay! Eee! Tee! Ess! Jets, Jets, Jets!

Update 12/20/2010

I think I gave Porky Pig his cue too soon. The 111th Congress has one more significant issue to take up, known as the NEW START Treaty, in which Barack Hussein Obama proposes to give away the missile defense farm to the New Soviet Union (aka the Russian Federation).

The New Soviet Union is even, incredibly, issuing instructions to the US Senate. Not a peep from Barack Hussein Obama on this affront, presumably because he sees the Russians as his accomplices in this latest historic achievement of his.

Meanwhile, Harry Reid continues to provide comic relief as Mr. Obama’s accomplice. Finally, the FCC foreshadows the events of 2011 with an unconstitutional regulatory power grab. The 112th Congress had better have the one page law on Barack Hussein’s Obama desk that reigns in this foolishness, by February 1st at the latest.  Yes, they had better.

Only 16 days until our people are sworn in.
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Strange Bedfellows

I, LibertyAtStake, never once proven wrong, unexpectedly find myself in agreement with Barack Hussein Obama. How very odd - I know.  Has the magnetic pole shifted?  Has the Earth been knocked off its orbital path? Is the Sun going supernova?

No, policy is being made in Washington, DC.  Sausage-making is prettier. Believe me, I know – I have a brother who does quality inspection work for Hormel.  The sausage being cobbled together in DC at this very moment is next year's tax code.


Obama’s press conference to announce the deal was, of course, a typical train wreck for the Empty Suit Who Would Be Emperor.  He scolded the Leftist base he needs to accept the deal, demonized the Republicans with which he had struck the deal, and opened the sales pitch by saying everybody will find something they won’t like somewhere in the deal. You can tell this guy has never, ever, gone to a client site on a sales call - that’s for sure.  From my perspective, he definitely makes a better foil than ally.  This is going to hurt.

Here’s the bottom line - I think it’s a good framework that only needs one tweak in the details to earn my vote (as if I had one).  I also think it’s the right set up for a winning argument going into 2012.


As the news was breaking, my initial reaction was positive. I made these comments on blogs across the nation as details emerged:

LibertyAtStake Penalizes Local TEA Party For Unnecessary Cheerleading

LibertyAtStake Lectures Dan Riehl on Independent Voter Patterns

LibertyAtStake Clarifies Grover Norquist is Not a Sesame Street Character

LibertyAtStake Deftly Merges Science-Fiction Classic With Economic Theory

LibertyAtStake Foreshadows Clearance Sale In Next Congress


As these comments state, in the stylized prose I’ve developed for this blog project, my priority on this going in was (and still is) effective defense in the last month of the Worst Congress in History – the 111th. Our offense gets the ball when the 112th is sworn in.

I’m “taking the long view” – in the words BHO himself used while instructing his Leftist base to accept the bitter pill of not getting their chance to soak the “rich” with confiscatory taxes (just yet).

My “long view” isn’t his “long view,” not by a long shot.  My “long view” is we conservatives need to maintain the trust of politically fickle (I might even say clueless) squishy moderates for a permanent coalition that is able to win elections. And these are the kind of people who are easily duped by Leftist messaging into believing that conservatives exist to protect the treasure chests full of gold every “rich” person no doubt has stashed under his or her bed. The kind of people who would in fact be accepting of that obnoxious message when they see more money coming out of their paychecks on the first payday of 2011.

The Agitator-In-Chief delivered exactly this messaging even with the deal made – stating our side’s “holy grail” was “protecting the rich.”   Don’t think for a minute he doesn’t have that same line teed up for an angrier audience, if the deal doesn’t go through.   And don’t think he doesn’t have an even more incendiary version of the obnoxious “hostage takers” rhetoric for that audience, either.

He is, of course, a petty demagogue on both points.  But my point is this class-warfare demagoguery is the best political arrow in his quiver, and we should not allow him to deploy it right here, right now.


Well, the Agitator-In-Chief’s prediction everyone would find something not to like became an instantly self-fulfilling prophecy.   Let’s examine the reaction on the Right first, through the media influences I personally took while going about my own daily drudgery.

Three of my TEA party aligned heroes came out hard against.

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) seemed to object most to what he calls the “temporary” two year timeline on the deal. His stump speech line is “we don’t need a temporary economy.” Well, the last time I checked, a new Congress meets precisely every two years. And each and every time, this new Congress holds the Damocles’ Sword of tweaking the tax code over our heads.  So, this objection is an absolute non-starter with me. A secondary objection seems to be the hole blown in the deficit when you do the accounting on the deal in isolation. As I’ve stated, I came into the deal assuming that we take care of spending once the 112th is sworn in.   So this argument is weak with me.

