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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Contemporary Politics and Newton's Three Laws of Motion (Part 13)

And Fortune Sent a Lunatic to Clarify Everything.  The Irony Was Lost on Leftists.

For this amateur analyzer, upon some reflection, the Tucson shooting brought back to mind the phony Blair House Summit. The connection is very clarifying. Read on, and I shall explain kiddies.


The Phony Blair House Summit was THE pivotal moment of 2010 – determining for history the so-called “tone and tenor” of the year. The Phony Blair House Summit was made necessary because the Leftists who had hijacked the Democrat Party, and who had recently been swept into office on the wings of perhaps history’s most vapid and misleading hopey-changey political campaign ever, were trying desperately to close the deal on their holy grail - socialized medicine.

The phony summit became necessary due to the so-called “vitriolic” (aka transparently partisan) political tone they had created around the development of the socialized medicine legislation. Barack Hussein Obama had told the opposition party to pound sand (“we won.”) The Leftists who controlled the ruling Democrat party had even literally changed the locks on the hearing room doors to shut out opposition voices (on another big Leftie issue – soaking financial companies).  Nice tone, Lefties.

As all vacuums are necessarily filled; the polite, parliamentary voice of the old GOP was replaced the voice of We The People.  This voice sounded rough and unrefined to the pandered ears of the ruling class – as the voice of outsiders usually does to an entrenched ruling class.

But it was a genuine voice that deserved a fair hearing.  Take, for example, video 16 from my YouTube playlist ‘TEA Party Film Festival.’

The Leftists of the Ruling Class responded to this voice by smearing We The People as bigoted, racist, homophobic, Islamaphopic, and any number of other baseless libels they keep stored in their dungeon of imagined PC horrors. Nice tone, Lefties.

This tactic, of course, came to them easily because they have a long history shutting off debate by simply scheming to avoid it - as Andrew Klavan explained so eloquently way back in April 2009 (hat tip Daily Caller).

However, We The People would not ‘shut up’ while the ruling Leftist elites were hell bent on shoving ObamaCare down our throats without our consent. The Mexican Standoff finally drove the Progressive geniuses in the Obama White House to come up with one of their brilliant ideas – a summit! Yes – a summit - what we needed to break through the impasse was a meeting giving Barack Hussein Obama the opportunity to enlighten us all with his brilliant intellect. Yes – BHO could convince us we needed what we already knew we didn’t want! Thus did the Phony Blair House Summit come to pass. It didn’t work out so well for BHO and the donkey party – as my February 26, 2010 post (Quickie Analysis: Phony Blair House Summit) recorded for future historians.

There was one specifically pivotal moment late in this charade that set in stone the adversarial tone for the remainder of 2010. Barack Hussein Obama had seen his party’s ass handed to it in that day’s debate. Late in the staged charade he seemed to consider taking a more bi-partisan path with the GOP. He decided against it, famously quipping “that’s why we have elections.” On November 2, 2010 he saw his party’s ass handed to it in the mid-term election. And it was because We The People refused to ‘shut up.’


Now we come to Jared Loughner and the Tucson shooting. By all reliable accounts Loughner was paying attention to none of the aforementioned – he is simply a random, garden variety, apolitical, lunatic.

But the ruling elites of the Left could not resist pushing a pre-established narrative they already had in the works, ready to unleash the moment events set the stage, designed to ‘shut up’ We The People. The narrative would be: “see - all that political talk about not accepting what we have to shove down your throats is making people violent – so, ‘shut up’.”

The pathetically incompetent Democrat hack of a Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik, came out instantly with this narrative without so much as a scintilla of supporting evidence. The Sherriff, for chrissake. That’s a law enforcement official for anyone unfamiliar with the title. The hack came out spinning the Left’s coordinated false political narrative instead of doing his job as a law enforcement official (which would be seek and confirm facts for anyone who needs a primer). Because that’s what Leftist political hacks do. As far as I’m concerned, the most pressing legitimate news story here is “what did the corrupt hack Dupnik know, and when did he know it?” Dupnik sounds to me like an incompetent hack saying “'shut up,' I have something to hide."

