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Monday, April 14, 2014

Confirmed: Jim Crow Still Alive and Well in Northern Virginia!

I snapped the following picture of a water dispenser while waiting my turn to pee into a cup for a drug screening (and that's all you need to know about that!)

At first I was puzzled by the black and white handle configuration. I'm used to blue for cold and red for hot. With black and white, which is cold and which is hot? Then I tested each and both were cold. There can only be one explanation ... this facility engages in separate but equal water dispensing! Jim Crow lives!

The delusional race hustlers of the National Action Network must be alerted. We need Al Sharpton to get some people marching around in circles and chanting slogans in front of this facility before it's too late.
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Archiving 'This Just In' (3/22/14 - 4/10/14): Who's Talking About the *Real* 'War on Women' Anyway?

The Democrats are now running around executing the gender warfare page of their playbook (they really only have three plays in the book: race warfare, class warfare, and gender warfare). It is a political strategy in an election year designed to distract from their failures of governance, chiefly ObamaKare and the economy. This time it's the 'gender pay gap' canard, based on faulty statistics that are based on blended averages that in no way account for measuring equal work. In other words, statistics not properly normalized to measure gender as the only variable with everything else (i.e. equal work) held constant. In other words, useless statistics: or to quote Mark Twain (according to some) - "lies, damned lies, and statistics."
There is, however, one *real* 'war on women' these Donkey Party corruptniks won't be endlessly and breathlessly talking about - Radical Islam's systematic persecution of women. They won't be mentioning Brandeis University's cowardly act of political correctness that denied Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who would be a Leftist feminist heroine if the Left had consistent scruples, the honorary degree she earned with scars inflicted by the brutalizing hand of Radical Islam itself.
I just figured out what's been rubbing me the wrong away about Fox's hot show 'The Five.' They come off like they're not talking to anybody but each other. In that snickering vibe you get from the cool kids' middle school lunch table, as a matter of fact. And they seem to be enjoying the place at the cool kids' lunch table a little too much. It's almost like a high production value cable access show now where a small clique comments on the headlines available to everybody else, and gets off on the self-perceived notoriety from repeating the obvious on the boob tube. I know their format makes it tough, but they need to figure out how to bring in people to talk to that actually add information to the discussion.
Barack Hussein Obama took a Rose Garden victory lap yesterday associated with the announcement of a sophistical seven million number. While the sarcastically partisan staged celebration may have lifted the Empty Suit's spirits for one day, there is still much time between now and November for those spirits to be dampened by a few simple follow up questions: 1. How many enrollees have actually paid in to initiate coverage? 2. How many enrollees were actually previously uninsured? 3. What is the true future cost passed on to state governments by the law's expansion of medicaid? 4. What is the true future cost passed on to taxpayers by the exchange subsidies? Lord knows we won't get any such thing from the corrupt and biased liberal lamestream media, but I think the hacks of the Establishment GOP might get enough grass roots conservative (aka TEA Party) help in this cycle to pull it off. Despite themselves.
April 8: Windows XP R.I.P. As far as I'm concerned, Microsoft could have ended the desktop upgrade scam right there and focused more energy on hardening the enterprise server product line. But they had the money to waste, so ... no harm, no foul?
The vaguely talented left wing comedian Stephen Colbert finds himself in hot twitter water with his Leftist audience. It seems he tried to make light of Daniel Snyder's Native American Bribery Foundation, and Colbert's joke fell flat with fellow race obsessed Lefties. Karma. Defined. And, btw, here's the memo to Dan Snyder: Your bribe will not make them go away permanently. The bribes never do. They will be back in due time. Probably before the Redskins are a legitimate contender under your regime.
THIS is how fascist regimes enlist useful idiots to replace parenthood with fearful worship of the state in the minds of children. Both the principal and the cops in this case richly deserve to lose their jobs without pay, and to be awarded a scarlet 'I', permanently worn as the mark of their Idiocy.
Obama administration English translation for 'Reset' - unilateral disarmament for NATO missile defense system. Putin regime Russian translation for 'Reset' - reclaim Soviet empire territory. Talk about asymmetrical warfare.
Man oh Man Manischewitz! If aborted fetuses can be used for heating fuel ... how close, really, is western civilization to sinking to the level of Soylent Green for food?
Moochelle's crew exporting their sense of entitlement to America's banker. No word on how Wall Street feels about possibly being left holding the bag if the Chinese become annoyed enough to call in the loans.
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Monday, April 7, 2014

On OKCupid, Mozilla, and the Intolerant Tyranny of Leftist Tolerance

In recent days, the tolerance and acceptance that has been widely heaped upon the gay lobby in recent years by the civil society has been repaid in the predictable way - exploitation of a wedge issue by the ever restless Left.

