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Monday, May 28, 2012

Family Business

I seem to have a bad case of writer's block lately. Always on the look out for man, woman, or child to exploit (as any conservative would - just as Barry O'Bama); I have commissioned my 13 year old son as staff cartoonist.

Last week he came to me seeking ways to earn money. You see, he is saving up for yet another guitar. He presently has three: a cheap entry level acoustic, a low end affordable electric, and a nice Gibson Les Paul electric. I have advised him to save up for a nice acoustic. I only see him looking online at uber-expensive electric models. Ah, the boundless possibilities wound up in youth.

But I digress. In response to his fund raising need, I told him I'd pay union sweat shop wages for cartoon contributions to the LAS project.

The very same day he came forward with this ...

It was good enough to recognize as a sophisticated commentary on the state of US - Iran relations. So, I changed plans and agreed to pay.

A couple of days ago, he asked for my input on the next cartoon idea. I was mentally drafting a post with the working title 'The Big Lie,' to examine Barry O'Bama picking up the preposterous claim made by some nut job named Rex Nutting that his administration has been a comparative skin-flint with gub'ment spending, and expanding that into the plainly obvious fact he is literally running an anti-capitalism campaign. I came up with the idea of Barry O'Bama as a matador slaying the famous Wall Street bull statue. After I explained what a matador is, and what the statue is, he came forward with the following:

I thought the bull looked more like a giant pig, but I paid up anyway to encourage further growth.


'The Big Lie' has evolved into 'The Chameleon-In-Chief' as a vehicle for chronicling Barry O'Bama's capacity to be one thing to one audience and something completely opposite to another audience.

Ooh look, something shiny! (Writer's block.)
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Demotivational Nutting

I think Doofus of the Year has been secured.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What's In a Primary?

Astute readers of this blog have surely noticed I take a deeper interest in national and international politics than local and state politics. However, once a year or so I find it necessary to participate in my republic’s “evolution” - at a state and local level - by exercising the voting franchise citizenship affords me.

When these times roll around, I operate not unlike the disinterested apolitical couch potatoes I so often denigrate on this blog as “clueless independents” – that is, I wake up from the nap, lick off my cheeto-stained fingertips, and divert my attention from whatever meaningless diversion has caught my attention lately, to research just what the hell the local politicians have in store for me this time.

The difference between me and “clueless independents” is I operate from a long developed ideological framework, which is described around these parts as “contrarian.” You see, I live in Fairfax County, in northern Virginia, an official suburb of the District of Columbia. You could hardly get more “blue” – unless you moved to the Soviet Socialist Republic of Maryland, the People’s Republic of DC itself, Hollyweird, or the Upper West Side.

Actually, my essentially “libertarian” ideology comes down to the following: all politicians are by definition venal, but at least the (R) variety usually (though not always – see ‘Bush’) has enough sense to keep gub’ment on a leash and pick up after it. But I live in an area filled with people who actually believe ‘Bush’ goes with ‘conservative.’ I know, it must be something in the water. So, my annual rite usually goes something like this:

* Find out who the most conservatives candidates are in the GOP primaries. Vote for them – usually in vain.
* Vote (R) over (D) in the general – generally in vain.
* Vote ‘No!’ on the latest spending and borrowing initiatives – can’t remember the last time one of those didn’t pass.

The reason I engage in this annual rite of futility could be because I’m old enough to have attended an elementary school that had Benjamin Franklin quotes, instead of Che Guevara quotes, hanging on the wall.


There are no state and local elections this year for me to look into. This is an even numbered year – and Virginia has an unusual odd numbered year bi-annual cycle in such matters. This reminds me to plug one of my favorite federal reform ideas – put the entire House of Representatives on an odd numbered year bi-annual cycle – that way, if the country ever loses its mind over an Empty Suit Presidential candidate again, the subsequent wreckage inflicted upon the republic might be mitigated.


But there are US Congressional primaries to consider. I know because of what happened on Presidential primary day – March 6, 2012 – ‘Super Tuesday’

Virginia was blessed with a candidate registration debacle in that one, resulting in only two names on the ballot – Romney and Paul. I walked into the polling place, had a brief conversation with the poll watchers – the place was otherwise empty at that time – and declined to vote at all. I told the poll watchers that if either of those guys won, I wanted it to be with the smallest possible turn out. I did learn from the poll watchers congressional primaries were scheduled for mid-June, so I put mid-May into my mental calendar to look into who is running against whom.


According to the county gub’ment site, this is what will be on the menu June 12th. Click the screen snap to embiggen.

Last time around my congressional district was VA-11, represented by “Jihad” Gerry Connolly – two term Leftist Democrat. Connolly looks like Borat’s great uncle, and thinks like Leon Trotsky. I didn’t give him his nickname; he earned it from a long record of playing political footsie with the local fire-breathing Imam terror cell community.

“Jihad” Gerry, Leftist Democrat from VA-11, is unopposed in his 2012 House of Representatives primary. No reason for me to cross over and exercise the right of mischievous subterfuge Virginia’s “open primary” format affords me.

So, what do we have on the (R) side of things this time around? The Republican primary has two contestants – one Chris S. Perkins, and some guy named Ken L. Vaughn. Neither one is ringing a bell. Better check out the official sites.

It’s immediately obvious Perkins is campaigning as a retired Army Colonel. Smart politics – you can’t swing a dead cat around here without hitting a dozen of those. The issues page looks like it was written by some GOP Establishment nancy-pants, however.

