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Monday, June 9, 2014

Archiving 'This Just In' (5/8/14-6/9/14): Wow, did Barry screw the pooch this time, by trading the Taliban Dream Team for a definite enemy sympathizer, probable deserter, and possible traitor ... without advice, much less consent ... then letting his father pray to Allah in the Rose Garden, then sending out Susan Rice for another round of Sunday talk show lies. Wow.

Jack Wiley Dithers reports Bowe Bergdahl has received a 'care package' from his former platoon mates. It consists of a copy of the non-disclosure agreement the four star bureaucrats from the Pentagon made them sign, a plain paper bag filled with dog sh*t, a bic lighter, and instructions to set the lot on fire.
Quickie Analysis: Barry's Big Arlington National Cemetery Speech, Memorial Day 2014 ... (1) Pats self on back for ending war in Afghanistan. Actually, what he did was launch a half-ass "surge" pre-announcing a withdrawal, resulting in 3/4 of total conflict casualties, and moving the ball from where Bush handed it to him not one single yard. (2) Hand picks a handful of heroes to highlight based on Leftist political criteria around skin color and surname. Alright, if that's the compromise we need to make with the Leftist ideologue for civil speechifying, so be it. (3) Completely glosses over VA scandal. A couple of sentences containing generic bullsh*t, no specific solutions offered. Probably because the best solution involves completely eliminating the VA and just giving vets access to congress' insurance plan. All they have to do is print some cards and mail them out, then turn off the lights at VA. The problem for Barry is, this common sense solution exposes the closest thing we have to "single payer" socialized medicine as the death trap it actually is, and therefore creates an inconvenient news cycle for the Left's evolutionary plans for ObamaKare. In summary: no leadership, no surprise.
OK, on this Memorial Day weekend 2014, my final thoughts have come to me concerning a solution to the Veteran's Administration FUBAR. It's a simple three point point plan. So simple even the hacks in DC's ruling elite could pull it off. (1) Immediately fire every bureaucrat that had anything to do with the secret waiting lists, revoking for all time each one's right for a government job of any kind. (2) Abolish the VA. Those bureaucrats not convicted of secret wait listing may apply for another government job if they so wish. (3) Every vet gets the same health insurance plan we give to congress. I believe the four star bureaucrat named Shinseki will be falling under point (1).
The largest potential market ever (China's) is why Vladmir Putin can take the European market so lightly.
NO MORE G-D CRONY CAPITALIST BAILOUTS! The insurance companies made their bed with Obama, they can sleep in it and take the consequences damn it!
Mary Katherine Hamm has broken the code for understanding the Obama administration's playbook for stonewalling scandals on the Hot Air blog. (hat tip: Pirate's Cove) Next she needs to get off her mistaken idea these hacks didn't come into office with a plan. Jeezus, the guy meant something when he said "...fundamentally transform America." Tactical buffoonery may muddle strategic goals, but it does not exclude them. ObamaKare is the archetypal model of the "end state" in "fundamentally transform," Ms. Hamm. The VA scandal gives us the prototype for bureaucratic obfuscation that will be an integral facet of that end state.
The surname Shinseki sounds Japanese. Shouldn't the Veteran's Administration Secretary be falling on his sword by now? Figuratively, of course. Either fire the people responsible for the secret waiting lists, or get on with the Hari-Kari so somebody else can, General.
If the St. Louis Rams cut Michael Sam in training camp this summer the Left will assure us global warming is to blame. Racism if he makes the squad but a white guy starts ahead of him. Homophobia if he makes the squad, but a black guy starts ahead of him. Koch brothers conspiracy if he makes the squad, gets a lot of snaps, but very few tackles - must have paid those offensive coordinators to single him out in the blocking schemes. If he actually performs well, the petitions to draft him for President in 2016 will start circulating among the Leftists.
THIS is why immigration amnesty is a non-starter until we have an administration willing to enforce existing law. If they were playing catch and release with the undocumented gardeners and housekeepers, that would be one thing. But their own reports reveal they are releasing undocumented murderers, sexual predators, and other career criminals into the so-called "shadows." No deal on amnesty. It's about undocumented Democrat votes for them, and they are already pretty good at manufacturing those.
Ted Cruz has drafted the Articles of Impeachment for the Saul Alinsky Radical Occupying the Oval Office. Let's keep this documentation safe for after the next election, in which Dingy Harry Reid's Praetorian Guard of Democrat lickspittles is scheduled to lose control of the US Senate.
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