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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Primaries Are Over - On to the General Election

Remember this guy?

He’s the Minority Leader in the 111th Congress of the United States, and he deserves to be Speaker of the House in the 112th Congress of the United States. John Boehner was the leader of the ‘Party of No’ before it was cool.

If you are one of those drone independents, like my neighbor (who shall remain nameless), still operating on the anti-incumbent idea “Throw All the Bums Out” - be advised I’m beginning to have nothing but contempt for you. THEY ARE NOT ALL BUMS. And the MINORITY THAT ARE NOT BUMS need reinforcements NOW. Not only do they need reinforcements, but they have put in the time in the trenches to earn the right to lead those reinforcements.


When BHO and the Progressives were swept into office on the wings of their hopey-changey campaign fraud; they expected by now to have Universal Health Care (aka Socialized Medicine), and Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants (aka Democrat Voter Registration), and the Cap and Trade (aka Redistributive Industrial Policy), and the Fairness Doctrine (aka state regulation of talk radio), and Net Neutrality (aka state regulation of the Internet), and the rest of their anti-liberty Leftist agenda shoved down our throats.

The fact that they accomplished so little of their obnoxious Leftist agenda is mostly, but not entirely, a testimony to the grass roots resistance collectively known as the TEA Party movement. However, We The People have had a junior partner in our enterprise the entire time. Our junior partner was the minority of elected DC politicians who took sustenance from the TEA Party energy, and mounted a courageous resistance on Capitol Hill. It just so happens that every single member of this minority was a subset of the caucus that has the (R) label.


I ran a poll earlier this year on this blog that yielded the correct result, as far as I’m concerned (albeit with a small sample and a helpful graphic to steer voters to the desired result).

The Question: What Is the Best Electoral Strategy For TEA Party Patriots in 2010?

Answer 1: Just Accept the GOP Nominees. GOP Establishment Finally Gets It.

Answer 2: Go Totally Third Party. GOP Establishment Will Never Get It.

Answer 3: Support GOP Conservatives When Possible, Run 3rd Party Conservatives When Necessary.

Answer 4: I am a Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, or Obama Zombie. (You Don't Get a Vote)

Answer 3 won in a landslide. But I do think it would be fun to meet the three voters who chose Answer 4 even though I told them they don’t get a vote.


We The People did our part in the Republican primaries. We took out GOP establishment supported RINOs in races all over the country; including several Senate races that got all of the attention in Delaware, Alaska, Kentucky, Nevada, Utah, Florida, and elsewhere.

The candidates in these high profile races will now get lots of support, financial and otherwise, from the loose collection of national TEA Party organizations that have sprung up around the country; and that is great.

But there are many, many other principled conservative political upstarts who have won Republican primaries this year, flying under the radar of the national spotlight. I know because I’m directly supporting two in my own backyard with my own meager direct campaign donations.

Dr. Eric Wargotz in my neighboring state of Maryland defeated a field of ten (10) other GOP contenders for the right to challenge the contemptible Progressive incumbent Babs Mikulski (D-MD). His establishment supported opponent in the primary attempted to take him out by lying about his record, which I documented in my Ten Buck Friday’s journal.

Keith Fimian is running in my local Congressional district, VA-11, to replace the contemptible Progressive freshman congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA). This general election is a rematch of the 2008 match up. (But my have the conditions changed!) His GOP establishment supported primary opponent tried to take him out with a ticky-tack tax evasion smear, as I documented in my April 30 and June 10 posts.  Sound familiar Delaware voters?

Fortunately, it appears neither of these vanquished establishment candidates is foolish enough to pull a Crist, Castle, or Murkowski. Smart move, guys.


Elections have consequences. The question every single registered voter needs to ask himself or herself - every single cycle - is this: how can I cast my vote, lend my support as time, or send my money as sustenance to actuate the consequences I desire.

If you are one of the 2/3 to 3/4 of all Americans who basically disagree with BHO and the Progressives on everything – then you need to support the most principled conservative in every race, whether it be an upstart or a standing member of the small band that defended Capitol Hill in the 111th.

If you live in California’s 49th Congressional district, please send back incumbent Darrell Issa (R-CA). He’s earned the right to chair the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in the 112th session, and lead the counter-attack that will consign BHO and the Progressives to the dust heap of history.

If you live in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional district, please send back incumbent Paul Ryan (R-WI) , because he’s really smart and he has a good plan. If you live in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional district, please send back conservative warrior princess Michele Bachmann (R-MN), because she’s really smart and so easy on the eyes. If you live in New York’s 3rd Congressional District, please send back incumbent Peter King (R-NY), because he’s earned the right to chair the Homeland Security Committee and get the War on Terror back on focus. And on and on.

