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Saturday, February 4, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Kabuki on the Square

(AP) - Jack Wiley Dithers reporting.

Today Barry's Park Police cleaned up after Barry's Bolshevik Brigade on the Square.

Operations were "largely peaceful" - only six arrests. All arrested were sent directly to the "joovie," where they belong.

Many dead rats were pulled out of the cess pool formerly known as McPherson Square.  Authorities have speculated the explanation could be Lestat the Vampire has been living in the camp.

The cost of the cleanup operation to the civil society remains uncalculated. Nearby residents reported no cost would be too high to endure.

The remaining occupiers have been sent back to their rooms to continue the whine-fest until Barry finally decides this foolishness is a liability for him. (Memo to Barry:  Too late).

Updates will be provided as necessary. Just not until tomorrow. I have a previous engagement this evening, which history predicts will require much sleep to recover from. I expect the republic will still be there when I awaken.

(AP) - Jack Wiley Dithers reporting.


This somehow became necessary.  Arrest count climbs to eight. Cops assaulted. Still "largely peaceful."

Hat Tip Ironic Surrealism.

Update 2/6/12

McPherson Square gives the observer the surreal image of a tiny scorched earth war zone in the middle of a prosperous city going about its' normal business.

A handful of tents remain, apparently to contain random "stuff" and garbage. A few of the stalwart derelicts are milling about. "Bear" was spotted outside the Vermont Avenue Starbucks wearing his filthy yellow "October 2011 First Aid" tee shirt. The Artist was in his usual corner, with a much smaller tent to protect his creative works, and appropriately wearing a Siberian style (read czarist) fur cap.

No one in camp seems to be able to explain where anyone is sleeping now. Probably accommodations underwritten by Soros, Inc. Unfortunately, decontamination is being underwritten by We The People.

When I asked a Park policeman how the injured cop was doing, his answer was (paraphrasing) "he's doing fine, he's regaining his lost eyesight."

The one man counter protest I blogged about previously was back out on K street with a sign that said "Don't Believe the Liberal Media." The distinct lack of media covering the park's destruction by Barry's Bolshevik Brigade supported his assertion.

An Occupier was taken out of the 15th Street Starbucks by DC EMS on a gurney. I guess that's what sleep deprivation and massive amounts of caffeine will do. No word on whether ObamaCare will cover treatment.

“Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

Update 2/8/12

The Artist was spotted on the square at approximately 3:30 pm. Pacing in tight circles in the mud, utterly alone, with the beginning of tonight's wintery mix falling down around him. My thought at the time: "poor lost soul." The Pandora radio selection ringing in my ears right now: "I'd Love To Change the World" by Ten Years After. I assume the Park Police on duty tonight won't allow his actual demise to occur on their watch.
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