I downloaded and listened to the audio recordings of the Monday night and Tuesday night broadcasts for Mark Levin (radio host – national).   The “Great One” as usual made a number of brilliant points, including the obvious observation the latest Unemployment Insurance (UI) extension makes it “welfare” plain and simple.  True enough – but running around calling it that right now will insult people who need that “welfare” solely because they are victims of BHO's dysconomy. Not smart politically right now. Mr. Levin's main substantive objection was not paying for the UI extension, the Social Security withholding cut (employee half only), and also tax credits to people who pay no taxes at all (since Barry held our side "hostage" to his Progressive “holy grail” of redistributing income to a dependency class). While on one particular roll, Levin said, (paraphrasing) “why not turn Barry’s class warfare argument against him and cut so-called ‘middle class’ taxes while we’re at it.” I like it – as a 2012 campaign argument to simply cut everybody’s taxes.  Taking the “long view” is less distasteful to me than engaging in a double-reverse class-warfare argument.  Mark these words - the economy will not improve under the constant threat of this administration.  The country will be ready for serious pro-growth policies by 2012.  I also think the Social Security sop brings to the fore, to conservative’s advantage, an argument for radically reforming the Ponzi scheme known as Social Security.

Mr. Levin had Conservative Warrior Princess Michele Bachmann (R-MN) on his Tuesday night show, during which time she pounded home the TEA Party “It’s the Spending Stupid” message. That’s where I finally decided I could modify my position slightly.

Let’s just make sure Barry’s new spending is explicitly paid for in the details used to fill in the framework for this deal. Upon additional reflection, I think the standard issue clueless squishy moderate is actually capable of grasping this extra detail – and will also hold the Donkey party responsible if they can’t find the so-called “Pay Fors” prior to January 1st. We can use this 2009 video as extra leverage:

So, that’s it – that’s the right move:  the framework as announced, plus paying for BHO’s redistributive freebies.  Let’s see what happens.    Only 22 days until taxes rise on everyone, in a lousy economy.  Just remember who’s been in charge with supermajorities.

Taking a look at the Left's unhinged reaction to this deal will have to wait for another day.  I have daily drudgery to attend to.  Maybe I should review my tax withholding strategy.

Update 12/10/2010

I can always count on Progressives to raise my blood pressure as more details emerge from their plans. When I recommended “…the framework as announced, plus paying for BHO’s redistributive freebies…” I meant the framework as announced – NOT the framework as announced plus a bunch of hidden easter eggs containing even more deficit spending on useless crap.

Wind and solar grants – AYFKM? Isn’t that what the Department of Energy does all year already?

While muttering under my breath on the drive home from work, I came up with the right positioning for the GOP. They can thank me later. (a) Anything that does not directly reflect on an individual’s W2 is flatly not acceptable at all to be included. (b) Anything that does reflect on a W2 must be paid with matching federal reductions in something else. This is the line in the sand. The desperate hail-mary sales pitches of disgraced former impeached Presidents notwithstanding.

Meanwhile, the sausage making continues in the opinion class.

Charles Krauthammer thinks Barry swindled the GOP. He’s right if they fail to take my advice to insist on “paygo.” He’s wrong if they do.

This heretofore unknown (to me) commentator thinks Barry swindled himself. He’s right if they take my advice to insist on “paygo.” He’s wrong if they don’t.


Or maybe not. Knowing the proper pace at which to bring along the great unwashed masses is a black art at best. If you are reading this, and get it, TALK TO THESE PEOPLE! 


And even more fun house mirror sausage making.  "...simplifying the system, hopefully lowering rates, broadening the base..."?  Shouldn't people who actually believe in such things be crafting the plans?


Update 12/13/2010

One last round up of ‘opinionation’ on the deal – just for the historical record.

Weekly Standard blogger finds LibertyAtStake’s Final Position Out of Step With the Public

The Maverick Who Never Met a Compromise He Didn’t Like

Wall Street Journal Agrees With LibertyAtStake:  A ‘Deal is a Deal’

House Dems Threaten to Sink Deal So GOP Can Write a Better One in January (You Go, Girl!)

Congressional Smart Guy Makes LibertyAtStake Feel Better About Initially Taking the Long View
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

“Stupid or Treasonous?” Revisited

My January 4, 2010 post (title: “Stupid or Treasonous”) began with this paragraph:

A number of news stories broke while our President was vacationing in his alleged birth place of Hawaii. The composite has me asking myself a question: “Is this administration full of idiots, or full of traitors?”

