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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Impending Wave of Leftist Lunacy

When the ‘chicken sandwich activist’ named Floyd Lee Corkins II committed an act of domestic terrorism on the property of the Family Research Council (FRC), what the country witnessed was the tip of a very deep and jagged iceberg. This icebeg is composed of the densest material known to mankind … Leftist Lunacy.

The most telling part of this episode is that Corkins was carrying 28 Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in his backpack. Judging by the photo taken of him in cuffs outside the FRC, he hasn’t missed many meals ... but 28 sandwiches? Really? Obviously his imagination was captured by a recent episode in the news wholly manufactured by the Left, which I blogged about on August 2nd under the post title “The Right to eat a Chicken Sandwich In Peace and Quiet”

For the purposes of this analysis, however, the most salient fact is what Corkins said to the guard he shot: "Don't shoot me, it was not about you, it was what this place stands for.”

Really? What kind of p*o*s shoots a man in cold blood for tangential reasons, then expects mercy on the same grounds? Answer: The Leftist.

The Leftist is consumed by political ideology. The Leftist is convinced his ideology must be adopted or all mankind is doomed. The Leftist is further convinced anyone with a different ideology is ignorant (that is, not exposed to the brilliance of his ideology), uneducable (that is, not sufficiently equipped to accept the ideology’s brilliance), or downright evil (the smear of final resort – racist, greedy, or war mongering being the perennial top three.) I suspect Corkin viewed his shooting victim as mostly ignorant – one of the downtrodden masses he (Corkin) was fighting to free from the evil yoke of reactionary organizations devoted to preserving the nuclear family. My house troll, Ema Nymton, clearly has no trouble tarring me with all three of the Left’s classic smear vectors. Just read her comments to my posts.

Pat Buchanan knows what I’m talking about.

(side note: Buchanan always makes me laugh, and did it again this time, with the 1968 mistaken FBI identity story. He’s a great example to follow for the happy conservative warrior.)


The ‘chicken sandwich activist’ isn’t the only recent glimpse of grass roots Leftist Lunacy.

For example, there is a p*o*s named Daniel Sorno in Connecticut who clearly misunderstands the concept of federalism. He followed Corkin’s example by bringing the lunacy down to a state level.

Then there is this unidentified ObamaCare enthusiast in Little Rock - apparently offended by the sight of young men in red sashes. Perhaps he’s homophobic.


The point here is, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. As it becomes increasingly clear to the most casual observer that the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama will lose the election of 2012, there is sure to be an outbreak of Leftist Lunacy throughout the republic.


Wisconsin was a warm up.

Occupy was a dress rehearsal.

* clickable images from the JAUL collection.


My advice to the sovereign citizen is to laugh at them when possible, directly in their faces if you have the sand, and defend yourself with extreme prejudice when necessary.

Update 8/27/12

The always genial Left, masters of bile and venom on social media, have been tweeting death wishes to the RNC delegates hunkering down under Isaac's gale force winds.

Update 8/28/12

Hollyweird continues to be all the proof you need there is no direct correlation between wealth and intelligence.

Update 9/5/12

The case of the moody and irritable American Airlines male flight attendant caught my eye today. Just as a seismic reading. Male flight attendant? Hmmmmmmm. I wonder what position he plays on Team Leftie.

Update 9/7/12

Jeeeeezus, these guys are simply brain damaged.

Update 9/10/12

Really, there is no end to the lunacy with these unhinged nut jobs.
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Demotivational Akin

Todd Akin has stepped on his crank and made himself a liability. He needs to leave the stage. Period. End of Sentence. If he wants to run for something in 2014 or 2016, fine. Not 2012. Not anymore. Too much is at stake.

In a less crucial time, Bill Kristol would be right on target.

In today's zeitgeist, Mark Levin is the one who understands the urgency of the situation.

If Akin doesn't get the message, Sarah Palin has the right idea - run an insurgency candidate. And I don't care if Missouri law prevents it from being Sarah Steelman. Find any grass roots conservative ready to step into the breech. I don't care if it has to be Fozzie Bear.
A statement needs to be made - the stage is no longer a right to be held in perpetuity by the professional politician class.

Incidentally, when I did my quick Google image search in preparation for this post, the one that made me belly laugh utilized the great 'Red' Foreman to good effect.

The linked post appears to have been written by a Leftie, but funny is funny. And the point is Akin clownishly confirms all of their most cartoonish presumptions about conservatives. For this, he must disappear from the national scene, and the sooner the better.


Incidentally, back in 2010, this blog project utilized a measuring device dubbed the Conservative Ascendancy Thermotron, which consisted of a series of gauges designed to predict the force of the 2010 election. One of those gauges was 'GOP / TEA Party Alignment.' If GOP money (RNC, NRSCC, whatever) were to find its way into the hands of a insurgent alternative to the disavowed Akin, we might have to put our best engineers onto the task of designing a new and improved Thermotron for 2012.