Now over to the Vaughn site. Looking at the picture, I get the sense I’ve met that guy before. Let’s do a little more research. Yeah, that’s right, he was the one I was so simpatico with at the 2009 Code Red Senate Rally. He was running a pretty decent TEA Party oriented blog at the time, as I recall. No wonder his campaign site presents a far more professional looking user experience. Plus his issues page is a much, much, stronger statement for the Conservative Ascendancy. That’s my guy.


Wait! I’ve been redistricted! Research leading me to Vaughn’s Facebook page (it’s how I confirmed the TEA Party linkage) alerted me to the possibility. Why the hell wasn’t the impact of redistricting top of page 1 on the county gub’ment site? Because it’s the county gub’ment site … that’s why. So, let’s start over.

I am now lorded over (again) by one James T. Moran – eleven term Democrat from VA-8. “Gentleman Jim Maroon” – my nickname for him – looks like a Boston alderman, drinks like a Kennedy, and has a long history of testy exchanges with his ‘constituents.’ He was my congressman in the nineties (first house) and seems to have stalked me back to house number two after all these years.

No GOP primary in the new district … but look at this - “Gentleman Jim” has a primary challenge. It’s coming from one Bruce Shuttleworth – who bills himself as the ‘Progressive Warrior.’ Hmmmmmm.

And look at this from Shuttleworth’s site …

I might have to act against principle – I am 100% opposed to so-called “open” primaries in principle – and have a little fun with this contest between Lefty and Leftier. But I better be careful – any guy running around calling himself the ‘Progressive Warrior’ might actually be a more electable candidate than “Gentleman Jim” in these parts.


It’s a little easier to determine if the GOP Senate primary applies to me as a voter …. Virginia is Virginia is Virginia and Senators of course represent the entire state. But the choice is more difficult for me … I have a natural sympathy for the GOP Establishment candidate, even though he is being challenged by a TEA Party activist (which also brings auto-sympathy).

My sympathy for the Establishment candidate – George Allen – is connected to one of the major themes of this blog … namely the role the corrupt and biased MSM plays in the republic’s electoral politics. Senator Allen (I think that title is held in perpetuity) lost his 2006 race largely due the local media (specifically the Washington Post) having a hissy fit over a nonsense word. The Post coordinated a character assassination over the mere utterance of the word ‘macaca’. The Post, in true Leftist fashion, reinvented the use of language for ideological purposes, changed the meaning of the word to be absolutely synonymous with a certain *N* word, and single-handedly sunk Allen’s candidacy. Allen returning to the seat one election cycle later would be a welcome sign of a retreat by the plague of Political Correctness.

His lifetime American Conservative Union rating is not too bad either … 92.6. That’s an A- only 4/10 of a point away from a true A where I was schooled. That makes me comfortable getting behind ‘ol George (again). Not that it seems he needs my help according to the pollsters.

It may be that the most exciting thing that could happen to me on June 12 is running into Project Veritas operatives. Maybe, maybe not … Virginia is among the states requiring voter ID, but allowing non-photo ID. I usually just show my driver’s license, just like at the ABC store, to be an over-achiever.
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jack Wiley Dithers Exclusive: More Obama Campaign Strategy Transcript

(AP) – Jack Wiley Dithers Reporting
“If You Can’t Scoop It, Make It Up.”

It looks like my DHS source has been holding out on me. According to him, he found several additional minutes of intercepted cell phone conversation picking up where my last post left off. According to his dubious story he discovered the additional stuff when he checked a jacket pocket before dropping it off at the dry cleaner. He changed the subject when I asked why it was necessary to bring the jacket to the dry cleaner.

Personally, I think he’s working me for two payoffs on one score. But it is good stuff, so I’m just keeping an eye on the bastard from here on out.


Instead, I took out my displeasure passively aggressively on a staff member. She’s due for her annual review, with the possibility of promotion from Crack Investigative Journalist 3rd Class to Crack Investigative Journalist 2nd Class. Right in the palm of my hand … ripe for abuse. I made her edit it down to identify individual speakers. Somebody should, and the rest of us are too lazy.

But the little bootlick took the editing task one step further – researching supporting links relating to the classic moral framework provided by the 7 Deadly Sins. The result is pretty good, actually, so I’ll go ahead and use it. But I’m afraid I’m going to have to fire her – people around here might get the idea good work automatically deserves reward.


Obama: Ummmm, let’s brainstorm.

Jarrett: Do we still have a fall guy at JP Morgan? Where’s Geithner? …

Plouffe: Last I saw him he was with Chu going over the Stimulus and Green Energy accounts ….

Axelrod: They better not take anything out of the Stimulus re-election account …

Obama: Come on, this is serious, people. My butt is on the line! (*pride)

Axelrod: Val is on to something. We can set up Jamie Dimon – he won’t need to know any of the details. We can have our inside guy – code name ‘Voldemort’ - blow up some of the riskier derivatives we have him holding at JP. Nothing too big – nothing like ’08, maybe a couple billion – just to give the anti-Wall Street narrative a boost. Jamie told me he’s ready to retire anyway. I think he’ll continue to be a team player if we ask him to take a dive.

Obama: Sounds good. Making a public example(*wrath) of Jamie should encourage the other Wall Street fat cats to pony up more campaign cash. Run with it … oh, and make sure Jamie’s golden parachute opens. OK, what else?