That very same post ended with the projection “…the next Congress will have almost no choice but to draft articles of impeachment – whether the executive is dangerously stupid or treasonous, it just won't matter.


75 written posts, untold gazillions of posts and articles read, one mid-term election, and eleven months later – and I am left asking myself:  “why did I bother?”  I could have allocated a lot more time to my family, or to doing things much less taxing than managing this blog in my spare time, by just picking the thread back up here and now.

Because as predicted by me – and of course richly supported by the 75 posts in between – the malfeasant foreign policy of this administration is lately “coming home to roost” (as his pastor of twenty years put it at 2:09 of the linked video).   In fact the cavalcade of events lately is enough to make a guy start researching a little something some call the “New World Order.”

No, not these guys - as entertaining as they once were for me and millions of others.

I’m actually talking about this cabal of Leftists, and their fellow travelers.

(Art work by my sixth grade son.  Proud to be raising young conservatives in my household.  Also, thankful he is sophisticated enough to use the trial version of software packages when that is all he needs.)


Google “New World Order” and a dizzying array of conspiracy theories appears right before your very eyes.  These include conspirators belonging to ancient  European secret societies, conspirators meeting at your local Mason’s Temple,  working from within the US intelligence bureaucracy, shaping UN resolutions, manipulating Federal Reserve policy, and hatching all manner of globalist schemes – and that’s just this one page.

My own view is that any conspiracy of three or more conspirators (as well as half of those consisting of exactly two) is doomed to reveal itself the moment any of the conspirators is separated out for isolated questioning. Maybe it was the influence of my cop/detective father.

However, I learned something else from observing the operations of my cop/detective father – “follow the money.”  Money trails have a way of tying together like-minded people, allowing us to identify who to single out for isolated questioning about whom.

Using that generationally imparted wisdom - I’m pretty sure the best guy to put under the hot light for interrogation is George Soros.


George Soros is one scary dude with one hell of a big pile of cash to spread around, which he has built up using very amoral methods.

Soros has a history of Nazi Sympathy.  He has been quoted as saying his participation on the wrong side of the Holocaust creates no guilty feelings for him, amazingly.  That makes him one reptilian bastard, as far as I'm concerned.

Soros also has a history of using his riches to to crash currencies, so he can play the currency market to further enrich himself.   How very reptilian.  Or clinically narcissistic.   Or nihilist, one might finally conclude - Nihilism being the philosophy the Narcissist would naturally gravitate toward.

The dollar would appear to be his next target.  We can start by taking him at his word, in his recent acceptance speech for the Globalist of the Year Award.  (Is this award, and Soros' acceptance speech, red meat for conspiracy theorists, or what?)

Mr. Soros’ interest in diminishing American geopolitical influence and devaluing the dollar as a currency is shared by dictators and Nihilists around the world.


Fellow Nihilist Julian Assange is on a tear dropping information bombs embarrassing to the US (hat tip: Weekly Standard’s Happy Hour Links).    Glenn Beck is following the moneyThe Left is going ape-shit over Beck’s inquiries, which must mean he’s on to something.  Joseph Klein at News Real Blog is doing some good investigative leg work on the Soros-WikiLeaks connection, as well.
Soros has a history of funding left wing media and fund raising organizations, with Mr. John Podesta as one of his chief executives in this empire.  Soros’ latest investment in American media is, in fact, the government-funded National Public Radio.

Soros is also connected to America’s most powerful left wing unionist, Andrew Stern.  This makes Stern America's most powerful Left Wing lobbyist, as evidenced by the White House's open door policy he enjoys.

The other statist dictators depicted are, of course, treating our own Narcissist-In-Chief like a doormat in the high-stakes confidence game known as foreign relations. This game has an awful lot in common with every schoolyard – weakness begets contempt (a concept our NWO wrestling friends could dissertate on quite entertainingly). The interesting question is whether our own Narcissist-In-Chief is “useful idiot” or “willful collaborator” to these supposed NWO operatives.


It’s a tough puzzle to pull apart - still, two years into the Presidency of the man who will not release his transcripts or original birth certificate. In other words, the difficult question that bears existentially on the American republic still remains “Is Barack Hussein Obama stupid or treasonous?” I and several other patriots recently debated this very question on the excellent blog known as Legal Insurrection – as we are compelled to ask this question for the umpteenth time during the First Reign of the Empty Suit Who Would Be Emperor – this time related to the WikiLeaks affair.

