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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Demotivational Dingy Harry Reid

If you do not hold Democrat Party leadership in complete contempt by now, I can only conclude you have just re-emerged from a four year coma to read this.

Take, for example, the contemptible machine party hack and current Senate Majority Leader Dingy Harry Reid. By way of background - the crooked Nevada politician in the movie 'Casino' was based on his early career. Completely accurately.

Fast forward to the present day, and Dingy Harry is running around making absurd unsubstantiated claims concerning the tax returns of his political enemy and complete opposite in character - Mr. Clean himself - GOP Establishment nominee Mittens Romney.

Most of the criticism directed toward Dingy Harry has concerned the moral rot inherent in requiring your opponent to prove the negative of a lie. Thus is the point of my double reverse back flip of a demotivational poster. More on that later in the post.

However, I would now like to challenge the the conventional wisdom motivating the blow back. Does anyone really think the corrupt Donkey Party doesn't already know what's in each and every tax return ever filed by Mittens. To the IRS? The very same IRS controlled by their corrupt and morally rotted administration? The very same IRS they are lining up to entrust with administering the ObamaCare mandates's penalty tax? (Queue Michael Corleone: "Now who's being naive, Kay?")

They already know there's nothing in there, trust me. They are lying through their teeth ... trying to create a class warfare wedge issue motivating their idiotic occutard voting base. Period. End of Sentence. You occutards now may go back to pissing on someone else's lawn or whatever it is you have on your busy schedule today.


Now, back to the fun afforded us citizen sovereigns by the Intertubes and social media.


A "pederast" is a man who enjoys sex with boys. You know, like that Sandusky guy, for you MSNBC viewers. The Intertubes is alight with joyous mockery of Dingy Harry utilizing this meme as effective satire. Also known as citizen action.

However, in true LAS contrarian fashion, I have another meme I like a lot better. I heard it with my own ears on Chris Plante's AM radio show. You see, it seems a caller into the show has knowledge that Dingy Harry is keeping a goat named Vicki in his Senate office as an entertainment expense. Inquiring minds need to know if this is true. Hence my demotivational poster tying in this meme with the corrupt absurdity of a Senate majority leader whose Senate hasn't even bothered to pass a budget in three years.

The staff cartoonist has gotten into the act with his greatest masterpiece to date, IMHO.



Oh, by the way, my advise to Mittens is this: quid pro quo - Tax Returns for Transcripts. I need to see those transcripts ...

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B+ ... Affirmative Action for Dummies
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D- ... T is for Trillion
D+ ... Confiscating Other People's Stuff for Social Justice

Update 8/9/12

The intertubes never forgets, Dingy Harry.
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