The gay lobby should listen to one of their own, Andrew Sullivan, and cool it - before they find out the hard way the civil society doesn't find bullies to be so fab-u-lous after all.

Charles Krauthammer, and other conservatives, have the right idea for how to handle bullies and the toadies that kowtow to them - push. back. hard.

And to those who argue OKCupid and Mozilla are simply making economic decisions in the free market ... you are quite correct. There are smart decisions, and there are not so smart decisions.

Mozilla may be about to find out the hard way that browser technology is a mere commodity. We can switch between browsers as easily as we switch brands of underwear. It occurs to me Internet dating sites are also quite the commodity. Perhaps there should be a conservative campaign to turn OKCupid into the premier dating site exclusively catering to gays?

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vladmir Putin Convinced to Withdraw From Crimea

The Russian government released the following statement only minutes ago.

The persuasive oration we have been privileged to receive directly from American President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, two of history's greatest diplomatic masters, has convinced us to observe 21st century protocol and withdraw our military forces back to their original positions inside the post Cold War boundaries of Mother Russia. We now recognize what clumsy oafs we have been on the 21st century international stage and regret behaving like a bunch of 20th century Russian imperialists. We wish to seek forgiveness for our recent sins and to rejoin the community of 21st century nations. Comrade President Putin has ordered all Russian government officials to attend cultural sensitivity training as an acknowledgement of the new 'Reset' diplomatic era. Comrade President Putin is also seriously considering giving back Robert Kraft's super bowl ring and issuing an apology for stealing it in the first place.

Filed under April Fools.
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Playing 3D Chess With the Empty Chair

In the fall of 2012, the great Clint Eastwood gave us the superbly outrageous 'Empty Chair' meme. I, LibertyAtStake, shall now apply this meme to historical events now unfolding on NATO's frontier.

Putin: So, chair, you think this is no game of chess? I'll show you. I take Crimea. Your move, punk.


Putin: John Kerry! I tweet my flatulence. Kerry's head looks like a giant 'Reset' button to me. I take eastern Ukraine. Your move, punk.


Putin: No, I don't want your insurance plan. The KGB plan has lower premiums and a better network. Hmmmm ...summer is nice in Estonia1 ...

To be continued.


1NATO member since 2004.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Archiving 'This Just In' (3/2/14 - 3/18/14): "Pay No Attention to the Man behind the Curtain" .... Nobody "controls" the Internet!

I can no longer stand all the blubbering on the Right about “losing sovereignty” and “giving up control of the Internet” just because ICANN’s contract with the Department of Commerce is up for renewal in 2015. The italicized excerpt is my comment to a NewsBusters post having the title 'Networks Yawn as Obama Administration Gives Away the Internet.'

I'm yawning. The US isn't "giving up control of the Internet." Nobody "controls" the Internet. The proposal is simply to transfer stewardship over the low level administrative function of making sure addresses are unique and routable. Until 1998 it was literally one guy at USC. Since 1998 it has been a bunch of non-profit IT geeks called ICANN with a Deprtment of Commerce contract. With IP v6 there are 2 to the 128th power possible ip addresses and associated domain names. Nobody is in danger of running out anytime soon. It's no more insidious than the international cooperation that is necessary to ensure phone calls connect worldwide. Except you pretty much get to pick your own block of phone numbers from a practically unlimited range and all you have to do is register them to make them uniquely routable. Holding this database of unique location identifiers offers no more security access to the locations themselves than the postman knowing my address offers access to everything in my home. Plus, if I do it right, everything in every letter (ip packet) the guy handles is encrypted so that only I can read it. Yawn.

I should have also mentioned none of this has anything to do with the actual activity of routing Internet packets. That is accomplished by the incomprehensibly deep redundancy of all the Domain Name Servers out there, too numerous to count, to which the entire database is continuously propagated.

