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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Lessons of the NY-26 Special Election

Or …
Liberty vs. Tyranny 2012, Lessons (5:6)
*Because the stakes are that biblical*

These lessons are not what most of the dolts who comprise the criminally biased MSM have told you they are over the past week. This collection of mindless lemmings has rushed to another superficial and ultimately meaningless groupthink conclusion. This over credentialed gaggle of pseudo intellectuals has concluded this one very special election represents a pattern for the upcoming general election – even after actually living through (in recent memory!), the 2009 NY-23 special election and 2010 general election. Pavlov’s dog was smarter, for chrissake.


First of all, the so-called “conventional wisdom” (aka “me-too-itis”) – as exemplified by this completely useless David Gergen piece – is tantamount to accepting the end of the republic. Gergen and the rest of his useless gaggle is recommending to both political parties that they should not go near Medicare, one of the two biggest unfunded entitlements (Social Security being the other) driving our national debt spiral.

The 2009 NY-23 special election had a completely inverse relationship to the results of the 2010 midterm elections. I, LibertyAtStake, shall now explain why the same will be true of NY-26 and 2012 – provided We The People continue the learning curve we began around TEA Party season 2009, and the GOP establishment manages somehow to catch up to us.


They (Demo-hacks and criminally biased MSM) also think NY-26 is somehow a template for massive Democrat gains in 2012. This “analysis” (charitably stated) is utterly destroyed by two utterly obvious observations:

1. No way in hell can the Demo-hack party run a fake TEA Party candidate in every 2012 race. This corrupt strategy simply does not scale.

2. While it may be the case the Demo-hacks can win with an intellectually dishonest “MediScare” platform today, it may not be the case in 18 months – depending upon how well the real lessons (following) are applied, if you please.


Lesson 1: The modern Democrat Party is corrupt, period.

The modern Democrat Party is willing to run a false flag candidate, as long as it means they are “winning!” (per Charlie Sheen).

The modern Democrat Party is willing to tell flat out lies about their opponents’ plans , as long as it means they are “winning!” (per Charlie Sheen).

Just for the record, the false flag candidate is one Jack Davis. And the lie (in this case) they will repeat again and again is this: the Paul Ryan plan affects current retirees and ObamaCare does not. The exact opposite is true. The Paul Ryan plan touches no one above the age of 55, and ObamaCare removes $500 Billion (half a trillion dollars) from Medicare right now.

The Demo-hack party is quite simply third world corrupt. (Kudos to radio man Chris Plante for his clever formulation: “the Third Worlding of America”). The Demo-hack party actually places winning elections above the morality of simply being truthful.

They prove it every day with the vicious demagogic ads full of falsehoods they run every cycle, including this obnoxious recent example:


Lesson 2: The criminally biased MSM is corrupt, period.

The criminally biased MSM, in case it’s not obvious yet, is working directly for the Demo-hack party.

I shall support this assertion with a challenge. Send me any article or post (via comments or email, I just don't care) by the criminally biased MSM that makes either of the two factual points above – i.e. Jack Davis’ false flag impact and the truth about your Granny’s status as of today. I know you David Plouffe trolls are waiting in the wings, show me something for a change – but be prepared for the “exception proving the rule” defense (if you even get that what I mean).

As a matter of fact I believe I’ll open the engagement with a pre-emptive “exception proves the rule” strike - with this simple Google search ….

Search executed 2011-05-28, 7:28 PM.

Find the exception if you can, trolls ...


Lesson 3: The public at large is still far too gullible – still far too susceptible to Demo-hack lies as amplified by the criminally biased MSM.

Here I point to one element of the “conventional wisdom” that should be heeded – for the sake of the republic. Far too many citizens with voting rights still fall for Demo-hack lies. There remains a deep information deficit amongst those who live among us with voting rights. (Ameliorative topic for another post: the No Representation Without Taxation Amendment)

When 70% of people who say they support the TEA Party oppose reforming a program that is bleeding the republic dry, methinks they have something to learn about just what it is they think they are supporting. Those of us driving the Conservative Ascendancy still have a lot of heavy lifting to do, period. The fate of the republic depends upon it. Educate, inform, proselytize. Defeat the lies.