Dunn: I think we should step up the pressure on Limbaugh’s advertisers.

Obama: Good idea. That fat bastard drives me crazy. And make sure Sandra gets all the contraceptives she needs.(*lust) Now we’re rolling. What can we say on the economy?

{Long pause … papers shuffling, throats clearing}

Axelrod: Counting jobs saved and created by stimulus is Biden’s department. Let’s come back to the economy when he returns.

Obama: Alright. How about opposition research on Romney? And I’m non too happy with how the Doggie Wars and WedgieGate worked out, people. What else you got?

{Long pause … papers shuffling, throats clearing}

Plouffe: Why not launch ‘Operation Weird Mormon’? It’s all planned out.

Axelrod: I don’t like it. Opens the door to discussing Jeremiah Wright.

Plouffe: OK, how about ‘Operation Bain Sob Story’. Gingrich already blazed the trail.

Axelrod: I’m worried it might give Romney an opening to explain the capitalist concept of creative destruction to the masses.

{Laughter erupts – Plouffe is heard saying “Romney? Explain?” – hands pounding on table in rhythm with laughter}

Obama: OK, run with it hard. Make it a big ad buy in the battleground states. Oh look, it’s almost time for lunch. What’s coming in today, Val?

Jarrett: Pizza from St. Louis.(*gluttony)

Obama: The fly in stuff?

Jarrett: Yes, sir.

Obama: Yummy. Better be on time, though – I’ve got a 2 pm tee time.(*sloth). David, where are we after golf?

Axelrod: Fund raiser downtown(*greed) – nice little pander to the public teachers unions. We have them coming and going – we’re using their dues to write off the rubber chicken dinner and shake them down for more.

{ snickering all around}

Obama: So, it’ll be the usual ‘Race To the Top’ stump speech.

Axelrod: Yes, you just have to make them believe they’ll get more in other people’s money back for their donations. Should be a pretty good haul.

{Door opens}

Obama: Jay. Joe. Where have you guys been?

Biden: Carney swung me by his cubicle. Latest internal polls are a big ‘effin deal. We’re screwed.

Obama: Slow down, Joe. What you need is to get out on the trail and get to work. Get out there and do the class warfare stump speech.(*envy) You'll feel a lot better.

Soros: You guys do know you left the connection on, right?

(AP) – Jack Wiley Dithers Reporting
“If You Can’t Scoop It, Make It Up.”
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jack Wiley Dithers Exclusive: Obama Campaign Strategy Transcript

(AP) – Jack Wiley Dithers reporting

Taking creative liberties with the Patriot Act, my confidential DHS source was able to obtain the recording of a cell phone call from Miami to the District of Columbia; routed through Mykonos, Greece. There is unanimous agreement across my entire crack-jack staff of investigative journalists this is a scoop of truly historic proportions, and that the full transcript speaks for itself. Plus we also all agree editing is hard work.


Miami: Is everyone there?

DC: Yes, Sir.

Miami: Who exactly? Are they all one of us?

DC: Me, Jarrett, Plouffe, Axelrod, Dunn, and Biden.

Miami: Are we on speaker phone?

DC: Not yet, sir.

Miami: Get Biden out of there and then put me on speakerphone.

DC (muffled): Joe, go find Jay.

Miami: Taken care of?

DC: Yes, sir – he should be standing outside the Press Briefing Room for the next hour or so.

Miami: Good - engage speakerphone.


Miami: I have Stern with me on this end. By the way, where’s Holder?

DC: He’s shredding Fast and Furious documentation 24 x 7 these days.

Miami: {sigh} Let’s get started. Your re-election campaign is a train wreck. What the hell are you people thinking? For example, Stern say a story is about to break that you’ve inserted yourselves into the official histories for past Presidents.

DC: Oh, you must mean the web site. Pretty clever way to plug the campaign message, right?

Miami: No, dummy! Ripe for mockery! What part of keep your narcissism to yourself did you not get when I told you that! And who’s idea was all that War on Women crap?

DC: Dunn.

Miami: Should have figured – did you not learn anything from the War on Fox? Mein Gott, you people can’t seem to learn from anything. Who’s advising Warren? 1/32nd Cherokee? Really? What the hell is that supposed to be? Your going to lose the Kennedy seat AGAIN! What am I supposed to do with you people?

DC: (muffled) I haven’t talked to her in years. Not me. She’s not even in my contacts. Carney?

Miami: Look, I’m losing patience with you people. What are you planning to campaign on … successfully, that is.

DC: Gay Marriage … should bring in a lot of DINK donations, don’t ya think?

Miami: I was afraid you’d lead with that one. It better work. Stern thinks you’ll lose the black pastors – doesn’t sound good to me. What else?

DC: The Occupy movement is getting out the 99% message. We have the NATO and G8 Summits coming up.

Miami: {sigh} Have you fired that Van Jones guy like I told you to?

DC: (muffled) Doesn’t report to me. Never met the man. Ummm. Uhhhh.

Miami: Look, here’s the bottom line. You people got one more round of polls before I start reconsidering my options. Got that?

