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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Michael Steele *and* Ten Buck Fridays

Yes, kiddies, these two things go together. Read on and I shall explain.

Michael Steele, you are surely aware, is the current chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC). This is a political fundraising organization of some repute I’m told.

Ten Buck Fridays (TBF) is a brilliant new grassroots fundraising idea that has sprouted up in the conservative blogosphere. Maggie’s Notebook is as good a place as any to learn about it, and begin participating. TBF is an absolutely crystalline expression of the direct action politics made possible by the Internet. The basic idea is quintessentially American – nominate and vote for candidates on merit, then make direct contributions without “expert” middle-men (or is it middle-people now?).

Now, you may have heard Mr. Steele is embroiled in something of a controversy over his recent remarks that (paraphrasing) “Afghanistan is Obama’s War.” Allow me to come to Mr. Steele’s defense on this one specific point. He’s right.

1) Barack Hussein Obama the candidate explicitly stated Afghanistan was the “good” war in contrast to Iraq. You can take this on face value. I choose to interpret it was a cynical political ploy to avoid looking like just another Dem soft on defense. Let’s continue.

2) Barack Hussein Obama the President fired George Bush’s general and gave the Afghanistan campaign to his own hand-picked general. Or so we’re told. The name of the former is meaningless now. The name of the latter is the recently disgraced Stanley McChrystal.

3) When his hand-picked general asked for 80 thousand additional troops to replicate the Iraq “surge” strategy in Afghanistan, President Barack Hussein Obama dithered nigh on 3 months before exercising his constitutionally mandated responsibility to make a decision. You can accept on face value he was weighing the military and geo-political tradeoffs. I choose to interpret he was cynically weighing the domestic political tradeoffs.

4) President Barack Hussein Obama eventually gave his hand-picked general 30 thousand troops, with a ridiculous withdrawal timeline bundled in, to implement the Iraq “surge” strategy.

Yeah, as far as I’m concerned, that makes what’s happening now in Afghanistan Barack Hussein Obama’s war. With luck, Gen. David Petreaus will figure out how to bail his ass out.


But I digress. I’m really no fan of Michael Steele. I mean, he’s a Maryland Republican for Chrissake. I just hate to hang a well-meaning guy out to dry for completely the wrong reason.

No, Michael Steele’s problem is bad timing. He took the wrong job at the wrong time. As I pointed out in my (rather lengthy in retrospect) April 6 post – “We don’t need no stinkin’ RNC.” The fact is, centralized collection points to aggregate political donations are just so – well - industrial age.

Which brings me to my now favorite Facebook page - Ten Buck Fridays. This program represents the vanguard of political contribution models for the information age. And I intend to participate enthusiastically. Over the years I’ve given thousands of bucks, in meager increments, to an alphabet soup of GOP organizations; RNC, NRCC, NRSC, god knows what else. This year is different.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have no intention of getting on Facebook. At least not until it ceases to be common knowledge their security architecture sucks. Plus it’s not in my nature to share every lurid detail of my daily life with the entire effin’ planet.

But I will trust the judgment of my fellow patriots across the nation and give my meager contributions directly to the principled conservative candidates they identify for me under the Ten Buck Fridays program. And Sharron Angle because defeating Dingy Harry Reid is symbolically important. And Keith Fimian because defeating Gerry Connolly is personal. These contributions will be under my real name, using my real credit card, with the notation “Ten Buck Fridays.” I leave it to future researchers, or current David Plouffe trolls, to connect the dots.
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  1. I'll keep plugging for Ann Marie Buerkle.

    As for Steele, even if he leaves tomorrow it won't make a difference.

  2. I see today that a group is promoting Sarah Palin to replace Steele - Hmmmmmmm....

  3. Steele lost me when he wanted to get a private jet with party money. Then again when he said that the GOP couldn't win in 2012. He strikes me as being a bit of a RINO.

    Palin might be good in that job. She'd definitely re-energize the party structure. If she could clean out the RINOs, it would be well worth it.

  4. @Matt & @Jethro: Steele lost me when he tentatively threw out the race card in early April. But, again, the larger point is no one could have succeeded as "RNC Chair" this cycle. The tides of history are against it. As for Ms. Palin, she is right now in the perfect place for her unique talents - celebrity king/queen maker outside the walls of the establishment.

    May they both find useful work to do for the Conservative Ascendancy as they move forward.

  5. What a terrific post, and noble rant, and thank you so much for linking me.

    I think you are spot-on that Steele got this job at wrong time. I have a feeling he is seething on the inside. It would be interesting to know how his challenger, Ken Blackwell would have handled the job.

  6. @Maggie: I love your phrase "noble rant." That kind of hits on the writing style I'm working on honing down.

  7. Thanks much for sharing Dr. Wargotz' reply to your email. I will put into my post, if you don't mind and link back to you.

  8. Thanks for promoting the TBF Facebook page and sharing the concept with your readers!

  9. Thanks for promoting the TBF Facebook page and for sharing Ten Buck Fridays with your readers!

  10. Please nominate Patricia Sullivan, Conservative Republican, for Congress in the 8th Congressional District, Fl.for Ten Buck Fridays. The seat is currently held by Alan Grayson. Patricia, being the only Republican to qualify for the ballot by petition and a real peoples grass roots candidate is the one to beat him. To do so she needs all the financial support your contacts can muster in order to make her message heard. Can you help??

    Thank You,



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