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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

LibertyAtStake's SOTU Drinking Game

Drinking Games related to specific words expected to be repeated during the empty and predictable pontifications of the Empty Suit Known As Barack Hussein Obama during SOTU 2014 have been designed by the multitudes. Why is this necessary? Here's my drinking advice of the moment ... whatever it takes to keep from throwing something through your TV. The bum has no gas left in his tank.

Update 9:25 pm The golf claps are just overwhelming.

Update 9:55 pm The ObamaKare pitch devolves into bad stand up comedy.

Update 10:15 pm By orders of magnitude, we get the biggest applause line. The Community-Agitator-In-Chief is reduced to basking in the reflected glory of the wounded war vet.

Update 10:20 pm That was excruciating. Hope your TV survived. Hope you aren't too hung over for work tomorrow. If you still have a job in Barry's Dysconomy, that is.

Update - 9:30 am in the harsh light of the following morning The awful spectacle might have left less of a scar had I been following Greg Gutfeld on Twitter.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Archiving 'This Just In' (12/26/13 - 1/15/14): If BHO's Pen Was As Powerful As He Thinks It Is, Gitmo Would Be Closed

Now we are being told the petty little tyrant in the White House "has a pen" - and he intends to use it to issue a flurry of executive orders designed to close the "income inequality" gap his policies have widened. Where to begin? A rant on the compound interest of unintended consequences to be accrued from the ham fisted statist instincts of the socialist Left? Not today. Should I make the easiest prediction ever? That is, BHO's childish concept of "governance" (in a kind of 'Lord of the Flies' raw power abuse way) has now guaranteed his economy will officially suck for his entire two terms in office. Nah. Let's keep it simple. Maybe he should finish his January 22, 2009 executive order to close Gitmo before launching any new projects. A clueless demagogue can only multitask so much.
Jack Wiley Dithers' old cohort in DC journalistic debauchery, Scoops Delacroix, has gone soft and departed the DC rat race. When reached for comment, JWD said "Meh. More booze for me."
According to our pundits and pontificators, the Democrats will be railing non-stop about "income inequality" in the run up to the 2014 midterm elections - even though the gap between rich and poor has dramatically widened under five years of Democrat policies (stimulus, crony bail outs, crony hand outs, regulation, more regulation, and did I mention more regulation, and finally unemployment extensions made necessary by the previously listed policies). It's as if the Mighty Casey, after taking his mighty swing and missing for all to see, went around afterward blaming the pitcher for a lack of offense in Mudville.
This just in ... Global Warming "scientists" finally rescued from being trapped by Antarctic ice they didn't expect. They were in search of data proving the Earth is dangerously heating, but instead produced a news event once again proving the the lame stream media's left wing bias.
New Year's Day 2014. No ObamaKare riots visible yet from where I sit. Give it a little time, 2014 will be a long, hot year. And I'm not talking about the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) hoax. Just ask the AGW enthusiasts of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition ... now ironically frozen in place by the expanding ice sheet of Antartica. It's summer down there, don't you know.
New Year's Eve is upon us. Or, as my cop father called it ... amateur night. If you are a professional who usually does your drinking at home, like me, tonight is no night to change your modus operandi. It's gonna be wild out there on the roads tonight.
Harvard government and sociology professor agrees with what I've been saying for three and a half years on this blog ... TEA Party movement not going anywhere anytime soon. Memo to Establishment DC hacks in both parties: The clock is ticking on our present two party system consisting of the party of government and the other party of government. Resistance is futile.
Read the comment thread on this American Thinker post - GOP Establishment's War on It's Base. The battle for control of The Other Party of Government - the one labeled (R) - is on in earnest. May the grass roots conservative insurrection against the hacks of the Establishment GOP succeed in pulling the GOP back to the federalist principles of the founding. Let the corporatist wing of the GOP sleep with the big gov / big biz progressives of the Donkey Party, where they belong.
This Breitbart post - Eight Ways to Opt Out of ObamaCare - could be the most important thing you read or have read for a very long time. May you live long and prosper. And not just because Spock says so.
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