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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Announcing the Bob Schieffer Memorial Blog Roll, Version 2.0

It's been a full week since I've posted here, partly because the percentage of my time and energy going toward the blog has been spent heads down under the covers - 'fundamentally transforming' the RSS feed coming into the blog. Just trying to keep up with the Obamas, you know.

This blog's RSS feed widget had become quite obese in the two years and several weeks of its operation, reaching in excess of 150 feeds and actually hitting some damn limit preventing any further maintenance using Blogger's default widget. It was time to follow Mooshell Obama's lead and mandate some belt tightening around here.


The RSS feed already had the perfect moniker - the Bob Schieffer Memorial Blog Roll. The sclerotic MSM hack named Schieffer earned this honor when he failed to even ask Eric "My People" Holder about the New Black Panther voter intimidation case, then employed the pathetic excuse he had been on vacation when the story broke, in a pathetic attempt to cover his incompetent tracks. Look it up, kiddies. You have the Google, you know.


Well, anyway, back to the point at hand. I resolved to cull the RSS feed back to 100 or less feeds, keeping the overall compilation true to the ethos of this blog. I might describe this ethos as 20th Century Conservatism, nee Classical Liberalism, with a strong dose of snarky humor. After two years and several weeks burying my head inside the conservative blogosphere, I feel perfectly competent to assume this editorial role. Because I'm really INTJ that way (Myers-Briggs reference). And in the full spirit of spontaneous order, I stipulate my selections here are a sufficient foundation for my purposes.  Maybe yours, too.

The feeds that made the version 2.0 cut meet the measure of this ethos and/or occupy some specialized niche within it, to one degree or another. For example:

* Watt's Up With That representing (among others) the Global Warming Hoax Deniers.

* Randy's Roundtable (American war bird proclaiming 'Jihad This') and Sister Toldjah (elf queen dancing in the field) - among others - possessing the killer graphics.

* Cato, Heritage, and AEI representing the conservative think tanks toiling in perpetual obscurity.

* Caroline Glick reporting on conditions in Israel, the furthermost outpost of western civilization in the Arab/Persian world. Predicted by LAS to be the flashpoint of Barry's precipitous downfall, Jimmah Cahtah style.

* Libertas et Memoria (among others) for the uptight social con crowd. Couldn't do it without ya, babe.

Well, you get the idea. Congratulations to all the roll members. I have good taste, and I know it.


Then there's the concept of enlightened self interest. If we have shared links, you should consider yourself a virtual shoe in for inclusion. However, there was the occasional conflict between this policy and my capacity to find your feed with the new tools. I'm thinking of you, Pundies. I'll be in touch at some point.

Now, of course, it's always possible I overlooked a worthy candidate. I am only human, after all. So, if you feel you deserve inclusion with this exclusive collection of classically liberal bloggers, drop me a note at I will respond with either my mea culpa and include you, or explain why you didn't make the cut.  PaulBots need not apply.  Appeasing the Islamists is a DQ, plain and simple.

And no need for you to correspond, Angry White Dude. I'll explain here. Your incessant use of ALL CAPS makes you sound like a lunatic. We here in the LAS camp are tough minded and tough skinned - but we are not berserkers. We know how to shoot, but it's more the 'revenge is best served cold' kind of shooting. If Barry gets re-elected, we'll re-establish contact with your hot shooting camp.  Until then, keep your powder dry.

So, read the roll! Especially, you, Schieffer!  After your nap, of course.


The formatting of the v2.0 roll breaks down with IE8 for some damn reason I haven't isolated yet. Perfectly fine in Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari. The wife's IE9 machine is asleep, and she is, too - so testing not possible right now. If you are using IE8 as I am now - shame on you, troglodyte!
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