DC: Ummmm, let’s brainstorm … Do we still have a fall guy at JP Morgan? Where’s Geithner? … Last I saw him he was with Chu going over the Stimulus and Green Energy accounts …. They better not take anything out of the Stimulus re-election account …

(AP) – Jack Wiley Dithers reporting

Update 8:30 pm

Damnit! Scooped by Breitbart again! (Think Seinfeld exclaiming 'Newman' for the visual.) This author thinks it all means Mr. Soros meant the Clintonistas when he said he might reconsider his options. I hope so, because I'm convinced she's a sure loser in November due to her direct participation in Barry's train wreck ... or as I commented on the source article:
I disagree with your assessment it will be difficult to defeat Hillary in November. She's the sitting Secretary of State and Foreign Affairs is a train wreck. And she wrote her doctoral thesis on Saul Alinsky ("There is Only the Fight") - Obama's now well documented association with Alinsky tactics makes this an automatic disqualification. She would have been better off carping from the sidelines (rather than signing up for the administration) and keeping the thesis under lock and key (like she did during Bill's regime).
Warp speed, Mr. Sulu. Shields Up. Full power to phaser banks and photon torpedoes. That Democrat National Convention looks like it's going to be one to remember.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Barack Hussein Obama Could Learn a Thing or Two About Leadership ... From Keith Richards?

I recently cracked open the memoirs of Keith Richards ("Life" - copyright 2010) as a light diversion. Quite unexpectedly, I came upon a passage appropriate to this blog space. Yeah, I know - whoulda thunk it?

On Page 77, the least likely survivor of Rock and Roll excess in this universe gives us his thoughts on his widely acknowledged capacity as a band leader (emphasis mine).
I like to motivate guys, and that's what came in handy with the Stones. I'm really good at pulling a bunch of guys together. If I can pull a bunch of useless Rastas into a viable band and also the Winos, a decidedly unruly band of men, I've got something there. It's not a matter of cracking the whip, it's a matter of just sticking around, doing it, so they know you're in there, leading from the front and not from behind. And to me, it's not a matter of who's number one, it's what works.

Also today, I participated in a little comment thread on the Randy's Roundtable blog. The two encounters merged in my decidely unruly mind as the lyrics to 'Gimme Shelter'. It occurs to me this masterpiece holds real potential for becoming the soundtrack to the republic's next six months, depending on how the leadership challenged Barack Hussein Obama reacts to his precipitous fall from grace.

Here is a performance by that 'decidedly unruly band of men' - the X-Pensive Winos.

Here is a performance with that other guy handling the lead singer duties, and with slicker production values.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Good Job, Establishment Guys

I don't usually write this kind of post in this space - i.e. direct and straight up. Astute readers have surely noted I aspire to mix in some degree of sarcastic and ironic entertainment with my political rants; in the spirit of past masters such as Hunter S. Thompson, Florence King, R. Emmett Tyrell, and P.J. O'Rourke. Trust me, it takes time and effort to do this schtick with any degree of quality - even for the sarcastically gifted, such as myself.

But I was inspired to step outside my box, as it were, by tonight's Fox News (Brett Bair) report. So, bleck ... on with the immediate reaction ...

Apparently Willard 'Mitt' Romney has responded to Barry's ridiculous Bain Capital class warfare gambit with a response that prominently features the phrase "Prairie Fire" - which also happens to be the title of a book written by Barry's ideological mentor Bill Ayers. Anybody can "google" (God, I hate that word as a verb) the connection between the phrase and the unrepentant domestic terrorist in whose living room Barack Hussein Obama began his scripted political career. Well done, Mittens.

And also today, the Speaker of the entire House of Representatives - John Boehner of Ohio - stated unequivocally he is ready to pick a fight when the debt ceiling comes due for renewal again. It will probably be after the republic hands the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama and his Donkey Party Hacks a monumental defeat in November, but but before they are sent packing in January. Again, anybody can "google" it - but I still hate that word as a verb. Well done, Mr. Speaker.

It's enough to make me fondly remember this guy ...

Carpe Diem.

Update 5/16/12

More signs the Establishment GOP is starting to get it. The RNC has launched a "tumblr" effectively mocking Obama's narcissim - specifically his administration recently updating several official White House histories of past Presidents by adding blurbs about Obama policies. I love it. I might have to reconsider my three year old embargo on donating funds to the national committees ... Nah ... let's not get ahead of ourselves.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Morning Read (Washington Examiner Edition)

If I was actually interested in subscribing to a local print newspaper, it would be the Washington Examiner. I’ve known for years, going on decades, now, the Post is unfit to line the rabbit cage. For a long time, the Times was an acceptable substitute, though it always felt a little strident for an open-collar conservative such as myself. This sense was in fact confirmed when the Times failed the little url signature uptightness test I set up during my March 4th Sunday Morning Read post.

Not long ago I noticed print versions of the Examiner popping up around town, and even read a few. I believe print distribution is still free of cost to this day. An appropriate market valued price, because thanks to the Intertubes, I have no interest in reading print newspapers anymore. Plus, again thanks to the Intertubes – or maybe the fact I’ve scratched out my living in the IT field for my entire adult life – I’m starting to experience real trouble physically focusing my eye on the printed word. At least on the laptop I have that zoom thingee to make the words bigger.

I’m no marketing genius, but I think maybe the Examiner is using the print distribution channel as a loss center to maintain visibility for the brand on the street. Those annoying pop-up ads I’m barraged with every time I link to the web site tell me what they think their revenue model is. So, on with today’s Sunday Morning Read …

No, I don’t need any kind of deal, much less a great one, on a Honda … Click!

