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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stream of Consciousness on Leaderlessness

The ‘stream of consciousness’ style seems appropriate now that the republic is reeling from Barack Hussein Obama’s utter abdication of leadership…Chris Plante did an excellent hour of talk radio this morning between 9 am and 10 am on the topic of BHO having blood on his hands in Libya due to his indecisiveness and inaction – the audio can be downloaded here …Yes, Mr. Plante, BHO has blood on his hands in Libya, and here’s why … BHO’s words during the Cairo demonstrations (‘Mubarak must go’) gave the world the impression he would provide material support to demonstrators against Arab dictators … He got lucky in Egypt and got the result he wanted without the need to back up his words (always better to be lucky than good, as they say) … But when he repeated the empty words in Libya (‘Ghadaffi must go’) the bully (Ghadaffi) picked a fight … Barry had no stomach for the fight, preferring instead to speechify on grade school bullies … The so-called ‘Arab Spring’ is now about as operative as that empty campaign slogan ‘Hopenchange’…the silver lining (as it were) might be a swing of the pendulum back toward stability in the region that supplies most of our fossil fuels…but I bet Iran has different ideas, starting with picking a fight against Saudi Arabia over majority Shiite Bahrain…How does ‘Drill Here, Drill Now’ sound now to you libs?

And as bodies burn in Libya…as fuel rods melt in Japan…as our national debt reaches a grim milestone … 90 percent of GDP! … BHO occupies himself with NCAA brackets, vacationing in Brazil, and endless parties in the White House (formerly the residence of the leader of the free world)…Ladies, Gentlemen, citizens of the republic: it’s official, the Empty Suit contains no Emperor…

Flopping Aces has an explanation, though…The Empty Suit contains a sociopath… very comforting.

Speaking of ‘Leadership’, conservatives are starting to break ranks with the House GOP leadership … I am not among the defectors (yet), and here’s why … a government shutdown is inevitable because the Mobocrats, ‘lead’ by the Empty Suit Containing No Emperor, will never accede to any meaningful government spending cuts … therefore, it is strategically imperative for the Mobocrats to receive blame from the public for said shutdown … and astute readers of this blog know I tend toward a very dim opinion of the general public’s civic awareness … but I have articulated on comment boards a strategy to win the fight for their hearts and minds …keep up the short-term CRs tied to real cuts … package the cuts as entire programs or agencies … keep the Mobocrats in the position of defending the indefensible until they finally decide they have no choice but to own the shutdown … Then they own the shutdown ... The numbers really don't matter at this point - the Mobocrats are negotiating in bad faith and we will never get anywhere near meaningful numbers with them holding any power... the task before us right now is to discredit the Mobocrats for the next election cycle…

…But the more I think about the Inappropriated (yeah, that’s a word – I just invented it) $105B for Obamacare, I’m in agreement with what Rep. Mike Pence said on Hannity’s radio show today…pick the fight over the $105B and the rest of the 2011 budget enchilada when the current CR ends in three weeks…the gang of Progressive hacks working for The Empty Suit are burning through that money right now…which makes it an emergency ... conservatives everywhere – gear up for a fight beginning now!
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  1. The man is an empty suit, and an empty soul.

  2. @Matt: Which is why I'm committed to Impeachment as the necessary Constitutional remedy. Can you imaqgine two more years like the last two? I mean, I like blogging and all, but this is getting ridiculous ...

  3. You know a friend of mine once asked me, "When you going to stop b!tching about the government and all." My answer - "When they are done f@cking up everything."

  4. @Jungers: Excellent strategic use of adult language!

  5. We the youth of America are pissed, and will leave no doubt in the minds of our elders that we aren't. Adult language is my way of showing it.

  6. I still can't figure what Obama was thinking, what he expected to get out of going into Libya. Street cred, distraction, who knows. But it's all going downhill.

    Right Truth

  7. @Debbie: When we know who these "rebels" are, it might come into focus. Or not. (Which brings me back again to 'stupid or treasonous?')

    Either way, two more years of this guy in power are simply unacceptable. Much safer for the republic for him to be explaining himself from some meaningless faculty lounge.

  8. Obama is in over his head, but can't admit it.

    The libs can't admit it publicly, but I am sure they're freaking out on the inside: "We voted for this ass-clown?"

    The President is going to start losing lefty support soon. Then the shit will really start smashing the hell out of the fan.

  9. @kingshamus: 100% spot on analysis. The only debate that matters to near term domestic politics concerns what form the shit spray will take. I believe a big part will be the professional Left going berserk as they see their chance to transform the country unraveling. Strap in for a bumpy ride.

  10. First will be CPUSA's protests on April 4th.
    Then Steven Lerner's SEIU "economic terrorism" campaign starting May 1 (May-day is the commie's holiday...)
    It's either gonna be the start of terrible times, or it will fizzle out and the conservative ascendancy will resume at breakneck speed!
    Either way, I am stocking my pantry and gun safe this weekend!

    PS - hey commies:

    By they way - why do I get directed to this link when I click on your reading list...

  11. @Jethro: I am using the free service known as blogger. So, I can invent URLs that end in "" "" was assigned by me during an abortive project of mine to highlight hypocrisy at Huffpo - around the time of my 2010-04-06 post documenting Huffpo banning my account's comment privileges. I am a frugal applicator of technological resources, so I simply re-assigned the url to the *new* shiny-click-a-graphic Reading List feature of this blog.

    Similarly, the Polls 'R Us page uses the re-assigned '' from something I can't rememember. And the 'Join Heritage' page uses the re-assigned '' from a page I featured around April 15, 2010 concerning Barry's lame and inaccurate joke about the 90% of people he supposedly delivered tax cuts to.

  12. Thanks for clearing that up.
    I was a little concerned....

  13. I'm in complete agreement. Too many conservatives are far too ready to throw the Republicans under the bus. I say give them a little time. We need to get through until we can get Obama out of the White House and turn the Senate. The bickering over what ain't gonna happen doesn't help.

  14. @TLC: So, when the current CR runs out on 4/18 - you'll join me, Rep. Pence, and the rest of the chorus for 'shut it down now!'?


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