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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Lynching of George Zimmerman

Or 'framing' for the rhetorically squeamish.


Q: What happened to due process in this country?
A: It has been killed by left wing politics.


American left wing politics in 2012 is the politics of Saul Alinsky, author of Rules For Radicals: “Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It and Polarize It.”

The American political Left in 2012 is in full control of the Democrat party, writes and produces the journalistic malpractice given to you daily by the corrupt and biased mainstream media, is grossly statistically overrepresented inside the entertainment industry that feeds you your popular ‘culture,’ and wages politics as instructed by Saul Alinksy.  Ruthlessly.

The politics of the Left really only has one macro template.  Divide the mob into factions, stoke divisions amongst these factions, and capitalize on the anger and chaos to further the political agenda.  Occupy Wall Street was, is, and will be their application of this template to stoking resentments over economic class divisions (class warfare).  The Sandra Fluke ‘contraception activist’ comedy was a failed attempt to wage politics by gender warfare.  It probably worked out so poorly for them because it wasn’t carefully planned as a proactive chess move.  Rather it was a hastily thrown together counter-move to the blowback from their attempt to dictate religious conscience to the Catholic Church (war on Christianity).  They will surely come up with something else to cover both of these bases soon.  It’s an election year.

When the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin story first broke as a national story a couple of weeks ago, Team Leftie immediately jumped to the conclusion it had been presented with the holy grail for their politics of division: race warfare.

Initial reports contained but two notable facts: a black teenager had been shot.  Presumably by a white man, because that’s how George Zimmerman was uniformly described in account after account in the initial days.  Murder in cold blood?  Self-defense?   No one could possibly have an informed opinion except the police who responded and the grand jury that was already in the process of being convened.

But Team Leftie instantly knew what they had.  And they followed the Alinsky game plan with ruthless abandon.  No need to wait for the grand jury report.  This is a time to whip up the mob.  As Team Leftie All-Star Rahm Emanuel famously stated:  “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

The corrupt and biased liberal media distributed some photographs for us to puzzle over.  The photos they chose to highlight were tailor made to establish the desired bias.  The photo of Treyvon Martin was five years old, and depicted him at the age of 12, rather than the 17 years he had attained by the time of his demise.  The photo chosen to depict Zimmerman to the nation was even older – seven years old – and was literally a mug shot from a seven year old arrest.  

The Zimmerman mug shot did have one interesting effect on the national discourse.  He immediately went from ‘white’ to ‘white hispanic’ in news accounts.  Glad we could clear that up … it really helps us get to the bottom of what happened that night.  

We were also immediately treated to a factual falsehood, allowed to go uncorrected for days, that was off by a factor of ten.  We were told over and again Zimmerman had called police in his role as neighborhood watchman 46 times in a single year, so we would naturally reach the conclusion he was an overzealous vigilante.  It turned out the correct fact was 46 calls in ten years.  Do reporters check the facts they acquire from other reporters anymore?  You know the answer.

Day by day, new information has leaked out deflating Team Leftie’s preferred narrative.  As much as they want Treyvon to be the innocent martyr that sparks a race war, the more we learn the less there is to like about the young man.  We now know he was suspended from school three times, possibly a small time drug dealer, and just not very presentable or particularly polite on Facebook and Twitter.  We of course also know Zimmerman’s history is not as pure as the driven snow – arrests and anger management classes being a part of that history.  The point is not to have a contest over character – biased or otherwise – but rather to get to the bottom of what happened that night.

The information coming out in recent days on that score is not helpful to team Leftie’s narrative either.  Based on what has been coming out, it is likely this is what actually happened: Martin ‘jumped’ Zimmerman from behind after Zimmerman had stopped following him, Martin beat the crap out of Zimmerman with his fists, banged Zimmerman’s head against the pavement repeatedly, and made threats suggesting he would kill Zimmerman with Zimmerman’s weapon after Zimmerman was to be rendered unconscious.  In the struggle, Zimmerman’s weapon shot Martin dead.

Sounds like it could be self-defense under any reasonable standard to me.  Why not let the grand jury deliberate? 

Because deliberation and due process is not to be found  in Team Leftie DNA …

Deliberation – at least not when it comes to politically exploiting crises – is not in the DNA of the Community-Agitator-Chief himself, the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama.  BHO, failing to learn the lesson of the Beer Summit, disgracefully waded into another local matter knowing nothing of the facts – fanning the flames of racial division with the racialist code words ‘Trayvon looks like my son’ (paraphrasing).  Somebody insert this nitwit’s picture into the next edition of Webster’s next to ‘unpresidential.’

Deliberation in these matters is definitely not in the DNA of the Rev. Al Sharpton – who actually skipped his own mother’s funeral to dash to the scene of the crisis du jour.  Because exploiting racial tensions is what he does for a living – ever since participating in the fabrication of Tawana Brawley’s false charges, for which he has never been held to account.

Do you think deliberation in these matters is in the DNA of the New Black Panthers?  They have distributed ‘George Zimmerman Wanted Dead or Alive’ posters and have hired a vigilante army to ensure the reward is collected.

Apparently not noticing Zimmerman is obviously in hiding (you know, since the Panthers probably thought to look for him at home first), the dimwitted Spike Lee re-tweeted what he thought was Zimmerman’s home address.  It turned out to be the wrong address.  It was the address of an elderly couple who subsequently had to leave their home to hide out in a hotel due to the volume of ‘hate speech’ thus directed their way.  We can only hope they hire a good lawyer who will sue Lee for everything he owns.


You, dear reader, can browse the links in the footnote on your own, to fill out my case.  Do so deliberately, please.

This is the Left.  It is mob rule, plain and simple.  The Left is in firm control of your entire Executive branch and the Senate half of the Legislative branch.  If you do not correct this situation in the election of 2012, it is beyond my ability to articulate the pitch chaos you will be served by the Left in the subsequent four years.


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