Maybe start with this crisp data point provided by a blogger from NY-25: The Lonely Conservative.


Lesson 4: The GOP had better take off the gloves … or all hell may break loose throughout the republic.

The hapless establishment GOP is still waging politics by the Queensbury Rules. The Demo-hack party, or more accurately the Left, has been bringing brass knuckles, knives, and loaded guns to this fight - from at least the moment they invented the verb ‘to bork.’ The hapless establishment GOP had been getting its collective ass handed to it as a result – until 2010. The unique aspect of the 2010 election season was an infusion of fighting spirit from a nationwide uprising of TEA Party patriots, who wisely determined using the previously empty husk of the GOP as their political party was a winning strategy in 2010.

It is still the best strategy going into 2012, in my opinion. Unfortunately, I had hoped this opinion would be unarguable by this point in the Conservative Ascendancy. It is not – because the establishment GOP is still (disappointingly) the weak sister in this partnership.

Memo to GOP: We cannot afford to have you put up any more RINOs. Jane Corwin is the perfect example of who *not* to run. She was inarticulate, squishy, and unpersuasive on the big issue - Medicare. You know the Demo-hacks are going to demagogue Medicare from now until election day 2012. It’s in their DNA, period. The Conservative Ascendancy needs articulate spokes people, who also possess a fighting spirit. We need people who are willing and able to take the argument directly to the Demo-hacks. And I mean directly. No quarter, no compromise – because none will be given. For chrissake, you’ve been having your ass handed to you for 20 some odd years – are you even smarter than Pavlov’s dog?

And besides, if you lose the respect and trust of the TEA Party patriots … you will hand the Left exactly what it seeks to exploit … anarchy.


A round up of professional Analyzers and Opinionators who see eye to eye with LibertyAtstake …

O’Connell and Pearson on Lessons 1 and 4.

Mona Charen on Lessons 1 and 4.

Linda Chavez on Lessons 1 and 3.

Jonah Goldberg on Lesson 4 (with a nice battle analogy – you know LAS liked that).

Carlson and Patel on Lessons 1 and 4.

Lesson 2 shall stand on my challenge to readers and trolls.  Bring it on, [removed by adminsistrator].

Update 5/31/2011

The long Memorial day weekend has dropped an object lesson in Lesson 2 into our national lap (so to speak). Watch the ironically named Democrat congressman with a taste for young party girls, and a lack of control over his social media technology, get a pass from the criminally biased MSM. Join the search for justice initiated by a senior member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.  My sense is the final spin depends on Mrs. Weiner - which surely cannot portend well for Representative Weiner.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jack Wiley Dithers Exclusive: Bibi Schools Barry