I’m not sure we’ll ever tease apart this puzzle before the First Reign of the Empty Suit Who Would Be Emperor comes to an end. And I hold to my January 2010 prediction that this Reign is likely to come to a premature end due to impeachment proceedings. These proceedings are likely to be compelled by regulatory overreach on the domestic politics side – see my November 28, 2010 post (title: “Contemporary Politics and Newton’s Three Laws (Part 11)”) for the set up. A full member of the NWO is demanding it.
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Contemporary Politics and Newton’s Three Laws of Motion (Part 11)

“And Awaaay We Go”

BHO and the Progressives have wasted no time kicking off the second half of the First Reign of the Empty Suit That Would Be Emperor. Having seen the legislative route to their subjugation of America closed on November 2nd; they are now already pressing hard to assert their control via the Executive branch’s machinery. These unreformed statists are, perfectly in character, going about this business in the manner of heavy-handed despots. Strap in folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


The most visible and high profile manifestation of the new political gestalt is, of course, the Great Don’t Touch My Junk Affair of 2010. In this theatre of the absurd an army of bureau-weenies with ill-fitting uniforms perform humiliating warrantless strip searches on gaggles of traveling “sheeples,” so our government can make ridiculous claims to be keeping those “sheeples” safe, even while it carefully avoids profiling the wolves in their midst to maintain compliance with the suicidal dictates of Political Correctness.

I love “sheeples” as a word, as it gracefully merges “sheep” and “people” to describe those among us who are satisfied to consent to any outrage or abuse, as long as it originates from a source of “authority.” I’ve heard this word employed recently and eloquently by numerous conservative commentarians, including Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter. In the conservative blogosphere we even have our very own valued contributor “No Sheeples Here.” I can’t think of a better early nominee for next year’s word of year. The upcoming year should be all about deciding whether or not America will decline into a nation of sheeple.

Or, as it relates to this specific issue, and as the Strata-Sphere site puts it; whether we prefer to be molested or to be “profiled.” I choose profiling – it used to be simply known as good police work, after all. In fact, profiling is at the core of the very successful, and far less intrusive, Israeli approach to airline security. What the Israelis know that our hopelessly inept TSA apparatus does not know is: “the thing is not the thing,” or even better, “bombs don’t kill, the Radical Islamists who stuff bombs in their pants do.” Inconveniencing everyone in an endless game of hide and seek is a fool’s errand. The common sense response is old fashioned detective work that zeroes in on the suspects with the motivations – that is, profiling. The Israelis have been doing it very effectively for the better part of fifty years. I’m thinking, for example, that “profiling” had a little something to do with this FBI success that just broke in the news.

And if the alternative is outrageously blood-boiling petty brown-shirtism from my government, then I am ready and willing to push back against this so-called “authority” – hard, real hard. So is this guy. Sorry, we’re not buying any *bs* excuses about TSA employees “just doing their jobs.”

View this and tell me if you feel safer with these ass clowns "doing their jobs."

And this is no isolated incident. Here’s a representative sample of links (to links, to links), just for the historical record:


Here’s hoping there’s enough Patriots out there to counteract the acquiescence of the sheeples. BHO and the Progressives are counting on us failing. Like good little statists, they have many other outrages planned to help ensure this outcome.

For one thing, they lust after Internet censorship. So much so, they are even willing to use the DHS “security” apparatus to chase down copyright violations on the Internet. Why DHS for this? It makes no sense – copyright enforcement is a civil matter. The commenter @gitarcarver deftly deploys “workaround” as a euphemism for “unconstitutional power grab.” Prepare to see many more such “workarounds” attempted over the next two years.


Previously on this blog I have, with my usual brilliant insight, identified 2009 as a great year for the First Amendment and correctly predicted 2010 would be a fine year for the Tenth Amendment. 2011 is shaping up to be a good year for the Fourth Amendment. So far, this progression has not required We The People to bring the Second Amendment to bear - but BHO and the Progressives sure are making it hard, aren’t they?


Here’s one of those “you just can’t make this stuff up” posts. What’s special about this one is the exceptionally long train of snarky comments from observers who are clearly not sheeples.

I’d be honored to be ranked in the middle of this snarkapalooza’s pack.  It gives me hope for the future of the republic.

Update 11/30/10

Upon further editorial review, I should have concluded the TSA discussion with a paragraph on this administration’s pattern of stubbornness in the face of public opinion, and how that pattern contributes toward the inevitability of a history-book-rattling collision with the American public. These posts would have provided the supporting evidence.

If you hold an airline ticket, you might be a “domestic extremist.”

