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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stupid or Treasonous? (‘Coming to a Head’ Edition)

As a reader of blogs, I usually find the “remember you read it here first” blogging style off-putting. I find it a bit pretentious, because, really, how can anybody really know given the vast expanse of the Internet? And who would waste his or her time trying to prove it definitively, anyway? Get a life …. pleeeeeze.

However, the architecture for this blog project is nothing if not “pretentious,” soooooo …….

Can anybody out there identify anyone else who was predicting the inevitability of Impeachment proceedings for Barack Hussein Obama before I was, when I posted “Stupid of Treasonous?” on January 4, 2010? There might be something in the archives of the Impeach Obama Campign blog, but I’m unwilling to devote the time to find out.

But I digress.

Back to the point - I’ve noticed lately the ‘I’ word, sometimes a direct call, sometimes a building of evidence for the case, is coming up a lot lately in the blogosphere.

I do believe it is the kerfuffle in Madison, Wisconsin over the state budget shortfall that has brought things to a head. This awesome show of democracy in action, in the American heartland, has brought the Progressive Left out for us examine in its full glory – in the same way a flashlight shown under a sink in a Cabrini Green tenement brings out the cockroaches.


News Real Blog cogently connects events in Madison to the future of the republic itself.

American Power reminds us the Progressive Left’s pathology – and their Achilles Heel – is that everything is politics to them.

Hot Air looks at the poll numbers, sees the Progressive Left losing the public relations battle in Madison, and predicts the Progressive Left will lash out as a result. LibertyAtStake certainly agrees with the prediction. Violent protest is in the Progressive Left’s DNA.

The Impeach Obama Campaign thirds the prediction made by Hot Air and seconded by LAS. It won’t be Global Warming that heats up the republic this summer.

Michelle Malkin is maintaining the documentary record of the Left’s initial build up to fury.

Piece Of Work In Progress assists Ms. Malkin in this valuable service to the republic.

Snark and Boobs hones in on a commonality between the union goons and Islamists – violence toward women.

Big Gov explains why Scott Walker is the perfect antagonist to stare down the union rent-a-mob.

Allied Liberty News gives good advice to Governor Walker – fire the AWOL teachers!

Nice Deb documents what it’s like to try to do business with a gang of hacks who see everything as politics.

Sentry Journal presents how far the Progressive Left is removed from our republic’s founding principles.

Doug Ross lays out the choice before us: nothing less than liberty or tyranny.

Pundit and Pundette explain how and why sticking his nose into Madison's business redounds to Barack Hussein Obama’s ultimate decline.

The Right Wing, Nut! reminds us Barack Hussein Obama is a ‘Missionary Man’ (gratuitous Eurythmics reference), with a willingness to lie about the mission in order to further it. It was this sense of mission for the Progressive cause that drove BHO to make that foolish tactical mistake of inserting himself into the Wisconsin debate immediately after submitting his wholly unserious 2012 federal budget proposal. This showed his disrespect for the constitutional concept of federalism and highlighted his hypocrisy on the budget deficit issue.

Right Wing News asks “what are all the secret meetings about, anyway?”

The Impeach Obama Campaign (IOC) takes notice it is gaining recruits. Hell, even Newt smells blood in the water.

iOwnTheWorld sees nefarious intent behind BHO’s unwillingness to defend the Defense of Marriage Act. LAS agrees.

It’s already ‘case closed’ at the Camp of the Saints.

Mind Numbed Robot makes a strong case for ‘Treason.’ LAS comments that ‘Treason’ doesn’t need to be provable if the pattern of ‘Stupid’ keeps building.

Atlas Shrugs tunes into the ‘Stupid or Treasonous (It’s Beginning To Not Even Matter)’ vibe.

I think you get the point. There is more – much more – that could be added to this post from the patriotic network I call the Bob Schieffer Blog Roll.


The rising call for Impeachment is coming to a head because the Progressive movement, and their current champion – the Empty Suit known as Barack Hussein Obama – are feeling the political heat generated by the great awakening of the American public that is underway. This great awakening produced the TEA Party movement, beginning mere weeks after BHO took office and began to show us his priorities in office. This great awakening is contributing to the rise of the Internet as a source for valuable information, Fox News as a source for fair and balanced news, and the precipitous decline of the criminally biased MSM in the eyes of the public. This great awakening dealt an historically devastating November 2010 election loss to the Empty Suit known as Barack Hussein Obama and the political party his Progressive fellow travelers hijacked long ago. It will deal an even more devastating loss in the November 2012 election to the Donkey Party.

Remember you read it here first. :)

And the pressure applied to the Progressive champion – the Empty Suit known as Barack Hussein Obama – will, I predict, cause him to do desperate things leading to Impeachment articles before we reach November of 2012. He can’t help it – it’s in his Progressive DNA.

Remember you read it here first :)
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  1. Thanks for the link Liberty. It is very much appreciated.

  2. @JCarey: LAS is always happy to give a nod to a fellow member of Team Liberty.

  3. And thanks to black conservatives like Herman Cain, Allen West, Clarence Thomas, Alfonzo Rachel, Alan Keyes, Lloyd Marcus, Mychal Massie and many others, who are speaking out in support of the TEA Party, the progressive/libtard machine has lost it's last "shout down" tool - the race card.
    President Chaos may end up "acting stupidly".

    "Desperate people, especially desperate people with power, will eventually miscalculate and, ultimately, do terrible things."

  4. @Jethro: LAS had the privilege of working for Herman Cain once. Mr. Cain is easily the most charismatic and dynamic leader LAS has known, for whatever that's worth.

  5. I have mixed feelings about impeachment, but I believe there are grounds to do it. I also question if the country can survive two more years of the Manchurian President ignoring the rule of law. I often think we are close to a civil war again. Great work you do here LAS.

  6. @Randy: Doing the best I can with what God gave me to work with. As far as Manchurian Presidents and Impeachment is concerned: once you're convinced of the former, there is no shrinking from the latter.

  7. Very nice post, sir.

    I used to think impeachment was not do-able. Now...I could be convinced otherwise.

    As for Barry's desperation, I think you're right. It's fast approaching. The only question is what form it takes.

  8. @kingshamus: It wouldn't be in the Constitution if it weren't 'do-able.' Also, you reminded me me shouldn't forget there are probably high crimes and misdemeanors already committed, that we don'r know about yet, but may soon as the Oval Office takes on more and more of a bunker mentality with the passage of time.

  9. Methinks Holder just "acted stupidly" for Obama...

  10. @Jethro: Jack Wiley Dithers is working on a special investigative report covering the "Department of Just Us."

  11. Exhibit TWO:
    ATF officials knowingly allowing guns to be sold illegally and shipped accross the border?!
    "Agent Dodson and other sources say the gun walking strategy was approved all the way up to the Justice Department."
    "Two assault rifles ATF had let go nearly a year before were found at Terry's murder."

  12. Howdy LAS, Belated thanks for the linkage. Haven't been as watchful on the incoming links as I should have been.

    Keep up the good work!

  13. I'm also apologetically reporting that I have now added you to the robo-blogroll. I thought it was already there. My bad.


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