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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


New Year resolution for 2015.

I think I'll try one long run on post, in the 'This Just In' style I prototyped from 8/18/2013 to 6/9/14, for the entire year, or until I become bored, whichever first occurs. We already pretty much know the script anyway.

The Saul Alinksy Radical Occupying the Oval Office will push the constitutional limits of the Imperial Presidency to its breaking point. Congress, now under new management with the Other Party of Government in control, will spend the year attempting to repair the public image of the party and the institution. GLWT. The corrupt and biased lamestream media still wields considerable influence with the low information voter. The recently elected minority within the congressional majority - let's call these movement conservatives the "Conservative Ascendancy" - will provide the energy and ideological / intellectual vigor checking the abuses that will be perpetrated by the Leftist tyrant in the White House, to the extent possible. Democrats on Capitol Hill can choose between joining the caterwauling we will hear from radical Leftist mobs assembling on the streets, or joining Establishment GOP leadership engineered legislation.

Lies big and small will come out of the capital daily. Democrat lies will be either ignored or elevated to propaganda by the lamestream media (depending on the instructions they receive from the DNC), called out by alternative media, and generally come to nothing. Republican lies will be called out by lamestream media, called out by alternative media, and generally result in the ending of Republican careers. As a result of this media environment, there will naturally be many more Democrat lies. On with the show.



Congress fraudulently gifts itself health insurance discounts. People in DC need to got to jail for this. Literally. Lots of them. Maybe the lying hacks pulled this stunt because they saw *this* coming - since they wrote the automatic health care tax increases into the law nobody read before passing it.


Donald Trump is the crony in crony capitalism. That makes him part of the problem. The only reason he sits where he does in the 2016 race is the Establishment GOP has wasted years (at least 6 depending on how you count) ignoring and alienating the patriotic, hard working, blue collar people whose righteous anger the Donald is now tapping into. Let's hope he turns out to be nothing but the set up man (gratuitous baseball analogy) for a reformist closer not named Bush. Cruz, Walker, and Fiorina have earned places on my short list. Paul, too, on the strength of his direct attack on Trump in the first debate.


The tweeter known as @hale_razor nails it to perfection.
When anyone posing as a judge is empowered to tell us that plainly written simple phrases mean something other than what they obviously say, the rule of law ends and the tyranny of men begins.


So, why is anyone surprised SCOTUS finds the plain meaning of the text is to be held meaningless, when in 2012 the mandate was simply re-labeled a tax by the same gang of intellectually bankrupt hacks? My reaction to to the 2015 ObamaKare ruling is the same as my reaction to its equally pathetic 2012 cousin - "DC has become a dangerously ridiculous parody of governance." Don't forget this clown car train wreck of a law started out with our so-called "leaders" telling us we'll have to pass the bill to find out what's in it. Then came the mandate is really a tax mental abortion. Then the absurdly incompetent roll out. And then of course health care becoming cheaper and simpler to access for everyone. (Take a wild guess which part isn't true.) The only bright side here is the spineless hacks of the Establishment GOP weren't handed the gift of political cover they hoped for from the nine clowns disguised as judges down the street. I don't want to hear any more mealy-mouthing about veto-proof bills. Let the demagogue in the White House veto whatever he wants. Force the g*ddamned issue, g*ddamnit!


I don't know about you ... but passing yourself off as a completely different race, very publicly and for many years, seems like a lot of work to me. Kinking the hair to a meticulously maintained false consistency day over day? That's gotta be several hours in the bathroom per day right there. And keeping an artificially darkened skin tone consistently within acceptable limits of variation? No tanning bed program can explain this feat. Just ask John Boehner - who routinely shape shifts from pasty white to pumpkin orange and back again. The real question that needs to be asked today is: does Rachel Dolezal even ever sleep? Is she in fact human at all? Or could she actually be from an alien race that evolved to survive on 30 seconds of sleep per day? And, if so, what is her true mission here on Earth?


From the Drudge Report feed on the blog roll. It would appear Team Leftie political narratives aimed at demonizing cops and excusing criminal behavior has had the predictable results in Baltimore. Cops get cautious, law abiding poor people get screwed.. Mostly black ones, btw


Seems my 2/12/15 entry was prophetic, and my awesome powers of social media still insufficient to convince al-Dookie the Islamic Terrorist to sit down and shut up. What is it with these barbarians, anyway?


TEA Party rallies bring chaos, looting, and mayhem to Baltimore. Wait, not exactly that. Tag with expiration date here. The republic awaits leadership from the so-called Post-Racial President.