Commuter Connections! AYFKM! Being tied to three other people’s schedules and trapped two hours a day with them (and their grooming habits) inside a tin can. No thanks, I’d rather go over a waterfall inside a barrel … Click!

David Limbaugh is right. When will the Establishment GOP and their candidate, Country Club Mittens, wise up, take off the gloves, and really go after Obama’s sorry record and radical associations?

If anything could motivate Romney to channel his inner Mittens the Hun, which he’s done before, by carpet bombing GOP primary opponents with negative ads, it would be the sophomoric hit job from Jason Horowitz of the Post, reporting the critically important news that something happened in a school yard 47 years ago. Channeling my inner Dick Cheney, my immediate reaction was … “So?” But, then it only took me a minute or so of further reflection to put it into historical context.

My May 8 Post (“How Stupid *is* My republic?”) stated the following:
I have no doubt future historians will identify the corruptly biased coverage of these two movements [T.E.A. and #Occupy] as the real beginning of the end for old media.
This is true, as a general proposition. But each old media propaganda organ will have have its own unique and specific moment of critical mass for implosion. 'WedgieGate' is it for WaPo. I couldn’t find an appropriately insightful outraged article on the Examiner, so for linkage I’m going with this article I pulled down to my BlackBerry yesterday.

Back to the Examiner

Nope, definitely never – not ever – going to be interested in a Prius … Click!

Will Team Leftie try to replicate the 2008 strategy, spinning the mob into hysterics over “Too Big to Fail.” Maybe. But the question then becomes: why did they spend the last four years making the failed even bigger?

Battle lines are drawn for the lame duck Congress. GOP House passes a bill that reduces domestic spending increases from 125 percent to 123 percent, and Donkey Party hacks prepare the big lie this is a draconian spending cut. Or maybe it’s the revenue raised by taking a tiny bite out of the gilded pensions federal bureau-weenies enjoy. Let’s send the lame duck Congress unambiguous instructions in the upcoming election … it’s the Gub’ment Spending, Stupid!

Well, I guess Michael Barone has to write about something. He has deadlines to meet. The answer is 1980, Mr. Barone.

I don’t believe this guy can teach me any language in less than 10 days … Click!

Star Parker adeptly connects the gay marriage distraction – which is really a fund raising tactic that will turn out to be a net vote loser for BHO – to a real issue. Why is Team Leftie all for “choice” when it comes to aborting fetuses, but totally against “choice” for parents in the determination of public schooling for living children? The answer, of course, is Team Leftis has turned the public school system, with its public sector unionized monopoly, into an indoctrination mill for your children.

Scott Rasmussen has noticed resistance is futile for the “Political Class.” We the People have had it up to here (placing hand horizontally across Adam’s apple).

Happy Mother's Day.

Update 7:30 pm

Old media. Sheesh.

I began drafting this post prepared to praise The Examiner for having a thicker skin online than most old media … as they have a history of accepting my harmless url signed snark. Then I noticed comments on their board, full circle linked from this post, disappearing. Trust me, I was very methodical in my experimentation.

My comment to Barone’s article alerted him to the blindingly obvious conclusion his 1980 scenario is already underway. Note carefully Barone is co-founder of the operation (with Byron York). We shall now continue.

My comment to the JP Morgan misstep story supported letting banks fail and breaking them up into smaller units, rather than hiring more useless bureau-weenies (um, regulators) onto the public teat to stand by for the next bailout.

My comment to the GOP budget article called out Dennis Kucinich (D-Mars) for hyperventilating a 123% increase in spending is somehow a draconian cut.

My comment on the Star Parker article was a simple compliment congratulating her on an excellent leap in logic.

My comment to Rasmussen’s article was a mid-length rant on Richard Lugar’s non-utility to the Conservative Ascendancy at this time. Most specifically, his arrogant claim Dick Mourdock won’t “get anything done.” If the mild-mannered Mourdock helps end the fiscal insanity go-along-to-get-along RINO Lugar has assisted in creating, that will be plenty enough for me.

These comments are no longer there. The one original comment remaining – the simple statistics related in response to the David Limbaugh piece - is reply linked parent and child. Draw your own inferences.
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

OK, I'm Finally Convinced

Huxley's 'Brave New World' is the better depiction of Progressive dystopia than Orwell's 1984.

But,hey, it's not as if I wasn't warned ...

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Reading the Tea Leaves

You don't need a PhD in Gypsy Studies to interpret the results of the elections of May 8, 2012. (But, if you do have an advanced degree in Gypsy Studies, good luck paying off the student loans.)

May 8, 2012 was a bad day for the American Progressive project - and a very good day for the Conservative Ascendancy. Election results and developments all across this great republic point in this direction.


We start our review in the birthplace of American Progressivism - Wisconsin. You may recall the back story: Scott Walker was duly elected on a transparently communicated program to reign in the benefit entitlements for public sector workers, the public sector unions threw a public hissy fit, their bought-and-paid-for Donkey Party politicians earned eternal infamy as the "fleebagger" caucus, and Team Leftie collected nearly a million signatures on a recall election petition. The general recall election will occur on June 5. May 8 was the day of the related Democrat and Republican primaries. The really interesting observation is the turnout for these primaries. The Democrats drew significantly fewer to the voting booth than there were petition signatories. Hmmmmmmm. (And the union backed candidate was trounced, btw). Most telling - Scott Walker, in his entirely pro forma primary against "none of the above," drew more votes than all the Democrat candidates combined. You don't say? Tea leaves say Scott Walker and the forces of fiscal sanity will prevail over the insatiable appetite of the public sector unions for other people's money.