Footnote #2

My point, precisely. It's over for you in 2012, Todd. Wrap your brain around it, and do the honorable thing.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hanging Out With the Staff Cartoonist

A fine afternoon, all in all.

The staff cartoonist taught me the bass line for 'Seven Nation Army' - E-E-G-E-D-C-B. I am now able to play something that somewhat resembles it with some degree of repeatability.

I gave the staff cartoonist an assignment, and he executed it flawlessly.

LAS confidently predicts a Romney-Ryan landslide, strongly resembling the last race in which a Democrat incumbent with a crappy economy and failed foreign policy was a participant.

The answer is 1980, Mr. Barone.

Update 8/19/12

Frequent commenter "Scotia" has shared the following image of his most recent home adornment. He can see the whites of their eyes from his porch, too.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Demotivational Progressive Talking Heads

Fact #1: Ryan Plan leaves all current Medicare patients, and anyone above age 55 for that matter, untouched.

Fact #2: Obamacare rips $700B (seven hundred billion dollars) out of the shaky hands of today's Medicare patients.

Check it out on the Google machine for yourself, dummy.
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mittens Has Chosen Wisely

Willard Mitt Romney has tapped Paul Ryan to be his running mate in this historic Presidential election. Paul Ryan is the perfect choice for the VP nomination, and the choosing of him commends Willard Mitt Romney’s good judgment.

And not just because he followed the advice I, LibertyAtStake, offered in my April 25th post We’re All Mittens Men Now.
Oh, and don’t forget Alinsky’s Rule 11: “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.“ Which leads me to my next specific recommendation … tap Paul Ryan as your VP. He’s way better than any of us at talking about all that fiscal stuff. And Team Leftie will have a much harder time making a straw man mockery of their cartoon version of the “Ryan Plan” if we have the straw man himself out there talking sense back at them. You can be the suit, let Ryan be the smart guy, leave the food fight to conservative new media, and everything will work out just fine for you.
While it never hurts to follow my advice, I’m certain Mittens the CEO was able to figure this one out for himself. See, what he has here now is a really good CEO (the suit) and COO (the smart guy) team ready, willing, and able to take the election fight to BHO and His Corrupt Gang of Progressives.

And it will be a fight against the dirtiest fighters in American political history. Team Obama has attempted so far to disqualify Mitt Romney on the specious grounds he is guilty of animal cruelty, schoolyard bullying, felony tax evasion, and the latest – murder. There is simply no low too low for a Leftist in an election, as I’ve amply explained in post after post on this blog.

Take the lying sack ‘o sh*t named Stephanie Cutter, for example. The only bad thing about the Ryan selection is that it pushes her down the news cycle priority - as a prime representative of the ethics-free American Progressive Left.

The problem for Romney is this crap was working, like dirty low ball politics always seem to – at least when not forcefully countered. The evidence was plain as day in the polling data trends. Rasmussen’s daily presidential poll going into this weekend tells you everything you need to know about the power of negative advertising.

I’ll save a fuller examination of why negative advertising works for another time. Suffice to say, for now, every demagogue knows this, and the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama is the most demagogic President in American history. This trend needed to be nipped in the bud.

The choosing of Paul Ryan does exactly that. The mere choosing of the man with the plan has instantly elevated the discussion out of the gutter and on to the issues that really matter: gub’ment spending, tax reform, entitlement reform, and whether the United States of America is to become a bankrupt entitlement state like Greece, or remain the exceptional beacon of liberty and opportunity envisioned by its founders.

Paul Ryan has the chops to beat back the Leftist onslaught of negative demagoguery and bring the debate back to the big ideas: with facts, figures, and a detailed plan to back them up.

So, Mittens, LibertyAtStake commends you for choosing wisely in this historic moment. Paul Ryan is the right man at the right time to dispatch Team Obama’s corrupt gang of hacks, and their lickspittles in the biased liberal media ... in the same way King Arthur was the right man at the Bridge of Death. (The bridge keeper is the media, Lancelot is the Democrat, the others the usual Establishment GOP, and Arthur is Ryan).

So, let’s get it on and have a knock down drag out big ideas election for the nation’s future. In the (R) corner … the team with a detailed plan. In the (D) corner … the corrupt hacks who haven’t even bothered to pass a budget through the Senate for three years running. In 86 days, we shall find out … How Stupid *is* My Republic?


I, LibertyAtStake, will now give the Democrats their first Ryan attack ad – totally free of charge.

Update 8/13/12

So it begins.

Update 8/14/12

Another optimistic take on the nomination from Big Lizards.

