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Saturday, July 14, 2012

One Trick Crony

The crucible of challenge and conflict has a way of reducing things to their basics. When “the chips are down” people instinctively reach for their “go to” reactions, tactics, and attitudes. It is just so for ideologies.

Barack Hussein Obama – the most ideologically rigid President in living memory – proved it this week with his desperate campaign message of the week (only approximately 16 weeks more to go, thankfully). He is in the electoral battle of his political life, and this week he trotted out the tired old “soak the rich” Progressive pitch.

American Progressivism is first and foremost the ideology of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Progressives require demons to demonize, in order to mobilize their constituents into virtual mobs (and sometimes even physical mobs on the street – see OWS) willing to engage in extortion in order to claw wealth and power away from their fellow citizens (assuming the mob consists of citizens, that is - sometimes the documentation is not so obvious).


The running rhetorical gun battle I had with my house troll Ema Nymton, on the comment thread to my April 25 post (“We’re All Mittens Men Now”) is instructive.

Click the two images to embiggen. Note: the Peter and Paul roles are reversed, but that kinda makes my point, doesn't it?

As Ema stipulates, the Progressive has a very regressive view of wealth. To them, it’s all something stuffed inside somebody else’s mattress, and it can only be acquired by breaking into the bedrooms of those who possess it, whatever ‘it’ is, and slicing open their mattresses.

What a bunch of barbarians. ‘It’ is what you do and create. You just need to find out how to barter ‘it.’

Btw - Somehow, I don’t think Ema is this dedicated Progressive’s real name. Maybe I should hold her name up to a mirror, or something, I don’t know.


When Progressive policies inevitably produce no economic growth, and the Progressive politician has no record of economic growth on which to run, the Progressive instinctively seeks to stay in power by collecting the votes of the mob of Pauls - by bribing them with Peter’s confiscated wealth. Trust me, Peter knows how to protect his wealth. After all, he acquired it in the first place. Any effort to confiscate it through coercion is wasted. Memo to all you Pauls – Peter is perfectly happy to pay you to do something useful. Learn how to do that, and the possibility of you becoming Peter yourself, or your children becoming Peter, is as real as the Progressive lie is false.


Astute readers of this blog have surely noticed it has been 17 days since I last clicked on “publish” button. 17 whole days. Wow.

Well, I am beginning to feel like I’m coming through to the other side of that little personal issue I alluded to in my June 24 post. Also, the two professional rescues I described in the same post are settling into a reasonably predictable state of managed chaos. Making me feel right at home.

So, all fifty or so (Fifty you I don’t say!) of my loyal daily readership can rest easy now. There will be more ‘high brow snark’ (I just thought of that) coming from this space.

“Because the only good Progressive is a failed Progressive.” That's why.

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