My Mossad contact has provided me with a transcript of the private meeting between Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday, May 20, 2011.  I have no knowledge of how he acquired it.  And if questioned under oath, I will plead Fifth Amendment privilege.  Our staff of highly trained Analyzers have authenticated the source material.
Netanyahu:  “What the hell were you thinking?  1967?  Really?”
Obama: “Valerie told me that’s what you agreed to.”
Netanyahu:  “Who’s Valerie?”
Obama: “My advisor.”
Netanyahu: “If she’s advising you on Israel, why haven’t I heard of her?”
Obama: “I dunno. Let’s get her in here right now.  She’ll show you.”
{intercom comes on}
Obama: “David.  David?”
Unidentified voice: “This is Monica, David’s intern.”
Obama: “Where’s David?”
Unidentified voice: “Ummmm….temporarily indisposed, sir.  May I assist?”
Obama: “Please summon Valerie Jarrett to the Oval Office, please.”
Unidentified voice: “Sir, remember?  She’s delivering the keynote to the Socialist Workers Collective Union Party Conference today.”
Obama: “Ah yes.”
{intercom off}
Netanyahu: “Good God, it’s worse than I thought.  OK, Barry, listen up and listen good …”
Obama:  “How dare you address …”
Netanyahu: “Cut the crap N.W.O.  boy!  I need to make lunch with Eric Cantor.  If you make me late to that, then I’ll really be pissed.  Now, here’s the deal – if you didn’t know it before, know it now and know it good … we define our borders, right of return is a dead letter, and no way in hell is Jerusalem ever going to be divided again.
Obama: “Hey, I think we can negotiate here, Bibi”
Netanyahu:  “That’s ‘Prime Minister’ to you N.W.O. boy.  Listen, I don’t care what you say to save face.  Just as long as you make two points to AIPAC on Sunday, and I’ll take it from there.  Number one – the negotiation is strictly bi-lateral, got it?”
Obama: “What’s Kevin Jennings got to do with this?”
Netanyahu:  {sigh}  “That means no U.N. role – strictly between Israel and Palestine.  Number two – There is no negotiation until the Palestinians formally recognize Israel’s right to exist.  Got it?”
Obama:  “I’ll get Valerie on it right away.”
Netanyahu: {sigh} “I’ll be watching on Fox.  Don’t screw this up.”
Obama:  “And if I don’t?”
Netanyahu: “Mossad?  Pictures?  You, Soros, Ayers, Riviera, Speedos?”
Obama: “Oh.”


Inspired by (pictures clickable) ….

… and …

Update 5/25/11

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Does The Road From Cairo To Foggy Bottom Go Through Tehran?

Have you heard? The Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama gave a major policy speech on Thursday morning, to an audience consisting of the republic’s Department of State diplomats and bureau-weenies. I was unable to catch it in real time – pinned down as I was a mere two Metro stops away, looking after my tiny and insignificant slice of Barry’s dysconomy.

Eventually that afternoon, I had the opportunity to read the text, courtesy of Wall Street Journal Online. I was only able to take out enough time to read it about ¾ of the way through. This initial contact gave me the sense that the speech was a great big nothing-burger, a real “yawner,” which is the speech Heritage’s James Jay Carafano apparently saw in real time.


Then during the day, something started happening on my personalized Google home page and my blog roll. This particular something sent me from “yawn” to “wtf?!?” – in the manner an amplifier can be sent from one to eleven simply by turning a knob. Posts from others began appearing that made clear the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama had saved the best for last – presuming to instruct Israel it must withdraw to its’ 1967 borders. A more naked abandonment of an ally one could hardly imagine.

This information moved my thinking forward to the sentiment expressed by the following comment I wrote on the Daily Caller site:

Initial Reaction from LAS: (1) Barry voted “present” on “Arab Spring” – if classically liberal democracy miracously emerges, the soaring but empty rhetoric allows him to swoop in and claim Great Man credit, but if (much more likely) Islamist rule emerges the foreign aid proposals just continue the line of pandering started in Cairo; and (2) Barry never misses a chance to throw Israel under the bus. There is toasting happening in official Tehran right now.


I was unable to record this comment until 10:08 pm on Thursday because I had some “required fun” to attend earlier that evening – namely a high school band concert, in which my eldest son participated as first chair bassoonist. (The boy can shred a bassoon – let me tell you).

While silently taking in the talented utes’ musical exertions – Gershwin, Mancini, Sousa, and such – I allowed my mind to wander across the landscape of this topic. One of the many connections I made during this period of silent reflection was a new label (as far as I know) for BHO – the Tehranian President – you know, in the spirit of the Manchurian Candidate.


The outline for this post really took shape the next morning, when I was driving back into the office, and I heard Chris Plante start his radio show with a bit of grade-A snark implying BHO is in fact the 12th Iman

During the day on Friday, I literally jotted down the outline itself.


I mean, really, ask yourself – what has BHO done that is any different than a hypothetical US President secretly working in Tehran’s interests would do?

