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Monday, December 23, 2013

Archiving 'This Just In' (12/3/13 - 12/23/13): If They Can't Automate a 2 Page Form, Why Would Anyone Think They Can Automate 1/6 of the Economy?

Quarter 4 of tax year 2013 draws near to close, and I am reminded it will soon be time to file Form 941: Quarterly Income Tax Return for my small business. I am also reminded I can pay electronically, but can't submit the matching report electronically, unless I engage a paid third party to perform this trivial administrative task for me. Therefore, filing (but not paying, mind you) the quarterly 941 tax continues to be the sole remaining paper and snail mail supported part of my entire business process. Quarter 4 of tax year 2013 has also seen the comically grotesque roll out of healthcare.goof. On second thought, maybe we should just leave well enough alone on the IRS site.
Phil Robertson vs. Pajama Boy - the cage match ... if Pajama Boy somehow improbably wins, the effete pseudo-intellectual Progressive elites get to keep their ObamaKare ... if the aging duck hunter kicks Pajama Boy's pampered little a$$ as expected, the rest of us get to have the train wreck repealed immediately ... this epic pay-per-view is screaming out to be promoted by WWE.
Study conducted by self-professed liberal Yale professor finds correlation between TEA Party affiliation and high level of scientific knowledge. Still hope for the integrity of the scientific method to survive these times. (And all along we just thought TEA Partiers were only better than DC at math.)
Another high profile shooting ... another left wing lunatic on the trigger. Sorry Corrupt and Biased Liberal Media, your wait continues for the next perfect news template to waive your agenda like a bloody shirt.
And the solution for a viable defense against lunatic shooters reveals itself. Hint: It has nothing to do with Gun Free Zones Criminal Free Fire Zones.
Just watched the Paul Ryan / Patty Murray budget deal press conference Mutual Admiration Society Meeting. Here's my take on the sum total of what they told us ... PUNT! Here's my my advice to conservatives and libertarians. Run down field like a bat out of hell and crush that Democrat punt returner with extreme prejudice in the 2014 election cycle.
The federal government is closed today due to a snow storm. The Left would have you believe this means a cataclysmic blow to the national economy and result in societal meltdown. That is, based on the arguments they always make when the discussion turns to trimming a little fat off the federal leviathan. If the whole thing suddenly disappears, that must mean apocalypse! Actually, all it really means is one day without the average daily production of 300 new pages of federal regulations. Carpe diem! You can stop reading the federal register and do something productive today. Quick, before the snow stops! Before the bureau weenies waddle back to their desks!
If you blinked you missed it. The administration regime of the Saul Alinsky Radical Occupying the Oval Office has extended the ObamaKare sign up deadline from December 15 to December 23. What a pathetic joke. Eight whole extra days for a program that still depends completely on a buggy web front end, and a business process back end that is still partially constructed and completely untested. Completely untested for either business functionality or data security. And the small percentage of people who actually think they've signed up (yes - "think" - see back end issues) have been greeted with the news their premiums and deductibles will be skyrocketing as a result of this stealth redistribution plan built on the lie "if you like, you can keep ..." "Clusterf*ck" is Greek for the Democrats are in charge.
This morning I again saw the professional panhandler and Occupy Wall Street foot soldier I mentioned in this log on 11/13. He was in line ahead of me at Starbucks, acquiring his cup of overpriced caffeine. Meanwhile, the Food Stamp President, the President presiding over the lowest American labor participation rate in recorded history, is out on the campaign trail - trying to distract from his own failures with that old Leftist whine about "income inequality." The ironies abound.
The latest in ObamaCare Debacle News is this: a large failure rate for the batch file transfers from Healthcare.Goof to insurance carriers that are meant to activate coverage for people who think they have signed up. The error rate is as much as one third of all transactions according to the Obama apology rag known as the Washington Post. The good news, according to the WaPo spin, though, is sign up rates are still so low, the carriers claim the present volume of errors can be corrected manually. Except - in a nationalized system now dependent on human correction to 1/3 of all its transactions - is there really a way to know now how many consumers who now think they have coverage will actually have it when they think they need it? How many people will experience this nasty surprise as this nationalized system scales up to the entire nation? The nation is left with fingers crossed hoping the back end error rate is reduced faster than the growth rate in front end sign ups? Reduced fast enough for error prone human error correction procedures to keep up? As always, chaos is the sure sign Democrats are in charge.
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