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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Impending Wave of Leftist Lunacy

When the ‘chicken sandwich activist’ named Floyd Lee Corkins II committed an act of domestic terrorism on the property of the Family Research Council (FRC), what the country witnessed was the tip of a very deep and jagged iceberg. This icebeg is composed of the densest material known to mankind … Leftist Lunacy.

The most telling part of this episode is that Corkins was carrying 28 Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in his backpack. Judging by the photo taken of him in cuffs outside the FRC, he hasn’t missed many meals ... but 28 sandwiches? Really? Obviously his imagination was captured by a recent episode in the news wholly manufactured by the Left, which I blogged about on August 2nd under the post title “The Right to eat a Chicken Sandwich In Peace and Quiet”

For the purposes of this analysis, however, the most salient fact is what Corkins said to the guard he shot: "Don't shoot me, it was not about you, it was what this place stands for.”

Really? What kind of p*o*s shoots a man in cold blood for tangential reasons, then expects mercy on the same grounds? Answer: The Leftist.

The Leftist is consumed by political ideology. The Leftist is convinced his ideology must be adopted or all mankind is doomed. The Leftist is further convinced anyone with a different ideology is ignorant (that is, not exposed to the brilliance of his ideology), uneducable (that is, not sufficiently equipped to accept the ideology’s brilliance), or downright evil (the smear of final resort – racist, greedy, or war mongering being the perennial top three.) I suspect Corkin viewed his shooting victim as mostly ignorant – one of the downtrodden masses he (Corkin) was fighting to free from the evil yoke of reactionary organizations devoted to preserving the nuclear family. My house troll, Ema Nymton, clearly has no trouble tarring me with all three of the Left’s classic smear vectors. Just read her comments to my posts.

Pat Buchanan knows what I’m talking about.

(side note: Buchanan always makes me laugh, and did it again this time, with the 1968 mistaken FBI identity story. He’s a great example to follow for the happy conservative warrior.)


The ‘chicken sandwich activist’ isn’t the only recent glimpse of grass roots Leftist Lunacy.

For example, there is a p*o*s named Daniel Sorno in Connecticut who clearly misunderstands the concept of federalism. He followed Corkin’s example by bringing the lunacy down to a state level.

Then there is this unidentified ObamaCare enthusiast in Little Rock - apparently offended by the sight of young men in red sashes. Perhaps he’s homophobic.


The point here is, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. As it becomes increasingly clear to the most casual observer that the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama will lose the election of 2012, there is sure to be an outbreak of Leftist Lunacy throughout the republic.


Wisconsin was a warm up.

Occupy was a dress rehearsal.

* clickable images from the JAUL collection.


My advice to the sovereign citizen is to laugh at them when possible, directly in their faces if you have the sand, and defend yourself with extreme prejudice when necessary.

Update 8/27/12

The always genial Left, masters of bile and venom on social media, have been tweeting death wishes to the RNC delegates hunkering down under Isaac's gale force winds.

Update 8/28/12

Hollyweird continues to be all the proof you need there is no direct correlation between wealth and intelligence.

Update 9/5/12

The case of the moody and irritable American Airlines male flight attendant caught my eye today. Just as a seismic reading. Male flight attendant? Hmmmmmmm. I wonder what position he plays on Team Leftie.

Update 9/7/12

Jeeeeezus, these guys are simply brain damaged.

Update 9/10/12

Really, there is no end to the lunacy with these unhinged nut jobs.
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