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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Contemporary Politics and Newton's Three Laws (Part 17)

Bright lines are being drawn all across the republic this summer. Brittle lines - the kind that hold megatons of potential energy just waiting to be released into the flow of history. Divisive, emotional, lines that will deliver profound consequences to the people standing on both sides of those lines when they finally snap. The kind of lines that the DemoHack party has become villainously expert at drawing – as the Backyard Conservative eloquently observed recently.
The president took his opening salvo, starting his campaign a year early, demonizing yet another group of Americans. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) calls him out on the Senate floor as engaging in behavior more akin to that of a third world leader.


The National Debt, It is Accumulatin’

Do you think Greece looks like a good vacation spot this summer?

Here is a little video brochure.

This anarchy and chaos is the product of a cradle-to-grave socialist gub’ment running out of other people’s money. The cradle-to-grave socialists (aka rioters) in Greece aren’t very happy about this development, as you can see.

If you agree with these peevish and contemptible dependents of the state, then you must be that one person who is still answering ‘Right Track’ on the American ‘Right Track, Wrong Track Poll.’ And that makes you the person who will be responsible for turning the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave into one giant mob of whiny state dependents unable to process the consequences of running out of other people’s money.

If, on the other hand, you understand the national debt is growing at an outrageous rate due to a gub’ment spending addiction, not a gub’ment revenue problem – then you have the opportunity to take civic action right now – by sending a message to the politicians debating the conditions for raising the gub’ments credit card. Here or Here.


The Tenth Amendment, She is a-Risin’

Do you really want the minutia of your daily life regulated by a small number of ruling elites bumbling about in the District of Columbia?

The Tenth Amendment states:
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Since the dawn of the American Progressive movement in the late 19th century, statists have been steadily chipping away at the federalist system of de-centralized power the 10th Amendment was intended to protect. Direct levy of income taxes (amendment 16), popular election of Senators (amendment 17), and the alphabet soup of gub’ment agencies that seem to exist in perpetuity once created – brought to you by FDR’s New Deal, LBJ’s Great Society, and various other Progressive meddlers and do-gooders who have been experimenting with the Founding since Woodrow Wilson came to DC. Prohibition of alcohol (Amendment 18), repealed shortly thereafter by Amendment 21, was probably the most foolish overreach on record (so far) for the Progressives.

The steady march toward centralized national power has now reached a point of absurdity that must be resisted, lest the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave be reduced to a wandering mass of drones looking to DC for every little direction.

The good news is, lately, so-called “states’ rights” seems to be making something of a comeback.  The Supreme Court ruled Arizona can require employers under its jurisdiction to use all available tools to verify the citizenship of employees, against the objections of Eric “My People” Holder’s Department of “Just Us.” This is a blow to the not-so-secret DemoHack 2012 re-election strategy having the code name ‘Project Undocumented Democrats.’ The voting bloc known as 'Undocumented Democrats' is under increasing pressure in Alabama and Georgia, as well.

But the leading light guiding the new rise of the Tenth Amendment seems to be the state of Texas, guided by the firm federalist hand of Governor Rick Perry. Under Governor Perry’s leadership, Texas now has a future as the world’s leading incandescent light bulb manufacturing titan.

Not to mention, the always reliable Cato Institute has a plan for other states to follow the path being blazed by Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, and Texas.

The Rules Made By the Ruling Elites, They Are a-Stinkin’

What do you think of the rules these Ruling Elites in DC have made so far?

So, if you are not convinced yet that vesting broad powers in a small ruling elite is a bad idea – well, let’s look at the record, shall we?

How’s that ObamaCare working out for you, so far? I mean, that is, if you haven’t been one of the lucky few chosen by HHS to receive a waiver (in total violation of the 14th Amendment’s “equal protection clause, IMHO).

Are you an employer looking at rising costs? Or thinking about dropping coverage for your employees due to those costs? Are you an employee of an employer caught in this vice? I have a suggestion – get involved with the Repeal movement. And get involved with the solution to replace the ObamaCare monstrosity. The plan is to kick the DemoHacks completely out of power in 2012. A newly elected congress can pass the repeal in early June January 2013, and the new president can sign it on Inauguration day. It’s only 18 months away, folks.

