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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Contemporary Politics and Newton’s Three Laws of Motion (Part 10)

Last week was a good week for Team Liberty; and conversely a bad week for Team Tyranny (d/b/a Team Deficit, Team Amnesty, Team Tree-Hugger, and Team Jihad).

The week unofficially kicked off with the 9/12 March in DC. I took a walk around the edges of the Capitol Hill crowd between approximately 2 pm and approximately 4 pm. Accompanying me were my 160 pound Harlequin Great Dane and my 11 year old son. I brought the dog along because she strikes an imposing profile and is hard to ignore. This worked out completely to plan. Many Patriots were drawn to the dog, and this made for an enjoyable afternoon of small talk with a lot of great folks from all over the country.  I commissioned my 11 year old son to be our official photographer. The battery in his digital camera drained after snapping one photo of the grass. I got what I paid for, I guess.

The crowd size was substantial, but nowhere near last year’s size. Some attribute this outcome to competition with Glenn Beck’s massive 8/28 rally. Could be. And it’s a shame too, because Beck’s so-called “apolitical” publicity stunt completely misses the point.

Memo to Beck: It’s a political movement, not a religious revival, and definitely not about any cult of personality. Your schtick is starting to look a lot like the hopey-changey schtick the Dems and Drones fell for last cycle.

Memo to Social Conservatives: You are welcome in the majority conservative coalition, in fact you always have been. But if you don’t vote for Team Liberty at the polls, you are useless to us.


Then came Tuesday night, which was truly a watershed moment for Team Liberty.  All eyes were on the Republican primary in Delaware, to nominate the successor to Crazy Uncle Joe Biden’s Senate seat. The Delaware Senate race has turned out to be, quite simply, the Rorshach Inkblot Test for the 2010 election season.

In the GOP primary, the Light Side had a grass roots candidate who had never held office, and yet can talk the Liberty talk better than 99 out of 100 sitting Senators. The Dark Side ran a career RINO with a dismal 52% American Conservative Association rating. The candidate from the Light Side walked away from this engagement with the scalp of the candidate from the Dark Side hanging from her belt.

In the immediate aftermath of this major victory for We The People, the GOP establishment failed the Rorshach Test.

Their candidate was a sore loser - like a petulant little cybaby who had just been informed his favorite red balloon had floated into a sharp object and popped. Welcome to political reality in 2010, RINO Mike.

Initial reports that evening were that the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) would refuse to support the candidate We The People had told them was our choice. But by sunrise the NRSC had come to their senses and realized resistance is futile. Smart choice, guys.

The established conservative punditry class hasn’t exactly passed the Rorshach Test with flying colors, either. None other than Karl Rove sees an “unelectable” candidate in Christine O’Donnell. Rove is wrong. So is Barone. LibertyAtStake predicts with this post that she will be elected. All of the ticky-tack “character” stuff the Dark Side is dragging out against her doesn’t stick with We The People in 2010. Not with Radical Associations Barry, Turbo Tax Tim, and Good Times Chahlie Rangel holding office.

Even the estimable Charles Krauthammer has his underpants in a wod over this, challenging the 1 sitting Senator in a 100 who supported O’Donnell up front and has always said she is electable – Jim DeMint of SC – to get up to Delaware and “prove it.” I think Sen. DeMint should take up Mr. Krauthammer’s challenge – I like the on-field match up. Let DeMint and O’Donnell double team her general election opponent, and leave Demint’s opponent in the general to his own devices. I am fairly certain the Democrat nominee in SC, Alvin Greene, poses little threat to Mr. DeMint. LMAO!

As for Ms. O’Donnell’s general election opponent, the Democrats have nominated a candidate with the one negative that is fatal in 2010. He’s a committed Leftist. Chris Coons described himself as a budding “Bearded Marxist” while a student writing for the newspaper at his effete elite Northeast university. And apparently this ideological bent was no youthful indiscretion. County Executive Coons’ stewardship of his Delaware county involved raising taxes three times in four years, and driving into deficit a county budget that was in surplus when he assumed office. This is a very bad record to run on in 2010.