Moving on to the coal mining state of West Virginia, whose economy depends on an industry upon which Barack Hussein Obama's Environmental Protection Agency has declared war, a shot was sent across the bow of the SS Progressive when federal prison inmate No. 11593-051 took 41% of the Democrat primary vote from the ship's captain. All that remains is deciding how many delegates to the national convention the incarcerated "Not-Obama" candidate will be awarded. Tea leaves say there's trouble on the poop deck of the SS Progressive. The crew is restless and there is loose talk of mutiny.


Speaking of the Democrat national convention, there's been loose talk of moving it out of North Carolina, because the state's citizenry made it the 30th state of the union to enshrine a traditional definition of marriage into its constitution on May 8. This emergency measure may not be necessary, however, as the captain of the SS Progressive made an appearance on the poop deck to announce his personal views on gay marriage had "evolved" ... into Dick Cheney's position - i.e. gay marriage OK, but not a federal matter. Tea leaves say more restiveness to come on the poop deck of the SS Progressive as the gay sailors figure out there is in fact no federal policy change, and the religious black sailors figure out Barack has been playing them for fools while "evolving."


There was no election (that I know of) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on May 8. But it is worth noting the TEA leaves say Scott Brown will maintain his hold on the Ted Kennedy Memorial Senate seat. You see, the hand picked Progressive candidate for reclaiming this seat has a rather comical identity problem to confront. We are witnessing the death throes of the silly politics of identity (aka Political Correctness) with this little drama, and the Conservative Ascendancy is the ideological beneficiary.


Which brings us finally to the Hoosier state, Indiana. On May 8 a man who has been representing the state in the US Senate for 36 years (and yet somehow has no residency in the state) lost his Republican primary contest to a homophobic, misogynist, racist, fire-breathing, social darwinist, fascist. Or so the panicked crew of the SS Progressive, and the dinghy GOP Establishment tethered to it, would have you believe. No, actually it was the fiscally conservative sitting state treasurer. Tea leaves say more fiscal conservatism coming to Washington. Better make those early retirement plans bureau-weenies.
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How Stupid *is* My Republic?

The April 4th update to my April 3rd post captured a theme that will no doubt make a strong contribution to the theme of this blog going forward.
LAS likes how Limbaugh is explaining Barry's erratic, hyperbolic, and cynical statements of late. It is an open electoral appeal to the truly ignorant and dumb. So, that's it then ... 2012 will demonstrate just how dumb my republic has finally become. Dumb enough to re-elect a failed demagogue? We shall see.

The answer to the question is not at all clear. The Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama has a truly sorry record … but is also protected by the praetorian guard of sycophantic propagandists known as the mainstream media. As we established at the outset of this blog project, the American electorate naturally identifies with conservative governing policies (hint: generally the opposite of BHO’s), but doesn’t actually realize this mostly because they are largely apolitical (or, more to the point, not informed about political ideologies). The majority of Americans walking into that voting booth on 11/06/12 will be making a choice between two alternatives they have barely spent any time examining, and about which they are mostly misinformed. And the fate of the republic hangs in the balance this time around. Oh joy.

On the plus side, conservative new media has arisen to do the corrupt and biased old media’s job for it, and is arguably at least an even match now in the information wars. The sure evidence is Rush Limbaugh’s increased ratings in the face of Team Leftie’s coordinated ‘Krieg auf Frauen Blitzkrieg” against his advertisers.


So, we have a non-ideological voting base, not inclined to do the homework to become informed ideologically, making a choice between an incumbent determined to hide his true hard Left ideology, and a GOP challenger who is inarticulate when talking about the alternative ideology. Furthermore, the incumbent is slavishly propped up by fellow travelers in the old media, and the challenger is promoted by a conservative new media not out of any love for the candidate but out of concern for the future of the republic.

A few top level observations regarding the odds making on this one …

1 - Conservative new media will have to work harder than the sclerotic dinosaurs in the corrupt and biased old media newsrooms. I have no doubt this will happen in an absolute sense … conservative new media is generally younger, smarter, and driven by a patriotic fervor. The opposition is represented by hacks like Chris ‘Tingles’ Matthews. But it remains an open question whether or not conservative new media will outwork the old media hacks by enough to reach enough of those so-called ‘independent’ voters who will remain on the couch with cheeto-stained fingertips until a week or so before the election. We shall see.

2 – Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney cannot make the mistake the GOP Establishment’s 2008 nominee made … the mistake of treating Team Leftie’s quota candidate with kid gloves. Early signs are actually OK on this one, but Romney will need constant prodding from grass roots conservatives to stay on track. At his core, the GOP Establishment nominee is a country club Republican, tailor made to be demonized by the class warfare campaign tactics of BHO’s Billion Dollar Slime Machine. Can Mittens run a campaign slightly outside his comfort zone in order to win it? We shall see.