Story of the week. Fascist Left raises ugly head thanks to Internet. Fascist Left receives immediate beat down thanks to Internet. Internet proven good for the overall health of the republic.


De Facto Leader of the Free World wins Israeli elections handily. Pouter-In-Chief doesn't like that very much.


Riffing off the 2/19 entry ...

Why did the illegal immigrant cross the street Rio Grande? Why, to get a job, of course. Maybe yours, if you are a blue collar citizen.

Why did Obama cross the street? To register the illegal immigrant as a Democrat. Twice.

Why did the outside agitator go to Ferguson, Missouri. Because Obama, Holder, Sharpton and the rest of the professional race hustlers told him to.

Why does anyone named Clinton ever cross the street. To avoid the subpoena.


De Facto Leader of the Free World Bibi Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, is on his way to address the US Congress on why no deal is better than a bad deal with the Leading State Sponsor of Terror, Iran. Somebody has to do it.


Why did the ISIS terrorist cross the street? Correct Answer: To kill an infidel. This genius' answer: To get a job? How ridiculous. First of all the ISIS terrorist already has a job. His pseudo-religious ideology already told him killing infidels is his job. #jobsforisis


Read the comments to the article. If complicity from the corporatist wing of the Establishment GOP gives the The Saul Alinsky Radical Occupying the Oval Office an illegal and unconstitutional immigration amnesty victory, there will hell to pay. With this issue we are nearing a tipping point where directly confronting the constitutional abuses coming out of the White House - with measures like de-funding, shutdown, and impeachment - is more in the interest of civil order than hiding under your desks, GOP hacks.


Something tells me there may be an Islamist somewhere that may be offended by this.. Get over it, join modern society, and try not blow any sh*t up this time, al Dookie.


Staying with the so-called "Black Lives Matter" thread ... Darren Wilson has been cleared by the Justice Department. Eric Holder's Justice Department. Barack Hussein Obama's Justice Department. The republic has endured a lot of ancillary death, destruction, and mayhem directly connected to these very same contemptible hacks fanning the flames of race warfare politics - before bothering to complete the official investigation. In a rational constitutional world, such egregiously terrible leadership would result in impeachment hearings. Yet, I note the congress hasn't even gotten around to sending a Keystone XL bill to the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. What's taking so long? If he signs, he p*sses off his Team Leftie base. If he vetoes he p*sses off 70% of the voting public. It's the right think to do for the economy. It's a slam dunk. Is this congress so kowtowed it cannot even accomplish this?


Social media and local news outlets exercise their right to exercise the power of mockery to push back on silly little Leftist "protesters" here and here. Who knows, the national media might even prove educable one day.


Add Egyptian President Sisi to the list of Muslims the world needs more of.
“Is it possible that 1.6 billion people [Muslims] should want to kill the rest of the world’s inhabitants — that is seven billion — so that they themselves may live? Impossible!” Sisi said in front of the TV cameras and religious leaders at Al Azhar.

Good thing the most recent turn in the recent history that started with the so-called 'Arab Spring' of 2011 was the secular Egyptian military booting the Muslim Brotherhood out of office. In other words, as I hoped in this space while writing this February 2011 post, good thing Attaturk's ideological descendants resisted 2011's bum rush from al-Banna's. Of course, still not so good the so-called leader of the Free World seems more aligned with the latter than the former.


The world needs more Muslims like this. The kind that have left the 7th century behind, and embrace the values of modern civilization. The kind that are willing to tell the radicals in their midst to pound sand. There's been a lot of talk today about the American President skipping the Paris "unity march." President Can't Be Bothered would do well to consider awarding a Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam.


Finally, something worth reading published by the Washington Post. ‘Muslims do not believe in the concept of freedom of expression’. Jeff Bezos' mama didn't raise no dummy. He done good when he gave pajama boy Ezra Klein's blog space to Eugene Volokh.

Wrapping up, I have one question and one recommendation for any of the DC ruling elite used to getting all their news and opinion propaganda from the Post. Question: How did you end up here reading this? Recommendation: Well, since you're here, read this, too. What Islam brings to the world today Who knows, you might learn something.


As easily predicted, the Establishment's man retained the House Speaker's gavel yesterday. And as sadly expected, the Establishment's sore winner will exact his petty revenges on the dissenters. Sigh. History demands a defender of the constitution, and we get the Committee Nazi instead. (That's a reference to Seinfeld's Soup Nazi, btw. 'No committee assignment for you!')