Kick off term of Office with major speech pandering to the region

Take Palestinian negotiating position on Israeli settlements

Offer no support to democracy protestors demanding regime change in Iran

Turn a blind eye while Iranian Islamist regime builds a nuclear weapons program

Throw Egyptian secular regime under the bus, creating a vacuum Islamists may yet fill

Pursue policies to repeat previous in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, and Syria

Assassinate UBL - when finally utterly unavoidable

Bend over backwards to give UBL a proper Islamist burial

Take Palestinian negotiating position on Israeli borders


And so, I come back to the framework of my ‘Stupid or Treasonous?’ series. The only way to square BHO’s actions with the notion he’s the “smartest guy in the room” is to conclude he is double-dealing.

And if this comment thread on Frank Gaffney’s recent Big Peace article is any indication, the citizenry at large is catching on.


But, at least for now, this is not BHO’s top problem. His immediate problem is that Benjamin Netanyahu is in town. Bibi – as his friends call him – is no BHO. Bibi is a stand up guy. Bibi also has the support of a lot of Americans wise enough to stand with the only established democracy in the region. Oh, and an American Presidential candidate, too.  And Bibi has been schooling Barry while in town, with more to come.

Things are really, really, interesting right now ….

Meanwhile in Venezuela

Update 5/22/11

I just managed to catch BHO’s speech to AIPAC in real time – via Fox News. Overall - much better. The pander on commitment to Israeli security appeared genuine, though with this guy who can really tell? The clarification on his Thursday remarks wasn’t bad, though one yearns for a POTUS who doesn’t need to clarify the firestorms he creates so often.

Most importantly, he hit the right note on the only two points that really matter (to the negotiation process, that is): (1) The UN has absolutely no role to play here – it must be a two party agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, and (2) Negotiations are meaningless until the Palestinians formally recognize Israel’s right to exist.

Maybe Bibi slipped Barry a teleprompter draft when they met privately Friday …. ;)
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stuck on Keynesian Stupid

In my most recent post, “Barry’s Pyrrhic Victory Lap,” I explained why the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama running for re-election on newly manufactured national security credentials is an absurdity.

Now I shall explain why BHO may have no choice but to run on this absurdity - all the way to “Shellacking II,” scheduled for November 6, 2012.

The explanation is summarized by the following Lisa Benson cartoon, and this simple truth we are all living in real time – BHO’s economy sucks. And it will continue to suck as long as he remains in office, because BHO and the Progressives are stuck on Keynesian stupid.


Before I explain in further detail, I offer to the reader a very clever YouTube video that is very educational on three points in a very entertaining format: (1) the assumptions underlying the macroeconomic theory of John Maynard Keynes, (2) the competing assumptions underlying the macroeconomic theory of Friedrich Hayek, and (3) the plain fact that policy makers have generally preferred Keynes’ ideas over Hayek’s ideas, despite a better record of performance from latter.

Keynesian economics is a top down, centrally managed, command driven, theory that assumes "experts" can direct capital where it is most needed in a complex market system. Hayek’s competing framework is a bottom up model based on the idea that trusting individuals to make independent decisions in their own self-interest produces the most good for the greatest number of people.

According the macro-economic theories of John Maynard Keynes, the $862 Billion stimulus package that was BHO’s first significant act should have had the US economy humming along beautifully by now. According to the theory, public “experts” pumping huge amounts of public cash into the private economy revitalizes the private economy - and BHO's stimulus was the biggest money pump in human history.

It didn’t work in the Great Depression of the 1930’s, it didn’t work for Japan in the 1990’s, and it’s not working now. The reason it never works is the false premise that government money pumped into the private economy is somehow “new” to the economy. A moment’s reflection exposes the fallaciousness of this premise. Governments only have two ways to raise revenue: (1) print new paper money, which is not actually new wealth, and is therefore inflationary (unless interest rates are artificially held down - which is the building stress fracture in US monetary policy right now), or (2) tax existing wealth out the private economy – which merely redistributes wealth from one set of private hands to another, with overhead built into the transfer to fund the government intervention itself. Governments simply produce no new wealth, ever.

