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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Obama's Precipitous Fall From Grace: The Kinks Have a Song For That, Too

Basically, self-explanatory.

Power not only corrupts, but also has a way of slipping from those who never learned how to exercise it gracefully.
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Archiving 'This Just In' (11/3/13 - 11/17/13): Joe Wilson Was Right

If Barack Hussein Obama II were a man of honor, he wouldn't have said "I'm sorry" to the American people concerning his ObamaCare lies ... he would have said "Joe Wilson was right."
I did something unusual today - I put French dressing on my salad. To honor the new leaders of the free world - at least as it concerns checking Tehran's nuclear ambitions.
Memo to the hacks of the Virginia Establishment GOP: Run Ken Cuccinelli for Mark Warner's Senate seat in 2014. Make ObamaCare the top issue. (even you can do that now). Make sure everybody knows Cuccinelli was the first state attorney general with the sand to challenge the legislative train wreck that Warner voted for. Not only will you flip a US Senate seat from (D) to (R) but we (grass roots conservatives) will consider keeping you on the payroll when we finish the takeover of the party.
Walking into work this morning I distinctly recognized a panhandler as a former regular camper during the 2011-2012 McPherson Square OWS occupation. He's the guy I identified in my November 10, 2011 post "The #Occupy Meltdown Will Be Swift and Ugly From Here" as making a point of wearing the anarchist's bandana mask. Just a little full circle reminder of the utter disaster that has been the now undeniably collapsing administration of the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama.Only 1164 days left to go.
Navy Yard shooter, Pennsylvania Avenue car slammer, LAX shooter ... somewhere deep inside a neatly manicured campus right now, a gaggle of aging New Left socialist revolutionaries are holding the symposium Why haven't we seen more crazy violent acts, like Cloward and Piven said we would after overloading the social welfare system and destroying the economy? Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn flying in as keynote speakers.
It's been a week since the LAX shooting. I became curious about the relative silence in the lame stream media regarding the shooter. After all, intrepid NBC "newsman" Pete Williams had all but declared the shooter was a TEA Party wing nut on the day of the shooting, based on his interpretation of what he heard was in a note no one has yet to see. A few moments in my Google machine and I understood why Williams and his fellow travelers have dropped the story. It has since been determined the shooter is a registered Democrat.
The practical debate surrounding the lessons of the LAX shooting seems to boil down to a choice between arming TSA or increasing the local police presence in terminals. Arming TSA is like sitting a 2 year old in front of an electrical outlet with a steel butter knife. That's my take.
Generic 2014 campaign slogan for any Republican Senator: "Democrat is Greek for 'liar'!" You're welcome, Establishment GOP hacks.
If you are a self-professed Libertarian who cast a vote yesterday for the false flag candidate Robert Sarvis, who got on the ballot with the financial aid of a top Obama bundler - you need to do some self reflection on how your vote helped give the VA Governor's mansion to a crony capitalist Big Government progressive, and on on how big of a dupe you think you are.
11/05/2013 (10 pm)
Terry McCauliffe is the new Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Congratulations, ladies, no need to stay up late with worries somebody might 'outlaw birth control.' Now, about that health insurance policy ...
McCauliffe's victory margin is being reported as less than 1%. Imagine what the result might have been if the Establishment GOP had actually gotten behind its nominee, instead of passively surrendering to the ruling class narrative that Ken Cuccinelli is a dangerous TEA Party anarchist principled conservative, who must be defeated to preserve the Big Government status quo. The hacks of course play into this narrative time and again because the status quo stipulates the Establishment GOP's comfortable place at the table as junior partners in the welfare state. And the hacks couldn't even get a House of Delegates name on the ballot in my voting district. How's that for a useless political party?
If you believe the polling industry (the universe of the Real Clear Politics average) ... the corrupt political careerist, Terry McCauliffe, Democrat, the hack that rented out the Lincoln Bedroom during Bubba's administration, is a shoe in to be elected my next Governor. But the trend over time has been a narrowing lead, right up to this report: a last minute poll from "The Emerson College Polling Society" that gives McCauliffe only a +2 advantage. McCauliffe's lead has always depended on a huge advantage with women, bolstered by his campaign's lie that Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli is in favor of outlawing birth control. Think about that for a minute - outlawing birth control. In 2013. As if. Sorry, deep thinkers, but being against government subsidies for Sandra Fluke's nine dollar a month habit isn't the same thing as outlawing it. LAS wonders if enough members of the single issue birth control vote will receive their ObamaCare induced health plan cancellations in time to put the pieces together and tip this election away from the bald-faced liar McCauliffe.
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

ObamaCare: The Hitler Parody

Having idle time on my hands, which we know always makes those hands available for the devil's work, I got to thinking the Internet phenomenon known as the 'Hitler Parody' is a natural fit for the ObamaCare roll out disaster. A couple of search terms punched into YouTube, and presto ....