Breaking today is yet another murderous attack by radical Islam on western civilization, this time in Paris. Yet another group of card carrying members from Mohammed's Murder Monkey Cult From Hell have taken sufficient insult from a cartoon to vent their frustrations with a murder spree dispensing allah's special brand of justice unto the infidels who dare to draw his visage. This is exactly why the constitution and sharia law are utterly incompatible. The Constitutionalist reasons "I disagree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it to the death." The Islamist reasons "I disagree with what you say, so ... "I KEEL YOU!" (Jeff Dunham / Achmed the Dead Terrorist). When western civilization's ruling elites deny this obvious distinction, as they have so many times previously, it only makes the problem worse and the world more dangerous.


Boehner & Co. is facing a very vocal insurrection among movement conservatives. The Establishment GOP - aka The Other Party of Government - will prove tomorrow they remain strong enough to protect their man's coveted hold on the Speaker's gavel. The better to dispense favors to cronies such as the Chamber of Commerce amnesty lobby in return for campaign contribution riches. But the trend is good for liberty nevertheless. That ticking sound, Establishment GOPers, is the clock running down on your control of the (R) label. That's the clock that started running down with the first TEA Party rallies, and won't stop its inexorable drive until we have a GOP leadership team willing to shrink the size and scope of the federal gub'ment; for realsies, not just rhetorically while running for re-election.


Important detail I left (get it?) out of yesterday's post. David Horowitz has done us the favor of dedicating himself to naming names at A most valuable resource in the battle for the republic's heart and soul.

Now, on to something really important - my NFL playoff picks for the weekend, with appropriately barely informed and specious reasoning provided.

Carolina over Arizona because Carolina is hot right now, and Arizona ain't.

Pittsburgh over Baltimore solely based on nothing but home field because you never know what can happen in these intra-divisional rivalries, which we will definitely see; and on a sloppy field, which we may very well see.

Indianapolis over Cincinnati because Andrew Luck is more consistent than Andy Dalton.

Dallas over Detroit in the battle between matching uniforms, because Matthew Stafford is oh-fer on the road against winning teams. This was a tough call, though, since its being played in Dallas. The Cowboys are 4-4 at home vs. 8-0 on the road this year, and that's worth 5 points to the Lions right there. I assume Jerry Jones worked the phones last week in a desperate but failed effort to change the venue.


The Left's latest protest fetish analyzed to perfection. The 60's era "New Left" has been serially hijacking random events and occurrences to organize their socialist revolution, since the Jefferson Airplane was a thing. From Vietnam war protests, to global cooling in the 70's based on no actual data whatsoever, to global warming when somebody developed flawed models on incomplete data, to "climate change" when they figured just tell people all weather is a sign of the end of times; they are relentlessly on the prowl for an organizing principle to create the proletariat mob of their Marxist fantasies. The pace naturally picked up, and the street level actions became more naked, when their man Barack Hussein Obama assumed command of the republic's Executive branch. Occupy Wall Street was built by old "New Left" hippies, and the the acolytes they spent a quarter century indoctrinating, around class warfare and envy of the rich, using the 2008-2009 housing bubble as the excuse. The same usual suspects are engineering today's unhinged national anti-cop rant-o-rama that is so much in the news lately. They state the obvious with signs saying "Black Lives Matter" (uh, duh, all lives matter*) while leaving out more insightful thoughts such as "sh*t happens when you choose to break the law." But, logic and reason is not their purpose. They seek to use the news cycle as a convenient excuse to incite the so-called black "community" to riot, and then sow the chaos for political gain. (*Cue ironic observation regarding late term abortion. Especially in the so-called black "community.")


The daily diet of Bread and Circuses on the final day of 2014 concerns a certain GOP Representative named Steve Scalise, from Lousiana. You see, Rep. Scalise may have had some sort of contact with some unsavory characters a long time ago. (This, btw, is exactly why I will never run from public office. But I digress.) The players are so far performing perfectly to script. Establishment GOP is circling the wagons around their man. The 24x7 spin machine owned and operated by the Democrats is running in overdrive to assassinate Scalise's character. Sir Charles Krauthammer, Pundit Laureate, is correct that there is a double standard at play. The conservative right is trying to shift the focus over to Speaker Boehner's continuing support for Scalise, and use it as leverage in an ultimately quixotic (though useful) campaign to replace him as Speaker. My sense is it will all blow over, based mostly on timing. It's New Year's Eve, the new Congress will soon be seated, and the American people told us last fall there are bigger fish to fry. Memo to GOP Leadership - just make sure President Pen has something on his desk that is popular with the public but reviled by the Left, to veto or sign, post haste. Keystone Pipeline is a gimme.


I'm pretty sure the Speaker can be anybody, constitutionally.

Run , Newt, Run!

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