Hayek, on the other hand, based his macroeconomic theories on the far more subtle notion of spontaneous order. That is, for my purposes here, the complex system of exchange between self-interested consumers and producers does something truly magical – it actually creates new wealth in the economic system merely via the exercise of economic activity. Every time a producer supplies a valuable product or service to a consumer, the fair market value the consumer provides back in exchange is economic activity. When government policy encourages and rewards economic activity, over time it results in measurable economic growth, which is good to one degree or another for everyone.

If you are thinking at this moment “show me the proof” – congratulations, you are a sentient being. Prepare to begin the chartapalooza.


It turns out our 40th President – Ronald Reagan - implemented policies inspired by the Hayek school of thought. It also turns out Mr. Reagan “inherited” a deep recession very similar to the one Mr. Obama told us at the beginning of his term he would fix with his Keynesian Stimulus package.

The Wall Street Journal recently compared the growth in GDP during the two officially measured “recoveries,” and found Messrs. Keynes and Obama to be lagging Messrs. Hayek and Reagan considerably. I took the Journal’s numbers, covering the first seven quarters of official “recovery,” and captured them in a very sophisticated charting system known as MS Excel. Here’s the chart for quarters one through seven. (I think I’ll bring this chart back, updated, each quarter moving forward. The trend will not change, trust me on that.)

And apparently, there is an inverse relationship between GDP growth and unemployment. Whoulda thunk it? The trend lines are the important part of the following data series, spanning the 21 months equating to the previously charted 7 quarters.


I’m not the only blogger who has been charting the economic wreckage the Keynesian impulses of BHO and the Progressives have inflicted upon the republic.

Doug Ross, on April 12, posted eight very troubling measures of this wreckage. Under Progressive stewardship dating back to the 2006 mid terms, the republic is deeply worse off on ALL of these measures: unemployment rate, price of gasoline, national debt, budget deficits, housing values, stock market values, employment rate, and consumer price index.

On May 9, Mr. Ross demonstrated when the government reports the economy stuck at 9% unemployment, Main Street actually feels 20% (or more).

On May 6, the Weekly Standard showed us how real wages are dropping for those still lucky enough to have a job. (Notice the positive curve slope for Reagan vs. the (charitably stated) flat curve slope for Obama so far)

So, who wants to debate the odds that the nation upon which the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama has visited all this wreckage will re-elect him?
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Barry’s Pyrrhic Victory Lap

The Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama has been running around the nation this week patting himself on the back for making a decision LibertyAtStake is confident no fewer than 80% of all Americans would have had no trouble making. He will find this victory lap to be pyrrhic.

I love the sensibility offered by the origins of the term ‘pyrrhic victory’ - probably because it connects with my own hyper-developed sense of irony. From the Greek literary tradition, I also like how it tangentially connects to the eastern concept of ‘Karma’ – that is, what one does today sets in motion unseen ripple effects in one’s future.

BHO has created some really bad Karma this week, for the only thing he really cares about all, his re-election in 2012.


For starters, after making the ‘gutsy’ decision almost no one would criticize, the week of celebrations exposed total incompetence in the most basic executive function – telling a consistent story.

On Wednesday, the Daily Caller gave us a thorough roundup of the inconsistencies to that date and a commentary with the perfect turn of phrase – victory lap in a clown car.

The follies continued, and on Saturday we had this wrap up from Michelle Malkin.

I mean, really, how hard is it to hold the internal meeting that ends with “that’s our story and we’re sticking to it”?


Also damaging to BHO’s re-election prospects in the immediate aftermath of History’s Most Obvious ‘Gutsy’ Decision is what it revealed about his character, and the character of his Leftist fellow travelers.

Even the liberal operative Lanny Davis noted this character defect. It is the Left’s absolute unwillingness to give President Bush any credit whatsoever for putting into place the very policy framework that made BHO’s victory lap possible.

In the spirit of my humble little blog project - which might be summarized as “returning fire in kind” – I have created the following little graphic to more accurately summarize the reality. Earlier this week I had it in my “Snark U.” space with the caption ‘Giving Credit Where Credit is Due.’