3 – Can the American electorate direct righteous anger where it belongs? The Alinksy playbook being executed by Team Obama calls for riling up mob passions with the politics of envy, and putting your mob into action on behalf of your agenda - laws and public safety be damned. Occupy Wall Street is a perfect example, though that one doesn’t seem to working out so well for BHO and His Corrupt Gang of Progressives. The TEA Party movement is an example of the opposite – the *Taxed Enough Already* patriots mean what they say, say what they mean, work within the legal bounds of the existing system, and are the very model of law and order at every assembly. But, due to shamelessly biased portrayals by old media, I’ll bet you will get the wrong answer more often than not asking the average citizen which one is responsible for thousands of arrests, dozens of rapes, injury to countless police officers, and an unknown (but huge) cost in property damage. I have no doubt future historians will identify the corruptly biased coverage of these two movements as the real beginning of the end for old media. However, I’m afraid the misrepresentations will live on until the election, which is what matters now. Up against this calculated old media misrepresentation is the reality the electorate is living as a result of BHO’s sorry record. Will the average American voter place more credence in the policy wreckage unfolding before his very eyes, or the Alinskyite narrative spun by BHO with the help of old media? We shall see.


However I look at this question, I always come back to realizing the fate of the republic depends on conservative new media communicating Obama’s true record and true policy intentions.

Obama’s foreign policy is a disaster, but I don’t think it will come home to roost before the next election. Of course, I could be wrong … and if it does, it will be ‘game over’ a la Jimmy Carter.

I won’t shy away from covering Barry’s foreign policy wreckage in future posts. Nor will any other opinionator in conservative new media, no doubt. But the point here is the focus for winning this election has to be on opening the citizenry’s eyes to the misery BHO’s policies have directly visited upon them in their lives and neighborhoods.

When Barry runs around falsely claiming the economy is turning around because the officially measured unemployment rate has ‘ticked down’ from 8.2% to 8.1%, we need to relentlessly barrage the republic with the counter-points:

* These are the same geniuses who told us in 2009 their program was necessary to keep unemployment from ever getting above 8%.

* These hacks already hold the record for the longest stretch of official unemployment above 8% since the Great Depression

* The officially measured number goes *down* when a sufficient number of people become so discouraged they leave the work force altogether and are no longer counted as “looking for work,” and that explains the present measurement.

* 115,000 or so jobs created in a given month isn’t a gain against zero, it’s lost ground on needed growth. You need 200,000 per month just to keep up with new labor market entrants (aka graduates), and 400,000 per month (Reagan strength) to get back down to 4-5%.

* At 63.6%, we are at the lowest percentage of working age Americans actually working since 1981. (That would be Carter’s ‘malaise’ economy).

* Household income is down, way down, under Obama.

Oh, just watch this Bloomberg video for a taste of the numbers behind Barry’s economic fail …


And a little mockery doesn’t hurt the cause either. The mention of BHO’s latest call for more gub’ment ‘stimulus’ spending in the Bloomberg video brought back to mind this cartoon on the Townhall site, and my comment to it.


The bottom line is this: the only answer Team Obama has to the question ‘Are you better off than four years ago?’ is ‘No, but …’ The ‘but’ boils down to whining about their ‘inheritance’ from George Bush. That is something I’m sure will play poorly with the typical American. Americans do not like or respect whiners. Conservative new media must facilitate opportunities for Team Obama to answer this question as often as possible. Lord knows the fawning sycophants at CBS, NBC, and ABC certainly won’t.

And in the process we will discover how stupid my republic actually is.


I just realized the finished product looks very little like the notes I was keeping (see footnote to yesterday’s post). That happens sometimes.


Clumsy lead sentence cleanup with strike-through notation. I asked me for a budget to hire copy editors, but me remembered project revenue is stuck at zero.
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Found At the Bottom of a Pile Of Dirty Dishes in the Sink

It's apparently a tiny slingshot constructed from a paper clip and segment of rubber band. Clearly the work of Jimmy (our resident 13 year old), or possibly one of the gang of uncultured miscreants he hangs with (known affectionately around here as the Lords of the Flies.)


"How Stupid *is* My Republic?" well under way in mental draft. The only problem is the evidence of Team Leftie's assumption of your stupidity keeps rolling in at warp speed. Just tryin' to keep up ...

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Demotivational "Julia"

Yesterday, while engaged in a mid-afternoon nap (I think I've explained before on this blog that I'm basically a grumpy old man, and that I hate the summer heat ... 85 degrees in humid DC makes we want to take nap, OK - any more questions?) I made a connection. The connection was between Team Obama's clownish "Julia" campaign ad and a novel I read many, many, many moons ago. Wasn't "Julia" Winston Smith's girlfriend partner in sex crime in Orwell's '1984'?

So she was.

I was so impressed with myself, I even uncharacteristically took to Twitter.


I do *not* wish to live in a society surrounded by "Julia" (Obama's, not Orwell's - obviously something of a resistance heroine). Nor do I wish that fate upon my children. "Julia" (Obama's) is self-entitled, driven purely by base impulses, and utterly clueless about how anything works. Nor do I wish, or wish to see my children, trapped in the bureaucratic, Orwellian, society that breeds and coddles multitudes of this "Julia" composite (again, Obama's).


May Obama's "Julia" die a quick death from deserved mockery, and the spirit of Orwell's "Julia" help bring it about.


The graphic was created with naught but MS Powerpoint. You can plainly see I grew tired of making the general background match the "Julia" screenshot background. I attempted to contract with "web designer" "Julia" but she was on the 3 years' maternity leave guaranteed by Malia Obama's Family Leave Improvement Act of 2070.


Just because ...