Courtesy of the Powerline Blog ... prepare to laugh you arse off.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How In the F*ck Did It Take This Long ...

... to connect these two simple dots ... to figure this out? The f*ckin' difference is only one stinkin' word!

Two of my all-timest greatist mostest favoritest songs ...

Male version ...

Female version ...

Update 11/13/13

A small word of explanation for this cryptic post is probably in order. It's intentionally cryptic because it is not political, but rather intensely personal. "Happy When It Rains" by Jesus and Mary Chain stands in for me. "Only Happy When It Rains" by Garbage stands in for the woman I am divorcing after two decades of marriage. The operative word is only. Now the post is slightly less cryptic.
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Archiving 'This Just In' (10/19/13 - 11/02/13): If You Like Your Health Insurance, Dial 1-800-F**CK-YOU

I don't usually link to other articles in this particular space, but I recently ran across one American Thinker post that I think perfectly captures the present zeitgeist, now that 1/6 of the economy is trapped inside an incompetently rolled out web site ... Dialing 1-800-F**K-YOU.
If you like a social security insurance program with a lock box containing nothing but IOUs from a Treasury $17B in debt ... you are going to love a health insurance exchange that gives 32 year old single males tax credits to buy insurance policies mandated to include maternity coverage. Hey, I think Steve Carell just got an idea for the '40 Year Old Virgin' sequel.
Jack Wiley Dithers will trick or treat this year wearing the most terrifying costume of the year – health insurance salesman.
In 2008, the Left wanted to run against the War Monger - and they helped the Establishment GOP nominate him. In 2012, the Left wanted to run against the Rich Guy - and they helped the Establishment GOP nominate him. Unintended consequence of the ObamaCare train wreck for the Left: Obama's bromance with Christ Christie won't help them help the Establishment GOP nominate who they think will be the perfect 2016 opponent for Tan. Rested. Ready. Hillary! - the Fat Guy. (note to self: remember the Hillary / Nixon parallel, it's a good one.)
As of today, more people who used to have health insurance have received cancellation notices than the number of people who have signed up for ObamaCare. And every person who will have the same policy in 2014 they had in 2013 (unless covered by unconstitutional exemption) will see significant premium and deductible increases for less coverage. If ObamaCare is the answer ... what was the question again?
Here's why the government shutdown fight was well worth it. Given the increasing pace of the ObamaCare disaster, having the fight increased the probability Johnny Clueless Low Info Voter will have this thought between now and the 2014 elections: "You mean we could have avoided *both* shutdown and this ObamaCare nightmare if only they went with the House GOP bill in the first place?" You're welcome, Establishment GOP hacks.
Remember when Chief Justice Roberts bent himself into pseudo-intellectual pretzels to re-label the ObamaCare mandate a "tax"? Turns out he was right. He must have meant how taxing on your patience it is to use the Exchanges to sign up, and how taxing it is on your wallet to pay the higher premiums for less coverage.
Visits originating from the Russian Federation have increased dramatically in the past few days. I seem to recall the last time I saw this pattern was around the time of Edward Snowden's usefully idiotic treason. Keep readin' fellas. There's less here than meets the eye. Or is it fella? D'ya think Putin grants Internet privileges to Snowden?
My Google machine informs me "Starting now, the Treasury Department is allowed to issue as much debt as needed through Feb. 7. There is no specific number for debt limit." So, the drunken sailor has four months with a blank check in his pocket (apologies to drunken sailors everywhere for the comparison to DC). That marching sound is an army of really p*ssed off TEA Party patriots coming to town to slap the cuffs on him and throw him into the brig. Oh yeah, by the way, where the f*ck is the new fiscal year budget, traditionally due on October 1?
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