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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sparring in the Dark Alleys of Modern American Opinion

I’ve been having some fun sparring with Leftie Loonies in some of America's darker alleys of opinion. The experience makes me feel like Will Smith battling the ghouls in “I am Legend.” Or maybe Charleton Heston battling the ghouls in “Omega Man” (if you would appreciate discovering the original art that inspired the modern copy cat).

Last evening, I went into one the darkest alleys of all - a blog run by CBS news, mysterious domain of the pixie fairy Katie Couric, and perennially stuck in fourth or fifth placed in evening news ratings. I had a nice little dust up with a squad of Lefties over the Global Warming fraud. It is very instructive to understanding Leftie tactics, so I find it worth recounting here. Follow this link for the entire thread. Or try my “random droppings” link. Th CBS thread has floated to the top of the query result as of this posting.

I started things off by identifying a long standing petition from Lord Christopher Monckton (long dedicated to undermining the Global Warming fraud) to debate Al Gore. Go ahead – annoy a Liberal – sign the petition today. (

Some left-wing troll with the screen name ‘troutfishyman’ predictably jumped in to discredit any information contrary to his position. Notice his preferred debate tactics: selectively avoid answering specific questions, change the subject, and ad hominem attacks on the opponent’s motives, character, and/or credentials. Several other trolls also jumped in to try the Leftie tactic of overwhelming force in numbers (although not logic).

I'm not even sure what this is supposed to mean.

A troll brings Senator DeMint into the thread unaccountably.

Here I begin to isolate ‘troutfishyman’ as the most worthy troll to spar with.

He selectively (and deceptively) answers one of my two queries, ignoring the other, and includes an ad hominem attack. I stay with the one inquiry he has selected by doing exactly what he desperately wants to avoid – naming names that other people can now look up.

I announce I’m leaving the thread, but “secretly” hang around.

Another troll named ‘HGOODGUY’ can’t resist what he thinks is a free shot, and I put him in his place.

‘troutfishyman’ lays in wait another 40 minutes before deciding it’s safe to get in the last word.


 The activity for the evening of February 10, for all intents and purposes, then stops. Early the next morning someone with the screen name ‘lakota2012’ joins the fray. He looks like a paid Leftie shock trooper to me. He starts things off with another incomplete answer and an ad-hominem attack. I am of course unaware - as I am fast asleep, since this is well past by bedtime. It does, however, look like a patriot named ‘HawkSpringsIsBack’ comes to my defense. Nice.

After awaking to the winter wonderland that has set snowfall records here in Metro DC; I posted the following.  lakota2012 takes up arms with a frenzied ad hominem attack.

Leftie shock trooper ‘lakota2012’ has been very busy all day today taking over the board conversation. He makes many specific references to my morning posting, which I've chosen to ignore. The patriot ‘HawkSpringIsBack’ has been giving him a pretty good fight. Nice.

Footnote 1

I also submitted a similar comment to the Daily Caller's board. It is apparently hanging in moderation limbo as of this posting.  My opinion of the Daily Caller’s commitment to the First Amendment hangs in the balance.

Update: 9:32 pm, 2010-02-11

The Daily Caller has accepted my comment.  They will retain their honored place on the "Sites That Make Sense to Me" Linklist.

Footnote 2

I couldn't be more serious that anyone who purports to think for himself or herself should take a look at these two resources and follow the leads provided to the truth.


Here’s a recommendation for a great book that is a beginner’s introduction to the relevant science that puts the lie to the myth of man-made global warming:

Did you notice Dr. Singer is the individual the left-wing trolls avoided taking on directly in last night's dust up?


See also this Wikipedia entry for an even lighter read that still gets closer to the truth than algore’s slide show could ever hope to:
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  1. I think you waist your time fighting the trolls... they live in their own little world, low-rated CBS land. That aside though, you demonstrated quite effectively that they are incapable of well-reasoned arguments.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. James, I would hardly consider the time spent "productive" in any meaningful sense. But I do find it amusing. Allow me my small delights. :)

  3. Of course. Your rights to go troll-hunting are God-given; who am I to stand in your way? :)
    It is quite disturbing, though, to see just how many trolls are out there. I admire you for not despairing. I just hope that someday the trolls don't become the majority; if they ever do, it won't be "Liberty at Stake," it will be "Liberty Burned at the Stake."

  4. Good to have you in the coalition, James.


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