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Barry's Baffling Boondoggle to Afghanistan

Did you hear the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama gave a campaign speech to the American people from Afghanistan? I’m sure you must have, because his lickspittle propagandists in the mainstream media made it their mission to ensure you did.

I’ve scoured the Intertubes looking for the price tag passed on to the taxpayers for Barry’s Baffling Boondoggle. Well, actually, I entered a simple search phrase into Google’s search engine, and the only actual estimate on page one did not come from any mainstream media source. The best answer I could find on page one was a ‘back of the envelope’ estimate from a 3 year old trip to the same locale. The citizen estimate came out to around three million bucks.

That’s one expensive nothing-burger in the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression. But chump change compared to the now more than five *trillion* bucks of new national debt the Empty Suit has bequeathed the republic with his failed governance. So I’ve chosen to ‘largely ignore’ this calculated diversion. (That’s a dig at the MSM constantly describing the violent mob known as OWS with the mealy-mouthed phrase 'largely peaceful.')

I will only note one stylistic point that has escaped the attention of every other analyst (as far as I can tell). Am I the only one who has noticed Barry has the annoying habit of striking the lectern with his hand to punctuate statements, in the manner of a petty dictator? Just listen to the continuous thump-thump-thump rhythm on the ubiquitously available video of Barry’s speech. It’s enough to make a guy nostalgic for Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Nikita Kruschev, or even Dwight Schrute.


No, I choose instead to catalog the lengthy list of bad political news for Team Obama that he and his slavish water-carriers in the corrupt and biased liberal media wish to distract you away from noticing, by staging and promoting Barry’s Baffling Boondoggle to Afghanistan.

A ‘white hispanic’ (the new media term coined for George Zimmerman) going by the name of Jose Rodriquez, who also happens to be the former CIA Director of CIA Clandestine Operations, is doing the book promotion tour thing – and exposing Team Obama’s mendacious politics in relation to enhanced interrogation techniques employed against illegal enemy combatants in the War on Terror.

Previously unknown to anyone, Elizabeth Warren, Team Obama’s candidate to reclaim the Ted Kennedy Senate seat from Scott Brown, is apparently a ‘white Cherokee’ - and disappointed she didn’t get the high cheek bones.

Team Obama’s shock troops in the Occupy movement – known here as Barry’s Malingering Mob of Maladjusted Malcontents – made a generally very unimpressive street level showing during the big ‘general labor strike’ on the May Day.

Obama’s Solicitor General, fresh from having his ass handed to him in Supreme Court arguments on the ObamaCare individual mandate, just took it on the chin again in oral arguments over Arizona SB 1070.

One of Team Obama’s many unaccountable Czars of Some Damn Thing is feeling the blowback for some very uncivil political discourse.

Team Obama’s Attorney General, Eric “My People” Holder, is on the fast track to conviction for contempt of Congress based on his stone walling of the Fast and Furious investigations.


To sum up, I couldn’t say it any plainer than columnist Michael Goodwin – Obama is Desperate and It Shows.

Obama will do anything, say anything, to distract attention from his failed record of governance.

His foreign policy is a complete train wreck – the one and only public “success” is OBL’s assassination, which any President would have ordered and no American has any problem with. So ‘gutsy!’ When this week’s spiking of the football celebration is over, he has nothing else of substance to point to. And foreign policy will take a back seat to his lousy economy in this election, anyway. So, basically, he has nothing of substance to run on – except the predictable politics of division and gub’ment income redistribution panders he will drag out of the Leftist ideological grab bag. Running around the country falsely ginning up fears of student loan interest rate increases shows the template that will be repeated again and again.

Which is why my next substantive post has the working title ‘How Stupid *is* My Republic?’

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just Because

Written by John Lennon (Beatles - but you probably know that already). Well. Sung by Siousxi Sioux (The Queen of 70's London Punk). Well. Guest guitar appearance by Robert Smith (The King of Goth Rock). Well? You be the judge. But, hey, he's still the King of Goth Rock.


Yeah, I'll get to Barry's Baffling Boondoggle to Afghanistan when I can. It's necessary, but not pressing.
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Obumper Schticker Only This Blog Could Create

Recognizing a quote possibly attributable to Alexis de Tocqueville is the title of this blog's most widely read post ...

Looking at the calendar and noticing Barry's Malevolent Mob of Maladjusted Malcontents (aka the Occupy movement coordinated Leftist public disturbance) will be out in force today creating mayhem, destruction, and injury throughout the republic ...

And connecting the dots for anyone still on the couch with cheeto-stained fingertips ...

I give you the bumper sticker that could only come from this blog project ...

Further updates to come as the mayhem unfolds. If only it were as humorous as this guy.


The mayhem gets off to an early start in San Francisco.

A report from the field in NYC suggests I may have overestimated the danger. Hilarious video on the link. ;)

It seems Occupy Cleveland is using Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground as role models. Fortunately, rule of law seems to have won this skirmish with three arrests before the bridge blew up.

Apparently the Chicago gathering was as comically sanguine as the NYC fizzle.

As of 6:31 pm EST the republic's police blotters are filling, but no (accomplished) serious violence to report yet. It's early in Oakland still ...

Occupy Seattle declares storefront windows to be public enemy number one. (I love the fashion decision of the occupier in the photo on the link - bringing floral shorts to the anarchy dance)

From my live Feedjit. Ugh. Let's hope this degenerate discovers porn before the night is through.

The view from the day after May Day ... all in all, not a bad day for the rule of law.
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