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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Music Festival For The 2012 Election

An all-English (geriatric edition) virtual concert documenting the zeitgeist of the coming election.

Opening things up ... The Kinks, in their art house incarnation, giving us Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues ... for the anti Patriot Act crowd, some of whom may have knee-jerked a hopey-changey vote in '08 to help put the republic in its current predicament.

Next up is Ten Years After, with one for the now thoroughly disillusioned October 2011 Occupy Wall Street wave of maladjusted malcontents, who learned the hard way throwing public temper tantrums is not a persuasive form of argument - I'd Love To Change the World.

But, of course, Van Jones and the rest of Team Leftie are not done with their self-appointed mission to replace capitalism with socialism. So, the next one is for the next wave of lunatic occupiers they will unleash on the republic this spring and summer ... Street Fighting Man, by the Rolling Stones, appropriately in their advanced age to represent the arthritic state of Team Leftie's ideology.

Pink Floyd will now perform Sheep from the Animals album, complete with a grandiloquent visual presentation notably appropriate to the Floyd as it would be for no one else ... for the clueless independent voters that are destined to swing the most important general election of my lifetime.

The next one is for the corrupt and biased liberal media - which will do their deceitful best to misrepresent and shade each and every news cycle to guide these clueless independent sheeples toward the media's preferred outcome - Van Jones' preferred outcome, that is. The Wizard, by Black Sabbath ... you will need to translate the Spanish subtitles for yourself, as a metaphor for translating the high grade equine manure the liberal media feeds you daily.

The Kinks, in their arena rock incarnation, return with Low Budget, an ode to the real issue, the issue the corrupt and biased liberal media will do their deceitful best to prevent from being honestly discussed - Barry's dysconomy.

Finally, to predict the full economic recovery that will accrue directly and simply from defeating the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama ... Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin.

Update 2/29/12

The two primaries on the Tuesday before “Super Tuesday” bring a warning for the republic. Mittens squeaks one out in one of his three home states, and proves Jan Brewer’s endorsement, unlike Nikki Haley’s, is worth something. Mittens still has not cleared 50% anywhere.

According to some exit polling, Mittens is garnering a majority of the vote for people who stipulate they are looking for the candidate most likely to defeat Obama. As with so many “majorities,” this one is dead wrong. All I can figure is they are going for the Gary Cooperish matinee idol looks. Newsflash – Obama already has this angle covered – only updated – metrosexual and half-black for modern voter.

As I’ve explained, and will continue to explain until it sinks in, Romney is the opponent Obama wants. Romney lacks the chops to score a knock-out punch on the all-important one-on-one debate stage, and Romney is the Richie Rich villain to cast as the target of Team Leftie’s rotten class warfare message.

I’m not saying Romney can’t beat Obama. I’m saying he makes it harder than anyone else still running, with the one exception of Ron Paul. We still have a long way to go. And in honor of this reality, the music festival continues with the considerable talents of geriatric Englishmen Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton combined, to deliver Can’t Find My Way Home, originally by Blind Faith.

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