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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Evolution of a Narrative

(Or, today’s seminar in Progressive politics)

By now, I suspect you, dear reader, have heard of this pathetico …

Future historians will note the pitiful wretch known as Sandra Fluke as nothing but a useful idiot for Team Leftie’s maniac assault on the constitution, American values, and the American people.

It is worth reviewing for those future historians how we have come to this ridiculous place – giving a 30 year old entry-level Leftist activist her 15 minutes of fame … for improbably (just look at her!) claiming the volume of heterosexual intercourse in which she engages is so large it must be underwritten by a federal mandate.


In the very first act of this political farce, Barack Hussein Obama’s tyrannical progressive administration did what it came to town to do – piss all over the constitution. This time (and, trust me, it won’t be the last, either), it was trashing First Amendment religious freedoms by attempting to dictate to the Catholic church it must provide coverage for contraceptives in health insurance plans, church conscience notwithstanding.

A firestorm of righteous indignation arose across the republic - proving all of us have not been converted into meek subjects of the state, not just yet. I, for my part, am quite satisfied with my meager contemporaneous contribution to the national debate:

Feeling the heat, Team Leftie attempted to deflect criticism with an accounting trick. The Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama came out to the podium and announced he had a ‘compromise’ to offer the church. The burden of the cost for the mandate would be shifted from the church to the insurance companies with which the church contracts. This empty offer belied three truths: [1] The extent to which the insurance industry has already been co-opted by Team Leftie as crony capitalists, [2] an assumption of profound economic stupidity (who thinks the insurance companies don’t pass these costs on to all customers?), and [3] Team Leftie is hell bent on boring ahead toward a single-payer gub’ment run health care state by whatever means necessary.

To its’ enduring credit, the Catholic church did not accept the fake ‘compromise’ proposal, choosing not to hide behind a billing procedure while throwing its’ religious conscience under the bus – which is the Faustian bargain Team Leftie was really offering.

And to his credit, doing his job as chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA) called for hearings on the constitutionality of what this blog has labeled the ‘Institutional Mandate’ (albeit as a commenter on the Glittering Eye blog).

As Byron York of the Washington Examiner reports, Nancy Pelosi and the crooked gang of Team Leftie hacks she runs with in the House immediately set out to make a mockery of the hearing.

"The Democrats played games with us the day before [the hearing]," says a Republican committee source. "After days of asking for a witness, they waited until the last minute, the afternoon before the hearing. They asked us to invite Rev. Barry Lynn [head of Americans United for Separation of Church and State] and Ms. Fluke. We said we'll invite one, per standard procedure. We formally invited Rev. Lynn, and the Democrats, at 4:30 pm, changed their mind and said they wanted Fluke. We said too late. They told Rev. Lynn not to show up the next day."
When the hearing took place, Democrats proceeded to clobber Republicans. "Where are the women?" asked New York Rep. Carolyn Maloney as she looked at the all-male first panel for the hearing. (Two women testified in the hearing's second panel, but Maloney and her fellow Democrats ignored that.)

Then, last week, Rush Limbaugh was simply Rush Limbaugh. He delivered satirical conservative commentary on this matter no different in spirit than that which I offer here. He made the mistake of using a couple of highly charged words – ‘slut’ is the word most often referenced – and Team Leftie swung into coordinated action to denounce, demonize, and destroy their ideological enemy.  Because it's what they do.

Last weekend’s talking heads news cycle dutifully played along – both dyed-in-the-wool leftists as willing collaborators and establishment faux conservatives as patsies. The Media Research Center’s Brent Baker ably explained …

No love on the Sunday morning television talk shows for Rush Limbaugh, not even a mild defense as the unifying theme was disappointment in Mitt Romney for not denouncing the leading national conservative talk radio host. “The problem with Rush Limbaugh,”

As far as I’m concerned, the defeatist establishment conservatives (Will, Noonan, et al.) are playing right into Team Leftie’s hands by going along with the narrative change (from First Amendment rights to trumped up indignation around policing speech about women.)

Newt Gingrich handled it much better in this slap down of David Gregory. This performance is: (a) a video seminar on how to handle the corrupt and biased Leftist media, and (b) another demonstration of why Newt is the best available GOP candidate in this cycle.

We need to beat Team Leftie at their own rotten game. When they change the subject to prepare the personal attacks, we need to change it back to the real issues and take the debate directly to the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama.

Rush’s explanation on Monday was also a pretty good demonstration, in which he took ownership of his small tactical mistake regarding choice of words, refused to accept the change in narrative, and refocused on the real First Amendment issue.

The republic is going to need more performances like these two this year. Because Team Leftie is highly organized, deeply embedded in the media, and will employ whatever means necessary to keep their man in the White House this election cycle. Because they are far, very far, from done with ‘fundamentally transforming’ America into a statist misery pit in which the gub’ment can mandate anything and everything.

Good thing we have the legacy of Andrew Breitbart to draw on as inspiration for this year’s fight over the republic’s future.


Gee, whoulda thunk it?
(h/t Atlas Shrugged)

Update #2

Oh, OK, I guess it looks photoshopped onto this occutard. My bad.  Should have learned to do something at that pricey college that people will pay you to do, fella.

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