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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Numbers Game (Barry’s Number is Up)

Numbers are detached, ruthless arbiters.  LAS knows this from a lifetime of trying to makes ends meet.  It’s no coincidence LAS deeply appreciates the song Bittersweet Symphony, by the Verve.

'Cause it's a bittersweet symphony, this life
Trying to make ends meet
You're a slave to money then you die


Somehow, I don’t think the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama shares my appreciation of this song’s sentiment. Possibly handed the tuition for an elite education by the parents of convicted domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, definitely handed his ‘dream house’ by the convicted criminal Tony Rezko, and certainly rushed up the political ladder by the a Chicago machine universally recognized as the very model of political corruption; let’s just say what we know of his history (and there’s still a lot we don’t know – unreleased transcripts, etc.) looks like a charmed life.

My point is … I don’t think The One He Was Waiting For ever really sweated the numbers. The proof is the reckless abandon with which his administration has run up $5,000,000,000,000 ($5 TRILLION) in national debt across a mere three federal budget years (two of them not actually constrained by a budget, thanks to his fellow Democrat hacks in Congress - especially Dingy Harry Reid's Senate Democrat caucus). This rookie ideologue “inherited” a national deficit of approximately $10T from all the previous Presidents combined since 1789, and ran it up to $15T - a 50% increase in practically no time at all! Taking into consideration the timeline units, that’s slightly 74 times worse (as opposed to 72 times worse, just to be accurate) than taking a $10,000 household debt run up over six (6) years up to $15,000 in a single (1) year. Trust me, I did the math. Bottom line … I don’t think this clown Barry cares much about the numbers.


LAS notes BHO should probably start caring about the numbers now, though. Because the numbers foretell bad news for the only thing he really cares about: re-election. Because he’s a Leftist ideologue who clearly needs two, not merely one, term in the most powerful office on Earth to ‘fundamentally transform’ my republic.


A few numbers to contemplate in the wee hours, Barry …

414 – 0: House of Representatives vote REJECTING Barry’s budget for this year.

97 – 0: Senate vote REJECTING Barry’s budget for last year. (note: Dingy Harry Reid will not bring Barry's budget up for a vote this year. Mark it.)

235 – 193: House of Representatives vote IN FAVOR OF Paul Ryan’s budget for this year. (note: Still waiting for Dingy Harry Reid to bring a budget to the Senate Floor for this year. Won't happen. Mark it.)

Conclusion: You, Barry, are a pathetic little joke in matters of budgeting.


But these are not the numbers you really care about, are they Barry? Of course not. Your ideology informs you the mob masses are not even paying attention. The Electoral College possesses the number that really matter, for sure. Given a second term you can have more ‘flexibility’ to ‘fundamentally transform’ my republic into Greece; or better yet for you, the old Soviet Union. You know, the one that collapsed under its’ own Socialist dead weight.

The Electoral College will weigh in this November. But there are several twists and turns to navigate between now and then, which will play into the final electoral vote tally, aren’t there? A very big one is this number, isn’t it: 5 – 4? FIVE TO FREAKIN’ FOUR! How many baseball games have been decided by this slim margin? Perhaps by umpire error or omission?

Or wrestling matches?

In the constitutional corner … representing the constitution and the separation of powers doctrine … 4 justices appointed by Republicans. In the Leftist corner … 4 justices appointed by Democrats. Hanging on the ring apron wandering around aimlessly … Justice Kennedy.


It became too close for comfort when your Solicitor General was handed his ass in oral arguments, didn’t it, Barry? His ass.

So, you have embarrassed yourself over the past two days on this all important 5-4 number, haven’t you, Barry?

Yesterday - in the Rose Garden, of all places (what, no lab coats?), you presumed to instruct the Supreme Court that it should uphold your signature legislation, ObamaCare, which you characterized – in a lie – as being passed by a significant majority of Congress. Either you know the ObamaCare vote was a party line vote (making you a lying demagogue) or you don’t remember that it was (making you an idiot). Either way … simply embarrassingly stupid. I mean, for a guy who was supposed to slow the rising of the oceans and everything, you know.

Then, today … you attempted a ‘clarification’ and revealed your true self. Tiny … pathetic … Leftist ideological to the Nth.


It’s over for you, Barry. As of now. LAS marks it. I will save the “iron triangle” of gasoline prices, CPI, and unemployment for future posts. You are toast. Period. End of sentence.

Tonight, I shall simply modify Richard Ashcroft’s lyrics as follows:

'Cause it's a bittersweet symphony, this life
Seed of Saul Alinsky
You're slave to your ideology

Enjoy, dear reader.

Update 4/4/12

LAS likes how Limbaugh is explaining Barry's erratic, hyperbolic, and cynical statements of late. It is an open electoral appeal to the truly ignorant and dumb. So, that's it then ... 2012 will demonstrate just how dumb my republic has finally become. Dumb enough to re-elect a failed demagogue? We shall see.
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