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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Upon Reflection ...

... regarding the recent mayhem inflicted upon planet Earth by Mohammed's Murder Monkey Cult From Hell at embassies all around the world.

So-called "unrest" doesn't just coincidentally arise in two dozen or more distinct Muslim populations at the exact same time. I mean, it's a religion of "peace," right? Nope, these events give off the whiff of planning and coordination on a massive scale.

So, the question becomes who has the capacity to plan and coordinate on such a scale? Surely not Al-Qaeda. The Speechifier-In-Chief has told us UBL's demise was "game over." Who then? A nation state? I mean, wouldn't it take the resources of a nation state to plan and coordinate action on such a scale? Perhaps a nation state with an a transparently stated interest in picking a fight with the so-called 'Great Satan.' Then there is this modus operandi of attacking embassies. Hmmmm. Seems to me we've seen this movie before. Specifically, 1979.

Deduction points to Tehran as the source of this madness. But why now? Even barbarous lunatics will choose the time and place of the fights they pick. Perhaps Tehran is feeling good about its chances picking this fight because they feel they are close to building a nuke.


Too bad for western civilization the so-called "leader of the free world" is handling the situation more like he's the Dhimmi-In-Chief.


Disgraceful display of anti-American tyranny. Last time I checked, if bad film-making were a crime, Michael Moore would be in prison showing off his moobs right now.

Update 9/18/12

My contribution to the Meme Collection For the Ongoing War With Mohammed's Murder Monkey Cult From Hell.

Update #2 9/18/12

And on that little matter of spontaneity or planning and coordination ... the Empty Suit's official story is unraveling. From Nice Deb...

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