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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An Intersection ...

So, I was rambling down the Schieffer Blog Roll as I sometimes do, and I came across the Backyard Conservative possibly predicting negative job growth in the June report.

Holy Instant Chaos, Batman!

At the very same moment, my personal favorite cover of Dylan's 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door' - Zevon's - was being piped into my ears by my Pandora radio feed.

It fit for me. Just for today.

Update 6/20/12

Saving today's "Post By Somebody Else" feature for the historical archive ...

A Post By Someone Else, Randomly Selected By Your Humble Editor ...

Is the US bleeding jobs again?
Rick Moran
Bottom line: "The weakness in this report, particularly in the job openings figure, serves as a reminder that the labor market remains far from healthy."

Recall that net new job growth was 77,000 in April and 69,000 in May. But without private sector gains, those numbers would be negative. So if private-sector job growth is weakening, as the JOLT report suggests, not only might those April and May numbers be revised lower, but June might come in negative. (Oh, and don't forget the rise in jobless claims.)

Not only would that news be bad for U.S. workers, but it would be a political bombshell that would dominate the economic narrative for the next month.
The whole enchilada ...

LAS comment: If official jobs reports go negative, you ain't seen nothin' yet from the Demagogue-In-Chief. The Empty Suit's desperation to bitterly cling to power will bring mayhem and sorrow to the republic.


Throw in Eric "My People" Holder continuing to stonewall Congress on the Fast and Furious scandal (now with Barry sticking his nose into the fray - bad move for the Empty Suit's 'plausibile deniability'), and ObamaCare on the ropes ... and Newton Part 26 is literally writing itself.
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