Nobody is taking our Internet away. Nobody can. That’s why it’s the greatest 1st Amendment weapon in history. Every entry level sys admin everywhere essentially has a complete image of the Internet's topology. Focus, people! The issue for Liberty vs. Tyranny 2014 is ObamaKare.
There are reports some precincts in the Crimean secession vote yesterday had more votes than living souls. Well, if any American President can pin this type of corruption on someone else it should be OFA's political leader!
The only solution to this "dilemma" is a blanket order deputizing all First Responders as ICE agents. Only in Obama's America could an illegal immigrant dare to go on the top rated cable news TV channel to press his case for a civil lawsuit against the very people who saved him from drowning. The watery motif also bring s back to mind that old lawyer joke ... "What do you call a thousand lawyers at the bottom of the sea? A good start."
Why is Bolshevik thug Vladmir Putin annexing Crimea? Because he wants a friendly puppet government in Kiev running Ukraine according to his wishes. And because he can. He wants domain over the people of Ukraine because Russian imperialism (whether czarist or communist) is alive and well, despite the naive and bungled 'reset' diplomacy of the Obama/Clinton/Kerry foreign policy regime. He can because he sees retreat and retrenching in every move made by the naive and bungling Obama/Clinton/Kerry foreign policy regime. Three things our so-called national leadership should be doing right now (but isn't) ... (1) freeze every single dollar of wealth the Russian thugocracy has stashed in western assets, (2) forward deploy significant offensive military formations to NATO's new eastern frontier in Poland, Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary (a short drive to Kiev), (3) start exporting America's abundant supply of natural gas to Europe to begin severing their dependence on Russian pipelines. I might add a fourth project - build time machine to go back to 2009 with today's newspaper in order to convince the newly elected Chicago Community Organizer that cancelling ABM defense for NATO is not a good idea. Nah, the odds of success would be too long ... not of building the machine, but of convincing the Whirled Peas ideologue.
There is great irony in the corrupt IRS apparatchik Lois Lerner seeking constitutional protection in the 5th Amendment - when she is clearly guilty of scheming to abuse her official powers to deny her political enemies their 1st Amendment rights. In any event, unfortunately for her, she was too loquacious in her May 2013 testimony to Congress. When she asserted she did nothing wrong she effectively waived her right to hide behind the Fifth. The next logical step is to hold her in contempt of Congress and let her think about her options behind bars for awhile. I would advise Ms. Lerner to choose the orange jump suit over the striped two piece. She seems more of a fall in terms of fashion.
Oh yeah, have I mentioned ... when it comes to high stakes international poker - always take the KGB Colonel over the Community Organizer. Putin's line that the Russian soldiers in Crimea spontaneously generated is especially entertaining. He will get away with it.
Quick note on the human capacity to learn from experience. I have been very accurately (trust me, very accurately) measured by the Myers-Briggs instrument as an INTJ. The dead on proof of the human capacity to learn from experience is this line from the linked Wikipedia article: "Perhaps the most fundamental problem [with INTJs], however, is that INTJs really want people to make sense." I have based every analysis for god knows how long on the sure knowledge they almost never do.
The italicized excerpt is my concluding remarks from a Daily Caller comment board encounter. I have reprinted it here because it neatly encapsulates my position on immigration amnesty, crony capitalism, and why the US Chamber is on the wrong side of the issue. Also note I waited an entire day for my sparring partner to answer a simple and direct question. He did not - the dead on sign I was sparring with a paid troll. Probably paid by the US Chamber.

Since you have avoided answering my simple, direct question for an entire day (What number of employees constitutes "big" on your scale?), I will give you the reply I already had teed up. In my experience, it is just above 100 employees where the pressures of making the payroll creates pressures transforming company leaders from entrepreneurs with the best intentions to naked capitalists. At that relatively smallish (compared to GE) scale, the math of meeting a payroll, maintaining cash flow, and staying profitable with shrinking margins is very daunting. The corporate leader will begin to cut corners, such as taking on the habits of the crony capitalist. It may start with seeking favors from local politicians and zoning boards. It can certainly include joining a trade association (such as the US Chamber) in the hopes of aggregating into an entity with the scale Jeff Immelt's GE has to hire lobbyists to create loopholes that allow GE to pay zero taxes. Agri-business, construction, restaurants (fast, slow, and in-between) with 100+ employees … how many of these smart capitalists valuing cheap labor to help tight margins do you think there might be? By your own description, most would be Chamber members, no? The solution to crony capitalism is neither more cheap labor nor demonizing these employeers. The solution is removing gub'ment's power to grant special favors to the employers that the rest of us pay for.
Those Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (VRWC) liars who, according to Dingy Harry Reid, have been smearing the glorious roll out of ObamaKare with dastardly lies are now building Mardi Gras floats to spread their lies. I expect Team Obama to blame the spontaneous demonstration represented by these floats on a Koch Brothers funded YouTube video.

Update 11:47 am

Just for grins and giggles ...

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Demotivational Nobel Peace Prize

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Demotivational Lois Lerner



Update 3/12/14

Congress is building the case for contempt. Then the contemptible corruptnik known as Lois Lerner will have a decision to make: take the fall for her masters in the White House or deliver them to glaring disinfectant of sunlight.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ukraine and Crimea: The Kinks Have a Song For That, Too.


