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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Benghazi Truthing, 2014-04-29

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have the YouTube video lie smoking gun.

Makes me nostalgic for a certain little graphic first distributed by this blog project on November 15, 2012.

And it was for these hacks Nakoula Basseley Nakoula went to jail?

We still need to know more about the 10 pm phone call. Hillary.

Update 4/30/2014

Nice revue from the Daily Caller, my favorite bare knuckle political opinion site.

Update 5/5/14

The screenshots below document a cordial January 27, 2014 Daily Caller comment board encounter between yours truly and 'RWBenton' - in which we agree on a plausible conspiracy theory fitting the known facts surrounding the events of September 11, 2012. Basically: Team Hillary secretly had the hapless citizen named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula teed up as a fall guy before anything happened, pulled the trigger on 'Operation YouTube Video' the moment the Islamists went nuts in Cairo, brought Team Barry on board with 'Operation YouTube Video' as the preferred cover story for both Cairo and Benghazi that evening, and it was Team Barry that sent out Susan Rice to the Sunday talking head shows to spread the lie. Memo to House Select Committee: Get to the bottom of the 10 pm phone call.

Disqus, btw, really needs to implement a text search feature on the 'Me' feed. Just sayin'.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Archiving 'This Just In' (4/11/14 - 4/27/14): No Proof Yet of TEA Party Affiliation For Either Cliven Bundy or Donald Sterling

*8 pm 4/27: Updated Sperling (with a 'P') to Sterling with a 'T')

Concerning racist remarks proven to be have been uttered by cattle rancher and grazing fee scofflaw Cliven Bundy, and (probably soon to be) proven to have been uttered by LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling ... the exception proves the rule. Don't overplay your hand with this recent bounty of race warfare riches, Lefties. These two men will pay a price for their racism, we all know it, and you have already cried racist wolf too many times with the rest of us. At least wait until you can prove even one case of TEA Party racism after leveling the charge ad nauseam for the past five years, before trying to capitalize too much on this week's news.
AYFKM? Our state department now proposes to prevent the Red Army from invading Ukraine with a firestorm of ASCII binary code 00100011.
Good Supreme Court decision today upholding Michigan's ban on racial hiring quotas. Combined with tolerating the incompetent reign of the Quota President for six going on eight years now, maybe we can put this whole silly sixty year old white guilt driven 'Affirmative Action' industry behind us eventually after all. For if this group or that group is held to a lower standard in perpetuity, what does that say about what we think of the group in question? It's called the soft bigotry of low expectations, kiddies.
It has begun. Read the comment tussle between me and the anonymous OFA troll 'Fannysyeraunt'. The Left is already gearing up to play off ObamaKare's failures by agitating for a 'Single Payer' solution - which is to say all care and all finances routed through Big Brother's central bureaucracy. As the comment thread demonstrates, they will try to bamboozle the public with cherry picked and carefully packaged data. Like with 'climate change.' My automatic response to this tactic on the 'climate change' front has long been 'explain how the Roman and Medieval Warm Periods in the data fit your theory.' They of course cannot. I'm still working on a stock killer response for the Single Payer argument we will soon be forced into with the Left - but 'British teeth' is pretty good for now I think.
The good news on how the Cliven Bundy / BLM stand off resolved is the BLM withdrew their storm troopers, proving Tyranny still has a long way to go before ruling the day in this republic. The bad news is Bundy actually doesn't have a legal leg to stand on, meaning this was the wrong fight to pick for Team Liberty. Even if the BLM had overreacted, they would have had their apologists picking at Bundy's lack of standing much like the DEA has its apologists for Waco based on David Koresh's weirdness. Now for the really weird part of the current drama ... Dingy Harry Reid seems to have some kind of financial interest in an adjoining piece of property. Coincidence? Methinks not. I'm guessing the funereal Senate Majority Leader (soon to be Senate Minority Leader) is lamenting an unfortunate delay in the progress of his personal financial plan. How's he supposed to buy that land from Uncle Sam for development if those damned cattle are still grazing on it?
Now THIS is technology at work. The perfect storm from a smartphone, stupid crook, and alert 911 dispatcher gives us another story you just couldn't make up.
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sparring in the Dark Alleys of Modern American Opinion (Heartbleed Edition?)

The post title is adapted from my February 11, 2010 post Sparring in the Dark Alleys of Modern American Opinion. In the 2010 post I document a rollicking encounter with a rabid pack of Leftist trolls on a CBS comment board, concerning the issue of the Global Warming hoax. I recommend it as a fun read, representing one of my better contributions to this blog project. The 2010 post neatly documents (with a wry grin) how the Left utilizes the intimidation tactics of the mob to enforce conformity of thought whenever possible.

Today's post is an updated take on the same theme, involving more advanced tactics and techniques. Yesterday I got into it with the anonymous troll who calls himself 'darkknight91' on the Breitbart post Sleeping With the Enemy: Snowden, Putin & 21st Century Tradecraft. The question at hand, appropriately enough, was whether Edward Snowden is patriot or traitor. (For the record, my position on this matter has been well documented from the beginning - the NSA is out of bounds and Snowden is traitor. The NSA has no business engaging in unbounded warrantless domestic surveillance programs, and Snowden had better options for sharing his knowledge than taking his data to foreign enemies of the republic. Yeah, that's right - they are both wrong. Happens sometimes in this crazy world.)

