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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Numbers Game (Sucks To Be Unpopular Edition)

So, Barry, how did you like my last post? Who’s the special friend? Well, no matter … I’d rather get into the next memorandum in my Numbers Game series. Numbers are merciless gremlins, as many of us scratching out a living in your dysconomy have learned the hard way.

In the previous Numbers Game post, we discussed how the economy sucks under your watch - and we will come back to this theme often, no doubt. It will have much to do with your landslide loss in November – ‘Shellacking II’ as it will come to be known.

But I thought we’d take a moment to examine a few more direct measures of your so-called ‘popularity.’ For a guy who had the audacity to give an acceptance speech surrounded by styrofoam columns, these numbers must come as a shock. For a guy who inspired planted fawning zombies to faint at campaign rallies, these numbers must be hard to swallow. For a guy who has vowed to ‘fundamentally transform’ the republic (still waiting for an MSM hack to ask you what that actually means), these numbers must be frightening – as they threaten to rob you of that unaccountable second term to really wreck the whole damn place.

The numbers that will wipe out your chance to finish the job you started – destroying my republic – are decreases in the fundraising you need to run your crooked campaign, lower standing with the voters your crooked campaign must influence, and (most surprisingly) a false start against the general election candidate you thought was tailor made as the target of your crooked campaign.


Carrying forward the thread within the thread of Orwellian Newspeak from the previous Numbers Game post, I will apply the label UnApproval to what the American people increasingly think of you.

As the linked Weekly Standard article points out succinctly, you lost independent voters in your first recklessly unrestrained year of governance (neatly summarized by this blog archive’s Prologue, if I don’t say so myself), and have yet to gain them back. Two and a half years of entrenched disapproval is tough to turn around, Barry.

Oh, you will trot out your daily distractions and offer up your chump change panders to this or that special interest group – it’s who you are and what you do as the Agitator-In-Chief.

I predict it will all be in vain. The republic is on to your rotten game – thanks entirely to conservative new media, now officially winning the information wars with the corrupt and biased liberal mainstream media. Taking one LOL example … when your Billion Dollar Slime Machine attempted to coordinate a distraction over Romney putting his dog kennel on the station wagon roof, it was conservative new media that neutralized the attack - by having some fun with your self-documented taste for dog meat.

At any rate, it will be a wild ride for the republic this election season, and this blog will closely monitor your state of ‘UnApproval’ with the American people on its Daily Barry page. According to the latest measures …

(1) You haven’t been above 50% in generic approve / disapprove for nearly an entire year, and have been upside down most of that time.

(2) And speaking of ‘upside down,’ you have been under water since the fall of 2009 in the traditionally very accurate Rasmussen measure of strong approval /disapproval, which measures the passion behind the polls.

(3) Perhaps most telling, according to Gallup, you’ve been tracking closely to Jimmy Carter’s trend, both of you well below the historical Presidential average, and we all know what happened to Mr. Carter’s second term. Poof!

Looks like you should be making plans to move back into that Chicago house Tony Rezko gave you and Moochelle for a song and a dance.

Fundraising Trends

A disclaimer is in order here. I am on record, and still right, as postulating fund raising is less important than usual this time around. The passions you have stirred transcend traditional models of fund raising analysis. However, “follow the money” is still a fundamental enough truth to track a few numbers.

Less for you …

More for Mittens …

Mittens is even beating you already in the Leftist union stronghold of Michigan …

It will only get worse for you as those evil capitalists coalesce behind the evil GOP’s presumptive nominee. These evil capitalists have been protecting a great deal of capital from your overreaching governance. A significant portion will come out to ensure your defeat, so the rest can come out to fuel a growing economy for the rest of us working slobs afterward. You can’t buy this one with other people’s money, Barry.

General Election Polling

First, I need to make a rare admission. I may have been wrong in my analysis of the GOP primary season. No, I don’t mean my endorsement of Newt Gingrich. Newt would wipe the floor with you in open debate, and you know it. Rather, I think I may have underestimated Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney’s readiness to take you on in the general election. I figured – as you did, no doubt – that he’d be the perfect foil for your vile class warfare campaign strategy.

The initial moves out of your Billion Dollar Slime Machine have certainly betrayed your strategy. There was the poorly executed FemiNazi attack on Ann Romney. Misfire. Then there was the infantile attempt to make hay out of the treatment of family pets, and the subsequent blowback over canine cuisine, mentioned above. An LOL backfire if ever there was one.

Your latest ‘poor pitiful me, wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth’ whine will fail too … for two reasons.

First, it is patently false. How many Americans have had the good fortune to be born the grandchild of a bank vice president? I know I certainly wasn’t. (More like single mother and waitress. Think Flo from Mel’s Diner, but with a second generation Italian immigrant flavor)

Second, Americans simply hate whiners.

You see, the republic is prepared to take on your Billion Dollar Slime Machine this time around. Conservative new media has been doing the corrupt and biased liberal MSM’s job for some years now, and has reached the point of critical mass – the tipping point, if you will – in the nick of time. We have reached the point where conservative new media has more trust and a wider audience than your fawning propaganda organs in the MSM. The ‘masses’ have the Google machine, and the demagogue cannot control the narrative anymore. So sorry.

Romney is getting sharper on the trail, too. He is showing signs he will not make the mistake John ‘Reach Across the Aisle’ McCain made in ’08 – the mistake of treating the quota candidate with kid gloves. Witness how Romney handled the recent interview with Diane Sawyer, Propagandist 1st Class at NBC.

Got your goat, didn’t it?

(Pretty good, Mittens. Next time, replace the nervous laughter with a wry smile.)

And Bam!

Here’s the bottom line, Barry. I’ll say it again. You are toast. The factors that created your rise to power in 2008 – no record, a cute slogan, and white guilt – do not come together anymore. 2012 will not be the Year of the Empty Suit. You have a record now, and conservative new media will communicate it to the voters. Ruthlessly. Plus Mittens has shown a capacity to learn – good thing we put him through a serious primary. Those fall debates should be fun … better find out if a teleprompter is allowed.

Sucks to be unpopular, doesn’t it, Barry?


Make sure your Secret Service praetorian guard goes easy on Ted Nugent. I know you’ve been looking for the chance to piss on the 1st Amendment to create a distraction over the 2nd Amendment, but this is the wrong fight to pick. He’s too popular and this case is too flimsy. Keep in mind, it always it sucks to take on a popular figure when you are unpopular -especially when you are up for re-election.

You should submit 'Cult of Personality' by Living Colour as the entrance music for your appearance with that no-talent hack Jimmy Fallon and the moron ?uestLove.

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