Update #2 8/14/12

Team Leftie flailing around trying to see what attacks will stick. They should go with the Eddie Munster angle, I'm tellin' ya.
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jack Wiley Dithers' Exclusive Interview With the Senate Majority Leader

(AP) – Jack Wiley Dithers Reporting
“If You Can’t Scoop It, Make It Up.”

I was ushered into the Majority Leader’s office by a grim faced character in a poorly fitted black suit who looked like a reject from the cast of ‘Pulp Fiction.’ As I crossed the threshold, the Majority Leader was peeking furtively through a small crack in his otherwise fully drawn curtains.

JWD: On stakeout duty, Senator?

Reid: Just keeping an eye out for Teabaggers, that’s all.

JWD: Anderson Cooper introduced that term into our politics.*

Reid: Really? Soros told me they put that on their web site themselves.

JWD: Soros?

Reid: Uhhhh, I mean ... Think Progress. Anyway, sit down. Would you like something to drink?

JWD: I’ll take water.

{Here Reid silently made a movement to manipulate something under his desk.}

Reid: I called you here to share some secrets. You see, after I let the world know Mitt Romney owes ten years of taxes, I realized how liberating it can be to unload the burden of carrying secrets.

JWD: Go on.

Reid: Pro wrestling matches are fixed.*

JWD: I knew it! No way Hulk Hogan beats Sean Michaels in 2005 unless the fix is in.

{Here Mr. Pulp Fiction brings me a glass of water.}

Reid: Also, did you know fully two thirds of all American service fatalities in Afghanistan have occurred on Obama’s watch.*

JWD: Somebody alert Code Pink!

Reid: Did you also know 80% of Nevada is federally owned land?* Why, the house I grew up in was built on a old U-2 prototype crash site. The backyard backed up to a nuclear blast test site. The neighborhood kids used to play on a baseball field that had Area 51 as the home run line. Why, I once had to kick an alien in the groin – at least that’s what I think it was – to retrieve an overthrown frisbee.

JWD: I see. This explains a lot.

Reid: And since you brought up Anderson Cooper ... did you know he’s gay?

JWD: Everybody knows, Senator, he just came out.*

Reid: Of what?

JWD: The closet. That’s why the Teabagger thing is so funny.

Reid: Funny? Why?

JWD: Oh never mind. What else do you want to lay on me?

{Here Reid leaned in close and lowered his voice}

Reid: Biden is the source for Obama's national security leaks. See? If he's caught no one will believe he could be the source. Brilliant.

JWD: Pure Genius. Senator, why hasn't the Senate passed a budget the past three years?*

{Here Reid gets a quizzical look on his face}

Reid: Because nobody made me?

JWD: Senator, the law says ....

{Here Reid laughs his ass off}

Reid: Law? Laaaaaaaaaw? Oh, boy, you are a hoot!

{Here Reid reached into a drawer and pulls out a napkin}

Reid: Wanna know what that is, boy?

JWD: A napkin?

Reid: The Obama campaign strategy. Written in Axelrod's own hand. Go ahead read it - don't mind the dried up soy sauce.

JWD: Romney is rich. And a Mormon.

Reid: Less is more, boy. Everybody hates the rich guy. And those Mormons ... don't get me started.

JWD: Aren't you also Mormon, Senator?

Reid: Yeah*, but not that kind.

JWD: What kind?

{Here Reid's back straightens and he grimaces (well, more than usual, anyway).}

Reid: The Republican kind.

(AP) – Jack Wiley Dithers Reporting
“If You Can’t Scoop It, Make It Up.”


Asterisk (*) denotes stuff that is actually true.

Update 8/8/12

How did I fail to asterisk no budget for three years at publishing time? Probably because that's the only thing a Senator absolutely has to do.
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Demotivational Dingy Harry Reid

If you do not hold Democrat Party leadership in complete contempt by now, I can only conclude you have just re-emerged from a four year coma to read this.

Take, for example, the contemptible machine party hack and current Senate Majority Leader Dingy Harry Reid. By way of background - the crooked Nevada politician in the movie 'Casino' was based on his early career. Completely accurately.

Fast forward to the present day, and Dingy Harry is running around making absurd unsubstantiated claims concerning the tax returns of his political enemy and complete opposite in character - Mr. Clean himself - GOP Establishment nominee Mittens Romney.

Most of the criticism directed toward Dingy Harry has concerned the moral rot inherent in requiring your opponent to prove the negative of a lie. Thus is the point of my double reverse back flip of a demotivational poster. More on that later in the post.

However, I would now like to challenge the the conventional wisdom motivating the blow back. Does anyone really think the corrupt Donkey Party doesn't already know what's in each and every tax return ever filed by Mittens. To the IRS? The very same IRS controlled by their corrupt and morally rotted administration? The very same IRS they are lining up to entrust with administering the ObamaCare mandates's penalty tax? (Queue Michael Corleone: "Now who's being naive, Kay?")