The Powerline Blog performed a deeper examination of the ungracious ingratitude demonstrated by BHO and the Progressives.

The character defect of the Left that prevents them from acknowledging President Bush's contribution is: for them all things are political. This mindset leads them easily into fits of intellectual dishonesty that are sometimes tortuous, and often humorous, to watch. In this particular case, acknowledging the now obviously established fact the intelligence trail that led to UBL started with enhanced interrogation would run counter to one of their central political narratives of the past ten years – therefore it cannot be acknowledged and must be whitewashed. The hemming and hawing they are now forced into will have negative political effects for them that are perfectly captured by this Eric Allie cartoon.

BHO himself displayed this very character defect when unexpectedly confronted with the plain fact his administration is engaged in making life a living hell for the very CIA interrogators who made his Sunday night I-Me-My speech possible. When 9-11 family member Debra Burlingame asked him politely to consider dropping the politically motivated charges on these men, Barry petulantly dismissed her.

Taking on his Leftist base by ensuring this case gets dropped immediately – now that would be real political courage. Which is why you won’t see it from BHO.


Also exposed in the discussions opened by Barry’s unseemly victory lap is the plain fact his administration has no idea what to do with enemy combatants captured in the War on Terror. This is why every mission is a kill mission – even for American citizens. (I love the line “[t]his week is the week we settle all family business” in the linked Hot Air article.)

The law enforcement centric policy they came into office with has been an abysmal failure, and they can’t fall back on it now for political reasons. They aren’t willing to use the interrogation or detention tools they inherited from the previous administration for political reasons. This means the loss of a vitally important intelligence capability. It also means this administration’s only option for every high value target is assassination. Including American citizens such as Anwar al-Awlaki – and I fault both the Bush and Obama administrations for failing to produce a due process for convicting this pig for treason.

Forthright discussion of these national security issues during the campaign will redound to the benefit of any candidate running against BHO that chooses to raise them.

Let’s hope the early reports that BHO and the Progressives plan to do just that are accurate.

Update 5/10/11

Speaking of bad Karma - the Agitator-In-Chief steps on his crank again while trawling for undocumented Democrat votes.

Update #2 5/10/2011

Just noticed the Karma thing connects to the family business thing because both connect to Michael Corleone.  Man I'm Good, Just Ask Me (MIGJAM).
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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Obligatory 'We Got UBL' Post

And I do mean we.

The initial raw intelligence that lead to getting UBL was the code name of a UBL associate, gleaned under George W. Bush's enhanced interrogation policy.

That raw intelligence was connected to a specific person by CIA analysts during George W. Bush's administration.

That person was tracked down to a location by CIA analysts during Barack H. Obama's administration.

That person's location turned out to be UBL's location.

US Navy SEALs did a magnificent job of taking UBL into custody (or his body, anyway).

Other members of our magnificent professional military no doubt performed the forensics necessary to establish beyond a shadow of doubt, for any but the most ardent conspiracy theorist, the body the SEALs took into custody was indeed UBL.

UBL's body was given an appropriately unceremonious and disgraceful internment as fish food.

The United States of America remains exceptional. At least when our elected leaders acknowledge we are, and allow us to be.


Oh yeah, and the question hangs - what did the Pakistani government know and when did they know it? They got some 'splainin to do regarding their true sympathies in the ongoing War on Terror.  Now comes the hard part for BHO.

Update 5/3/11

Even when BHO and the Progressives are doing the right thing, they can't help but do the wrong thing.  New reporting is informing us of this politically correct outrage - BHO actually went to great pains to make sure the mass murderer UBL was interned at sea according to Muslim tradition.  Memo to Barry:  Drop the stupid PC Muslim outreach thing - it's not working with them and it's not working with us.

Update #2 5/3/11

Just thinking about some other SEALs who have been in the news during this administration's reign of comedy.  Will Barry have a beer summit to thank Petty Officers Julio Huertas, Jonathan Keefe, and Matthew McCabe for their service?
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