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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Contemporary Politics and Newton's Three Laws of Motion (Part 14)

Given the pace at which your current administration’s foreign policy is spinning out of control, and the pace at which your current administration’s domestic policy is becoming increasingly lawless - this was a difficult post to organize in draft. It’s hard to keep up with a high speed train running off the rails.

At first, focusing on your current administration’s incompetent and feckless reaction to events in Egypt, I started down the path of making this post the third in my “Stupid or Treasonous?” series. I even had my sixth grade son prepare the following graphic in preparation.  (Side note: I paid him well below minimum wage for his services.  This could be an opening for Obama's Department of Labor to come after me.  Updates to follow as needed.)

Then my attention was caught by the mounting evidence of your current administration’s total disregard for the United States Constitution. As a result, I briefly considered instead making this post a direct follow up to my August 1, 2010 post (“When Your Government Goes Lawless”) – which examined this administration’s legal war on the government of Arizona.

Then it hit me. It was obvious – both themes are coming to a head simultaneously. It is therefore high time for Part 14 of the Newtonian F=m*a theme.

This administration is by now inarguably a profound mismatch to the nation it purports to govern. And the case for impeaching Barack Hussein Obama now has a strong foundation to build upon. In fact – I, LibertyAtStake – will go on record stating the evidence is already sufficient; all that remains is completing the project to awaken the American people to the threat Barack Hussein Obama presents to our constitutional republic - hopefully before he and his corrupt gang of Progressives wreck the whole damn place beyond any repair.


The “Stupid or Treasonous?” angle was easy to pick up on while international events unfolded recently.  Let’s just take a casual stroll through the Conservative blogosphere.

BHO Admin Dithers to Muslim Brotherhood's Advantage #1
BHO Admin Dithers to Muslim Brotherhood's Advantage #2

BHO Undercuts US Ally to Muslim Brotherhood’s Advantage #1
BHO Undercuts US Ally to Muslim Brotherhood’s Advantage #2
BHO Undercuts US Ally to Muslim Brotherhood’s Advantage #3

BHO Admin Ignores Security Threat On Southern Border #1
BHO Admin Ignores Security Threat On Southern Border #2

BHO Admin Betrays Closest Ally's Military Secrets #1
BHO Admin Betrays Closest Ally's Military Secrets #2

I imagine if we took a straw poll of the aforementioned contributors, “treasonous” would stand a very good chance of trumping “stupid.”  But – strictly as it relates to foreign policy matters – I am sticking to “stuck on stupid” as the prime explanation for what we are observing.  My prime reason being this:  domestic politics is everything for this corrupt gang, which leads them easily into the appearance of treason overseas.  Plus we’ve seen this act before in a slightly diluted form:

Now, don’t get me wrong – “stuck on stupid” in foreign affairs can have profoundly disastrous consequences for the republic.  It’s too bad the Founding Fathers lacked the foresight to craft a “gross incompetence” clause for impeachment.

The least of our concerns is bad enough – economy crippling rises in energy costs.  Or, looked at through my cracked prism, a return to the Jimmah Cahtah ‘malaise’ energy economy - as documented by LibertyAtStake’s nomination for the Greatest Rock and Roll Band Ever, The Kinks.

Now, let’s turn to the initial bricks in the wall (gratuitous Pink Floyd reference) making the impeachment case against Barack Hussein Obama.  The case should be built on the high crime and misdemeanor of failing to fulfill his oath to defend the Constitution.  There is ample evidence of his total disregard for the Constitution, as a matter of fact.

On the foreign policy front, the breaking story claiming BHO leaked the military secrets of an ally does contribute. But, the main case should be built upon the blatant disregard BHO and the Progressives are showing for co-equal branches of government in domestic policy.

This Daily Caller story, and related comment thread, got my thought process going on this theme.

Another casual stroll through the conservative blogosphere is in order here, just to round out the case for impeachment.

Obama Interior Dept Held In Contempt of Court #1
Obama Interior Dept Held In Contempt of Court #2

ObamaCare Ruled Unconstitutional – BHO Flips Off Ruling #1
ObamaCare Ruled Unconstitutional – BHO Flips Off Ruling #2

EPA Imposes Cap and Tax Lacking Legal Authorization #1
EPA Imposes Cap and Tax Lacking Legal Authorization #2
EPA Imposes Cap and Tax Lacking Legal Authorization #3

FCC Seeks To Regulate Internet Lacking Legal Authorization #1
FCC Seeks To Regulate Internet Lacking Legal Authorization #2
FCC Seeks To Regulate Internet Lacking Legal Authorization #3

ObamaCare Waivers Violate Equal Protection Clause #1
ObamaCare Waivers Violate Equal Protection Clause #2
ObamaCare Waivers Violate Equal Protection Clause #3

The cronyism, hypocrisy, and blatant disregard for the rule of law is simply breathtaking by now. The Progressive gang is using every part of the federal government it controls to wage an extra-constitutional war on other federal branches, the states, and all the people of the United States.

Wake up people! I would really, really like my kids to live in a country where they can pursue life, liberty, and happiness under a government that understands and respects the concept. How’s that ‘hopenchange’ working out, anyway? Elections have consequences and giving the corrupt Progressive gang until 2012 with an iron grip on the Executive Branch may give them too much time to tear up the Constitution. Luckily for us, the Constitution provides for a remedy between election cycles. It’s called Impeachment, and it is provided for in Article II, Section 4.
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  1. This is what happens to a country when a president is elected who has no earthly idea what he is doing, no business experience, no leadership experience, questionable education and life experiences. We are paying the price for votes cast by uninformed Americans who got caught up in "historic" and "hope and change".

    Right Truth

  2. @Debbie: You've cracked the code for the raison d'etre of this blog project.

    "In a Democracy, the people get the government they deserve"
    - Alexis de Tocqueville.

  3. From "Road To Serfdom", by F.A. Hayek, Chapter 10: Why the Worst Get On Top

    "To be a useful assistant in the running of a totalitarian state, it is not enough that a man should be prepared to accept specious justification of vile deeds; he must himself be prepared actively to break every moral rule he has ever known if this seems necessary to achieve the end set for him. Since it is the supreme leader who alone determines the ends, his instruments must have no moral convictions of their own. They must, above all, be unreservedly committed to the person of the leader ... they should be completely unprincipled.... They must have no ideals of their own which they want to realize; no ideas about right or wrong which might interfere with the intentions of the leader. ... The only tastes which are satisfied are the taste for power as such and the pleasure of being obeyed and of being part of a well-functioning and immensely powerful machine to which everything else must give way."

    After reading Hayek and Chambers' "Whitness" I got a glimpse of what the statists are doing from their perspective. "Ends justify the means" reached a higher level of meaning to me.
    I don't know if impeachment can happen fast enough...gird your loins!


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