Anyway, 'darkknight91' is apparently Putin's b*tch, just as Snowden has unambiguously proven himself to be. The evidence is contained in the comment thread screenshots I've documented in this post's footnotes. The most interesting aspect of this exchange isn't necessarily the exchange itself - no, it's one particular tactic employed by 'darkknight91.' You see, this particular troll knows (or knew at the time) a cute little parlor trick. After I had thoroughly schooled Junior while still in the realm of the English language, this troll exhibited the magical power to delete my comments.

The question then became ... what is the true scope of this troll's awesome power? Looking over the crime scene, a consistent pattern appeared - he only seemed to possess the capacity to delete the comments of others that were in direct reply to his own. (Or he chose to only exercise the power across this limited scope.)

Rational explantions?

Perhaps the Disqus password used by Breitbart's comment moderator had been compromised and harvested by 'darkknight91'. If so, why hadn't 'darknight91' deleted my other comments (the ones not in direct reply to his own)? Possible explanation for the extreme restraint might be extreme discipline on the part of 'darkknight91,' though his comments on this thread show little sign of discipline.

Perhaps 'darkknight91' is in fact employed by the Breitbart site as a comment moderator himself (which would grant him authority to purge anyone's comments based on his official role)? I find this very unlikely ... I can't see such an anti First Amendment fascist surviving very long in Breitbart's employ.

Most dangerously - perhaps my own Disqus password had fallen into the hands of 'darkknight91'! Again, we have the conundrum posed by the troll's unlikely show of discipline by not wreaking more havoc.

So, what's left? Not sure really. Maybe there is an exploit known among the troll community in the Disqus API, allowing the API programmer to delete child comments from other users knowing identifiers for the parent comment they own. This theory is at least consistent with the idea 'darkknight91' would be expected to utilize his cute little trick to the fullest extent possible.


The question of trollish discipline set aside, we must consider the contribution to this story that may have been made by the now infamous Heartbleed virus. The really sweet (/sarc) part for us end users is we have to wait for our service providers to apply the fix on the servers in the cloud, then tell us all to change our previously compromised passwords. Changing you password before the service provider patches its' servers will do you no good. Near as I can tell, Disqus support claims to be patched as of on or about April 19.

As the disappearance of the magical powers previously possessed by 'darkknight91' seemed to correspond with me resetting my Disqus password, there is some credence to the theory this particular troll is a Heartbleed thief. Why he didn't use it to inflict wider damage on my Disqus presence remains the unanswered question.

Next steps? Common sense Internet citizenship. I will contact Disqus tech support with my evidence. I will ask when specifically was Disqus patched against Heartbleed. I will recommend they take a close look at their API for the possibility of a security hole with linked comments. I will also recommend they investigate their server logs for further evidence of abuse by their user 'darkknight91.' I will also contact Breitbart to ask if their comment moderators have changed their Disqus passwords recently. Maybe I'll also ask them to exercise their legal authority as moderators to restore my original comments. Both of these neteprises (yeah, I think I just invented that word) are growing rapidly and will want to stay on top of any potential public relations issues.


These screenshots were taken last night and are grouped into two collections. The first collection shows the thread after 'darkknight91' selectively deleted my replies. These deletions are still present in the thread as I post this. The second collection consists of the originals from my Disqus profile 'Me' Feed. The relevant comments are tagged in Red as 'removed.' Manually constructing the original original (original squared) would involve a copy and paste exercise. I'm not being paid for this, so I'm not doing that.

Screenshot Collection #1

Screenshot Collection #2

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Confirmed: Jim Crow Still Alive and Well in Northern Virginia!

I snapped the following picture of a water dispenser while waiting my turn to pee into a cup for a drug screening (and that's all you need to know about that!)

At first I was puzzled by the black and white handle configuration. I'm used to blue for cold and red for hot. With black and white, which is cold and which is hot? Then I tested each and both were cold. There can only be one explanation ... this facility engages in separate but equal water dispensing! Jim Crow lives!

The delusional race hustlers of the National Action Network must be alerted. We need Al Sharpton to get some people marching around in circles and chanting slogans in front of this facility before it's too late.
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Archiving 'This Just In' (3/22/14 - 4/10/14): Who's Talking About the *Real* 'War on Women' Anyway?