Administration decides full cavity searches go too far (that’s awful big of ‘em).
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jack Wiley Dithers Exclusive: The New JournoListers Chat Room

Our cracker-jack investigative journalism team has infiltrated a password protected chat room hosted on the domain.

The members of this chat room are carefully vetted for liberal bias, and they refer to themselves as the “New JournoListers.” Our source has provided the following transcript excerpt from the New Journolisters’ online chat on election night, November 2nd of 2010.


Administrator, 7:04 pm ET: The chat room is now open.

Joe Klein, 7:05 pm ET:  Source says Rangel winning easily.  Things seem to be setting up for big gains by Democrats.

David Wiegel, 7:05 pm ET:  Teabaggers going down tonight!

Ezra Klein, 7:06 pm ET:  Watch the language, Wiegel.

Paul Krugman, 7:07 pm ET:  St. Keynes will be pleased - tonight we vindicate Stimulus spending.

Maureen Dowd, 7:08 pm ET:  @Krugman: The President was born in Hawaii!  Not Kenya!

Paul Krugman, 7:08 pm ET: @Dowd:  {sigh}

David Brooks, 7:09 pm ET:  Looks like a big night for the Educated Class.

Jeffrey Toobin, 7:35 pm ET:  Reports are Coons will pull it out in Delaware.

David Brooks, 7:36 pm ET:  Chalk one up for the Educated Class!

Jonathan Cohn, 7:37 pm ET:  Off topic – has anybody discovered the identity of LibertyAtStake?

Maureen Dowd, 7:38 pm ET:  @Cohn: We know his zip code is 22308.

Spencer Ackerman, 7:39 pm ET:  @Dowd:  That’s on his home page, ditz.  How are we supposed to smash an entire zip code through a plate glass window?

Ezra Klein, 7:40 pm ET:  Let’s get back on topic, people.


Joe Klein, 8:05 pm ET:  Blumenthal should beat McMahon in Connecticut.

David Brooks, 8:06 pm ET:  Educated Class hates wrestling.  No chants of “USA!” tonight.

Frank Rich, 8:07 pm ET:  Has anybody been watching the House returns?

Jonathan Cohn, 8:08 pm ET:  I was hoping nobody would bring that up.

Eugene Robinson, 8:09 pm ET:  Racist Tea Party must be fixing the machines.  Holder must investigate.

Jonathan Chait, 8:10 pm ET: I’ve already got my investigative team on it.  Dialing Holder’s blackberry now.


Maureen Dowd, 9:05 pm ET:  What is wrong with America?

 David Brooks, 9:05 pm ET:  No education.

Eugene Robinson, 9:05 pm ET:  Racism.

Frank Rich, 9:06 pm ET:  They watch racist Fox.

Paul Krugman, 9:06 pm ET:  The stingy bastards never spend enough.

Jeffrey Toobin, 9:07 pm ET:  House doesn’t matter.  Keep all eyes on Senate.

Ezra Klein, 9:08 pm ET:  Toobin is right – gotta keep the GOP below 60 in upper chamber.


Joe Klein, 10:05 pm ET:  Fox is reporting some kind of Harry Reid smear.  Power outage in Nevada – implication is Reid cheating.

Eugene Robinson, 10:06 pm ET:  Racist bastards at Fox must be lying.

Frank Rich, 10:07 pm ET:  @Robby:  Reid is white, so can't know for sure if Fox reporting is actually racist.  Let’s debate this off line some time.

Jonathan Chait, 10:08 pm ET: NR reports Harrah’s pressuring employees to vote for Reid.  Could be racist.  I’ll have someone check out HR records.

Spencer Ackerman, 10:09 pm ET:  Throw all the racist bastards through plate glass windows!

Ezra Klein, 10:09 pm ET:  Take a chill pill, Ackerman.


Joe Klein, 11:05 pm ET:  Boxer looks like a winner in California.

David Brooks, 11:05 pm ET:  California comes thru as the Educated Class’s firewall.

David Wiegel, 11:06 pm ET:  Teabaggers will be sad tomorrow.

Ezra Klein, 11:06 pm ET:  Wiegel, I’m warning you!

Spencer Ackerman, 11:07 pm ET:  Let’s change the topic to Democrat legislative agenda for next session.

David Wiegel, 11:07 pm ET:  Defund Fox!

Ezra Klein, 11:07 pm ET:  Fox is privately held, Dave.

Jonathan Cohn, 11:08 pm ET:  Repeal DADT!

Paul Krugman, 11:09 pm ET:  More Stimulus!

Administrator, 11:10 pm ET: The chat room server is coming down for maintenance in five minutes.
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