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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Barry's Baffling Boondoggle to Afghanistan

Did you hear the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama gave a campaign speech to the American people from Afghanistan? I’m sure you must have, because his lickspittle propagandists in the mainstream media made it their mission to ensure you did.

I’ve scoured the Intertubes looking for the price tag passed on to the taxpayers for Barry’s Baffling Boondoggle. Well, actually, I entered a simple search phrase into Google’s search engine, and the only actual estimate on page one did not come from any mainstream media source. The best answer I could find on page one was a ‘back of the envelope’ estimate from a 3 year old trip to the same locale. The citizen estimate came out to around three million bucks.

That’s one expensive nothing-burger in the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression. But chump change compared to the now more than five *trillion* bucks of new national debt the Empty Suit has bequeathed the republic with his failed governance. So I’ve chosen to ‘largely ignore’ this calculated diversion. (That’s a dig at the MSM constantly describing the violent mob known as OWS with the mealy-mouthed phrase 'largely peaceful.')

I will only note one stylistic point that has escaped the attention of every other analyst (as far as I can tell). Am I the only one who has noticed Barry has the annoying habit of striking the lectern with his hand to punctuate statements, in the manner of a petty dictator? Just listen to the continuous thump-thump-thump rhythm on the ubiquitously available video of Barry’s speech. It’s enough to make a guy nostalgic for Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Nikita Kruschev, or even Dwight Schrute.


No, I choose instead to catalog the lengthy list of bad political news for Team Obama that he and his slavish water-carriers in the corrupt and biased liberal media wish to distract you away from noticing, by staging and promoting Barry’s Baffling Boondoggle to Afghanistan.

A ‘white hispanic’ (the new media term coined for George Zimmerman) going by the name of Jose Rodriquez, who also happens to be the former CIA Director of CIA Clandestine Operations, is doing the book promotion tour thing – and exposing Team Obama’s mendacious politics in relation to enhanced interrogation techniques employed against illegal enemy combatants in the War on Terror.

Previously unknown to anyone, Elizabeth Warren, Team Obama’s candidate to reclaim the Ted Kennedy Senate seat from Scott Brown, is apparently a ‘white Cherokee’ - and disappointed she didn’t get the high cheek bones.

Team Obama’s shock troops in the Occupy movement – known here as Barry’s Malingering Mob of Maladjusted Malcontents – made a generally very unimpressive street level showing during the big ‘general labor strike’ on the May Day.

Obama’s Solicitor General, fresh from having his ass handed to him in Supreme Court arguments on the ObamaCare individual mandate, just took it on the chin again in oral arguments over Arizona SB 1070.

One of Team Obama’s many unaccountable Czars of Some Damn Thing is feeling the blowback for some very uncivil political discourse.

Team Obama’s Attorney General, Eric “My People” Holder, is on the fast track to conviction for contempt of Congress based on his stone walling of the Fast and Furious investigations.


To sum up, I couldn’t say it any plainer than columnist Michael Goodwin – Obama is Desperate and It Shows.

Obama will do anything, say anything, to distract attention from his failed record of governance.

His foreign policy is a complete train wreck – the one and only public “success” is OBL’s assassination, which any President would have ordered and no American has any problem with. So ‘gutsy!’ When this week’s spiking of the football celebration is over, he has nothing else of substance to point to. And foreign policy will take a back seat to his lousy economy in this election, anyway. So, basically, he has nothing of substance to run on – except the predictable politics of division and gub’ment income redistribution panders he will drag out of the Leftist ideological grab bag. Running around the country falsely ginning up fears of student loan interest rate increases shows the template that will be repeated again and again.

Which is why my next substantive post has the working title ‘How Stupid *is* My Republic?’

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