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Monday, January 23, 2012

Newton's Three Laws (Part 24)

I was determined to retire this series title - really - on the grounds it was looking as old as Joe Namath in his Los Angeles Rams uniform. However, sometimes events conspire to overtake the best intentions of the humble blog author.

The GOP Establishment is positively losing its' collective mind over Newt Gingrich's South Carolina primary win.  Losing its' mind!

This is good for the republic and an absolutely perfect fit for the Newtonian F=M*A theme that has been a big part of this blog.


Who exactly is this "GOP Establishment?" I, LibertyAtStake, shall now provide the most succinctly transparent definition available on the Intertubes of this suddenly common term. The "GOP Establishment" is (most, not all) of the collection of people who make their compensated livings working for team (R) in our two party system. It's the career politicians, career staffers, paid pundits, paid pollsters, and all the other paid media hacks who live inside the two party bubble 24 x 7. They have a losing record. Most recently they got wiped out by a Saul Alinsky Communist with no record of achievement beyond the capacity to read a teleprompter and repeat the empty chant "Yes We Can" in at least two languages. Basically, they lost to Ron Burgundy in Al Jolson "black face."

The Establishment GOP also possesses a very personal interest in maintaining the status quo, or something close to it, as the junior partners in your ruling cabal. Their immediate ability to pay their mortgages and pay their kids' tuition bills, and all the other bills, depends upon it. They lined up in lockstep up to six years ago behind the Massachusetts moderate named Mitt Romney - or Mittens, or Sir Mitt of RINO, on this blog.

LAS is here to inform you that's what explains many observations from today's news and opinion feeds. Herewith is a small sampling.

Wall Street Journal Opinionator becomes so unhinged as to draw a false equivalence between Newt and a well-known Cuban mass murderer.

Well known pseudo-conservative David Frum makes the case you should reject Newt because his (Frum's) "Establishment," losers to the Empty Suit in 2008, are frightened by the Newtser. (You can bet they are!)

The Old Grey Lady - and I do mean OLD AND GREY - editorial board takes a stab at dismissing the obviously uncomfortable reality (for them).


You, dear reader, are not buying it, though.  (And good for you!)  The latest measurement taken by the republic's most reliable pollster at this moment - Scott Rasmussen - informs us of a huge tidal wave of support surging in the hurricane prone state of Florida.  (btw - I love Reaganite Republican's "Revenge of the Nerds" gestalt on this link.  It reminds me of the time me and my high school friends donned broken glasses, short sleeve shirts, and pocket protectors to view the original's theatre opening in our particular backwater.  But I digress.)


This is the bottom line, patriots.  Newt Gingrich, as Speaker of the House, balanced the federal budget *and* showed sufficient conviction to shutdown the federal gub'ment in the political fight to get there . Ask Denny Hastert, Blinky Pelosi, or John Boehner if they can lay claim to these accolades. Newt Gingrich has arisen as the "outsider's insider" at this crucial time in history.  Embrace it.  It is what it is.

This confluence has given LAS the opportunity to use the following album cover graphic; which I obtained as a registered user of the best Internet Idea Ever - Pandora Radio.  I had never heard of the band "Elf Power," or their album "Creatures" (under this cover), or the song on this album titled "Let the Serpent Sleep" - but I was instantly entranced by the song when Pandora's algorithms brought the song forward based on my recorded preferences.  The very same Intertubes that made this possible makes the Establishment's resistance to Newt's rise futile.  This graphic captures the gestalt of the grass roots TEA Party fueled Conservative Ascendancy that will record one hell of a Newtonian impact come November 2012.

Don't cede one single inch of the ring to the Establishment, patriots.  They don't deserve it.  They lost to a Saul Alinsky trained Socialist.
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