The Democrats are now running around executing the gender warfare page of their playbook (they really only have three plays in the book: race warfare, class warfare, and gender warfare). It is a political strategy in an election year designed to distract from their failures of governance, chiefly ObamaKare and the economy. This time it's the 'gender pay gap' canard, based on faulty statistics that are based on blended averages that in no way account for measuring equal work. In other words, statistics not properly normalized to measure gender as the only variable with everything else (i.e. equal work) held constant. In other words, useless statistics: or to quote Mark Twain (according to some) - "lies, damned lies, and statistics."
There is, however, one *real* 'war on women' these Donkey Party corruptniks won't be endlessly and breathlessly talking about - Radical Islam's systematic persecution of women. They won't be mentioning Brandeis University's cowardly act of political correctness that denied Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who would be a Leftist feminist heroine if the Left had consistent scruples, the honorary degree she earned with scars inflicted by the brutalizing hand of Radical Islam itself.
I just figured out what's been rubbing me the wrong away about Fox's hot show 'The Five.' They come off like they're not talking to anybody but each other. In that snickering vibe you get from the cool kids' middle school lunch table, as a matter of fact. And they seem to be enjoying the place at the cool kids' lunch table a little too much. It's almost like a high production value cable access show now where a small clique comments on the headlines available to everybody else, and gets off on the self-perceived notoriety from repeating the obvious on the boob tube. I know their format makes it tough, but they need to figure out how to bring in people to talk to that actually add information to the discussion.
Barack Hussein Obama took a Rose Garden victory lap yesterday associated with the announcement of a sophistical seven million number. While the sarcastically partisan staged celebration may have lifted the Empty Suit's spirits for one day, there is still much time between now and November for those spirits to be dampened by a few simple follow up questions: 1. How many enrollees have actually paid in to initiate coverage? 2. How many enrollees were actually previously uninsured? 3. What is the true future cost passed on to state governments by the law's expansion of medicaid? 4. What is the true future cost passed on to taxpayers by the exchange subsidies? Lord knows we won't get any such thing from the corrupt and biased liberal lamestream media, but I think the hacks of the Establishment GOP might get enough grass roots conservative (aka TEA Party) help in this cycle to pull it off. Despite themselves.
April 8: Windows XP R.I.P. As far as I'm concerned, Microsoft could have ended the desktop upgrade scam right there and focused more energy on hardening the enterprise server product line. But they had the money to waste, so ... no harm, no foul?
The vaguely talented left wing comedian Stephen Colbert finds himself in hot twitter water with his Leftist audience. It seems he tried to make light of Daniel Snyder's Native American Bribery Foundation, and Colbert's joke fell flat with fellow race obsessed Lefties. Karma. Defined. And, btw, here's the memo to Dan Snyder: Your bribe will not make them go away permanently. The bribes never do. They will be back in due time. Probably before the Redskins are a legitimate contender under your regime.
THIS is how fascist regimes enlist useful idiots to replace parenthood with fearful worship of the state in the minds of children. Both the principal and the cops in this case richly deserve to lose their jobs without pay, and to be awarded a scarlet 'I', permanently worn as the mark of their Idiocy.
Obama administration English translation for 'Reset' - unilateral disarmament for NATO missile defense system. Putin regime Russian translation for 'Reset' - reclaim Soviet empire territory. Talk about asymmetrical warfare.
Man oh Man Manischewitz! If aborted fetuses can be used for heating fuel ... how close, really, is western civilization to sinking to the level of Soylent Green for food?
Moochelle's crew exporting their sense of entitlement to America's banker. No word on how Wall Street feels about possibly being left holding the bag if the Chinese become annoyed enough to call in the loans.
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Monday, April 7, 2014

On OKCupid, Mozilla, and the Intolerant Tyranny of Leftist Tolerance

In recent days, the tolerance and acceptance that has been widely heaped upon the gay lobby in recent years by the civil society has been repaid in the predictable way - exploitation of a wedge issue by the ever restless Left.

The gay lobby should listen to one of their own, Andrew Sullivan, and cool it - before they find out the hard way the civil society doesn't find bullies to be so fab-u-lous after all.

Charles Krauthammer, and other conservatives, have the right idea for how to handle bullies and the toadies that kowtow to them - push. back. hard.

And to those who argue OKCupid and Mozilla are simply making economic decisions in the free market ... you are quite correct. There are smart decisions, and there are not so smart decisions.

Mozilla may be about to find out the hard way that browser technology is a mere commodity. We can switch between browsers as easily as we switch brands of underwear. It occurs to me Internet dating sites are also quite the commodity. Perhaps there should be a conservative campaign to turn OKCupid into the premier dating site exclusively catering to gays?

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vladmir Putin Convinced to Withdraw From Crimea

The Russian government released the following statement only minutes ago.

The persuasive oration we have been privileged to receive directly from American President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, two of history's greatest diplomatic masters, has convinced us to observe 21st century protocol and withdraw our military forces back to their original positions inside the post Cold War boundaries of Mother Russia. We now recognize what clumsy oafs we have been on the 21st century international stage and regret behaving like a bunch of 20th century Russian imperialists. We wish to seek forgiveness for our recent sins and to rejoin the community of 21st century nations. Comrade President Putin has ordered all Russian government officials to attend cultural sensitivity training as an acknowledgement of the new 'Reset' diplomatic era. Comrade President Putin is also seriously considering giving back Robert Kraft's super bowl ring and issuing an apology for stealing it in the first place.

Filed under April Fools.
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