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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Senator and the Transportation Sandusky Administration (TSA) Flap

(To 'sandusky' is a verb now in use by the gang of unsocialized miscreants my 7th grader runs with. The things kids will come up with.)

So, anyway, this blogger invited the blogosphere to engage in thoughtful discussion regarding the strange case of the jackbooted airport brownshirts (the blue shirts are a clever disquise) detaining the duly elected Senator from Kentucky.

I was voluntarily unable to participate on this particular blogger's comment thread, because this particular blogger uses WordPress as her commenting system and I long ago wrote off that configuration as a huge pain in the arse to be avoided. According to my early experience with this whole blogging thing, WordPress apparently requires a distinct password for each and every WordPress serviced site, and that's simply too hard for this simple mind to keep up with.

Now, don't get me wrong - I often enjoy this particular blogger's writings (rantings), that's why she retains her highly sought after place on the Bob Schieffer Blog Roll.  I am simply prohibited by individual choice from interacting directly on this particular blogger's site due to this particular blogger's poor (in my view) choice of commenting systems.


So, I guess I'll just have to start the sorely needed erudite discussion thread here on my site.

First of all, we have reached a truly dark age for the constitution when low level bureaucrats equipped with intentionally faulty machines feel empowered to detain and harass a United States Senator. Read the last sentence, first paragraph, Article I, section 6; then get back to me kiddies. You, Ezra Klein, can hire a translator if you want, because it was written a really long time ago, or something.

Number two - the TSA, in its present configuration, was never necessary. Setting aside the debate over private vs. government agency staffing - trampling on the Fourth Amendment rights of each and every traveler to protect all from the criminal intent of a few easily profiled (there's that word! eek!) criminals has always been a ridiculous farce at best.

Number three - there is still time to eliminate the TSA and implement an Israeli style profiling and interviewing system. It's been working for them for decades. The only reason it hasn't been given a chance to work for us is the scourge of Political Correctness inflicted upon the republic by our political Left.

Profiling is not racism. Profiling is smart police work. Period. End of sentence.
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