The New York Times' reident hack for economics, Paul Krugman, submitted this truly awful piece of writing in an apparent bid for a Foolitzer Prize in Truly Embarrassing Writing – False Premise Category.

In paragraph six of this editorial embarrassment, Krugman cites “Clarence Dupnik, the sheriff responsible for dealing with the Arizona shootings…” as a credible expert to make us believe it was “…the vitriolic rhetoric…” that drove Loughner to commit his heinous acts.  Uhhhhhh …. If Dupnik had been doing his job as Sheriff (that is,  law enforcement official); he would have known there was no such connection before opening his big, fat, hack of a mouth.

In paragraph eleven, Hackman, err, Krugman, takes a weak stab at portraying Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann as more restrained in their daily rhetoric than Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly.  Now, that is a conclusion only an insane person could reach - or a dedicated Leftist propagandist.  But I repeat myself.  His entire argument hinges on the selective banning of a few specific scary words - a tactic taken directly from the ‘shut up’ page of every Politically Correct speech code.

But the piece-de-resistance is the final paragraph: “If Arizona promotes some real soul-searching, it could prove a turning point. If it doesn’t, Saturday’s atrocity will be just the beginning. " Translation: “’Shut up,’ or something bad is going to happen.”

But having observed the events of 2009 and 2010, and written extensively on this blog concerning the latter, I have every confidence you will not ‘shut up.’ And as a result, the Leftists, Progressives, their paid-for politicians, and fellow travelers in the criminally biased MSM will vilify you as bigoted, racist, and God knows what else.  Hypocritically, of course, under their new banner of civil political discourse. The irony will be lost on them.

Memo to the hack Krugman: If “something bad happens” it will most assuredly come from the insane, the Left, or both in one combination – definitely not the Right. Mark it. One J. Eric Fuller is my ‘Exhibit A.’ I know - let’s bet your Nobel Prize for being completely wrong about stimulus economics against the Phi Beta Kappa membership I turned down at age 22 because I thought the initial membership fee was better spent on beer (true story).


So, don’t ‘shut up’ America. Barack Hussein Obama is already preparing to exploit the opportunity if you do. You see, I think now I gave him too much credit for swift maturation into the job of President in my prior post analyzing the Tucson Memorial service. If he had let it stand pat for awhile, that would have been one thing. But less than a week later he has released this preposterous statement claiming improbably he is now an Adam Smith acolyte, or something. It just has to be a head fake – too swift, no substantial specifics, and directly on the counterfactual heels of him allowing his FCC to claim dominion over the entire Internet. NFW - period.  Head fake.

Memo to America: If you ‘shut up’ in 2011, BHO will mollify you with this false ‘move to the center’ - while his faceless, unaccountable bureaucrats completely wreck the place. Don’t fall for this Progressive strategery. It’s just a “good cop / bad cop” routine, that’s all.


I can’t wait to parse the State of the Union address. It promises to be a veritable salad of nuance, double meaning, triple reverse back flip meaning, and Progressive word-smithing designed to get you to ‘shut up’ while they wreck the place.

Update 01/20/2011

Much of today’s buzz swirled around a PC speech code violation perpetrated by Representative Steve Cohen - a Democrat from Tennessee. My view is most of the conservative reaction is misguided and plays directly into the Progressive playbook.

Progressives specialize in diversion and distraction to divert attention from the substance of the matter. PC speech codes are one of their most effective tools in doing exactly this – inadvertently utter one of the verboten words, and suddenly the subject is the speech, rather than the subject!

Personally, I couldn’t care less that this hack invoked Josef Goebbels in his hyperbole. It’s either effective hyperbole or it’s not. The words themselves do not automatically burn my ears, for chrissake.

As I commented on nice deb’s nice blog in a hurried moment of respite at work today – if we get hung up on the silly speech code violation we sound as brutally stupid as the Leftists themselves; and, more importantly, take a pass on the opportunity to call this hack on his ‘big lie.’ We call it a government takeover because that’s precisely what it is.

And Cohen standing his ground is an instruction manual.  PC speech codes are to be detested on principle, no exceptions.


Oh yeah - just remembered I heard Rush Limbaugh's moniker for Clarence Dupnik for the first time today.  Sheriff Dipstick!  Category:  Why the hell didn't I think of that?
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