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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

We have been informed that ABC News will air an interview with Newt Gingrich’s second wife this evening. She will be re-hashing old gossip from their divorce of 13 years ago.

This is interesting on several levels – not the least of which is the sound argument it makes for mandatory gag orders with all divorces.

A slightly more instructive angle is given to us by the corrupt and biased liberal MSM positively salivating all over itself at the possibility of sinking the candidacy of most articulate voice left in the GOP nomination race.

I have often heard the phrase “timing is everything,” and often lived its truth - almost always a day late and a dollar short. The timing of this MSM hatchet job is positively exquisite; what with Newt rising again in the polls.

Especially when you consider some of the things that have somehow escaped the attention of corrupt and biased MSM ... documentary evidence provided by L. Brent Bozell’s excellent organization known as the Media Research Center (MRC).

The MSM couldn’t figure out John Edwards’ mistress was flying on the same press plane with them.

MSM hacks lined up to be apologists for Eliot Spitzer’s whoring.

Not to mention William Jefferson Clinton’s record of serial sexual assaults.


But, LAS also understands the conservative coalition does have its standards, the double standards of the Left are not something to emulate, and those social conservatives over there at the other end of tent are staring at me suspiciously. So, for me, the most interesting angle on this one is the perpetual tug and pull inside the conservative coalition tent - between social conservatives with a gag reflex reaction to infidelity, and liberty conservatives now dedicated to the proposition of beating Barack Hussein Obama like a government mule in the general election of 2012. The liberty side of the tent doesn’t give a damn about 13 year old gossip.

Therefore, I’ve put together my own poll to get to the bottom of this latest MSM hatchet job on a Republican candidate. Only registered Republicans should vote. It’s the honor system, so all dead voters are assumed to be Democrat mischief makers.


After viewing the ABC News hatchet job on Newt Gingrich, please select the answer that best fits your reaction.

Update 1/22/12

It's a BLOWOUT in the Palmetto state! Nikki Haley still has time to admit she made a mistake endorsing Mittens and seek TEA Party forgiveness. Because we believe in redemption - Rick Perry said so. And now, the speech that made LAS go "woo-hoo!"

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  1. This stuff is hypocritica--in its sought moralistic endeavor.


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