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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We’re All Mittens Men Now

So, Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney will now most certainly be the GOP nominee for President in 2012.

It is conventional wisdom in DC that Democrats “fall in love” with their nominees and Republicans “fall in line” behind their nominees. That’s because the Republican Party is the political home for conservatives and the Democrat Party is the political arm of the Looney Left. Another political bromide goes something like “conservatives see the world as it is and ask why, liberals imagine a world that could be and ask why not.”

Ipso facto, when the Left wins big (such as in 2008), the country gets big changes. And it doesn’t always work out so well. Witness the country’s deranged swoon for the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama four years ago … and the wreckage that has been visited upon the republic in the years since.

Hell, the wreckage is so obvious to the most casual observer by now, even the Empty Suit’s well-heeled water carriers at the New York Times are making the LOL promise to vet the Saul Alinsky radical this time around – four years and more than five trillion dollars of new national debt too late, that is! Thanks, but no thanks, hacks. You are officially obsolete with this admission of total corruption and incompetence. Then again, these are the same geniuses who are just now figuring out their gilded dinosaur “defined benefit” retirement plans are not sustainable for a commercial enterprise. But I digress (again).


The point is, those of us in the conservative coalition need to get completely behind Romney, now that he is the sure GOP nominee, and do everything possible to help him defeat the Saul Alinsky radical in the White House. Any other position is fundamentally un-conservative. To be conservative is first and foremost to see the world as it is. Four more years of this inept and radical left wing governance from BHO and His Corrupt Gang of Progressives would be a complete disaster for the republic. Not casting a vote , or throwing away your vote on a quixotic 3rd party candidate, because Mittens isn’t the perfect conservative, is as good as voting for the Saul Alinsky radical. That’s how the system works. To be conservative is to understand when it is time to suck it up, hitch up the big boy pants, and cooperate to graduate. (Flag thrown for cliché abuse) This is such a time.

Those who decry the selection of Mittens as a victory for the Establishment GOP over the grass roots conservative uprising (commonly labeled the TEA Party movement, but more broadly identified as the Conservative Ascendancy on this blog) … miss the point. The GOP is being enriched and enlivened by the TEA Party movement from the ground up. 2012 will add to the movement’s gains in the US House, US Senate, and state and local offices across the nation. If you thought ‘Shellacking I’ was something to behold, you are going to love the ashen looks on the faces of the liberal political and media elite when they wake up after ‘Shellacking II’ to a world with the Donkey Party out of power on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. We will get our President in due time.

Romney is a decent and smart guy. He is smart enough to know he will be accountable to the movement’s priorities, and (even more fundamentally important at this turn) decent enough to respect the limits of the constitution in office. Do you have a better (achievable) option on the table? I don’t see one. The Establishment GOP can have one more Presidential nominee, if that’s the means to the all important end of defeating the Saul Alinsky radical in the White House. The Conservative Ascendancy is not going anywhere after BHO’s defeat. And don’t you think Mittens will be infinitely easier to keep in line than BHO?

So, that's it, we’re all Mittens men now.


In that spirit, I will offer some advice to the new GOP standard bearer. It basically boils down to this … run hard against Obama’s *record* … simply because it *sucks*. If it were a straight up contest on records, a #2 pencil would be favored over Barry.

But, of course, we all know Team Leftie will turn the campaign into a cartoon to distract us from Barry's sorry record. It will resemble something along the lines of Hannah Barbara’s Wacky Racers.

No worries, though, Mittens - conservative new media has your back as far as neutralizing BHO’s Billion Dollar Slime Machine. The doggie wars are a mere taste of what to expect (pun intended). We The People are better at the snark, better at turning Alinsky’s rule book against the Empty Suit, than you can ever be, anyway. Let us handle that part. You should ignore the food fight, just be yourself, and make it your campaign’s mission to use every precious moment to hammer Obama on his record. Just keep running down the checklist relentlessly. The reckless spending and unsustainable debt curve … the lousy economy … the cynical refusal to pass a budget for three years … the total lack of leadership on entitlement reform, our nation’s number one fiscal menace.

Oh, and don’t forget Alinsky’s Rule 11: “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.“ Which leads me to my next specific recommendation … tap Paul Ryan as your VP. He’s way better than any of us at talking about all that fiscal stuff. And Team Leftie will have a much harder time making a straw man mockery of their cartoon version of the “Ryan Plan” if we have the straw man himself out there talking sense back at them. You can be the suit, let Ryan be the smart guy, leave the food fight to conservative new media, and everything will work out just fine for you.


Don’t be a petty ass hat with your vanquished opponents Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Make sure they both get prime time speeches at the convention. They are both better than you at speaking to the Conservative Ascendancy. You will need their help “energizing the base.”
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