They already know there's nothing in there, trust me. They are lying through their teeth ... trying to create a class warfare wedge issue motivating their idiotic occutard voting base. Period. End of Sentence. You occutards now may go back to pissing on someone else's lawn or whatever it is you have on your busy schedule today.


Now, back to the fun afforded us citizen sovereigns by the Intertubes and social media.


A "pederast" is a man who enjoys sex with boys. You know, like that Sandusky guy, for you MSNBC viewers. The Intertubes is alight with joyous mockery of Dingy Harry utilizing this meme as effective satire. Also known as citizen action.

However, in true LAS contrarian fashion, I have another meme I like a lot better. I heard it with my own ears on Chris Plante's AM radio show. You see, it seems a caller into the show has knowledge that Dingy Harry is keeping a goat named Vicki in his Senate office as an entertainment expense. Inquiring minds need to know if this is true. Hence my demotivational poster tying in this meme with the corrupt absurdity of a Senate majority leader whose Senate hasn't even bothered to pass a budget in three years.

The staff cartoonist has gotten into the act with his greatest masterpiece to date, IMHO.



Oh, by the way, my advise to Mittens is this: quid pro quo - Tax Returns for Transcripts. I need to see those transcripts ...

D- ... Community Organizing on $10 a Day
C- ... Marx or Engels, An Introduction to the Entire Spectrum of Economic Theory
B+ ... Affirmative Action for Dummies
D+ ... Third World Culinary Arts
D- ... T is for Trillion
D+ ... Confiscating Other People's Stuff for Social Justice

Update 8/9/12

The intertubes never forgets, Dingy Harry.
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Right to Eat a Chicken Sandwich In Peace and Quiet

(If this isn't covered by the "right to pursue happiness" then nothing is.)

How did we get to this point? To the point where a friggin' chicken sandwich is at the nexus of an epic ideological battle? I, LibertyAtStake, shall now give you the answer.

The Left.


The Left is a fascistic political theology. The Left is the ideology of the Stepford Wives, as a matter of fact. If you do not believe as they do, they will use every means at their disposal to force you to do so, or marginalize you out of their anointed sight.

For example, if Mayor Nanny Bloomberg doesn't want a large coca-cola, he's going to do everything in his power to make damn sure nobody else can have one either. If you think there might be an explanation other than their preferred explanation of racism for this or that statistic - they immediately label you a racist. If you advocate policies proven to increase opportunity for everyone, albeit without proportionally precisely equal results for all (their fantasy), they label you as possessing a deficit of "compassion." When you point out their so-called "compassionate" policies have a record of destroying opportunity for those who need it most, they go ballistic. And so on. There's simply no reasoning with these people.

Take this pseudo-intellectual drive through jerk, for example. What a sanctimonious twit. A true Fascist. And a perfect representative of the jackbooted, brown shirt American Progressive Left. Period. End of sentence.


So, I, LibertyAtStake, applaud the multitudes of "Regular Americans" (Mark Levin's awesome, somewhat sarcastic, Archie Bunkeresque label) of every race, creed, class, and this damn label, and that damn label - who enjoyed a simple chicken sandwich in First Amendment solidarity.

By way of transparent full disclosure I must, however, admit I did not participate directly in Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day. You see, I've never been much of a "joiner." And I had more immediate concerns to look after, truth be told. I'm more like William Dafoe's character in the movie 'Platoon.' Yeah, sure, I'm happy to lead a tactical unit into the teeth of the firefight (metaphorically, of course). I've learned I can be pretty good at that, you know. And, sure, I'd prefer to just relax with the guys between firefights, too - like Elias. But, the truth is, like Sgt. Elias, I actually 'do my best work alone.' (For dramatic purposes put into your mind or actually view Elias' penultimate foray into the jungle to rescue Sgt. Barnes. Sucks to be principled.)


So, I, LibertyAtStake, will just keep doing my thing over here. Today, that means highlighting three new sites on the "More Linkage" area of the "Schieffer Blog Roll" (eyes right and slightly downward).

These fine, patriotic, creative, artists seem to have created a new Intertubes genre we might label "Captioning For Fun and Profit." lampooning the philosophical basis for the dementia. mocking the political party under it's demented mind control. on 24x7 duty heckling their current champion, the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama.

Enjoy, patriots. I don't think I'll join in. I recently discovered I can get YouTube on my BlueRay player. Yeah, I know, I'm a late adopter.

Update 8/9/12

See what I mean about the Left's go-to, knee jerk, call to racism response. Pavlov's dog exercised more independent judgment.
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