And, of course, the criminally biased MSM set out last week to assassinate Ms. O’Donnell’s character. My read on the attempt is it just makes her a more sympathetic character for grass roots voters, who are sick and damn tired of the MSM attack machine / Progressive big government axis. Plus, most of the content of the character assassination attack will specifically make her a more sympathetic character for social conservatives, who Team Liberty needs to keep in a governing majority.

While the chattering class was worried about ticky-tack “character” issues, Ms. O’Donnell went about her business and deftly combined Team Liberty speak with social conservatism,  in a speech to the Family Research Council last week.

Let’s see what the next round of polls tells us about the Delaware Senate race, shall we?

Footnote 1

I have removed “Outside The Beltway” from the Bob Schieffer Blog Roll, because their analysis is consistently “Inside The Beltway” in tone, content, and reasoning. Which makes it useless to me.

Footnote 2

While 3/5 of my nuclear family was attending the 9/12 Capitol Hill rally, the other 2/5 (wife and 15 year old son) was at the DMV acquiring his learner’s permit. Yesterday I had a white knuckle grip on the passenger side grab handle, as he drove on a road with traffic lights for the first time. We’ve put him into an old Ford Windstar battering ram for his training period. After he earns his license, I will introduce him to a clutch - because if it’s not a stick, you’re not really driving.

Update 09/22/2010

One week and one day into the criminally biased MSM character assassination targeting Christine O’Donnell, and here’s what we have so far.

In high school, she once dated a boy with questionable taste in theology. Sooooooo much further out the mainstream than spending 22 years listening to the rantings of a Black Liberation Theologist.

She once stated the plain fact that the Catholic Church officially discourages masturbation. Sooooooo much more disturbing than someone launching his political career in the living room of two convicted domestic terrorists.

She once stated science has experimented with human brain matter implanted in mice, which that crazy Wiccan publication known as National Geographic reported on. (hat tip Chris Plante) Sooooooo much wackier than publicly declaring there are 57 states.

The talking points they seem to be settling on is financial troubles. Nothing that can be proven, mind you, but “questions” that must be “answered.” Questions that are sooooooo much more troubling than getting a sweet-heart deal on your first house from a convicted mobster.

Yeah, Christine O’Donnell is soooooooo much less qualified to hold high office than Barack Hussein Obama.

Would that the criminally biased MSM had done the same rectal examination on Barry back in 2007 and 2008.
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  1. Good Luck to the future clutch user.I started by driving tractors and farm trucks.

  2. @fuzzys dad: On the tree or on the floor?

  3. I was at the rally also. I agree not as big as last year. I think Beck's rally got a lot of attention, along with 9/11 activities on Saturday. This year that's where a lot of people spent their hard earned money and free time. Also - 9/12 didn't get the same promotion it got last year.
    Another way to look at it - if we didn't have the '09 rally to compare to, this year's would be considered remarkable.
    I think it is great when I hear speeches from LEGAL immigrants who came here to avoid the oppression of tyranny elsewhere in this world. Their stories are inspiring, and reinforce that we must fight this socialism trend with every ounce of energy we can muster. I am confident we can beat it peacefully. I hope it never gets violent.....

    My son started driving in '09. It was a frightening time for both parents...

  4. @Jethro: Yes, I definitely agree the best speech of the day came from Tito 'The Builder' Munoz. I think he should be appointed Press Secretary after we take the White House back. Can you imagine the scene? Jake Tapper asks stupid question, Tito Munoz singes Tapper's eyebrows with his blunt response. LOL!

  5. O'Donnell may very well win in Delaware, but the reason will only be that the dem candidate is so far left and the country has had enough of that. Had they put up a better candidate, she would have no shot at it. She may very well be a decent person and their may be logical explanations to her many issues, but she doesn't answer the questions in ways that make her sound honest. She talks the talk, but her past doesn't look like she walks the walk. I am not talking about the witch or masturbation stuff. I am talking about her finances. I don't buy her foreclosure story. It doesn't make sense. If it were a bank error, it wouldn't have gotten within three days of auction. She has not had a job in years, how the heck is she supporting herself? This is a very troubled candidate, those questions deserve answers.