Putin gets it. Obama not so much. It is what it is for now.
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Archiving 'This Just In' (2/5/14 - 2/18/14): The Speaker of the Other Party of Government Needs to Go

A few words on DC’s recent passage of a “clean” (i.e. unconditional) bill to raise the debt ceiling, in the style of ‘LAS the Predictor.’ (1) It will contribute to deeper Democrat losses in the 2014 midterm elections. Because nothing brings out voters like anger, and the angry bloc this year is fiscally conservative. (2) But, not so fast, Establishment GOP cronies. Don’t count on 2014 being a boon election for you, either. The principled grass roots conservative (i.e. TEA Party affiliated) caucus within the GOP will increase in strength. Because nothing brings out voters like anger, and the angry bloc this year is fiscally conservative. (3) The leadership challenged Campaigner-In-Chief will spend his last two years in office complaining about a do-nothing Congress, while he does nothing to negotiate with the co-equal branch of government about doing things . (4) The constitutionally challenged Saul Alinksy Radical Occupying the Oval Office will continue to push the limits of lawless governance with increasingly blatant unconstitutional unilateral executive actions. (5) The republic will survive because the Founders gave us a brilliantly designed, tyranny resistant, system of governance featuring divided powers. For example, I believe we will see the House exercise the power of the purse with more vigor in the coming years. That means cutting off the Executive branch’s allowance for those unfamiliar with how the constitution works.

I believe Speaker Boehner would have liked to have attached a spending restraint condition to the debt ceiling bill. I also believe he could have accomplished this if he approached the problem differently. He foolishly tried to present a lame condition he came up with himself (cleaning up the veteran’s benefits mess left over from the budget deal ) to the TEA Party caucus as a fait accompli. Wrong time, wrong bill. Not only does it increase the debt bottom line (the opposite of a restraint condition!), but it was also transparently an insider political gift to Paul Ryan. More spending *and* more pork barrel … it’s almost as if Boehner set out to piss off his future party leaders. (The veteran’s benefit cuts were restored the very same day in a separate “clean” bill with overwhelming bi-partisan support, proving how lame the Speaker invented quid-pro-quo was. But, if nothing else, this trend toward smaller bills is a good thing.)

There were other, much better, conditions to attach. I liked Keystone XL pipeline approval. It would have created a favorable debate context in which to explain the principle of debt reduction by economic growth. Plus it would have put Obama into a pickle with the gaia worshiping enviro-wacko Left, as well as the 80% of the public that doesn’t understand why he just doesn’t approve it already. Charles Krauthammer suggested attaching a provision preventing any bail outs for the insurance companies from the ObamaKare train wreck. Also an argument the GOP could have won with TEA Party caucus support. If Boehner had exercised a little different leadership style, engaging the TEA Party caucus to solicit ideas on what to attach, these and other superior ideas would have surfaced. The Speaker of the Other Party of Government needs to be replaced and the mid-term elections of 2014 will make that clear.
Federal government closed today due to standard issue nor'easter snow storm. My back of the envelope calculations have determined the republic will save eight gazillion bazillion trazillion dollars in compliance costs, from regulations not published today. Any more of this 'climate change' and Obama's economy might actually create a real full time job.
NBC's coverage of the winter olympics has included giving us an empathetic portrayal of the all time statistical leader for genocide in the 20th Century Ideologies competition.
Speaker Boehner has announced the perfect condition for moving forward with an immigration bill. The Saul Alinsky Radical Occupying the Oval Office must convincingly demonstrate he is enforcing the laws currently on the books. Even the most casual observer knows selective enforcement of the laws (an impeachable offense in my opinion, and many others) has been a core feature of this administration's mad rush to 'fundamentally transform' us. This quid-pro-quo forces the corruptniks in this radical administration to justify their unconstitutionally ideological executive practices. Well done, Speaker.
Soon it will be time to pick the best fight to have over our now ritualistic semi-annual debt ceiling debacle. I'm partial to tying approval of the Keystone XL pipeline to adding another couple of trillion to the national credit card. The recently released State Department analysis leaves no reason not to approve the multitude of jobs it will create. Bringing this issue to the forefront puts Obama in a pickle with the only people who object - the 20% (at most) of the voting public belonging to his gaia worshiping fringe Leftist base. But, who knows, maybe the Speaker will come up with a better condition. He's on a roll now.
Has the GOP gone mad? One of their hacks actually thinks it's a good idea to require every single driver in America to keep meticulous records of mileage driven and pay a "mileage tax." Orwellian, supremely impractical, and fraught with the potential for fraud. We're supposed to leave that stuff to the real party of government. It's news like this that earns the GOP the title The Other Party of Government.
Local news anchor informs me this morning it is 'National Weatherperson Day.' I can see why it is a group recognition, as opposed to individual awards like the Oscars or something. I get exactly the same predictive data regardless of which 'Weatherperson' outlet I access, the time horizon for reliable prediction is exactly the same for all (24-36 hrs), and when they are wrong they are all wrong at the same time.
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