How’s the economy under these Keynesian geniuses working out for you so far? These geniuses are actually planning to run on the ridiculous meme that the biggest, most expensive, Keynesian stimulus program ever rescued the economy! The very same crappy economy you are living in every day nearly three years on from its passage.

Barry’s so-called economic team doesn’t seem to have the stomach to argue in favor of these policies, as Turbo Tax Tim Geithner seems set to join fellow Progressive/ Keynesian architects of these policies such as Christina Romer, Peter Orzag, and Larry Summers in running for hills and away from the debate.

The republic sorely needs a replacement team to be elected in 2012 to free the greatest national economy ever from the malignant clutches of the DC leviathan.

The Southern Border, it is a-Boilin’

Do YOU want our southern border to turn into the Road Warrior movie?

Or, has it already? The border with Mexico has not only turned into an entry portal for Undocumented Democrats, but a convenient security gap for Jihadis as well. (Warning for humorless Lefties: the link provided is intentionally satire, so save your hyperventilating)

But, no worries, the Ruling Elites in DC have come up with a remedy. Under the code name Fast and Furious, Barack Hussein Obama’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has been selling armaments to the Mexican drug cartels. The clever devils. Some of us are wondering if this is the cover up that might lead to a premature departure for the Empty Suit Currently Occupying the Oval Office.

The Sharia, it is a-Creepin’

Do want to continue to live in a nation that is about freedom of speech, assembly, and religion for all citizens; or would you prefer to submit to Allah?

TCOTS explains what I mean regarding the stealth invasion now underway inside the borders of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

And who better that the blog actually named Creeping Sharia to sound Paul Revere’s modernized alarm.

Zilla of the Resistance lays out what that means – especially for you patriotic women. Expect Women’s suffrage (Amendment 19) to be the first thing repealed under sharia. Zilla also gives us a nice piece highlighting your ruling elites’ indifference to the First Amendment freedoms that stand between us and sharia.

Bottom line – Mohammed’s Murder Monkey Cult From Hell means to rule the world and everyone in it. Paraphrasing the Fram Oil Filter guy … we can deal with these nut jobs now, or deal with them later.

Confrontational Times, They Are a-Comin’

And now it’s a time for a-Choosin’

Lead, follow, or get out of the way. But be advised - The Progressive Left already has a 120 year old plan and they are not going anywhere.

We can only hope it stays this “civil.”

The problem is the Progressive Left has a history of not playing well with others. The solution is provided by the great Ann Coulter – that is, most of their drone “foot soldiers” have glass chins.

So, let’s make sure their current champion, the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama, is facing a different kind of crowd on the campaign trail in 2012. The future of the republic depends on it.


Footnote: I enjoy much of Bob Dylan's music - but, man, does he sing off key.

Updates 7/6/11

‘Fast and Furious’ just got a whole lot more interesting today. The Acting BATFE Director decides he’s not taking the fall for BHO and the Progressives. Chairman Issa informs AG Holder the hearings will continue until morale improves.

The link I chose to support the ObamaCare waiver discussion is somewhat dated. It lists a mere 729 waivers issued as of January 28, 2011. The updated count is more like 1400. HHS can’t be bothered to update its table on the Internet, however. Maybe HHS is confused by the Most Shameless Administration in American History being shamed into discontinuing the application process.

Update 7/10/11

The breaking news this hot and humid Sunday morning is very good. It seems the GOP establishment will be standing tall and firm on principle in the debt ceiling negotiations. If they get their two “take it or leave it” conditions – spending cuts exceeding the number of dollars the ceiling is raised, and not one red cent in additional taxes in this soft economy – it will be a very good deal for the republic given the irresponsible third world kleptocrats currently running the White House and Senate.

Also, the lunatic Left is likely to be driven into the streets, in spasmodic demonstrations of violence, if they are once again denied the opportunity to redistribute other people’s money. It’s going to happen eventually anyway, better now than later – same theory as ruthlessly ripping off a band aid.
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