Principled conservatives, both experienced and inexperienced politically, simply must be the majority caucus in the 112th Congress. The fate of the republic depends on it.


Footnote 1

Thoughts on William F. Buckley’s rule

The great conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer failed the Rorshach Inkblot Test that was the Delaware Republican Senate Primary. He invoked the great William F. Buckley’s rule “Vote for the most conservative candidate who is electable. “ In Krauthammer’s view, Christine O’Donnell is not electable.

Memo to Krauthammer: Buckley’s rule still holds. What has changed is the definition of “electable.” Read this upstart pundit in the Daily Caller for further elaboration.

Footnote 2

Thoughts on the recently released GOP Pledge to America

It’s a political document in an election season. Therefore it’s overall tepid tone is acceptable, since it includes the one specific that is imperative #1 for the new majority in January – Repeal and Replace of ObamaCare. We will need the House Appropriations Committee in the 112th to take the first necessary step of cutting off funding for ObamaCare’s implementation.

There are some other pretty radical promises for professional politicians to make, that will go a long way toward implementing TEA Party principles, such as

• Require that every bill have a citation of constitutional authority

• Impose a Net Hiring Freeze on the federal workforce

• Cancelling unspent stimulus funds

• Hold weekly votes on spending cuts

• Permanently prohibit taxpayer funding of abortion

Yes, there is much more to be rolled back over the long haul, but there are still many, many drone independents who need to brought along slowly to hold the governing coalition together. As long as our junior partners, the politicians with the (R) label, remember We The People are their senior partner, it will all work out in the end.
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  1. If the poll below is a good indicator, the only "bums" getting tossed in November will be the dems.

    Another excellent post, you need to write more than once a week, haha.

  2. @fleeceme: As am amateur with a full time day job, I am compelled to emphasize quality over quantity. If I tried to pump out too many units in my spare time (haha)I'm afraid I might become indistiquishable from the average NY Times columnist.

  3. @WHT: Only 36 days until the biggest electoral landslide in American midterm electoral history. Now that's changey we can believey in. ;)

  4. Great analysis as always. Thanks.

  5. Regarding the "welfare" rally on Saturday - I thought about dressing up like a liberal wacko and wandering through the crowd, shouting, "They're giving away Obama money in that large tent over there!"
    But I know better.....there are laws against inciting riots....

  6. I have thought about going (for blogging purposes) , then I thought, "Last time I was that close to so many communists was my tours in Bosnia." Somehow I am thinking Bosnia is more pleasant than that group is gonna be on Saturday.

    Quick prediction, the "media" is going to find a whole bunch of "conservative plants" that are the real cause of all the violence that is inevitably going to happen.

  7. @fleeceme: 3 to 2 odds a dumpster is set on fire in DC Oct 2, 2010. Let's just wait and see.

  8. I went to the one nation website and viewed the list of endorsers. 1/3 communist organizations, 1/3 labor unions, and 1/3 with no idea what they are getting into.
    One was a division of the United Methodist Church (?). I belong to that church. My pastor has some explaining to do.....
    Oblamer sent personal invitaions to his OFA sheep.
    I decided to stay home and watch the mayhem on FOX News from the comfort of my sofa.

  9. @Jethro: Fox will no doubt be the best place to get a 'fair and balanced' view of the Star Wars bar scene that is sure to unfold on the Mall tomorrow. Then, come back here for the 'biased and sarcastic' takeoff, just for giggles. :)

  10. At least Rick Sanchez has someplace to go on Saturday. He should be right at home, gonna be a lot of zionist regime haters in the mall tomorrow.

    My second prediction for tomorrow: From MSNBC news, "the rally on the mall stretched for over 43 miles and encompassed a mass of people so large it was virtually uncountable, early attempts put the total number at 500 million, which incidentally, is how many jobs are lost every month according to Nancy Pelosi."

  11. @fleeceme: Check out my July 27 Post - "The Migjam Tapes" - for my profile of Rick Sanchez - formerly the dumbest man on television, except for Shultz, Olbermann, and Maddow.

    Regarding the Mall rally today, Jack Wiley Dithers had a late engagement last night and is unable to pull himself together to get down there. He called in sick and said the following to our receptionist: "just let the freak show take care of itself, dammit I'm busy!"

  12. Great analysis. I want to vote all the progressives out of office on the national and state level. They're like a cancer eating away our liberty one crisis at a time. I have added you to my blogroll.


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