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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jack Wiley Dithers Exclusive: Obama Campaign Strategy Transcript

(AP) – Jack Wiley Dithers reporting

Taking creative liberties with the Patriot Act, my confidential DHS source was able to obtain the recording of a cell phone call from Miami to the District of Columbia; routed through Mykonos, Greece. There is unanimous agreement across my entire crack-jack staff of investigative journalists this is a scoop of truly historic proportions, and that the full transcript speaks for itself. Plus we also all agree editing is hard work.


Miami: Is everyone there?

DC: Yes, Sir.

Miami: Who exactly? Are they all one of us?

DC: Me, Jarrett, Plouffe, Axelrod, Dunn, and Biden.

Miami: Are we on speaker phone?

DC: Not yet, sir.

Miami: Get Biden out of there and then put me on speakerphone.

DC (muffled): Joe, go find Jay.

Miami: Taken care of?

DC: Yes, sir – he should be standing outside the Press Briefing Room for the next hour or so.

Miami: Good - engage speakerphone.


Miami: I have Stern with me on this end. By the way, where’s Holder?

DC: He’s shredding Fast and Furious documentation 24 x 7 these days.

Miami: {sigh} Let’s get started. Your re-election campaign is a train wreck. What the hell are you people thinking? For example, Stern say a story is about to break that you’ve inserted yourselves into the official histories for past Presidents.

DC: Oh, you must mean the web site. Pretty clever way to plug the campaign message, right?

Miami: No, dummy! Ripe for mockery! What part of keep your narcissism to yourself did you not get when I told you that! And who’s idea was all that War on Women crap?

DC: Dunn.

Miami: Should have figured – did you not learn anything from the War on Fox? Mein Gott, you people can’t seem to learn from anything. Who’s advising Warren? 1/32nd Cherokee? Really? What the hell is that supposed to be? Your going to lose the Kennedy seat AGAIN! What am I supposed to do with you people?

DC: (muffled) I haven’t talked to her in years. Not me. She’s not even in my contacts. Carney?

Miami: Look, I’m losing patience with you people. What are you planning to campaign on … successfully, that is.

DC: Gay Marriage … should bring in a lot of DINK donations, don’t ya think?

Miami: I was afraid you’d lead with that one. It better work. Stern thinks you’ll lose the black pastors – doesn’t sound good to me. What else?

DC: The Occupy movement is getting out the 99% message. We have the NATO and G8 Summits coming up.

Miami: {sigh} Have you fired that Van Jones guy like I told you to?

DC: (muffled) Doesn’t report to me. Never met the man. Ummm. Uhhhh.

Miami: Look, here’s the bottom line. You people got one more round of polls before I start reconsidering my options. Got that?

DC: Ummmm, let’s brainstorm … Do we still have a fall guy at JP Morgan? Where’s Geithner? … Last I saw him he was with Chu going over the Stimulus and Green Energy accounts …. They better not take anything out of the Stimulus re-election account …

(AP) – Jack Wiley Dithers reporting

Update 8:30 pm

Damnit! Scooped by Breitbart again! (Think Seinfeld exclaiming 'Newman' for the visual.) This author thinks it all means Mr. Soros meant the Clintonistas when he said he might reconsider his options. I hope so, because I'm convinced she's a sure loser in November due to her direct participation in Barry's train wreck ... or as I commented on the source article:
I disagree with your assessment it will be difficult to defeat Hillary in November. She's the sitting Secretary of State and Foreign Affairs is a train wreck. And she wrote her doctoral thesis on Saul Alinsky ("There is Only the Fight") - Obama's now well documented association with Alinsky tactics makes this an automatic disqualification. She would have been better off carping from the sidelines (rather than signing up for the administration) and keeping the thesis under lock and key (like she did during Bill's regime).
Warp speed, Mr. Sulu. Shields Up. Full power to phaser banks and photon torpedoes. That Democrat National Convention looks like it's going to be one to remember.
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