  6. @jcg: Well, in any movement/revolution there is bound to be the odd colorful character here and there. Regarding the "character" issue: (1) under the circumstances - battling for the fate of the republic - I don't much care so long as she promises to be a consistent vote for Team Liberty, and (2) you can be sure the criminally biased MSM will dig up everything there is to dig up (wish they had done us the favor for Radical Associations Barry.) On Point (1), I think it's a safe bet Team Liberty will get better voting from Ms. O'Donnel than either RINO Mike or Chris 'The Bearded Marxist' Coons. On Point (2), a full week into the MSM onslaught and she's standing tall with a smile on her face. That certainly shows a measure of character, does it not?

  7. Stumbled upon your blog just a minute ago, I really like your writing style. Its funny but not forced; you can tell its your personality.

    As a footnote, I learned to drive in a '72 F100, 3 on the tree baby. But I do admit, I am so happy I have an automatic Ford Ranger to teach my daughter, don't think the ticker could handle it, nor my wallet having to replace the clutch.

  8. @fleeceme: Thanks for the kind words re: my writing style. Much appreciate. I also checked out your blog and it rates immediate inclusion on the Bob Schieffer Blog Roll.

  9. Great wrapup, as always. You always manage to catch the proper perspective.

    However, we differ on Beck. While I can't speak for his motivations, I do believe that he is trying to recreate the Great Awakening, which was one of the prime factors behind our first revolution. If such a movement could take root, it would be unstoppable.

  10. Thank you so much.

    As far as your updated comments on O'donnell, those were the first things I thought of when all her stuff came out.

    She was young and stupid, so what. Its one thing to be a freaky wiccan(usually unwashed hippie lesbians) quite another to be a proud marxist.

    I am seriously gonna go ape s**t if "the First State" elects a marxist to congress(well, self-proclaimed).

  11. @Matt: I appreciate Beck is pulling for Team Liberty, but I just don't thing he's the sharpest knife in Team Liberty's drawer. Your insightful connection of his style and approach to the Great Awakening makes my point. The Great Awakening was a positive historical development for sure - but it was mostly a RELIGIOUS movement. Religious movements absolve their followers from such earthly concerns as mindful activist politics.

    I believe my May 24 Post ("On The Enlightenmnet")- which you so kindly commented on yourself - makes the more apt connection between a historical event and what's happening now. The Enlightenment recognizes the god-Given right to act in the here and now to push back against today's anti-freedom forces, Jihad and Political Correctness. Both of these enemies of freedom are essentially earth-bound political ideologies.

  12. Great observation on Beck. I agree that he is trying to hijack a grassroots movement with the insertion of religion. After all, Americans seem to be suckers when the religious aspect is put in. He also seems to be making a move for leadership or like Genrich, trying to determine where the wind is blowing and getting to the front. Regardless, I like his ability (or at least his writers) to summate issues and put them in the conservative view. But I really do which he and others would not interject the religion, that would only drive people away.

  13. @david7134: I’m not at all worried about the whiff of religion “driving away” anyone. After all, Natural Law, including the concept of unalienable individual rights bestowed by an authority higher than the government, underpins conservatism. My small tactical quibble with Beck’s approach is it seems (to me) to diminish the immediate need for effective and directed political mobilization right now. Going to rallies to feel good about the country, and learning about your country’s founding, are useless if we fail to take action to remove from power those who have contempt for both. I’m in the Mark Levin camp on this one.

  14. Hello! I just noticed that you've linked to my blog in your blogroll and that you are now following my blog! I will return both favors. Great work on this blog -- it is well worth reading.


  15. hey there..adding u to my blogroll asap..Hope your'e havin a great weekend~!:)


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